How to Make Your Content More Relevant with Original Research

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This bit of data from SurveyMonkey means marketers must up their original research game to help audiences better understand the markets that impact their businesses and the customers they support. Often research is the best way to do that.”. Gust post from by Denise Dubie .

How to Target Effectively on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Ads can be an effective tool for generating leads, driving traffic or increasing engagement…if you get the targeting right. But no matter which type you choose, you have to get the targeting right. Fortunately, you have a lot of different options for targeting.

How to Research Target Accounts in ABM


And valuable, relevant commercial insight comes from research. The depth of research will reflect which tier a given account is in. Tier 1: Deep research. Each account is treated as a “market of one”, with intensive research and account plans and full buying center mapping.

Developing Your Target Personas 

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is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. Developing personas allows you to create content and messaging that appeals to your target audience. It also enables you to target or? If you strip everything away, “personas” are just the people you are targeting to help you grow your business. Okay, so we’re calling these “Target Personas” now? . Target Personas Example .

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

marketing has become ubiquitous as a tactic and the amount of digital content has exploded, marketers are honing efforts on producing content that is higher quality and more tightly targeted, and expanding their channels for distributing and promoting that content. targets.

B2B market research – 10 unique features


Is B2B market research really that different from B2C? In this blog post Circle’s Andrew Dalglish explores the 10 key differences that make B2B research unique. These unique features of B2B markets have important implications when conducting B2B market research.

Survey: Marketers Plan to Increase the Scale of Contextual Targeting

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When marketers have the choice of directing their campaigns toward the right person or the right place, new research suggests that context is becoming more of a priority. Now, 87 percent of marketers plan to increase the scale of contextual targeting and find new audiences altogether.

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Cross-device tracking & targeting 101


Cross-device tracking & targeting. Targeting customers on mobile, for instance, is different than targeting them on desktop. As a marketer, you need to target users and customers across all these platforms and devices they use, and you need to connect these data sources to build a more complete and accurate profile of them. This is done through something called cross-device targeting, or cross-device tracking. What is cross-device targeting?

B2B Marketers – Your Lead Generation Targeting Strategy is Missing Key Influencers

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Most marketing campaigns offer the ability to target specific personas by search behavior, geographic region, professional attributes such as job level, etc… From there, your organization’s CRM is predictably […].

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Are You Staying on Trend? Target Better With Key Marketing Research Tools


It’s time to refresh your marketing plan; but first, you need some effective marketing research tools. Why marketing research is important. Many new entrepreneurs make the all too common mistake thinking that they already know their markets and target audiences.

Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based Discounting for the B2B Industry

the target price waterfall for every product or service. basis to ensure the target waterfall is achieved. Ultimately, a well-researched, executed and. Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based. Discounting for the B2B Industry WWW.MARKETJOY.COM Contact: +1 484-302-0110.

7 Research Tips to Know Your Target Audience on a Deeper Level


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B2B content marketing research


Almost three fifths (56%) of the 175 B2B marketers Circle Research recently surveyed for B2B Marketing Magazine’s Content Marketing Report have seen content marketing boost sales (most of the remainder simply don’t know the impact as measuring ROI is tough). Content marketing works.

Research Roundup – part 4

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Thanks for tuning into Hinge’s Research Roundup. That’s why it’s important to keep a pulse on your target market and keep marketing strategy in mind when you’re developing messages on your website. Any Industry Research Video Blogs

To Save Time, B2B Marketers Now Look to Improve Audience Targeting

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As B2B marketers look to make the most of their time, they are turning to tactics, such as improved audience targeting, to boost their efficiency. Statistics showed that one-third of B2B marketers intend to invest more in improving their understanding and targeting of customers over the next three years. B2B marketers are working to save time and boost efficiency, and they’re also looking to monitor their progress along the way, according to previous research.

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The Sales Enablement Handbook

sales performance, often in relation to specific targeted buyer bases. perhaps focusing on different target customer groups or geographical regions. - According to research the average length of the sales. established by those consistently hitting their targets.

The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


And those may not actually even be the best phrases for the nursery to target; there may be just slightly different phrases that are better, in terms of their combination of high search volume and low organic and/or paid search competition. That’s where keyword research comes in.

Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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SEO keywords represent the phrases you’ve chosen to target on your website based on their search volume and competition. While branded keywords are important, depending on where you are in your business, you don’t necessarily need to start targeting your brand keywords.

