Framework for Conducting a Focus Group

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Focus groups are used by marketing professionals for a variety of reasons. A focus group is a group of people selected to partake in discussions surrounding the early stages of product or concept development, the evaluation of services or test new ideas for feedback.

Why Direct Mail & Focus Groups Don’t Mix

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Recently, a client sent us results of a focus group they had conducted, results that included an evaluation of direct mail concepts we’re developing for one of their products. As part of the research, the client interviewed a number of small business decision-makers and asked for their opinions of the various direct mail formats and whether they’d be inclined to read and respond to them. Why Focus Groups Don’t Work for Direct Marketing.

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What Is a Focus Group in 100 Words or Less [+ Pros and Cons]


But, while mass data collection through surveys provides you with necessary quantitative information, it doesn't offer as much qualitative insight into your target market's view or opinion of what you're selling. This is where a focus group comes in. So, what is a focus group, and how can it help you navigate your market research? What is a focus group? Follow Along With a Free Focus Group Questionnaire Template.

5 Focus Group Questions to Feed Your Content Marketing


Customer focus groups are moderated Q&A sessions with your customers, and as marketers know, they can serve as invaluable opportunities to test products and theories with your end users. But these direct conversations are expensive, and you'll need a talkative group to get the most out of them. So how can you make the most out of customer focus groups? Get them warmed up with exploratory topics before focusing them.

Social listening drives traditional market research


Whether it is a focus group or a survey, market research gets answers to your questions. Once social media tells them what the right issues are, they formulate the right questions for focus groups and surveys. Once you know what people think, surveys and focus groups can uncover the causes of those opinions. Market Research Social Media Marketing Converseon Focus group market research social mediaPhoto credit: dmhoro.

What Facebook Graph Means to Marketing Intelligence

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Many still rely on costly, time-consuming focus groups that don’t always gather accurate audience opinion. Marketing Intelligence Beta Phase Buyer Behavior Conduct Surveys Costly Time Customer Intelligence Data Dynamic Methods Focus Groups Graph Search Lengthy Research Marketers Marketing Agencies Marketing Managers Measu Middle Man Private Lives Rob Reed social intelligence Time Graph Waiting List Web Behavior

The Ultimate Rebranding Guide: How To Re-Emerge Stronger And Smarter


You can gather this information via surveys, focus groups, and market research to arrive at a decision or support your new position. Did you know it takes only 1/10th second for a consumer to form an opinion? A company’s brand identity is more than just its name and logo.

How to Develop Fresh Ideas for Your B2B Content Marketing Program

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For these reasons, it’s important to consider whether your content focus is too narrow and what you can do to overcome stale articles, blogs, or other pieces that don’t drive (and keep) audience interest. Bring in new writers, guest bloggers, freelancers, or people from other departments to write content that offers more varied perspectives and opinions. Focus Groups. Because you are excited about your new product, you start to only focus on what’s new about it.

ScribbleLive Spark: Automate Content Research with Watchlists


’ This is where you can monitor influencers of interest and receive automated notifications when influencers publish impactful opinions. By studying which themes and opinion-holders are already gaining attention, you can identify unique opportunities to differentiate your own content. These are most commonly used to segment influencers into focused groups. This allows you to focus your analysis on the most relevant influencers.

How to Approach Content Marketing in the Wake of Coronavirus and Deliver Dynamic Campaigns


Consumers’ attention was only able to be focused on your company’s virtual presence and strategy applied during unfortunate times. So, for example, if your business offered free deliveries, switched its focus to e-commerce and provided online support, you’ll be able to use it. This is why you need to engage people, specifically your current clients and followers on social media, and ask them for an opinion as a crucial element of your after the Coronavirus period.

Three Ways for Advisors to Get Client Feedback

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No one likes getting negative feedback, but taking the time to solicit opinions from clients can help a firm do more of what works and improve the services they offer.

How Did We Do??!! How (Not) to Ruin the Customer Experience by Asking for Feedback


Not that the opinions of buyers didn’t matter ; of course, private enterprises have always thrived (or not) based on satisfying consumer desires. Companies for decades ran focus groups and test markets, and of course monitored sales success. We want your opinion! They sent an email pleading for my opinion ,so I clicked on the link. For most of corporate history, most companies haven’t really wanted to hear from their customers.

