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    [Product, Twitter] 5 Reasons Chatbots Are the Marketing Tools Your Brand Needs
    The insights gathered and analyzed by chatbots can help improve personalization efforts and expedite the resolution of certain customer struggles, such as difficulty finding a product or service to address a particular need. Social media platforms are the perfect example: Facebook Messenger and Twitter’s direct messaging can both be handled by chatbots, which can then respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.
    [Product, Twitter] 5 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns
    This doesn’t need to be the case, however; with just a bit of planning and forethought you can improve the product you send out and increase the effectiveness of your efforts. If your email is an informational email or a “thank you,” a CTA should still be included, perhaps one focused on learning more about your company or a particular product or service you offer. Follow Tim on Twitter.
    [Product, Twitter] Optimizing your site information architecture (IA) for Panda
    In large companies like IBM, there are several brands and business units that offer products or services related to top words such as analytics or cloud. Another common IA mistake is to organize content the way product teams organize product portfolios, complete with all the internal language companies use to organize these portfolios. Follow him on twitter @James_Mathewson. Photo credit: Wikipedia.
    [Product, Twitter] 5 Disruptive Social Selling Technologies
    1 – KiteDesk – Sales Productivity Platform. Add them on Twitter and you will see what I mean (@insightpool). Editor’s Note: One of our regional sales managers, Jack Kosakowski, is a social media marketing ace. Last week his post on disruptive social selling technologies was published on Jay Baer’s Convince&Convert blog. We’re republishing it here (with a best-practice canonical link ) so our Marketing Action blog readers can have access to it.
    [Product, Twitter] Matrixed marketing tech: Delphic Digital’s winning Stackie
    The technology used to keep our clients’ strategies on the cutting edge fall into the categories of Insights & Analytics , Communication , and Productivity. Our slide appeared on the site, along with the following: “Delphic Digital for their concept of illustrating a marketing stack as a two-dimensional matrix, indexing marketing capabilities with marketing technology products, making it easy to identify cross-capability platforms and specialized capability point solutions.”.
    [Product, Twitter] 10 Habits of Top-Notch Content Creators
    In a recent Twitter chat we hosted on blogging and content creation, idea and topic generation was one of participants' biggest challenges. They publish thought leadership-driven content in addition to their product-focused content. Focus on topics related to your industry, not your products. They stick to addressing the needs, wants, and problems of their best customers to create content that truly caters to the right audience for their products/services.
    [Product, Twitter] How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video
    According to a Universal McCann study cited by Brightcove , people find product information and research most compelling when delivered in video format. For example, I’m a huge fan of the Flipboard app on the iPad, which converts RSS feeds and Twitter lists into a highly customized and personalized online magazine. Convert casual interest into product curiosity to narrow your funnel and qualify your leads. by Jon Miller Online video is exploding.
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    [Product, Twitter] Why your social business platform doesn’t have 100% adoption
    The technology adoption lifecycle model describes the adoption or acceptance of a new product or innovation, according to the demographic and psychological characteristics of defined adopter groups. While Facebook brags about having one billion active users, and Google Plus and Twitter seem to be around the 500 million mark, there are still many more people who do not use them than people who do. Photo credit: Wikipedia.
    [Product, Twitter] 10 Tips for Better Event Marketing
    These are useful for any live event, since they allow you to keep your brand front-and-center; you also get a chance to engage in personalized communications with each attendee and to extend other content or product offers. Always monitor social media during and after your live events, and be sure to supply a Twitter hashtag for each event. After the holiday lull, the year’s event calendar is warming up for what could be a very busy year for many of us.
    [Product, Twitter] Advocates and Influencers: Differences, Uses, and Red Flags
    “Advocates” are customers who are strongly motivated to say positive things about your brand, as well as your products or services. As an notes, “An Influencer is someone who, either through their professional or personal brand, has a large following or audience on their blog and/or social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. They are critical in your branding efforts, as word-of-mouth is still the most powerful force for influencing potential customers.
