You Need Opt-In Leads To Maintain Data Privacy

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Utilizing opt-in advertising for 100% permissioned leads ensure that you have trackable proof of consent for every email in your database. Opt-in advertising can help maintain data privacy every step of the way. Opt-In Advertising Opt-in Advertising Privacy

Maximizing Your Email Audience Potential: Turning Email Addresses on File into Opt-Ins

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One of those approaches is to leverage the email addresses you have on file and try to get more of those folks to opt in for marketing emails. Deciding How to Approach Non-Opted-In Contacts. People who have never granted you email permission.

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Taking Another Look at Confirmed Opt-in Email

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Email marketers have shied away from the idea of confirmed opt-in, also known as double opt-in, for a long time now. Given the evolution of email and its current entrenched state in our daily lives, it’s time to take another closer look at this topic.

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[Chart] 90% of Visitors to EU Cookie Law Site Don’t Opt-in

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On May 25 all the countries within the European Union were supposed to enact a directive requiring anyone doing business in the region to get opt-in permission to track consumers online. by Elle Woulfe | Tweet this What a difference a month makes!

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Permissible Purpose


Permissible purpose. It has been used to regulate the use of certain kinds of sensitive data for advertising and other legitimate direct mail and CRM marketing purposes in the past. Some would say that targeting any user without opt-in permission should be prohibited.

Email Marketing: What’s Really the Issue With Confirmed Opt-In?

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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the discussion surrounding confirmed opt-in (COI) and the direction that the industry is headed. I wrote about the inevitability of confirmed opt-in becoming the standard at some point in the future.

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The Value of Opt-In Campaigns

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This is why an opt-in email campaign is so vital to ensuring that your emails are reaching the right contacts, the ones who expect to see your messages – and not those who could potentially harm your reputation. What’s an opt-in campaign?

Opt-In: Will It Be Single Or Double?


Permission based email marketing; a concept that used to be alien to many businesses but is of vital importance now post GDPR. Gaining your prospect’s permission involves them voluntarily opting-in to hear from you.

6 Opt in Form Best Practices to Convert Readers to Your Email List


As you make your way toward email marketing success, you’ll want to start at the beginning by creating a high-converting email opt in form. An email opt in form is essentially an email sign up form that gives your website or blog visitors an option to receive emails from your brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Opt-In Email Lists

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Are you looking to grow your B2B marketing database by buying an opt-in list? This is everything you need to know: If someone offers to sell you an opt-in email list, don’t even respond. You have the only list of people who have opted in to receive email from you.

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6 Opt in Form Best Practices to Convert Readers to Your Email List


As you make your way toward email marketing success, you’ll want to start at the beginning by creating a high-converting email opt in form. An email opt in form is essentially an email sign up form that gives your website or blog visitors an option to receive emails from your brand. In exchange for providing a valid email address, brands often send incentives like lead magnets and exclusive deals that are valuable to their subscribers. Slide in.

What the New Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) Means for B2B Marketers


The difference between the United States CAN-SPAM Law and CASL boils down to permission. Blog Anti-spam law B2B Marketing CASL email and privacy compliance opt-in permission

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Five ways clear ‘opt-outs’ encourage subscribers to opt-in

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Many companies are still reeling from the tightened requirements for subscriber consent in marketing. The turbulence that accompanied the full implementation of GDPR has prompted some less-than-ethical marketers to devise creative ways to prevent users from opting out or unsubscribing.

Email Marketing: The Permission Question and the Deliverability Answer

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Permission is something that is discussed every day with our deliverability customers. The list of places where marketers are asking for permission also seems to grow every day as well. Let’s review the standards of permission that we believe are necessary to be successful.

Permission Marketing: Love it or Hate it?


Furthermore, the introduction of the internet and social media has resulted in ads showing up on our social media feeds and timelines too. Seth Godin found the answer to this consumer dilemma in 1999, as he developed the idea of “permission marketing.” In his book Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers , he defined the term as the type of marketing where you need the consumer’s consent before sending out information.

The Problem with Implicit Opt-In For Email Marketing


Author: Jon Miller There are legal definitions of spam — in the U.S., In the eyes of consumers, however, the definition of spam can be even broader and less forgiving. An easy way to opt-out. The Definition of Implicit Opt-In. The Risks with Implicit Opt-In.

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Spam Traps and More – Email Deliverability Hot Buttons


Following the recent webinar, Breaking Through the Email Deliverability Barrier with eTrigue and ANNUITAS, the questions just kept coming in on email deliverability and what it means for marketers today. Q: How do you minimize the risk of hitting a Spam Trap in your list? .

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Why Marketing Automation Needs Permission Marketing


Even if you''ve never heard the term before, chances are you''ve experienced permission marketing. That''s permission marketing -- you''re volunteering your information up to the company, giving them permission to contact you. What Is Permission Marketing?

The GDPR Era Of Permission Based Email Marketing


This strategy will no longer work in this post-GDPR World. As stated in the GDPR website, personal data can be categorized as anything from a name to medical information or a computer IP address. Regain consent from existing subscribers by using re-permission campaigns.

Email Marketing: All Opt-Ins Are Not Created Equal


by Maria Pergolino Often times we, as email marketers, talk about different strategies and tactics to get recipients to ‘opt-in’ for future messages. But, not all opt-ins are created equal. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Double opt-in – a better choice.

