4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content


When used correctly, broadcast email campaigns can help you reach customers at scale. And yet, broadcast emails often feel impersonal and poorly targeted. User-generated content (UGC) can add that personal touch missing from your broadcast email campaigns — allowing email subscribers to see and interact with relevant photos and videos of your brand and its products. Newsletters are the most versatile of broadcast email campaigns.

User Generated Content: How to Use It, Share It, and Love It


Are you new to the world of User-Generated Content (UGC)? User-Generated Content is genuine, organic content created by, well, your users. UGC is a conversation, rather than a brand broadcasting a sales message. User-Generated Content doesn’t always have to focus on products. Collect the content to use it as promotional footage for the next year. Take a look at how Coca-Cola used User-Generated Content.


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Strategies to refine Instagram marketing for ecommerce


30-sec summary: 60% of Instagram users say they have discovered products through the platform and have been more open to purchasing them – this makes it essential for ecommerce businesses to get serious about their Instagram marketing. Generate new business leads.

7 Tips to Launch Successful Twitter Promotions

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Whether you’re trying to promote a blog post, upcoming event or your products, Twitter is a great option. Despite increased competition on the platform and the move to an algorithm based feed, Twitter promotions can still be effective if well executed. With over 300 million monthly active users , there’s no shortage of people to market to on Twitter. We’ll go over all that and more, to help you launch a Twitter promotion that brings in results.

TV or not TV? That is the question: Insights on World Television Day


In 2020, 92% of young people in the US and UK (Generations Z and Y) are considered gamers, as per GlobalWebIndex. It’s not surprising that this kind of promotion has also cost an arm and a leg.

Top 9 most visited websites of the United States


It not only broke the traditional broadcast rigidity (allowing multimedia content to be distributed to niche audiences), but it also allowed great companies and normal people alike to nurture their audience and monetize their videos.

How to boost your event ROI with a social media wall


To help you improve the social media wall ROI — especially on digital live broadcasts —, we will explain the main points to consider when planning your event. What is your goal with each live event or broadcast? Do you want to generate leads and obtain some email addresses?

Live blogging for elections: how to leverage your real-time coverage


This format becomes interesting because it doesn’t have to be done only by traditional media, such as major broadcasters. Generate interactions. Content that can generate interaction is worth gold in Digital Marketing. Promote the coverage in several channels.

2020 Social Media Trends, According to HubSpot's Social Media Professor


The world is numb to generic social media broadcasts. To fine-tune your social media strategy in 2020, we’ll explore doubling down on social listening, investing in private groups for your hard-earned audience, and staying away from using your social media as a broadcast channel.

Ecommerce email marketing: 7 tried-and-true tactics to sell your online products in 2021


People who signed up for your list are at least somewhat interested in you and your product offerings, so it’s a natural fit to promote what you’re selling there. This tool creates unique referral links for each user and allows you to manage a tiered reward system with ease.

How companies use video content on social media


We will start this conversation by stating some facts that will only confirm what we see daily: videos are an excellent way to communicate with your audience, provide a good social media experience, and, ultimately, generate engagement. User-generated videos.

How the Raptors Redefined Fan Engagement During the 2019 NBA Playoffs


Promoted Casey’s assistant coach Nick Nurse to head coach (Nurse’s first time coaching an NBA team). They leveraged their digital channels to live report, incorporate user-generated content, and engage directly with fans through Q&A sessions while fans waited. In Toronto, local media outlets like the CBC provided ongoing pre-game coverage and incorporated fan-based user-generated content and live reports throughout the actual game.

How to increase sales on Instagram in 2020


It now has more than a whopping one billion monthly active users from common people, content writers and bloggers , marketers , and business owners. Remember that Instagram Stories is a kind of “slideshow” and users can watch them only for 24 hours. User-generated posts.