    [Product, Twitter] Why the false dichotomy between adtech and martech is dysfunctional
    The same goes for social media marketing tools managing paid ads on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. DMPs, creative optimization tools, tag management, measurement and attribution products, etc., Would you agree that advertising is one facet of marketing? Okay, then advertising technology (adtech) is naturally one facet of marketing technology (martech). If you like diagrams, you can visualize adtech as a small circle contained entirely within a larger circle of martech.
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    [Product, Twitter] How to Stalk Your Competitors in Social Media (So You Can Crush Them)
    Twitter. Because they're posting more lifestyle content, as opposed to product-focused content like Dunkin' Donuts. Twitter. Alright, let's break down the Twitter numbers for Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts: Dunkin' Donuts has tweeted approximately 13,200 times, and Starbucks has tweeted approximately 11,700 times. Alright, I think marketers have jumped on the social media gravy train.
    [Product, Twitter] 101 Signs You're an Inbound Marketer
    Even your personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts include calls-to-action. When Twitter goes down, you feel lost. You follow more internet marketing celebrities on Twitter than mainstream pop celebrities. You have multiple monitors to monitor Twitter and Facebook as you work. You have your Twitter username on your business cards. You celebrate your Twitter anniversaries. You have more landing pages than products.
    [Product, Twitter] The 9 Worst Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business
    However, just like Facebook and Twitter , there are several common mistakes that companies make on LinkedIn. The “Answers” section of LinkedIn is a fantastic place to find potential customers who have publicly revealed that they have a problem your service/product would solve. Twitter). It might seem like overkill to post updates on Facebook, Twitter, AND LinkedIn.
    [Product, Twitter] How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide
    If you're already using pay-per-click (PPC) techniques to power your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, consider yourself lucky -- you can add LinkedIn to that list, too. If your product or service is best for CFOs, targeting only people with "CFO" in their titles will increase your conversions, and ultimately save you money. LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals.
    [Product, Twitter] Marketing Profs’ Ann Handley Talks Creating Epic Content and Rick Springfield
    Talk about your products and services in terms of what they do for others. Finding those stories that show how your products and services live in the real world, how they shoulder your customers burdens, and how they ease their pain. Products such as marketing automation can help you to further reach customers and be be very intentional about how it is that you’re using your content to extend that relationship with your customers.
    [Product, Twitter] The $168k Gift Bag: An Inside Look at the Celebrity Gifting Industry
    This type of spark is what many brands are looking for when they invest in celebrity marketing and product placement. In the beginning, it was truly educating the brands on this new concept of placing their product with celebrities, getting press around it, and building marketing and promotional campaigns,” Fary said. Distinctive Assets worked with Gibson Guitars for the Grammys, which resulted in a photo of LL Cool J backstage with the product.
    [Product, Twitter] How a Multilingual Content Marketing Approach Can Help You Reach and Engage With New Audiences
    Even if you consider your product or service to have genuine global appeal, it usually pays dividends to concentrate on one or two new markets at first. Your products might naturally appeal to a certain market, or you might harbor ambitions of tapping into huge, emerging markets in Latin America or Asia. The Internet has irrevocably changed how brands communicate and present themselves.
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    [Product, Twitter] How You Can Use Intent Data to Overcome These 4 Common ABM Challenges
    Here are the signals of intent to look out for: When someone reads articles and/or views content on your product category in your space on reputable third party sites/content communities. For example, Socedo can push Twitter-based intent signals onto lead records as new fields into marketing automation platforms such as Marketo or Oracle Eloqua.
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    [Product, Twitter] A Go-To Guide for Impactful Fall Marketing Campaigns (11+ ideas and examples)
    Not only are they benefiting off the Game of Thrones search presence, but they are also marketing one specific product beyond its normal use. . The commercials showcase their products and their versatility while also hinting at their affordability. . According the CNBC , the company has reported better-than-expected earnings for seven-straight quarters, and new and limited-time products have given it a boost. .
    [Product, Twitter] 15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About
    Compare that with the 23% of adult internet users who use Twitter. One of the biggest frustrations people have with Instagram -- especially businesses -- is that it isn't a great platform for driving traffic away from the app to a website, a Twitter page, or somewhere else. Then, update that URL frequently to point to your latest blog content, YouTube video, product, or offer. In the past few years, Instagram has quickly become the go-to social network.
