Quick Tips to Optimize Your Facebook & Instagram Live Broadcasts

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Live broadcasts have become a staple of the social media experience. The reason that audiences love to engage on live broadcasts with the people and brands they follow is because this format presents them as real, approachable and less-produced. Live broadcasts have changed the way that audiences interact with their favorite brands and influencers — they build a sense of connection and immediacy that other types of content can’t easily compete with. Planning a Broadcast.

4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content


When used correctly, broadcast email campaigns can help you reach customers at scale. And yet, broadcast emails often feel impersonal and poorly targeted. User-generated content (UGC) can add that personal touch missing from your broadcast email campaigns — allowing email subscribers to see and interact with relevant photos and videos of your brand and its products. Newsletters are the most versatile of broadcast email campaigns.


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10 Facebook Live Tips to Follow Before, During & After Your Broadcast

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However, it’s critical to ensure your video strategy is in place before, during and after the broadcast. Promote before you broadcast. While most of the content we post is followed up with consistent promotion, it’s important to remember live videos are more like an event than a blog post. The good news is Facebook lets you target certain events and groups with your promotions. A very simple way to do this is by creating an event.

What is Event Marketing And Why Your Company Should Host an Event


For this, it is essential to consider Event Marketing as an option. In this strategy, events are the main focus. In general, Event Marketing is an important tool to achieve objectives, such as engagement and conversions. What are the main types of Event Marketing?

How to host a successful virtual event


Virtual events are live experiences that have become a growing trend in recent years. Key factors to running a successful virtual event are a good streaming tool, quality infrastructure, and public acceptance. The content will address points like: What is a virtual event?

Live Desktop Broadcasts, Mid-Roll Video Ads & More: 7 Facebook Changes You May Have Missed


Facebook Live Broadcasts From Computers. Facebook Live, which lets users broadcast live video from their mobile phones directly onto the News Feed, launched in May 2016. It quickly experienced rapid growth , and Facebook recently announced that Pages will now be able to broadcast live video from computers in addition to mobile phones. Filming from a laptop or desktop computer keeps the camera steadier than holding a mobile phone, which improves video quality for broadcasters.

How to use social media wall for events


Companies that realize this are better prepared to generate opportunities, especially using the social media wall for events. In events, participants feel encouraged to interact and have their participation highlighted, generating valuable content for companies. Around the world, major events have used the social media wall as an engagement tool, but it’s necessary to know how to use it properly to succeed in this strategy. How to use this tool for events?

How are marketing leaders in the industry making the most of virtual events?


Virtual events are no longer just another lead gen tactic added to an arsenal of marketing assets — they’re now the only option most people have. I have appreciated the opportunity to stay connected online for events ranging from Minnesota PRSA Career Coffees to the virtual PRSA Classics.

How to Incorporate Your ABM Strategy into Your Virtual Events

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Events have always been a core component of any B2B marketing strategy. In fact, according to research from Demand Gen Report , events remain the “top engagement tactic for generating qualified leads for 76 percent of B2B brands.” What is an account-based event marketing strategy?

The CMOs 5-Step Guide to Hosting a Successful Virtual Event


Event. Many businesses count on in-person events for lead generation and sales growth. With live meetings on hold indefinitely, CMOs must shift their focus to marketing via virtual events. One virtual event platform has seen over 52,000 events since March.

How to boost your event ROI with a social media wall


A social wall is one of the best strategies to boost live events in both visibility and engagement. Updated in real-time, it can include the audience in the event and make them feel part of it. To help you improve the social media wall ROI — especially on digital live broadcasts —, we will explain the main points to consider when planning your event. What is your goal with each live event or broadcast? Use the live event to engage your audience.

How to bootstrap your influencer marketing program


If a potential influencer only broadcasts their content, this person would not be a good influencer for your business. Some ideas could be co-creating content, recording a podcast, interviewing them for an article, amplifying company announcements, joint contests/giveaways, getting product reviews, referrals, online or offline events.

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What Game of Thrones & Broadcast TV can Teach you About Video Marketing


This flexible production model is the most important thing to keeping episodic content fresh because videos can acknowledge current events, react to news, make news, react to engagement, feedback or questions. The post What Game of Thrones & Broadcast TV can Teach you About Video Marketing appeared first on Vidyard. During the holidays I watched in awe as the ladies in my family scrambled into a frantic huddle around the TV to watch what seemed like something epic.

