Amp Up Your 2021 Virtual Events with an Online Community

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The post Amp Up Your 2021 Virtual Events with an Online Community appeared first on Higher Logic. If a virtual event is on your roadmap for next year, make your event stand out from the crowd with an engaging event community.

7 Tips for Engaging Your Audience with a Virtual Event Community

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During the plethora of free webinars and events happening right now, how can you help your virtual event stand out from the crowd? To counter this, try adding an unexpected element: community engagement. Engagement helps you accomplish your larger goals for the virtual event.


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Post-Event Follow-Up: Tips for Nurturing Virtual Event Leads

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Hosting attendees at your virtual event takes hard work, and crafting a memorable event experience takes top-notch planning and logistics. But when it comes to ensuring maximum ROI for your event , what you do after is what matters most. Be Swift with Post-Event Communication.

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The 22 Best Virtual Event Platforms


All types of events, including trade shows and industry conferences, can now be produced and attended remotely. That’s especially true in the realm of virtual events that go beyond traditional webinars and webcasts. Leading Edge Virtual Event Platforms. Virtway Events.

5 Ways To Create Lasting Connections in Your Virtual Event

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Networking is one of the main points of attraction for the majority of events, and it is often an event element that creates lasting memories for attendees. This is why event organizers should make networking a top priority when planning virtual events. Event Marketing

4 Ways to Use Events + Conferences to Increase Online Community Engagement

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There’s something special about attending an event that leaves you feeling invigorated, inspired, and better off for having participated. It can also boost community engagement. This is great news for association members or customers who are looking to network with people in your organization, their peers, and other experts, as live events can deliver a lot of enthusiasm for a cause, company, or product. Design Your Community to be a Central Hub for Event Information.

Beyond COVID-19: 10 Benefits of Hybrid & Virtual Events

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If there is any positive trend the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the events industry, it is the adoption of virtual event platforms as a viable alternative to in-person events. Ease of Collaboration and Community Building. Extension of Event Content Lifecycle.

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Run Your Virtual Event with Confidence: Tips for a Great Show

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As COVID-19 forces events from in-person to virtual , the first and most essential thing is a mindset shift: Going digital was not your plan, but it’s your chance to make the most of a bad situation. Your event can be one of the things that meets that need. Don’t have a community?

Delighting Customers With Experiential Marketing At Events (With Examples & Tips!)


In the B2B world, where events can sometimes be standardized affairs, savvy marketers know that standout experiences are the best way to cut through the noise and inspire word-of-mouth promotion. The post Delighting Customers With Experiential Marketing At Events (With Examples & Tips!) Event Marketing advocacy advocacy marketing advocate at events advocate community advocate marketing advocate marketing program advocate rewards customer engagement

Virtual Events & Webinars: What Are The Key Differences?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and in-person events were canceled , virtual events and webinars came to the rescue. While online events were held before the pandemic, the current situation has made them more popular. Attendee Event Experience. Attendee Event Experience.

6 Fresh Ways To Make Your Event Special For Your Advocates


There’s nothing quite like the rush of energy you get from hosting a live event. Advocate Engagement Community Managers Customer Marketers Event Marketing Rewards and Recognition Uncategorized advocacy marketing advocate marketing B2B marketing b2bmarketingzone boost event roi customer engagement customer experience customer experience event customer-focused events event event marketing events quick base

Our Customer Reviews Make Higher Logic a G2 Leader in Online Community Management

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G2, the leading B2B technology review platform, released their Spring 2020 Grid Report, and we are excited to announce that we’ve been named a Leader in Online Community Management for the 4th consecutive quarter. Why Higher Logic is Ranked as an Online Community Management Leader.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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You don't have to be a hypnotist or a master of persuasion to build support for an online community among your association’s board and executive team. Instead, you need to align your new online community with the mission and priorities of your association's leadership.

The Future of Live and Virtual Event?s


Episode Summary: For years, with members all around the globe, the MIT Alumni Association produced events both big and small to keep alumni connected to their alma mater. He walks us through all the stop-on-a-dime twists and turns of shifting a global event program online.

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How Associations Are Using Community to Support Their Members During COVID-19

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Over the past month, as our customers shared ideas about responding to COVID-19 in our users community, HUG, we noticed some simple but impactful ways associations are using their communities to support their members and their industries. Community Engagement is Skyrocketing.

Promote Your Community at Events

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You and your team spent a lot of time and energy either creating a new community or revamping your existing community. There are many ways to energize a community and bring in some fun, from creating exciting banners to hosting offline events. Conferences are the perfect time to introduce your members to a new or relaunched community. Ask presenters for additional discussion questions to post on the community to continue the discussion after the conference.

Outreach CRO to Host Live Event for B2B SaaS Community


Outreach Chief Revenue Officer Anna Baird will host an exclusive, free event alongside Karan Mehandru , Managing Director & Head of Venture Capital at Steadfast Financial, as part of Sales Impact Academy ’s live events program for the B2B Sales and SaaS tech community.

How One Event Company Transformed in the Face of COVID-19

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Events like exhibitions and summits play an important role in connecting businesses with their customers as well as providing a platform for people to learn, share and gain new connections. With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing rules in place, the event industry has been hit hard.