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Live Video in 5 Steps: From Creation to Measurement


Content Promotion. Many social platforms now have free options for broadcasting your live stream to the world, but you should focus on broadcasting across the channels your audience consumes content on. This might require using more than one tripod so you can broadcast on separate platforms at the same time, such as Periscope and Instagram Live. Paid promotion for live video is like other paid media, except that your vendor should have a real-time delivery network.

12 Best Newsletter Apps for Shopify to Grow Subscribers


Broadcasting Your Newsletters. OptinMonster is the most powerful lead generation tool for Shopify. Some apps let you create and customize your own designs while other apps pull products from your site and automatically generate newsletters to reduce your work.

11 Must-Follow Digital Marketing Trends In 2021


The way businesses build their brand, and promotional campaigns changed for good in 2020 as a global pandemic drastically changed everything. Drawing up a well-rounded campaign now requires marketers to be more agile and customer-centric when promoting their brand’s offerings.

Live reporting guide: how to cover news in real-time


And that starts with the opportunity to generate engagement and visibility for the brand. From this indicator, it is possible to estimate whether your material generated some kind of reaction in the audience or if it was not interesting enough. Generate revenue from ads.

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17 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

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Especially in the age of mobile marketing, many smartphone users find engaging types of video content difficult to resist. Take a look at these numbers: Each month, 85% of Internet users in the U.S. User-Generated Content. 15) User-Generated Content. UPDATED!

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How the Raptors Redefined Fan Engagement During the 2019 NBA Playoffs


Promoted Casey’s assistant coach Nick Nurse to head coach (Nurse’s first time coaching an NBA team). They leveraged their digital channels to live report, incorporate user-generated content, and engage directly with fans through Q&A sessions while fans waited. In Toronto, local media outlets like the CBC provided ongoing pre-game coverage and incorporated fan-based user-generated content and live reports throughout the actual game.

Here’s how to get your music featured on Spotify playlists in 2021


Spotify, with its 356 million users , essentially ended the dreaded peer-to-peer sharing that decimated the music business in the late '90s. It has also given musicians new ways to promote their music—most notably through Spotify playlists. User-generated playlists.

The best tips on how to run and host a successful online conference


Certain online conference tools offer resources to generate revenue for the user. Just make sure you leave enough time to promote the event. Before choosing the platform, check if it creates the necessary conditions for your brand to generate revenue from the conference.

What’s the best way for brands to use Instagram video?

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For example, Pulp Riot, using Instagram Live to conduct how-tos featuring their haircare products… …and then promotes the broadcasts in their feeds so followers can watch them later. Video is taking over social media at large. And Instagram is no exception.

How to Use Social Media for Ecommerce (Tips and Examples)


And for a good reason — more and more internet users shop online and use social media to research brands. of global internet users purchased a product online in 2020. of global internet users use social media to search for brand-related information. Post user-generated content.

How to Use Instagram for Business: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide


Brands can run fundraisers in Instagram Live broadcasts, open shops from their profiles and let people book reservations from their accounts. Organize Stories into saved collections on your page, whether it’s recipes, tips, frequently asked questions or user-generated content.

How to Create Sports Content for Big Events


Publishers and marketers will broadcast the pinnacle of athleticism to millions of global fans until the tournament concludes on August 21. Some brands are very effective at incorporating user generated content into your broader marketing strategy. For example, Snapchat’s Live Stories feature allows event attendees to publish videos in a “live story” experience that can be shared with any Snapchat user around the globe.

B2B Social Media Trends We are Going to See in 2018

Ask a Tech Teacher

If you aren’t familiar with augmented reality (AR), it is computer-generated imagegry (CGI) that is overlaid onto camera-captured video. In addition, the first couple seconds of your video must capture your audience’s attention and lock them in — keeping in mind the users on each platform. User-Generated Content. User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content created and shared by an unpaid contributor.

