53 Focus Group Questions for Any Purpose


Whether your focus group is there to give feedback on a product or service or help you assess how your brand stands out in your competitive landscape, thought-provoking, open-ended questions are essential to a productive discussion. Why did you decide to join our focus group today?

5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

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SWOT analysis on steroids. Taking a hard and regular look at your firm’s SWOT is foundational for moving towards a more strategic approach to your marketing. Competitive analysis is another foundational element of elevated strategy and it goes hand in hand with SWOT.


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How to Create a Marketing Communication Plan that Attracts Clients


Here are some methods to conduct an audit: Create a survey to ask existing clients for feedback on your plans; Host focus groups with potential clients; and. Look at this SWOT template below. Guest post by Ronita Mohan.

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Essential Market Research Techniques to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy


Focus Groups. It involves organizing a session with a small group of people that have certain common characteristics. All your customers are segregated into small groups based on their preferences, and each group is assigned a particular name and description. He can be grouped in with the casual gamers. So while deciding what product John might like, you can consider the entire group to which he belongs.

How Market Intelligence Will Make Your Marketing Team More Agile


To do this, you might consider conducting a SWOT analysis, so you can look at the competition's strengths and weaknesses. Focus groups. When I was younger, my dream was to open a cheese store with my family. My mom, brother, sister, and I — we're all obsessed with cheese.


What is B2B Marketing? And how to do it successfully

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The strategy consists of SWOT analysis which should identify areas for improvement (so you offer the very best proposition), but also your main advantages. I’m occasionally asked “What is B2B Marketing?” ” I’ve always thought the answer was obvious.


How to Find and Hire a Director of Marketing for Your Business

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Therefore, companies are adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy that offers a combination of online and offline channels of marketing to reach a larger group of potential customers at different stages of the buyer journey. Which is better – focus groups or surveys?