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Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


Web presence optimization (WPO)—using tactics like SEO, PPC, online PR, social media, content marketing and reputation management in a coordinated fashion to maximize your online visibility and business results—is the core theme of this blog. Digg this!

Helpful Instagram Analytics Tools, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Now that we’re in the swing of things, it seems like companies everywhere are picking up some serious steam. is improving its search feature, and even Digg is playing along. The real question is, how can your company take advantage of these updates to improve its own marketing?

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What Could Kill Google and Facebook


Try this: go to Facebook and see how long it takes you to find any way to contact the company: phone number, email address, even a fax number. And Facebook’s size may be no defense against ultimate demise; it wasn’t all that long ago the MySpace was the largest social network, and the experience of social news site Digg—once valued at $100 million but sold recently for just 5% of that —is a cautionary tale.

The Nine Best Reputation Management, RSS, and Social Search Tools


The company offers technology, resources, and (if necessary) services for online reputation repair. 2) Digg. Digg Reader is a tool for keeping up with sites and blogs. Sample review: “Digg is my go-to RSS reader and social bookmarking tool.”

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Search isn’t about search anymore, it’s about social


Editorial Writing : A lot of my friends have serious success when it comes to writing for Fast Company, Inc, Business Insider, Huffington Post , AdAge , and all that — if you have the juice to command it. Search will never be the same as it was as recently as a few years ago.

Five Expert Copywriting Tips


Yet few companies put out competitive comparisons for public consumption…(many) organizations are averse to taking this step, but the problem is that your prospects are looking for this information. But too few creatives mine the insights from SEO analytics.&#. Digg this!

Revenue Performance Management: Webtrends Tackles Data Overload

Modern Marketing

A top provider of social and mobile analytics, Webtrends is an expert at helping organizations leverage and measure campaigns across blogs, Facebook, Twitter…the list goes on and on. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

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Sometimes we need to find that inspiration to write that next post or optimize the blog so that maybe one day you will be able to monetize your expertise and content and retire to the Bahamas. Be yourself even if it is a company blog. Our goal "To optimize your digital online brand".

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31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Monitor social media discussions of your company or product in real time? A realtime social search engine that pulls current and recent results for any term from Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Digg and Delicious. Actionly also includes Twitter account management and analytics tools.

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The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Its analytics service can show you which pages are trending, where people are interacting with your brand, and what they're saying about your content on Twitter. BackType - BackType is a social media analytics company that helps companies measure their social engagement.

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 6


domain to enhance your company's web presence. Unfortunately, several of the largest sites including Digg, delicious, Reddit, Mixx and Mister Wong now partially or completely use insidious no follow links. Companies Believe Social Media Can Increase Revenue!


Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 2


What are some of the best free tools for monitoring social buzz about your brand or company? How should you measure the impact of social media? How can you create effective online video content on a budget? Of the hundreds of Facebook applications available, which ones are best for business?

26 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

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With a little experimentation and some Google analytics tracking, you can figure out what works best for your audience, and then pare down your promotion tactics to only the most super-effective. Did you mention any people… …or any companies in your new post?

Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)


Read on to learn how social media is changing PR, how pitching bloggers is different from traditional media outreach, how to optimize press releases for search and online distribution, which tools should be in your social PR toolbox and more here in some of the best articles and blog posts on social PR of 2010 so far. Among the tools noted are Omniture (web and social media analytics), Eloqua (marketing automation / demand generation software) and Twitalyzer (Twitter-specific measurement).

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High Quality Content Sites Is What Google Wants

Writing on the Web

For professionals who use online content to market their services, you need to keep an eye on your analytics , and continue to follow good advice for content marketing. In addition to a company blog, consider producing video for a YouTube channel, a photo log on Flickr, or a podcast on iTunes. Here’s another tip: If you want to gain mastery in SEO optimized posts for your blog, consider purchasing Scribe SEO Optimizer. Digg this!

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Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Twitter is used (officially) in 65 of the Fortune 100 companies , 63% of small to midsized businesses, and nearly half of all B2B enterprises. As adoption skyrockets, marketers are striving to optimize their use of the world’s most popular microblogging platform. Digg this!

33 (of the) Best Marketing Strategy Guides and Insights of 2010


As we rely more on all of our employees (not just marketing and PR) to represent our company through social media, how do we train and motivate them to do so effectively? Framework and Matrix: The Five Ways Companies Organize for Social Business by Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang.

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Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


71% of companies now have a presence on Facebook. 59% are on Twitter, and 43% use a company blog for marketing. In the coming year, 77% of companies plan to spend more on YouTube; three-quarters plan to increase spending on Facebook and blogs, and 73% will invest more on Twitter.

Why B2B Marketing Is Not Social: An Unexpected Insight from.

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Mind you, this was an event about social media and website optimization. Share this Post: LinkedIn Share Email Share Digg Reddit Print Filed under Rants , Research , Social Media Tagged with B2B , Conference , Marketing , SiriusDecisions , social media , Training Like One blogger likes this post. Thanks for pointing out that SM still isn’t right for many B2B companies. However, some of the world’s largest B2B companies are blazing trails with success.

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Increased spending on online marketing is driving companies to try new and innovative means of getting the word out about their products and services — one area that’s getting a lot of buzz with B2B marketers is social media. While the Regus brand has a strong presence throughout the world, there was a lack of awareness in the NYC area about the convenient services and business solutions that the company has to offer.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


500 companies now call social media “very&# or “somewhat&# important to their marketing or business strategy. 6 Basic Questions For Social-Optimizing Your Company Website by BlueGlass. Digg this!