4 Major Content Marketing Trends for 2020: How to Prepare for Next Year


According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 B2B Report , 90% of successful B2B content marketers prioritize the audience’s information needs over promotional messages. User and search intent. We’re an online culture now and brands need to keep up by creating a well-defined and streamlined experience for their users to make any process easier and enjoyable. User-generated content. Define what user-generated content looks like for your brand.

5 types of social media content that can accelerate business success

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An overwhelming majority of video marketers say video has helped increase sales, traffic to their website and users’ understanding of their product or service, according to Wyzowl’s 2021 State of Video Marketing Survey.

Influencers or advocates: Part 2: a fork in the road for brands?


The notion that there is hidden value in someone outside the business who would take it upon his or herself (with no assurance of personal gain) to promote that business is lost on the cynical in our field. The familiarity of an advocate translates into trust, that in turn generates demand and conversion levels that the mere influencer cannot reach. For many the choice has been the influencer as broadcaster because advocates were difficult to measure.

How Can Schools Incorporate Video into Their Admissions Marketing


Those in or close to college are also big users of Instagram and Snapchat. You can broadcast live, from sporting events to on-campus speakers. Encourage their efforts with a specific user-generated content (UGC) campaign. They can broadcast (live or not) full lectures or put together short videos digging into a particular aspect of their field that makes the subject interesting for everyone. Everyone loves online videos.

How to use Instagram for B2B marketing in 2020


Lately, in September 2019, Instagram changed its algorithm to personalize users’ newsfeed & give them better control over their privacy. Instagram boasts of having surpassed the 1 billion monthly user mark in 2019, has more than 500 million daily active users & the “Like” button is used 4.2 Furthermore, according to a report by HubSpot 71% of the users’ businesses utilize Instagram & according to foundationin.co, 80% of the users follow a business on Instagram.

Last Minute #GivingTuesday Wins for Your Nonprofit


If you haven't already put together any special campaigns to promote giving or volunteering around #GivingTuesday, don't worry. Pair up with another local nonprofit and broadcast a goofy "giving Olympics" competition (e.g. Start running targeted email or social ad retargeting campaigns promoting #GivingTuesday as their chance to finally get involved. Include a CTA for some user-generated content with their new swag in your thank-you email.

Beyond KPIs: Measuring Success on Social Media, Learning from Your Analytics and Reaching Your Social Media Goals: An Interview with Loïc Bommersbach of CERN


During these events, viewers post dozen of questions and we either have experts answering them on-screen during the live broadcast or in the written comments afterwards. We have also tried to use user-generated content (UGC) created by some of the 150,000 visitors that come to CERN each year.

Social Media Changes in 2020: How to Stay Prepared

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These social media algorithm changes made so far, according to Facebook , are to provide a better experience for users and reduce misinformation. Part of these changes mean users are more frequently seeing posts from personal connections like friends and family rather than brands.

7 of the Best Social Media Campaigns (And What You Can Learn From Them)


What Coors Light did: Coors Light has had some of the cheekiest campaigns lately, including their Clone Machine , which lets users record a 30-second video loop of them looking interested during video-conferences so that they can sneak away to grab a beer.

Does Facebook’s Live Video Announcement Mean Live Stream Is Here to Stay?

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The social media giant is testing live video for all users, expanding a feature once available only to public figures and celebrities. Moreover, live content could be an entrée to reignite the interest of younger users who make up a sizable chunk of those apps’ user base. Users tap on update status and then select Live Video. As the video streams, the user can see the total number of live viewers and a real-time stream of comments. User-Generated Content.

25 of the Best Facebook Page Apps to Give Your Business a Boost


Facebook offers live stream capability directly within the app, but if you’d like to broadcast to other channels, Vimeo’s Livestream is a good option. Facebook page apps for surveys and promotion. Consider using these Facebook apps for your next surveys, polls, or promotions. Whether you’re running a sweepstakes or a leaderboard contest, Wishpond offers 10 unique apps that manage the logistics of Facebook page promotions.