Best Practices for Today’s Virtual Events


One very obvious phenomenon during the COVID-19 crisis has been the great increase in online live and recorded webinars and full-on virtual events (multi-session events). We have been directly involved in increasing the use of both and both creating and project managing these events. Here are some best practices for today’s virtual events to keep in mind: Develop guidelines for the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

5 Tips for hosting a successful virtual conference or event

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With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting travel and crowded in-person gatherings, virtual conferences and events have replaced their in-person counterparts. Because of how common these virtual events are now, preparation and an established strategy are key to standing out from the crowd.

LinkedIn Unveils Virtual Events and Poll Features


LinkedIn recently rolled out virtual events and poll features which will provide brands with new engagement opportunities. To help businesses overcome these challenges and better connect with their audience groups on the platform, LinkedIn has rolled out virtual events and poll features (called “Create a Poll”). LinkedIn Virtual Events. The B2B marketers will now be able to stream a virtual event for the followers of their company page or their Event attendees.

How Broadcast Journalism Helped Me Pivot to Social Media Management


Pivoting from a career in broadcast journalism was a big decision for me. Here, I want to highlight how broadcast journalism helped me succeed in social media, and tips you can use if you're considering a career shift of your own.

Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


1 in every 5 Facebook videos is a live broadcast, created by Facebook users to share daily moments between individuals and groups. Everything has active knowledge guidance embedded, from sleep quality as you wake up, to weather and current events while brushing your teeth, to how your breakfast is added to your connected consumption, to the right style of clothes for that day’s calendared activities, to the best way to do your job at work. Lesson for leaders.

How to Create Sports Content for Big Events


Publishers and marketers will broadcast the pinnacle of athleticism to millions of global fans until the tournament concludes on August 21. These two events reach massive audiences who are inclined to. Create or curate content throughout the timeline of the event. For example, Snapchat’s Live Stories feature allows event attendees to publish videos in a “live story” experience that can be shared with any Snapchat user around the globe.

How to integrate offline campaigns with your digital marketing strategy


The frequency of hashtags posted immediately after your ad gets broadcast on a TV channel or radio station gives marketers a better idea about the relative performance of these various ad slots. Event tracking. A recent survey of 200 retailers in the United States showed that online campaigns delivered better ROI than offline marketing initiatives for over 76% of the participants.

How Virtual Event Marketing Benefits B2B Businesses


The idea of virtual event marketing was popularized by corporate giants such as IBM and Microsoft to help the idea of real-time customization. Virtual event marketing is an excellent way to engage with the prospects and provide them with hyper-tailored solutions to their problems with the help of product demos and other ideas reflecting on the value proposition of the products or services. They can even be used to open a live event to people who can’t be there.”.


Go Virtual! How Digital Events Boost Pipeline and Leads for Enterprise Businesses


Now, these interactions must take place virtually, and companies must rethink their event data strategy. Large-format events are an invaluable networking platform. Luckily, in the face of lockdowns, digital events are still a possibility.

How to Host a Successful Virtual Event: Tips and Best Practices


Virtual events still sound a little futuristic, but they’ve been happening since 1993 when the world’s first livestream brought us nail-biting webcam footage of a coffee maker in mid drip. Moving events like this online can reduce costs and carbon footprints, and make attendance accessible to a wider audience. From live-tweeting to livestreaming, businesses and organizations are staging virtual events across the web. What is a virtual event? Promote the event.

How to Socialize an Event


In the past month I’ve spoken at Moto X launch events in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and the United States. I ended the tour leaving nothing to chance and determined to take total control of the social media exposure of each event. I learned that it’s possible to ensure that an event is covered in social media -- even trending as a hot topic -- if you know what you’re doing. 4) Broaden what socializing an event means.

How Publishers Can Drive Revenue Through Virtual Events


The last event NetLine attended before things were suspended was in late February. Just like you, we miss face-to-face events. For more than a decade, in-person events were a reliable revenue source for media companies, offering publishers a chance to both reconnect with and reacquire the buyers and sellers that had seemingly moved on to more sophisticated digital marketing offerings. events and the financial guarantees and opportunities it brought with them vanished.

How to Boost the ROI of Your Next Event

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In a survey recently conducted by Marketing Charts , B2B companies reported that events help generate more leads than any other strategy. Even with that reassurance, event investment can feel counterintuitive when measured against digital technologies that can reach thousands of target buyers with a single, often less expensive campaign. However, realizing the full return on investment for your next event requires more than an in-depth presentation or an eye-catching booth.

