The Emerging Importance Of B2B Ethnography To Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

In recent studies by IBM and other research studies on CEO sentiments, customer insight and understanding are identified as a top focus for CEOs. A majority of surveys also find a growing concern for both establishing and retaining customer loyalty in today’s digital marketplaces. Traditional survey methods and conventional win/loss analysis are proving to be dead end approaches. The focus on how to solve difficulties in international customer service and support.

The Future of Buyer Personas is Social - Part 1

Tony Zambito

About a dozen years ago, I became involved with personas through fate by meeting Alan Cooper , at the time he just finished his landmark book The Inmates Are Running The Asylum , and becoming enamored with personas as a process to build more user friendly products.    Along with Alan Cooper, these folks are the real forerunners of personas back in the late ‘90’s.    I wound up on a path afterward searching for a way to make buyer personas a reality. 


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The five things most marketers get wrong about personas


I’m tired of personas. Personas can be helpful in activating the right brain to really focus on communicating with real people, but only when personas actually resemble a small number of customer types. Here is what’s wrong with what I see smart folks doing with their personas: Opinions eat data. Creating too many personas. It’s better to have five personas than 20. Ignoring personas when we create messages.

5 Tips to Easily Develop Your B2B Buyer Persona

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While your team may have all types of strategies in place to carry out marketing messages, without B2B buyer personas, you could be missing the mark when it comes to getting your efforts consumed by target audiences. B2B buyer personas are fictional representations of your target audience members, which help to better align campaigns all along the buying journey. While all of the above may sound great in theory, the truth is, there is an art to creating effective B2B buyer personas.

How to Create Buyer Personas to Boost Your B2B Marketing

The Lead Agency

This can be done by building buyer personas. A buyer persona is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer. Buyer personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions.

New Approaches To Understand Customers Needed In A Digital Transformation World

Tony Zambito

In numerous surveys of CEOs in the past few years, predictably, you will find growth strategies as one of the top priorities going into any new year. What is changing in the past two years, is that CEOs are focused on globalization and digital transformation. Per recent surveys by IBM, KPMG, and Gartner, you will find that more than half of CEOs surveyed believe their organizations will be significantly transformed by digital-centric globalization.

Using Context for Social Buyer Persona Strategy

Tony Zambito

Without context in strategy planning for the new social buyer persona, we are left with a factual approach to identifying target social buyers.    For example, we could survey buyers and find, as in this Mashable infographic , that 86% B2B buyers use social media and that 32% engage with social media on a daily basis.    We may get even more specific - such as 48% downloaded a specific whitepaper while only 5% shared this whitepaper in a recent survey.   

Lessons Learned: Buyer Persona Gone Wrong

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Creating a buyer persona is essential to effective attraction marketing. In order to perfect your approach in buyer persona launch , these are some common mistakes to avoid: Don’t Forget to Focus on the Buyer Decision. Assuming About the Buyer Persona Leads Campaigns Astray.

Persona Research: How to REALLY Get Into Prospects’ Hearts and Minds


“We’ve developed personas!” That’s where persona research comes in. Persona Research is hardly new. Originally called “archetypes,” groupings of prospects are a fundamental part of sound marketing.

Put Your Customer Personas to Work with Marketing Automation

B2B Marketing Insights - WE

Successful marketing is people-focused. Customer personas can help you avoid that. By taking the time to create rich, highly-detailed customer personas, you’ll employ one of the most valuable assets in the world, empathy, and avoid one of the biggest mistakes made in marketing: not knowing your audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create customer personas and put them to work through marketing automation.

12 Tools & Resources to Help You Create Better Buyer Personas


At first, creating buyer personas seems simple. One of the biggest challenges you are likely to encounter revolves around actually gathering the information you need to construct your personas. When you need to be surveying your customers, gathering insights from your employees/coworkers, and diving into your marketing software, it can all become a little overwhelming. Surveying Customers. One way to overcome such barriers is to send an anonymous survey.

Building Character: How to Design Buyer Personas That Align With the Customer Journey

Content Standard

Alternatively, those who develop CX plans grounded in survey, demographic, and behavioral data will have much better outcomes with consumers. ” Agius says customer journey mapping can help marketers refocus with an inbound perspective, create a new target customer base, and create a customer-focused mentality throughout the company. But the results are worth the pursuit, as they will help you focus on and achieve the ultimate end goal: a better customer experience.