    [Product, Twitter] 10 Amazing Ideas for B2B Press Releases
    New product release. Whenever you are about to release a new product, or a significantly updated version of an existing product, prepare a detailed press release describing all the main features. If practical, provide journalists and bloggers with a trial version of your new product together with the press release. You can quote their reviews (and possibly even make critical last-minute changes) before the product ships. Follow Alice on Twitter.
    [Product, Twitter] What Marketers Can Learn about Digital Storytelling from Humans of New York
    He’s not a recognizable celebrity, and he’s not pushing product. HONY thrives on social media—Facebook Likes, comments and shares, and the same with Instagram and Twitter. Many brands hire celebrities to promote products. HONY stays away from promotional posts, product placements, and celebrity interviews.
    [Product, Twitter] 15 Powerful Reconversion Opportunities for Your Welcome Emails
    If you have a high-cost product or a long sales cycle, you may not get a transaction from your welcome email. If someone signed up for product update emails, perhaps they'd also be interested in signing up for blog updates! Ask them to follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, follow your LinkedIn Company Page, etc. If your product can go for a test drive, ask your newest subscribers if they would like to, well, take it for a spin. Of your product or website!
    [Product, Twitter] 5 Trends That Are Shaping the Future of CPA Marketing
    What new products and services can your firm offer? With senior talent in short supply, there will be a need to make the business development efforts of existing staff more productive. On Twitter or Facebook? One of the things that I love about conferences is that they give you an opportunity to step away from the hectic pace of day-to-day demands and get a perspective on what is happening in CPA marketing.
    [Product, Twitter] Grow Your Wiki
    Twitter. Luis Suarez posed an excellent running summary of my talk this morning on Twitter. Luis’ main Twitter account is @elsua ; the summary is on his conference specific account @elsuacon ). Here’s another summary of all the tweets referencing my talk, created using Summize , a great tool that lets you search for twitter posts by topic, person, hashtag , etc. A practical guide to improving productivity and collaboration in your organization.
    [Product, Twitter] Best Practices for B2B Social Media Success
    The top performing B2B companies of the last year got the bulk of their leads from LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, with LinkedIn leading the pack by a significant margin. The companies who used Twitter most effectively did so by tweeting 12-15 times a day on the company handle, sharing short, compelling insights such as industry news, thoughts on best practices, or links to relevant videos, blog posts, etc. Attempts to use Twitter to blatantly promote products or services fell flat.
    [Product, Twitter] 5 Fantastic Ways to Engage Your Social Media Followers
    With Twitter and other forms of social media in the mix, there is no reason why you shouldn't be constantly engaged by your favorite brands. It is now often someone's first instinct to go right to Twitter to complain about a product or brand. If a person is unhappy with a company, he or she wants everyone to know, and Twitter seems to be the right place to make that clear. Ask your Twitter followers and Facebook fans what they think about a current event.
    [Product, Twitter] 17 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Marketer in Your Life
    Here''s a gift for the social media strategist who has single-handedly grown your company''s Twitter following from 15 to 500 and beyond. If jewelry isn''t the right gift, there are also social media coasters ($14.99) for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger. 13) Premium Versions of Their Favorite Productivity App. The days remaining in 2013 are few, and 2014 is just around the corner -- things you undoubtedly know already.
    [Product, Twitter] What PR Pros Can Learn from The Huffington Post
    To that end, we issued a press release about a new product feature designed specifically to help marketers comply. Twitter. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this The Huffington Post built a media empire on the back of the digital zeitgeist. The blog’s hiding-in-plain-sight genius involved a nose for water cooler conversation and an eye for resultant keyword searches.
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    [Product, Twitter] Which Brand Won the World Cup?
    Above all it was a real step up from the simple (but highly effective and memorable) product placement on the heads of famous athletes we saw in London 2012. Aside from the stellar production quality, there are two other standout results. Their official sponsorship of the World Cup is a great help, and they’ve done well on social media, with the Brazuca Ball Twitter account racking up nearly 3.2 This content originally appeared on The Agency Post.