Using Survey Panels to Improve Your Product: MTurk vs. Centiment vs. AYTM


Having a well-built survey is important, but having a well-targeted group of people to take your survey is imperative. A survey panel is a group of people you have access to who can fill in your survey and help you find the answers to your business questions. We weigh the pros and cons of each to help you determine which tool is best for your business and focus group. What is the purpose of focus groups? Scaling resources for focus groups.

12 Benefits of Blogging for B2B Marketers

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Blog posts that include how-to information or provide insightful opinions about your industry serve your audience, create goodwill for your company, and move you away from just selling. Frequent blogging – posting of short opinions with lively graphics – keep your site fresh and performing well in search results. Instead of or in addition to expensive market research such as focus groups, you can use your blog and social media to get feedback and opinions.

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B2B market research – 10 unique features


The findings garnered from desk research can help to frame a good qualitative interview and a thorough focus group can help provide relevant answer options for a quantitative survey. Focus groups are rarer in qualitative B2B studies. This means that focus groups are often simply not a realistic option in B2B studies. Is B2B market research really that different from B2C? Well in a nutshell, yes.

Is Your B2B Marketing Valuing C2B?

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Focus and Test Groups. If you have an engaged social media following or active email audience, using your followers as a test or focus group is a great way to implement the C2B mentality into your B2B marketing efforts. You could also ask your online audience for their opinion on specific features for the overall experience of dealing with your company, like whether or not free shipping would entice them to order more frequently.

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How to save your content marketing strategy from self-destruction

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Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to show it. You can even conduct customer surveys, questionnaires and focus groups to get detailed insights on the kind of content your audience needs and wants. Brands are jumping on content marketing as a cash cow — but the yield will be poor unless you can stand out from the herd. Don’t kill your content marketing with mediocrity. Here’s how to differentiate and kill the competition. Guess what?

Tips for international B2B market research


Select the wrong methodology and participation rates may be low or real opinions hard to uncover. For example, some cultures have a strong preference for providing feedback one-to-one which means that focus groups aren’t a viable option. This means that focus should be on the relative position within each country and direct comparisons between countries need to be made with care. B2B organisations have always had a natural inclination to expand internationally.

Social Business Intelligence: Wisdom from the Outside-In

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Social Business Intelligence is all about wisdom – the wisdom to listen, to interpret, and to act authentically and from the outside-in, displaying fidelity to the expressed wants and needs of the billion-plus consumers who offer opinions online. In traditional research, companies elicit feedback through periodic surveys and then enhance their findings through focus groups. When interpreted via a sensible methodology, data becomes intelligence.

How B2B Marketers Can Profit From Social Media Monitoring

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Here's how B2B companies can put social media monitoring to best use as outlined in a primer from Radian6 : Gauge the Health of Your Brand - On social media, people's opinions can be brutally honest. Collect Product Feedback - Social media supplies voluntary feedback and product reviews without the toil and cost of focus groups.

How Problematic Ads Get Approved (And Ways We Can Prevent Them)


From the first creative briefs to production of the final commercial, we went through rounds of focus groups, concept testing, collaborative meetings, and edits. It focused on the kitchen and the changing archetype of the American family. The concept performed well in focus groups, so we moved to filming and production, some of the final steps before an ad goes to air.

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Tips for international B2B market research


Select the wrong methodology and participation rates may be low or real opinions hard to uncover. For example, some cultures have a strong preference for providing feedback one-to-one which means that focus groups aren’t a viable option. This means that focus should be on the relative position within each country and direct comparisons between countries need to be made with care. B2B organisations have always had a natural inclination to expand internationally.

The five things most marketers get wrong about personas


Personas can be helpful in activating the right brain to really focus on communicating with real people, but only when personas actually resemble a small number of customer types. Here is what’s wrong with what I see smart folks doing with their personas: Opinions eat data. Instead, we must be constantly focused on feedback that our personas–and the content we create to reach them. I’m tired of personas. It’s not that they aren’t valuable.

How to Conduct a Social Media Sentiment Analysis (Tools + Free Template)


Rather than a simple count of mentions or comments , sentiment analysis considers emotions and opinions. But the sentiment expressed in those mentions expressed some pretty negative opinions. Social media sentiment analysis is sometimes called “ opinion mining.

The Value of Social Listening in B2B Digital Marketing


These posts can be shaping opinions about your brand and articulating exactly what it is your audience wants. There’s no reason (or luxury nowadays) to wait for focus groups and industry op-eds to tell you how you’re doing.

