What to Include in a Content Marketing Proposal

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So, whether you work on the agency side or in-house, you will likely need to submit a proposal for budget and resource approval. If you’re looking for some ideas of things to include in your content marketing proposal, you’ve come to the right place.

Overwhelmed by Email? Here Are 11 Great Tools for Organizing Your Inbox


Luckily, there are a lot of tools out there that can help us get more organized. In this post, we'll go through 11 of our favorite tools for organizing your inbox. 11 Tools for Organizing Your Inbox. This can be helpful for anyone working on proposals, tasks, or support tickets.

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Advertising, Big Data, and Google’s Moves To Own It All

Digital B2B Marketing

Google just made two major announcements. When it comes to online advertising revenue, no one is bigger than Google. Google wants to be both. Announcement One: Google AdID. Announcement Two: Google Is Shutting Off Organic Search Keyword Data.

Where Google Moved Your Digital Cheese


But Hem is dead set in his victimized mindset and dismisses the proposal.” update , Google has been busy moving the cheese for many marketers, webmasters and SEO professionals. This is where Google would really like you to go, because it’s how the company makes money.

How to recover from the ravages of Google Penguin and Panda


People are freaking out about the new Google Search. What’s changed, post-Penguin and post- Panda , is that organic SEO isn’t free, cheap, and easy anymore. In the past, too, Google was a little desperate. Google Search is people!

Influencer marketing tools of the trade


Google Apps — I have my Google Apps for Work install for Gerr.is I can split up my account to separate users from being associated with Gerris Corp into separate organizations. I can use the Admin console to set up DKIM for all the OpenSRS domains I map to Google.

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Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)


If your website traffic from organic search has fallen over the past year, take some small solace in knowing you’re not alone—in fact, you’re in good (if not happy) company. And it’s not only Google.

The Second Layer of Web Sales Success


Ever since the mid ‘90s, marketing specialists, business analysis organizations and anyone else having a formal business training needed answers to predict, control and exploit customer’s behaviour towards the new artificial presence that websites delivered. In last month’s post on this.


3 project management tools for your distributed business


Basecamp was the first tool I chose back when I started Abraham Harrison, until my team mutinied and made me us Central Desktop , which I never cottoned to (note to self: look up “ assertiveness training dc ” on Google ).

Why normal people do not trust SEO people


If you look closely, you will see the telltale authorship of an search marketing book, the training courses on search marketing, the membership in SEMPO (the search marketing consultants’ organization), and probably a lot more. I like to consider myself normal, but I am not.

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Fathom SEO Pulse #42: Why Quality Content is a Must, Cross-Device Optimization & More


Here’s the latest SEO news: “Wix Web Sites Dropping From Google’s Search Results”. Websites powered by Wix have been dropping out of the Google Index. Google’s John Mueller has assured everyone that the issue is on the search engine’s end and they are working to resolve the issue.

Miss This One Thing & B2B Marketers Will Never Demonstrate ROI

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Define & Track Conversions – Regardless of whether your organization uses goal tracking in Google Analytics or conversion metrics in comparable reporting platforms, make sure some form of conversion tracking is in place. Can Your Organization Truly Define Marketing ROI?

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PKM and the Organization - Pollard

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The PKM-Enabled Organization. In other words, most executives either do not see KM as strategic to their organizations, or have lost faith that investment in KM offers an appropriate ROI. Now, a dozen years after the debut of KM, there has been little significant change in the efficiency, effectiveness or value of information processes or content in most organizations. Things happen the way they do in organizations for a reason.

How To Project SEO Content Marketing Goals & Performance

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Organic search specifically grew more than 500% period over period, with +150% growth in leads from this channel. My SEL column focused on how we organized our efforts to hit this production goal and the steps we took to motivate our team and encourage participation.

How To Prioritize Your List of SEO Keyword Research

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Let’s assume the values associated with your list of keyword opportunities look something like this: Based on estimated search volume alone, there are several significant opportunities to acquire organic search traffic, IF you’re able to rank well for the list of keywords defined.

Data Driven Marketing Without a Data Management Strategy is Like a Day Without Coffee

Modern Marketing

That's how many hits I got back when I Googled the term "data driven marketing." Consider a dynamic organization, working hard to connect with their customers and prospects. Ok, ok my title is just a tad self-serving, being the coffee-consuming-beast that I am but.

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30+ Ideas for Measuring Conversions on a B2B Website

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Fortunately for B2B marketers, resources like Google Analytics offer multiple opportunities to track leads and conversions, beyond standard website performance metrics. New to goal tracking in Google Analytics? Analytics Help: Create, Edit, and Share Goals via Google.

Guerilla Content: 30 Growth Hacks To Content Marketing Success On A Limited Budget

B2B Marketing Insider

When I initially proposed content marketing at SAP, many people asked, “How much software you gonna sell with blog posts?” These destinations had 99% bounce rates, no organic search traffic and zero social engagement.

Why Brand Consistency Matters to B2B Companies (+ 1 Brand SEO Hack)


At some point on your timeline, your company begins to grow up and your brand matters enough for you to polish it (if necessary) and then make sure it’s being used consistently across your entire organization. You’re at risk, from within and without your organization.