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    [Product, Twitter] An Introductory Guide to Mobile for B2B Marketers
    Setting up a mobile paid search campaign is a great way for you get in front of prospects right when they’re looking for your product or service. Just keep in mind that the SMS messages are even shorter than Twitter messages. With self-serve platforms, such as Google’s AdWords, you can easily set-up geo-targeted and behaviorally targeted campaigns, which reach users in a specific area and users that are looking for products or services like yours respectively.
    [Product, Twitter] How Finance Brands Like Goldman Sachs Use Content to Build Trust and Win Customers
    The firm uses native video capabilities on Facebook and Twitter, and posts highly visual, topical, and shareable content like infographics. The firm also regularly examines production numbers to make sure content creation is as cost-effective as possible. It’s no secret that trust in the financial sector took a hit after the 2008 financial crisis. This is particularly true among millennials, who, in 2016, overtook baby boomers as the largest generation.
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    [Product, Twitter] 19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates
    For example, you might put a CTA to download a free ebook in an email that describes new strategies for using your product. Then you can link it to your Twitter sharing button. Or, if you're segmenting your list by attributes such as "has Twitter" or "topic of recent conversion: social media" (you'll need marketing intelligence software like HubSpot for this), you can even include it in your main email copy, like this: 16) Add a ready-made email forwarding option.
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    [Product, Twitter] What Every Marketer Should Know About Hiring a Freelance Designer
    Below we’ve outlined the key considerations you should be making when hiring and working with a freelance designer to ensure you end up with a beautiful finished product and a great working relationship you can leverage for many years to come. Take the time to pull all of the assets you have in house that could contribute to the final product. Equally as important for working with designers is rights to the draft and end products.
    [Product, Twitter] How to Achieve Stellar Alignment Between Marketing & Customer Support
    But even top-notch products and services can get confusing, and sometimes your customers encounter unforeseen issues. If your marketing team is about to announce an upcoming event or make a brand new product launch, your support team needs to know. To ensure they're digesting the information, speak with your support managers and encourage them to implement a system that holds each support rep responsible for staying up-to-date with the latest marketing and product news.
    [Product, Twitter] What Music Can Teach Content Marketers about the Power of a Shared Customer Experience
    So looping in everyone from Twitter followers to fellow Snapchatters has the potential to improve an experience. And they are: Apple Music acquired 11 million paid subscribers in less than a year, while at the same time attracting some of the biggest names in music to participate in the product’s endeavors. “Today, a product or service is powerful because of how it connects people to something—or someone—else,” Josh Allan Dykstra of Fast Company notes.
    [Product, Twitter] 24 More of the Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2012
    ” How to Add A Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Page [Quicktip] by Hongkiat. Mustaza Mustafa presents a richly illustrated, step-by-step process for using the CertifiedSeller app to add a Twitter profile link to your tab on Facebook timeline. David Lund details nine tactics for improving marketing effectiveness on Facebook, such as “Use Facebook to communicate your new news and introduce new products.
    [Product, Twitter] Content marketing – old wine in new bottles?
    Imagine the following scenario: A buyer from a company is looking for a product just like yours and she begins to search for it, but instead of visiting your website or contacting your sales department (or your competitors), she examines other industry-related platforms and forums. She might ask colleagues from other companies for advice on LinkedIn, or she may fire off a question or two on Twitter. And this happens long before the actual product is on the radar.
    [Product, Twitter] 14 (of the) Best Email Marketing Tips and Guides of 2014
    Though email is one of the oldest tools in the digital marketing toolbox, it remains one of the most popular and productive. Robbie Richards compiles expert tips on list-building tools from an impressive spectrum of digital marketing pros, including Adam Connell , Joe Pulizzi , Ann Smarty , Jeff Bullas, Kristi Hines, and Gini Dietrich (whose favorite tools are “1) Blog; 2) Twitter; and 3) Landing pages with rich content behind them”), among others.
    [Product, Twitter] Event Marketing Success Leans Heavily on Social Engagement, Study Finds
    Social engagement has become a valued metric in measuring the success of marketed events, but the majority of marketing professionals believe Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms remain underutilized. The math isn’t hard: If brands aren’t leveraging social media to enhance events, then their productions are falling well short of their potential. But during the event itself, Twitter blows away the field, with 73 percent leaning toward this network.