The Event Planner’s Guide to Using Online Community for Your Annual Event

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Your annual event might be looming, or it might be a year away – wherever you are in the planning, it can feel like you’re stuck in a crazy-making cycle. The good news is, if you have an online community, you’ve got access to a tool that puts you one step closer to making your job so much easier. Are you taking advantage of the support your online community can provide? There are three components to any event and those are before , during , and after.

What You Must Know About Community Management


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The term “community manager” no longer lives in the realm of buzzwords. As social media, online communities and even in-person events have become a regular part of the modern marketing mix, community managers have been getting hired up. (If If you want proof, just look at the who’s who of brands that have added community managers assembled by Jeremiah Owyang.). What is Community Management? What Makes a Good Community Manager?

25 Post Event Survey Questions to Ask


With a post event survey, you'll learn what attendees thought about the event, how they heard about it, and what they enjoyed most. Measuring attendee satisfaction will help you improve your event marketing and figure out what's working and what isn't. How useful was the event?

How To Find Your Community of Advocates With Engaging Customer Events


This can be both informally, and formally through content marketing activities such as case studies, references, community participation, speaking engagements, and peer referrals. If more spend were allocated to the advocacy phase to grow the customer community more organically, it may be that the budget for the ‘exploration’ phase can be reduced. This influence of the other attendees at events is highly valuable.

15 Ideas to Promote Your Next Event


Well, event promotion is similar. If you put on an event but don't promote it, will it even happen? While event promotion is simple in theory, actually planning a successful marketing strategy and promotion plan is not. Of course, you've seen large-scale event promotions.

Feel the Email Community Magic at Litmus Live Week 2020


Our Litmus Live conferences are well-loved in the email community. They’re not your typical boring, buttoned-up event. And yes, the email community magic will be going strong! Network and have fun with community-building events and games.

7 Situations Where Customer Communities Improve Customer Experience

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When executed with proper planning and resources, a customer community can have a tangible impact on key business performance indicators, including ticket deflection, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction. According to Aberdeen Research , firms with online communities: Enjoy 5.4x

What I Mean By “Community”


by Heidi Melin | Tweet this We talk a lot about community at Eloqua. So often I get asked, “What is the Eloqua Community?”. Our community of Topliners , where global marketers come to share and inspire? In our always on, networked world community can’t live in a bubble. Communities grow organically, around all the people you touch. That’s why we’ve grown the number of regional events for marketers.

How to Build Community-Centric Virtual Events, According to Moz's CMO


In the early months of 2020, many businesses were faced with a similar problem: Should we host our event or conference entirely online , and if so, will it deliver the same value for attendees? Best Practices for Shifting Your Event Online. How to Foster Community Digitally.

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Community-Driven Content: 3 Ways to Tap Customer Convos


Today’s technology can help you piggyback on your network’s networks with community-driven content that amplifies the voices of your partners and customers. That’s where community-driven content comes in. Include clients as co-hosts for future roundtables and virtual events.

Life After Jive-x: Choosing a New Home for Your Customer Community

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If you’re a Jive-x customer, you know Khoros has given your external community platform an official end-of-life date: December 2020. As you decide on a new platform for your customer community, I think your journey will mirror mine. Community Structures Align.

How to Build a Content Strategy for Event Marketing

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And one thing I know for sure: some events are better than others. Event managers focus on bringing in great keynote speakers , awesome venues, food, and parties, and more. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into successful event planning. You’ve no doubt considered how you will use display ads, email marketing, and social media to market your event. But how much thought have you put into your content strategy for event marketing? Event Marketing

Marketing and Senior Care Community Events: Is there ROI?

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At a senior living community, it’s important to host events throughout the year. Events can help build brand awareness and they’re nice ways to invite others into your community to see everything you provide. Events are a big opportunities for the community to market itself. You may be wondering: Is hosting these events worthwhile? Is there any ROI that can come out of hosting an event? One big event per month?

An education in food and community


For the next five years she tried culinary consulting, catering, and doing cooking events for corporations. Her email list felt like her first attempt at connecting with the people on the other side of the TV and stage, her first time creating a community around what she loved.

6 Actionable Ways B2B Marketers Can Improve Virtual Events

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A survey identified ideas B2B marketers can use to improve attendance, engagement and get more value out of their investment in virtual events. Webinars, digital tradeshows and online conferences have been a go-to substitute for live physical events in the wake of the pandemic.

SharpSpring Stands with the Black Community


However, in order to show our unwavering public support for the Black community, we are also sharing it here. As recent events have further proven, our policing has become so aggressive, so absolute, that it has overwhelmed our legal system’s ability to provide fair trials.

Three predictions about the future of virtual & hybrid events


30-second summary: Even when in-person events resume, virtual and hybrid formats will remain a go-to. Attendees may be given the choice between attending in-person or virtually, making every event experience and community a hybrid.

Must Attend Marketing Events In 2014


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Marketing events are a trifecta benefit of being part of this exciting and evolving industry. Here is a compilation of events to inspire you in 2014. Get ready to pencil some travel in (or mine the marketing event gold in your own city’s backyard). This event promises results-oriented case studies from leading brands that understand how to manage online presence, as well as implement measures to take action based on data and analytics.

Build community & engagement into your virtual event: 7 ideas being tested right now

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The proliferation of virtual events right now is staggering. Your attendees didn’t take the time and money to attend your event only to watch keynotes on a big screen from the back of a ballroom. Leaderboards: Some of the event apps have these embedded.