3 Strategies for Researching your Target Audience [VIDEO]

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It’s essential that you know what’s important to your target audience and how to reach them. Lee Frederiksen provides 3 ways to conduct research to help you gain a decisive advantage over the competition. How do you go about researching your target audience?

Influencer Marketing: Where are Your Target Audience Being Influenced?

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Based off of this we’ve created our influencer marketing strategy and identified our influencers- now, it’s time to start tailoring your marketing activities so that you’re able to effectively reach your target audience through your influencers.

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Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Speaker: Jeff Davis, Founder, jd2 Consulting Group

2019 ABM Market Research Report: New Original Research for B2B Marketing Leaders


The answers are here in the 2019 ABM Market Research Report. Engagio teamed up with Salesforce Pardot to engage 500 business leaders in an in-depth, original research study. The average number of target accounts across tiers 1, 2 and 3. Account Based Marketing research

Keyword Research: How To

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The keywords that you’ve decided to target will determine what kinds of traffic you’ll get. There are a few keyword research tools that you can use to find new keywords, build on your current ones and look at the competition levels for each keyword. What is a Keyword?

Location-Based Targeting – what does it really mean for marketers?


This form of marketing targeting has a lot of potential, particularly when used at the right moments. Without those protections, eventually the legislation will catch up and the many positives of location-based targeting could be taken away because of abuse.

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The 5 Step Marketing Research Process

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With constant change being the norm in marketing and business, one thing remains the same: the need for marketing research. Marketing research is a helpful tool for organizations to better identify marketing strategies and evaluate business decisions using data.

Best Practices for Selling to Government Agencies

Research The first step in any selling venture is to do your research. Researching the government agency you are interested in. When you first begin researching the agency you are. your target. You will want to spend some time researching applicable.

The Latest Insights on Gen Z, Tomorrow’s Target Audience


What’s very clear is that today’s kids and teenagers—the target demo of the future—have a unique relationship to content. Recent research Gen Z cares the most about issues like climate change , frugality , and equality.

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1-in-2 B2B Leaders Believes Marketing Content Does Not Target Their Pain Points

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While marketing content remains critical to the buyer journey, new research suggests that it does not always address important pain points, specifically those of B2B customers.

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B2B content marketing research


Almost three fifths (56%) of the 175 B2B marketers Circle Research recently surveyed for B2B Marketing Magazine’s Content Marketing Report have seen content marketing boost sales (most of the remainder simply don’t know the impact as measuring ROI is tough). Those at the coal-face of content marketing have found that the most successful campaigns have three common features: the target market finds the content relevant, interesting and useful. Content marketing works.

Industrial Content Marketing Fails to Engage with Target Audience

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Industrial content marketing used by manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies is failing to engage the target audience – engineers, technical professionals and industrial buyers.

8 Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Marketing in China

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When I am thinking of a keyword research project, I like to think of it like fishing. It’s the same with keyword research – you have to cast a wide net to find the right “fish.” Let’s take a look at what I consider the 8 most valuable keyword research tools in China.

3 Research-Based Insights to Prevent Lead Generation Failure

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The post 3 Research-Based Insights to Prevent Lead Generation Failure appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing Demand Generation Marketing Strategy b2b content b2b content strategy b2b marketers B2B Marketing content consumption content syndication demand generation lead generation marketing personas NetLine Corporation Robert Rose target prospectsAs a B2B marketer you’re constantly under fire.

The Target Account List Is Dead


Nearly every B2B company has a Target Account List (TAL). No intent | In-market companies should be your primary targets. In the absence of buyer intent data , or any kind of buyer journey data, your TAL doesn’t really provide targets at all.

The Target Account List Is Dead


Nearly every B2B company has a Target Account List (TAL). No intent | In-market companies should be your primary targets. In the absence of buyer intent data , or any kind of buyer journey data, your TAL doesn’t really provide targets at all.

Search: The art and science of identifying your target audience


And if they don’t act accordingly, at least you have the data, research, and insight to back up your investment decisions, right? Think about the audience you are targeting and ask yourself, “Are they really taking the time to sit down, open a browser, go to Google, and search for that topic?”

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Analyze your target’s buying process, for greater marketing efficiency


You’ll also be more effective, since each element is targeted to a specific goal. At the stage when the prospect begins researching solutions, your objective is to be among the consideration set.

When You Need Research to Be in the Know and How to Do It

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Many organizations believe that social listening is a good substitute for traditional market and customer research. Certainly, social listening has its merits and can provide powerful and relevant insights when combined with traditional research. Gain C-Suite buy-in for your research.