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    [Product, Twitter] 30-Day Challenge: 8 Little Changes to Your Marketing That'll Make a Big Impact
    So perhaps a month of talking to customers could help you get back in touch with what it''s really like to use your product or service, if you feel out of the loop. Or Twitter. You''ve all heard of TED Talks , right? Their tagline is "Ideas Worth Spreading," and some colleagues of mine have surfaced one of their talks that I think has an idea worth spreading to a lot of our readers. So, I''m blogging about it. Like bloggers do.
    [Product, Twitter] Do You Know Jack? How to Delight Your Most Important Marketing Asset
    Consumers don’t just want products and services; they want a connection and an experience. It’s important to understand who would benefit from your products and services, what kind of problems they face and how you can solve those problems better than anyone else. A good place to start when defining your target audience is evaluating your current customers with things like your website''s analytics, Facebook insights, and Twitter Analytics.
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    [Product, Twitter] Why I Left My Demand Gen Job to Launch SnapApp’s Interactive Strategy Team
    We keep giving them more of the same – the same generic seller-centric messages about products and services, in the same formats we’ve been using for years. Feel free to say hello or follow me on Twitter @NessieBessie. . . I just left a job I loved. I know, it sounds crazy, but as SnapApp’s Director of Marketing, I had a great experience. I was running a demand generation team that I grew from one (just me!) to six.
    [Product, Twitter] 3 Gaming Trends About to Take Over the Media World
    Products like Periscope and Facebook Live—both launched in 2015—made live streaming something that influencers and publishers outside of gaming could do as well. Now, Twitter is spending millions of dollars per game to stream Thursday Night Football. Some people tend to think of gaming as a niche hobby. But I always felt otherwise. Video games have consistently out-earned Hollywood. Most people probably have at least one gaming app on their phone.
    [Product, Twitter] The Top 11 Mistakes Your B2B Website Should Avoid
    Some people will click on a Twitter icon and be confused when a sample Tweet pops up. In an eye-tracking study by Nielsen Norman Group, some types of pictures, such as purely decorative images or stock photos of generic people were completely ignored while other types of photos, including photos of real products or people (as opposed to stock photos of models) were scrutinized as important content. 55 percent of readers stay on a web page for less than 15 seconds.
    [Product, Twitter] If There’s One Thing Constant About Marketing, It’s Change
    Someone who wants to buy a product or service now has a whole world to shop in (online) or at least to investigate what they want to buy before they buy it. the customer’s experience using the product purchased. If you like change, you might consider a career in marketing. Marketing has changed light years in the last ten years.
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    [Product, Twitter] Connecting Content to Measurable Business Outcomes
    Process: How teams and technology impact productivity. Of course, I hope you’ll join us for the first webinar in the series, where I’m joined by Shawna Dennis , AVP of Global Content Marketing at Manulife for the case study on how this global insurance provider leveraged Contently to reduce production costs and drive double-digit ROI in less than a year. I recently passed my six-month mark at Contently.
    [Product, Twitter] What to Expect From the 2013 Road to Revenue Tour
    In addition to best practices, the tour also will highlight the Eloqua product roadmap, and the company’s direction for 2013 and beyond. Follow all the tour action on Twitter with the hashtag #EloquaTour. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The schedule for the Road to Revenue Tour is here! We’re coming to your city, equipped with the Modern Marketer’s toolkit of best practices.
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    [Product, Twitter] 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing [Part 2]
    Define your nuclear (higher production cost, lasting impact) and primary (free or low-cost content that meets audience needs) fuel. 57% of inbound marketers report obtaining leads from LinkedIn, while 52% earned leads from Facebook and 44% from Twitter. Create and curate useful, shareable content: You don’t want to turn off your audience by posting only about your product or service. of B2B product marketers and 29.6%
    [Product, Twitter] How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Long-Term Lead Generation
    They give searchers more information about your content -- such as authors, music, reviews, events, products, etc. -- making your page stand out from the other pages provided in search results, and thus, garnering you more search traffic. For example, a listing for an ecommerce site might have the product's price, category, and 5-star rating, while a listing for a video streaming service might display a video thumbnail and the length of the video.