Four Challenges Market Research Faces Today

Tony Zambito

Conventionally, market research has focused on getting to the " who and what " of potential markets and customers. Some may argue that psychographics provides this but psychographics focuses more on lifestyles as oppose to insightful and deep understanding into how and why consumers or buyers buy. This allows market research to not only distill meaningful insight but it also allows for communicating relevant persona-centric insights that truly drives strategy.

Building Buyer Personas? Here Are 5 Insightful Reports You Should Pull


Building buyer personas can be tricky -- you need a delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative data to get something that's accurate and useful. How can you be sure that you’re focusing on the right data to build out your buyer personas? And if you'd like help with the qualitative part of the buyer persona creation process, you can check out this blog post.). Knowing this will help you prioritize marketing to certain buyer personas.

The Research Methods of Social Buyerology

Tony Zambito

  This includes the severely hindering structured methods typically associated with focus groups and surveys.    Such situational as well as social settings involve group participation, networking, and decision-making.    Contextual Buyer Interviews : this qualitative approach is used to help understand specific situational and behavioral contexts in which buyers are engaged in group and individual decision-making.

Understanding Buyer’s Goal Orientation Key to Understanding Why Buyers Buy

Tony Zambito

  Focus groups, online surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires, win-loss analysis, needs analysis, customer advisory groups, user groups, competitive intelligence, and more to name a few.    Buyer personas - more importantly the buyer persona development process versus buyer persona profiling - are a means for acquiring this understanding of buyer’s goal orientation and serving as a means to help businesses understand why buyers buy. 

Developing Buyer Personas That Grow With Your Brand (And Your Audience)

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Marketers develop buyer personas to better understand the brand’s audience intimately, and then build a content strategy around the information needs of those personas. But it’s also one with a massive hidden issue: How do you know when your audience moves on if you don’t revisit the personas on a regular basis? That’s why it’s more important than ever not to make choices based around outdated personas.

The Nonprofit Marketer's Guide to the Millennial Persona


If you haven’t come up with a donor persona for Millennials and aren''t practicing inbound marketing to engage these tech-savvy Generation Y members, though, then keep reading. To give you a clear idea of what your donor persona for this generation of volunteers and supporters should look like, let''s look at an example persona detailing the background, likes, interests, and past nonprofit work of a Millennial I know pretty well: me. An Example of a Millennial Persona.

Interesting Infographics: The Science of Building Buyer Personas


I am sure most of you will agree that creating a buyer persona is crucial to any successful B2B lead generation and marketing campaign. Targeting Very Specific Groups. Using marketing personas made websites 2-5 times more effective. targeted personas lifted sales leads 124%. Focus Groups. focus groups should be between 6-10 participants lasting no longer than 90 minutes. ensure the group is mediated by a skilled moderator.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research – [Difference+Template]


Qualitative research is a research strategy that focuses on describing an observation or data. It is carried out on the basis of data collected through first-hand observations, focus groups, customer surveys with open-ended questions, questionnaires, etc. .

50 Questions to Ask When Developing Your Audience Personas

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While your audience personas may represent hypothetical people, you should approach your persona discovery process the same way you approach a real-life relationship. Ask questions that unfold the layers of their emotional and rational drivers, and get the answers from diverse sources: internal customer data, content performance, secondhand research, focus groups, surveys, interviews, and more. Your audience personas don’t really care about your brand.

The Emotion found in Social Data

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Some might, but the vast majority of people who share content, post comments, or offer sentiments and opinions online do so because they are in what Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics calls “the point of emotion.” Surveys – break-down for four reasons: they are episodic, have limited sample-sizes, the answers are effected by the way the questions are posed, and because they rely on the concept of “recall.” Let’s be clear.

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6 Simple Strategies for More Thorough Market Research


Define your buyer persona. This is where creating a buyer persona comes into play. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Some of the key characteristics to identify in this persona include: Age Gender Geographic Location Job Title Income Major Challenges. There are loads more characteristics you could add to your own buyer personas depending what you’re selling and how much information you need on your prospective customers.

The Ultimate Rebranding Guide: How To Re-Emerge Stronger And Smarter


Create ideal customer personas. You can gather this information via surveys, focus groups, and market research to arrive at a decision or support your new position. If time and budget permits, test your rebranding assets with your customers or focus groups.

How to Adjust Your Email Strategy When Coronavirus Restrictions Ease


That means that you’ll be able to focus group it, either formally or informally, and refine the messaging. Here are some of the needs that we see: Create new personas and adapt existing ones. Persona-based segment reporting so you can see changes within these groups.