The Pendulum Audience: Brand Marketing Lessons in Institutional Trust

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Public opinion of “authority” in the financial space shifted. For brands that operate in a space where audience opinion can swing from one extreme to another, there are a number of ways to protect your brand marketing. All brand marketers research their audiences to find the most receptive crowds and gauge public opinion. Adding this simple step to your research can help you identify potentially threatening shifting opinions ahead of time.

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Navigating the Communication Challenges of Associations

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One method an association can use to keep current with trends and perceptions is to host focus groups and send surveys to its members. Partnering with an objective outside firm that specializes in dealing with and helping associations can guide and encourage leadership to make the best decisions for its members based on an unbiased but informed opinion. Successful associations provide value to members through effective advocacy and leadership.

The Definition of Market Research in 100 Words or Less


Qualitative research is concerned with public opinion, and explores how the market feels about the products currently available in that market. Focus Groups. Focus groups are similar to interviews, but in this case, you're assembling a large group of people for one shared interview. A focus group consists of people who have at least one element of your buyer persona in common -- age or job title, for instance.

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Research Tips for B2B Marketing

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Why focus groups? Focus groups are an adaptable research tool that can be used to discover a multitude of things, from an assessment of a product, to its potential issues or weaknesses, or just the lay of the landscape and how the product fits into it. Focus groups are valuable because they allow for group synergy that unearths information that may otherwise have been difficult to reach in a one-on-one setting.

How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

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So what would happen if we focused on helping them do just that? Too many marketers rely on survey data or focus groups to tell them how customer’s think and feel, but that’s not enough. Focus on developing conversations, not campaigns. We formulate our opinions about companies based on our interactions with their people. Writers note – This as a primer for my session at Dreamforce 2016 next week.

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The Emotion found in Social Data

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Some might, but the vast majority of people who share content, post comments, or offer sentiments and opinions online do so because they are in what Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics calls “the point of emotion.” Focus Groups – are skewed in three ways: small sample sizes, self-selection population, and the dreaded “decibel rule’ – the loudest person in the room wins. Let’s be clear. Most people who write on social media outlets don’t do so just for the sake of doing it.

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Use Industry Analysis to Deliver the Food the Dogs Want to Eat

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The most common ways to perform market research are surveys, user tests, focus groups, and interviews. But with all of these, you are (a) only getting a subset of the entire possible market and (b) only getting a subset of the opinions of that subset. Social listening and industry analysis allow you to reach a more representative array of your market and get a more representative sample of their opinions. Market is the only thing that matters.

The 15 Best LinkedIn Pulse Articles On Marketing

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And no business is too small to succeed if it has innovative products and a strong focus on customers. He suggests businesses should focus on defining their vision , creating a culture of empathy and having the courage to challenge the status quo. This article is one of the best on the list and covers the pros and cons of Steve’s hotly debated idea that you cannot create great products by focus groups.

Creating an Advocacy Program from Scratch: A Q&A with Higher Logic’s Marketing and Community Teams

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That’s one of many reasons why organizations in all industries are focusing more on advocates. Participating in a case study or mentoring program are big commitments, so we have smaller opportunities available, like volunteering to respond to unanswered questions or submit an example in the client example library in HUG, our Higher Logic User Group community. Then, before doing a soft launch, we held a focus group.

10 Unintentional Intent Signal Mistakes to Avoid, Part One


Just a decade ago, marketers were limited to elementary research options such as focus groups, brand studies, surveys and anecdotal “evidence”. For instance, let’s imagine a business intelligence company correlates online opinion about the accuracy of their data, both good and bad, the more sales sag. In this instance, are the opinions of potential prospects indicative of intent? Focusing on data that is irrelevant can send you down the wrong path.

How and Why You Should Run a Customer Panel for Your Marketing Team


A thoughtfully curated panel allows you and the team to hear from a diverse set of customers, offering a breadth of experiences and opinions.". Additionally, consider curating a group depending on the questions you want to ask during your discussion.

Top 5 Tips of Market Research: How to Attract more Clients to Your Website?

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The research involves feedback and opinion from consumers, which can be done in-house or by a third-party. It's usually done via product testing, focus groups, and surveys. Having a website means putting in the work to attract more clients online and market research can help to increase your sales. Check out the guide to find how does market research work, how it can increase your traffic and more, shares, Emily Andrews, Marketing Communications Specialist, RecordsFinder.