    [Product, Twitter] Why Your Company Blog is Striking Out
    Companies can use blogs to highlight special products or services, discuss topics of interests, offer contests and prizes, and otherwise interact with readers. Join social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Stumbleupon to share blog posts. by Dayna Rothman Today I would like to welcome K’Lee Banks as our guest blogger. K’Lee is a freelance writer and bloger and writes for a variety of sites including
    [Product, Twitter] Eight Ways to Rock at Your Job (or Get a Better One)
    There is no such thing as a “boring product” or service only bored employees. The best ideas are good ones, of course, but even interesting ideas that don’t ultimately make it into production are important and show that you have, well, passion for the business. New products typically account for as much as 25% of revenue and an even higher percentage of profit. You’re smart, hard-working, and loyal as a dog.
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    [Product, Twitter] 6 Steps to Creating a Successful SEO Strategy
    Compile a list of about 10 keywords associated with your product or services. Ultimately, the number of web pages you create should coincide with how many different products, offerings, and locations your business has. Write a few blog posts and share them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. These days, most businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) and why it's important.
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    [Product, Twitter] We Just Announced 100+ INBOUND 2016 Sessions: Here Are the Top Picks For Every Kind of Marketer
    A 3-D mix of organic curation, creative production, and promoted connections. Check out the full list here and share what you’re most excited about with us on Twitter @INBOUND. Every fall, we gather thousands of marketers and salespeople in Boston for our annual INBOUND event -- it’s where the inbound movement gathers to connect, get inspired, and learn.
    [Product, Twitter] The ROI of Influencer Marketing
    Influencer marketing is the strategy of establishing relationships with influential people who can amplify and expand visibility for your brand’s products and services. Here’s a short synopsis to illustrate how advantageous an influencer can be: Let’s say your brand has 1,000 Twitter followers and your marketing department sends out a piece of content (e.g., What does it mean to be an influencer marketing company ?
    [Product, Twitter] Does Your Drip Marketing Leak Leads?
    Provide contextual information to first help them answer questions, solve problems or navigate to products of interest. For example, if your email marketing campaign is offering details and images about a specific product – i.e. 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, then the image should link to a page specific to 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets. by Maria Pergolino Does your drip marketing leak?
    [Product, Twitter] Habits of Customer-Centric Marketers: Q&A with Hendrik-Jan Francke
    He and the Bright Orange Thread team apply their digital marketing, web usability and design expertise to deliver intelligently designed websites that create the best and most productive user experience possible. Follow him on Twitter , and stay tuned for more in our series, Habits of Customer-Centric Marketers. In a recent study we read, the role of marketing is changing to become the chief advocate for customers.
    [Product, Twitter] Planning Your Content: The 3 Stages of the Buyer’s Journey
    This is the very top of the funnel where your prospects are just getting to know your brand, product, and services. Social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+). The buyer likes your product and just needs a little bit more to push the go button, or to persuade others involved in the decision making process. Two years ago, I was shopping for a new car.
    [Product, Twitter] Three customer insights for your marketing plan
    Identifying segments on this basis leads to a much better ROI – marcomms resonate, propositions have greater appeal and new products see higher demand (read more on B2B market segmentation research here ). A much deeper approach to marketing can be taken if you know what the customer’s working environment is like, what tasks consume their day, what makes them successful (as an organisation and an individual) and where your products/services fit in. Spring.
    [Product, Twitter] 3 Sure-Fire Tactics to Attract More Leads (and Be Better Looking)
    You’ve probably seen the stat (and there are a few variations depending on the research firm that did the study, but they’re distinctions without a difference): Somewhere between 60% and 90% of people use a search engine to begin researching a product or service. Search marketing offers a golden opportunity to get in front of prospective buyers at the exact moment they’re looking for information about a product or service you offer.
    [Product, Twitter] 10 Social Media Risks MOST Companies Are Too Afraid to Take
    One of our product marketing managers wrote a blog post recently that featured Eloqua's content as an example of exceptional B2B content. Most of our employees actually have @HubSpot in their Twitter bio. I mean, why should you post content that's unrelated to your brand, product, service, or industry? Well, if you're Oreck, you do it because you thought of ways to make your product visual. There was a time when just being in social media was a risk for companies.