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Increased spending on online marketing is driving companies to try new and innovative means of getting the word out about their products and services — one area that’s getting a lot of buzz with B2B marketers is social media. While the Regus brand has a strong presence throughout the world, there was a lack of awareness in the NYC area about the convenient services and business solutions that the company has to offer.

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


B BackType - BackType is a social media analytics company that helps companies measure their social engagement. is a online video sharing site that provides a free and paid platform for individuals and companies who host an online video show.

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36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010


5 Ways for B2B Companies to Engage on Facebook by Social Media B2B. Ken Mueller uses the example of Dave’s Ace Hardware in Wisconsin to demonstrate how to optimize business engagement on Facebook: be personal, use photos and video, provide great customer service among other things.

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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. Q: You work at a company that supplies electronics assembly equipment.

Online Advertising Metrics: A Simple Framework

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The following framework is a useful starting place, based on information available from most web analytics packages and ad servers. This is a particularly useful metric for campaigns designed to highlight and elevate a company’s thought leadership.

50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)


Although fewer Americans use Twitter than Facebook, Twitter users “are far more likely to follow Brands/ Companies than social networkers in general. 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. Digg this!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management

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Tactics include nurture marketing (used by 65% of Top Performers), lead prioritization (used by 72% of Top Performers), lead scoring, and pipeline analytics. That’s why RPM should be a fundamental part of your company culture now and in the future. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

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19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


SazBean ( Social Network Analytics Measurement Social Media ). Selling to Big Companies ( Sales Amazon Books Leads B2B Training Prospect ). Optimization. Digg this!

78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far)


Todd Heim supplies a helpful guide to best practices for building a following on and generating traffic from social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Mixx and Propeller. What is Social Media Optimization and Why Should I Care? A Cheat Sheet to Help You Conquer Social Media by Fast Company. Rebecca Corliss reveals an easy five-step, 10-minute daily process for keeping on eye on what’s being said about your company across popular social media venues. Digg this!

35 (of the) Best Guides to Facebook Marketing, Advertising, Search and More of 2010 (So Far)


Dean Rieck shares his top 10 tips for creating a managing a successful business Facebook page, from using FBML to create a landing page to promoting your page through email and your company blog. In another “10 secrets&# post, Christopher Parr shares his tips for brand success on Facebook, such as talking like a friend (not a company), adding value through content, and doing some housekeeping (e.g. Hell for companies and users, heaven for Facebook consultants.

Four Insights for Cloud Computing Marketers

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The research is based on a survey of approximately 1,500 IT and business professionals, with good representation of senior IT management and large companies. And IT is a key stakeholder in cloud decisions at larger companies (more than 80% of the time).

Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1


How can you monitor everything that’s being said about your company, competitors and key industry topics across the social media landscape without spending a fortune on monitoring software? Marty Weintraub provides a remarkable and highly detailed guide to setting up a social media reputation monitoring dashboard using free tools such as Google Alerts, iGoogle, Google Analytics, and keyword tools along with Excel. Study: Company Blogs Lead Social Media Options by MediaPost.

Revenue Performance Management to Marketing Automation: What Facebook was to MySpace?

Modern Marketing

I think we’ll see one of the two marketing automation leaders – Eloqua or Marketo – emerge as a billion dollar company and own 40% market share. While we’ll see some fantastic flameouts of VC-backed players that don’t make it, bootstrapped companies like Pardot and Manticore will continue to be stable, because of their pragmatic approach to building a company. I think social media analytics is where marketing automation should invest.

Best AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2009, Part 2


Optimization—the greatest results for the lowest cost—is the goal of every AdWords campaign manager. What are two of the simplest ways to optimize AdWords campaigns? But it isn’t the only factor; what other items are considered, and how can you optimize these? 2 dead simple ways to optimize your Adwords campaign by CDF Networks. Although AdWords advertising can benefit a wide range of businesses, it isn’t right for every company. Digg this!


Best AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2009, Part 1


The only statement I take exception to in this excellent post is that “For small companies unaccustomed to budgeting much at all for advertising, the costs can be impractical.&# Learn How to Import Your Google Analytics Goals into AdWords Conversion Tracking by PPC Hero. As this post notes, until recently Google AdWords and Analytics were two entirely separate entities. Digg this!

Best Web and Landing Page Design Tips of 2009


Lee Munroe offers a helpful to-do list before launching a new website, taking care of tasks such as optimizing titles and meta tags, proofreading, checking the site in different browsers, double-checking all links and installing analytics. scope, clutter and budget), then shares 10 outstanding microsite designs from companies like Taser and Red Bull. 10 Easy Ways to Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages & Increase Conversions by PPC Hero. Digg this!

44 (of the) Best Twitter Articles and Blog Posts of 2009


It’s now the third-largest social network (behind Facebook and MySpace), the fastest-growing , and used by 75% of b2b companies. How can you optimize your organization’s use of Twitter? The Top Five Essentials for a Successful Company Twitterfeed by KaneCo conversations. Twitter Analytics: Five Practical, Lesser Known Free Tools for B2B Professionals by ScoopDog’s Blog. ????? Digg this! There’s no doubt that Twitter is a phenomenon.

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B2B Traffic Strategy: Embedding Content at Third-Party, Social Networking Sites

B2B Marketing Savvy

Other Twitter Topics: Tools for Business Teams Multiple Account Layering Strategy More Analytics Email The Scoopdog Team. (Read time = 2 minutes) Amazing how tangent conversations creep in from unexpected places.

Answered: 10 Questions About Website Redesign


Make sure your blog posts are well optimized around specific long-tail keywords so that they become the ultimate sources around certain topics. What analytics of competitors should we watch? Website redesign can be lethal or liberating for your business.