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The SaaS Marketer’s Black Book of Lead Generation

Marketing Insider Group

When it comes to SaaS marketers, a highly competitive, mature, and the digitally-focused market makes things even more difficult. But thankfully, modern technology makes it possible to go beyond getting demographic data on consumers and end up with oversimplified personas.

Habits of Customer-Centric Marketers: Q&A with Donna Danis


In fact, the #1 priority of B2B marketers in 2016 will be “understanding buyers,” according to a recent survey from the IT Sales and Marketing Association. In this role, Donna helps clients with demand generation strategies, demand generation process and practice redesign, customer buying cycle and persona analysis, sales and marketing alignment, and lead management processes. Buyer personas at my company are a passion. Lessons, tips or tricks about buyer personas: .

Top 5 Tips of Market Research: How to Attract more Clients to Your Website?

Martech Advisor

It's usually done via product testing, focus groups, and surveys. Define your buyer persona. Identify a portion of that persona to engage. Defining buyer persona" is just knowing their age, gender, location, income, etc. Conduct Rewarding Online Surveys.

How to save your content marketing strategy from self-destruction

Tomorrow People

You should have a strong and complete picture of your target persona, down to their interests, frustrations, behaviours and preferences. The better you understand your personas, the better you can create content that really speaks to them. You can even conduct customer surveys, questionnaires and focus groups to get detailed insights on the kind of content your audience needs and wants.

Don’t Put B2B Marketing Tactics before Strategic Analysis

B2B Marketing Traction

Test the market by doing research, including interviews, surveys and maybe even focus groups. the buyer persona for each type of buyer. Next, create a marketing persona for each type of person who will buy your product. Now choose marketing tactics that will reach your buyer personas. Create the right kind of messages to fit each tactic and speak to your buyer personas. Too many business people jump right into tactics when it comes to marketing.

How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

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I recently met with a group of sales and marketing influencers and we discussed trends and our projects. So, what would happen if you focused on helping them do just that? To do this, you need to move away from business-centric to customer-focused thinking.

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Behavioral Marketing: Match Your Message to Your B2B Buyer


Go directly to your personas to see if decision-making commonalities arise. Use online or email-delivered surveys, focus groups, interviews and other market research.

The Definition of Market Research in 100 Words or Less


Your interviewees can answer questions about themselves to help you design your buyer personas. These buyer personas describe your ideal customer's age, family size, budget, job title, the challenges they face at work, and similar aspects of their lifestyle. Focus Groups. Focus groups are similar to interviews, but in this case, you're assembling a large group of people for one shared interview. Surveys.

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How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline


I recently met with a group of sales and marketing influencers and we discussed trends and our projects. So, what would happen if you focused on helping them do just that? To do this, you need to move away from business-centric to customer-focused thinking.

Proven Ways for Creating the Perfect B2B Email Marketing Strategy


In a 2019 survey, 11.2% In today’s modern marketing world, marketers rely less on traditional market research methods such as focus groups or surveys and use modern platforms and tools that reveal a lot about their customers’ demographics, online behaviors, and conversations.

Top 6 Ways You Can Conduct User Research to Gather Optimization Ideas


Card sorting is the simple test where you ask a group of test users to group your site’s information using a cart sort. To conduct your own card sorting, gather a group of test users who aren’t well-acquainted with your site or product. Online Surveys.

B2B Digital Self-Service: How to Deliver What B2B Buyers Want

KoMarketing Associates

In this article, we’ll focus on the marketing aspect of digital self-service. 99% of B2B buyers said in the survey that they will purchase through a completely digital self-serve model. These complement ordering and reordering, but are distinct enough to deserve their own focus.

How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

B2B Lead Generation

So what would happen if we focused on helping them do just that? Too many marketers rely on survey data or focus groups to tell them how customer’s think and feel, but that’s not enough. Empathy is not the product of survey data. Focus on developing conversations, not campaigns. Use empathy maps and personas to understand your customer and how to better connect with them in conversations.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Market Segmentation

It’s essentially the process of dividing your company’s target market into specific and approachable groups. You know who your customers are and you’re able to reach each group in a very specific way that resonates with them. Customer survey results. Focus groups.

The Art of UX Storytelling: How to Create Your Brand’s Story

Single Grain

Build Buyer Personas. To answer these questions, you need to research your target market thoroughly and develop solid buyer personas. Simply put, a buyer persona represents an in-depth description of your typical customer. On the contrary, creating buyer personas is a result of detailed research and analysis of your target market. Dive Deeper: Attract the Right Prospects With Buyer Personas (Includes Step-by-Step Templates!).