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    [Product, Twitter] 20 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Your Facebook News Feed
    Today, Facebook is one of the biggest sources of stories and videos on the internet, alongside Twitter and Google. Research from the Pew Research Center found that 63% of Facebook and Twitter users used those social media sites as news sources in 2015, up from around 50% in 2013. In some cases, when you click on the top right of a sponsored post, you'll be given an option to let Facebook know you already own the product that's being advertised.
    [Product, Twitter] Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers
    Website Grader Badge Connect with Us HubSpot on Facebook HubSpot on Twitter InboundMarketers LinkedIn Group ProMarketers Facebook Group Subscribe to Blog RSS Want to share your Inbound Marketing advice with the community? So, I break it down to this: products and technology generate content (meaningful information) which generates (customer) contact which generates profitable sales.
    [Product, Twitter] Creating a Transactional Email Campaign? Check Out These 15 Excellent Examples
    Then, that data is used to fuel their eerily accurate product recommendations -- some examples of which are showcased at the bottom of this email. This makes sense because structurally, LevelUp relies on the customer (not the merchant) for product adoption, so it's important that customers love and understand how LevelUp works. TeuxDeux's product is simple, easy-to-use, and run by a small team -- and their emails mirror those sentiments.
    [Product, Twitter] Infinite Scrolling: What to Consider Before Implementing It on Your Site
    If you''ve ever used Twitter, Pinterest, or searched for images in Google, you''ve probably seen infinite scrolling in action. Almost all of the major social networks -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram -- adopted the infinite scrolling feature. 1) Does your company ask readers to search for products/services? All you have to do is keep scrolling down, and more and more information pops up.
    [Product, Twitter] Skip Marketing 101 and Read This Instead
    No matter how great your product or service is, it won’t sell itself. Have they totally missed opportunities on Twitter? An engaging website not only gives current and potential customers important information about your business — such as your location, hours of operations, products, and services — it can be a vibrant sales portal and a channel for gathering customer data. As a small business owner, you understand how complicated running a business is.
    [Product, Twitter] ReachForce Acquires SetLogik and Launches the ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Hub
    With the addition of SetLogik’s platform to ReachForce’s existing product portfolio we accelerate the time required to transform leads into revenue for our customers.”. For more information about ReachForce and revenue velocity best practices, visit our site at [link] or follow us on Twitter @reachforce. New solutions provide continuous marketing data enrichment and insights to help marketers maximize revenue.
    [Product, Twitter] Welcome to Viewtopia: Vidyard Announces Speakers for 2016 Video Marketing Summit
    Forrester Research analyst Laura Ramos is a leading expert in business-to-business marketing with hands-on senior management experience in corporate, industry and product marketing; demand management; and social media. René Lego is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated producer, director and videographer who currently leads video production and media strategy at Solarwinds, a leading global provider of IT monitoring and management tools.
    [Product, Twitter] ViewedIt brings the power of video to all
    For example: Sales reps can record product demonstrations and personalized prospecting videos. Support reps can record custom product tutorials and how-to videos. Vidyard (Twitter: @Vidyard) is the video intelligence platform that helps businesses drive more revenue through the use of online video. Overcoming the cost and complexity of video, ViewedIt lets anyone record, send and track videos from their Chrome browser – for free.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017
    [Product, Twitter] 101 Ridiculously Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Your Marketing Today
    Create an interactive tour of your product or solution , letting prospects get a mini demo without the presence of a sales rep. Offer a question-based Product Picker for your website where users give a few answers and are better directed to a specific solution that’s catered toward their situation. . . Provide a quote calculator on your pricing or product page. Interactive explainer videos that provide branching to different product solutions.
  • BIZIBLE  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016
    [Product, Twitter] The Beginner's Guide To B2B Marketing Attribution
    A week later, he sees your company name pop up in a Twitter chat and it occurs to him that he saw you at the conference. Do they have the problems that your product solves? The B2B customer journey is more complicated today than ever before. With more channels to engage with, and more devices to engage on, tracking the customer journey is no simple task.