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Build Bigger, Healthier Email Lists with Double Opt-ins and Preference Centers

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To make sure you are growing your lists in a sustainable way, it’s important to understand the difference in growth strategies, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. After all, in today’s global economy, that could be any of us. Getting Permission.

CASL Countdown for B2B Marketers


The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) takes effect in just over a month (July 1, 2014) and B2B marketers need to be ready. The major difference between CAN-SPAM and CASL is explicit opt-in. CAN-SPAM is more of an opt-out law, where CASL is an opt-in law with express consent.

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Five Reasons Why Your Email Gets Blocked


Sending to a large amount of hard bounces, receiving a lot of complaints, hitting spam traps, and getting on a blacklist can all affect your reputation in a negative way. Blog blacklist CAN-Spam CASL Email Deliverability IP reputation opt-in

All Contacts Aren't Created Equal: The Right Ways to Treat Your Email Opt-Ins


First, there's more than one way to opt in to permission-based emails, and different content is required based on how someone has opted-in. And how do you determine what they're interested in? Not every email address is created equal.

[Video] Why Obtaining Permissions Is Crucial to Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


One of these practices is obtaining permission from their current customers and potential customers alike before sending SMS and MMS messages to their mobile devices. Just like with email marketing, subscribers must actively opt in to a company’s mobile marketing.

6 Ways To Maximize Your Webinars With Automation Technology

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Webinars, in particular, are a great tool to connect with your audiences in a meaningful way — on their terms. B2B organizations are feeling the wrath of a buyer-driven marketplace, and are increasingly challenged to “get permission” to interact with their target audiences.

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7 Misconceptions About the New EU Privacy Regulations

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today, May 25 th , is the day that all member states of the European Union are expected to enact region’s new privacy directive, which requires businesses to get explicit permission to track online users’ behaviors. Nevertheless, the new directive does mean changes for marketers in the EU. With that in mind, we thought we’d clear up some of the common misperceptions around the new regulations. The directive was actually passed in 2009.

GDPR and Marketing – What You Need To Know


We live in an age where almost everything we do is recorded in one way or another, especially on the Internet. Under the regulation, companies now have to request customers’ permission to use even the smallest piece of their data and keep that usage documented.

Are you ready for GDPR, Europe’s upcoming data privacy requirements?


Privacy is probably one of the least appealing topics in marketing. On May 25, 2018, any company that is not compliance with the European Union’s new opt-in regulations is at risk of a fine of up to 20 million euros, or 4% of their global topline revenue.

How to Get Off an Email Blacklist, and Stay Off

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For any B2C sender, being blacklisted by Spamhaus can impact upwards of 80% of their list, so you're basically dead-in-the-water.” “Keep in mind that these tools will generally check every available blacklist to see if you are listed,” says Moore.

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How to Optimize Your B2B Lead Generation Forms for Better Results

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Compared to how much time we invest in every other element of a lead generation campaign – the advertising, the content download, the landing page – the opt-in form often just gets slapped in like an afterthought. And so while it might take some testing to find it, the right tweak to an opt-in form could increase the conversion rates of your lead gen forms by 30 percent or more. Here’s what the two-step opt-in on SumoMe’s site looks like.

5 Basic Things Every B2B Marketer Needs to Do to Prepare for GDPR

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Following on the heels of CAN-SPAM (US) and CASL (Canada), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest in a series of government regulations that promises to have a major impact on the way B2B marketers conduct business. Let Visitors Opt-Out of Cookie Tracking.

Is Co-Registration a Lead Generation Tactic to Consider?


As marketers and demand generators, we are always researching and looking for new and efficient ways to drive leads into the funnel, in order to follow-up with more content as nurture, or tele-services. The conversion rates of opt-in lists are extremely high.

The Latest Trends in B2B Email Marketing

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Let’s follow this Interconnected chain of current trends in B2B email marketing: Compliance Automation. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was the first wave in the changing attitudes around privacy and permission. In the past 6 months?”

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Simplifying Email Marketing under GDPR


With GDPR in full-force, the need is high for marketing leaders to understand how it affects day-to-day operations. Do we need to send an email asking for permission to contact clients? Now, let’s break down the word “client” since it can be used in a couple different ways.

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Email Marketing Isn’t Owned Media—It’s Granted Media

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And that results in strategies and tactics that invariably end up hurting their email programs and their businesses. In my book Email Marketing Rules (3rd Ed.) , I say, “Lists are owned only to the extent that someone can own a collection of nonbinding handshake agreements.”

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Do Your Marketing Tactics Adhere to GDPR?


If you have any customers in the EU then GDPR means that there are very specific marketing rules that you must adhere to. Companies must request customer consent in a clear and easy form, and states, “It must be as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it.”.

The Definitive Guide to Email Deliverability


He in fact quoted for every $1 they spend on the email they end up making $38. In this guide, we will not only understand the underworld of email deliverability but also learn how to fix it. Now you might be wondering but why will my emails not land in my subscriber's inbox?

Tips for Marketing Leaders: The Proven Tactics to Improve Email Marketing ROI


Email offers the highest returns for marketers year after year, coming in at 42:1 on average—up from 38:1 last year—and continues to blow away the returns seen with traditional media channels like TV, radio, and direct mail, according to Litmus’ 2019 State of Email survey.

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Content Marketing Plus Email Marketing: Synergies, Optimizations, and Trends

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As a 13-year veteran of content marketing , I’m biased, but I think it’s fair to say that content marketing is a powerful way to: Demonstrate that your company is composed of experts in their field. Get the Right Content in Front of the Right People.