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A Primer on Sales Competitive Battle Cards

The Effective Marketer

Sure, everyone knows how to use Google to query competitor names and other pieces of intelligence, but not everyone is aware of some powerful Google search parameters that can find stuff that would otherwise be hidden.


Your marketing success may hinge on Gray Social Media

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A study commissioned by Google shows that your most-loyal audience is more than 250 percent more likely to transmit your content and 200 percent more likely to make purchases from your company. Is it possible that you could somehow organize ?small

How Marketing Can Enable Sales To Use Video


And then I’ll talk about the good stuff—why you don’t need to fear, because there is technology to help bridge the inevitable gap that will, or already does exist in your organization. Different criteria coupled with an endless wishlist leads to dysfunction within the organization.

The 21 Most Innovative & Creative Ads of the Past Year


The Organic Effect. To highlight the positive impact that eating organic food can have on overall health, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL and its client, supermarket chain Coop, documented a family as they switched to a fully organic diet.

The line between Media and Brands is blurring fast

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What I am about to propose is actually a realization of undeniable trends that point to a future full of even more content marketing. Let’s add to that the ratcheting down of organic brand visibility on Facebook and Twitter. by Chad Pollitt, {grow} Community Member.

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What’s better than a marketing tech stack? Your marketing org stack


We’d learn a lot just from seeing how different kinds of companies organize their marketing teams in today’s environment. (If For instance, it would be incredibly helpful for us to learn how larger companies organize their marketing operations and technology teams.

9 Reasons Why Your New Business Program Is Failing


You don't need a private investigator -- just start with a simple Google search. This will help you organize your thoughts and distill your presentation into a more digestible chunk of information. The more you understand, the more relevant your proposal will be.

Don’t tell your story, ADD your story

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We then turned to Google Trends and determined that there was steady interest in these artists (the demand). If my friend blogged consistently about these artists, it is likely he would start getting some interest in his content from organic search traffic. By Mark Schaefer.

The Top 3 "Back to School Tools" for B2B Marketers


To me, there was something very refreshing about starting each school year off on a fresh foot with the tools I needed to be organized and successful. Google Reader: Google Reader is your one-stop resource for generating thought leadership!

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10 Metrics Every Marketing Team Should Track

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Organic traffic , on the other hand, refers to someone who uses Google (or another search engine) to search for a term or a concept and finds your website in the results. 9) Proposals out. Is your program leading prospects to requests for proposals? 10) Proposal wins.

Four key marketing lessons to propel us into 2014

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You have to change the way you think in the organization from, ‘hey, here’s coupon, buy in the next 10 minutes,’ to ‘hey, let us help you and you will connect those dots eventually and you will eventually reward us with attention, sales, loyalty, and advocacy,’ but it takes time to do that.”.

Four Predictions About the State of SEO in 2017


SEO practitioners need to learn how to build and forge relationships that will allow them to pitch and earn links organically. Notifying webmasters of outbound or internal linking errors and proposing a solution. Guest post by Nathan Elly. The new year is well underway.

How to Upgrade Your B2B Marketing Strategy with AdWords


Smart marketers know Google AdWords is an essential part of a strong B2B marketing strategy. Neatly Organize Your Keywords and Ad Groups. One of the most critical elements of your SEM campaigns is the organization of your keywords.

Working with the Professional Services Marketing Partner (Not Quite) Next Door

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But geographic location may not necessarily be the best determinant of fit for your organization or its particular needs. You may find that a firm across the country has clients similar to your organization. Keep in mind that more than one call is usually necessary to get to a proposal.

11 Key Factors In Building Landing Pages for B2B Search Engine Marketing Initiatives

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As such, they need a unique place online, through the B2B organization’s website, to serve as a “home base” for lead generation and search visibility. Requests for Proposal.

Direct Marketing: 6 steps to drive more through sales pipeline

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One organization in particular received 50 leads for a service package priced well over $100,000. The client knew that their prospects would evaluate five or six competitors with that proposal template,” he noted.

Is Big Testing the Future of Marketing?

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In our last Future of Marketing interview, Daniel Newman proposed that customer experience would drive the future of marketing. New technology and new technical talent are both needed for marketing organizations to tap that potential.

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Overcoming Content Overload: 4 Tactical Ways to Create Content That Stands Out


The more Google and other search engines index …. Don’t forget about Google’s fresh factor algorithm feature: Image Credit: Web-sta. Newer content performs better in the search engines, leading to higher rates of organic traffic, leads, conversions, and so on.

The 6 Major Buying Influencers

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If you still restrict online research to Google search, you have a ways to catch up. B2B organizations today publish original content. This sometimes comes when a sales proposal reaches an executive that has a number of priorities.

How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media. Your speakers and fellow organizers are your best sources of social media promotion.

Today’s Biggest Content Marketing Challenge (And How to Overcome It)


There’s a common thread in this content marketing saga: nearly all organizations are creating content, but less than half are confident in their abilities to create content that engages.