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5 Virtual Team-Building Events That Teamlancers Can Get Paid to Produce


As freelancers and solo consultants, it was infrequent that clients ever invited us to their office parties, happy hours or other team-building events. 5 virtual #teambuilding events that you can get paid to produce as a #teamlancer. Design event invites and other digital materials.

How to Execute Event Marketing like a Data-Driven Machine


But what about events? While you and your sales team know events are a great way to interact with current and future customers, you still have no way to use the data collected at these events to drive campaigns. Nor do you have a way to attribute revenue to this resource-intensive marketing investment, or to show ROI from events. And secondly, what are the essential elements of the event lifecycle and how can you measure event success?

Social media takes your marketing event to the next level

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To date, few B2B companies have capitalized on the full potential of the seminars, receptions, trade show stands and other marketing events they hold for business partners, clients and prospective customers. Social media holds the power to unlock this potential, drastically altering the ability to interact and engage with attendees before, during and after any event. Solve two problems in one go by integrating social media in your event promotion. During the event….

Master the Chatter: 8 Tips to Get Your Event Trending on Twitter


It's every event marketer's dream: Pulling up your phone during your event and quickly peeking at Twitter, only to discover that your event's hashtag is trending. After all of your hard work putting the event together, seeing people engaging in conversation online ( lots of conversation online) is a huge validation. But that seems like an incredible feat to accomplish when you've got so many other moving pieces in the event planning process.

Defining Your Niche Audience Webinar Roundtable

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The tools they use to attract new leads in this audience – including events, social media, and more. Webinars & Broadcasts DIgital Marketing Financial Advisors FMG Suite MarketingIf you’re struggling to make headway with your marketing efforts, it might be time to focus your efforts on a niche audience. When your firm is able to serve, and market to, a specific type of client, it can be easier to grow your network and make an impact on that community.

Event Sponsorship in Sports: Why the Winter Olympics Are a Gold Mine for Brand Storytelling

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With content existing in so many forms nowadays, these brand marketers are leaning toward event sponsorship that eschews interrupt advertising in favor of brand storytelling opportunities. Sports events like the Winter Olympics are a prime opportunity for this strategy to shine, leveraging an abundance of compelling storylines to build sponsorships and content partnerships that directly benefit brands, athletes, sports organizations, and sports fans all at the same time.

Alternative ways to B2Beat the impact Coronavirus is having on live events

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In the wake of growing concern over the Coronavirus pandemic and with swathes of people self-isolating and/or being unable to travel, many of our clients are feeling a significant impact on their live events. We’ve had countless messages and calls from clients asking what the best course of action is if an event has to be cancelled or attendees start to cancel as a result of Coronavirus risk. Run a live event online. Build an event hub where all your event content is housed.

Smart Marketing with Redtail CRM + FMG Suite

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The combination of solutions also makes it easy to host events and send greeting cards. Webinars & Broadcasts DIgital Marketing Financial Advisors FMG Suite MarketingRedtail Technology and FMG Suite are dedicated to helping advisors work smarter. The Redtail CRM can be easily integrated with FMG Suite’s flexible, easy-to-use marketing and content platform. The two make customer and prospect communication easy and effective.

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How the NFL Draft Transformed from an Event to an Experience


The NFL Draft should be relatively a straightforward event. But in 1980, the League and ESPN partnered to televise the event, beginning a process that transformed the event from little more than an owner’s meeting into primetime viewing for millions. In 2015, following almost 40 years of a consistent formula, it left the comfort of New York to host its draft outdoors, a free event open to the public in Chicago’s Grant Park. The NFL Draft used to be an event.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Events


The spring events schedule has effectively blown up for many brands. Health concerns abound, leading many event organizers to cancel in-person conferences and events. If you’re scrambling to figure out what to do with your suddenly unspent conference/trade show/event budget and how to drive leads and pipeline in the absence of these opportunities, then this guide is for you. An online event or virtual conference might be just the answer you’re looking for.

Wealthbox & FMG Suite: Powerful Tools, Better Together

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Advisors can engage audiences with birthday greetings, education on relevant topics, special event invitations and more, staying top-of-mind all year long. Webinars & Broadcasts DIgital Marketing Financial Advisors FMG Suite MarketingSuccessful companies around the globe leverage the power of data by integrating their CRM and marketing tools.

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