  • PUREB2B  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [Product, Twitter] What Marketing Communications Should You Personalize?
    Using information from a user’s browsing history, provides recommendations on products that a person might buy or might find of interest in the future by showing these on the homepage on their next visit. If you have transactional data such as past product purchases or current subscription plans, then offer related products or discounted subscription upgrades in your emails. Twitter also offers a similar feature called Tailored Audiences.
    [Product, Twitter] Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow Wrap-Up: European Edition
    With a keynote from our own CMO, Sanjay Dholakia and an eye-opening session from Julian Archer of SiriusDecisions, the roadshows also showcased customer case studies, product roadmap overviews and a standout session on the importance of creativity. The concept of engagement marketing resonated with the audience based on the reaction we saw on Twitter and the lively Q&A following the keynote.
  • HG DATA  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016
    [Product, Twitter] 5 Data Futurists to Follow on Medium Right Now
    Insert Medium , the new- ish social publishing platform from Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. A senior designer at Uber, Erik Klimczak give readers a peek into the world of data-driven interfaces, data visualization and storytelling, and data’s role in managing complexity in product design. Long before there was Medium , people relied on clay tablets to document thoughts and theories.
    [Product, Twitter] How BuzzFeed Makes Money: An Inside Look at Their Sales Process
    We have a lot of case studies that show that if you create great content people are going to be more likely to want to work with your brand and buy your product. Same thing on Twitter and Facebook if their profile is public, and I’ll also do a Google search to see if their name comes up in the news. Not knowing anything about the brand, the person, the product -- that’s not going to help you drive business. This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014
    [Product, Twitter] How to Avoid Becoming a Marketing Fossil
    Consumers used to hear about your company and your brand on your schedule: You controlled your ad spend, scheduled earnings calls and investor meetings, and managed PR campaigns based on product launches and business updates. Now, consumers are talking about your brand on social media in real time, whether you’re participating or not, and every customer service interaction on Facebook or Twitter comes with an audience of potential buyers.
    [Product, Twitter] The Six Best Accounting and Finance Tools for Small Business
    New vendors emerged to challenge those market incumbents with simpler, easier-to-use products better designed for small business needs, though they still required management overhead. 22: The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools. #23: 30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31: The first accounting applications for small business back in the early 90s were mostly repackaged, repriced versions of highly complex suites first designed for large companies.
    [Product, Twitter] From Zero to Success: Building an Email List From Scratch
    It is possible to go from zero to success in the world of email marketing, and create a list that will help you market your products and services to exactly the people who want to buy them. You can offer a signup portal through your Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or use Twitter lead-generation cards. Ask them what you’re doing right, what you could be doing better, and what they’d like to see from you by way of new products and services in the future.
    [Product, Twitter] Do You REALLY Need to Host a Webinar?
    Sometimes, products or processes can be confusing when explained on paper. By asking questions during a webinar and telling people to voice their opinions or questions on a Twitter hashtag , you can get a great conversation going around a specific topic. It could be as simple as you trying to create buzz around a topic or product or looking to create a viral affect on a piece of content or topic. Don''t be fooled: Webinars can be a lot more work than they may initially seem.
    [Product, Twitter] Periscope Up: Is Live Interactive TV (Finally) Here?
    Periscope may have the advantage because its owned by Twitter and has the advantage of it’s social graph.). Twitter hasn’t released growth numbers since.). Brands can stream product launches live and take questions in real-time from viewers. It’s true brands already use Vine to show behind-the-scenes footage and Twitter to engage in conversation with followers.
    [Product, Twitter] Making the Case for B2B Content Marketing: Why Professional Services Executives Should Care
    Many firms struggle to get into the swing of continuous production. On Twitter or LinkedIn? As a professional services executive, you have a lot on your plate. Between concerning yourself with billing rates, recruitment, retention and overall firm growth, B2B content marketing can struggle to make your list of priorities. You might know it’s important, but you still aren’t quite clear on the purpose.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016
    [Product, Twitter] User-Generated Content: Why It’s Driving 28 Percent Higher Engagement
    In fact, comScore found that brand engagement rose by 28 percent when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product videos. With social media platforms — such as Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn — you can reach an expanded audience that you might not otherwise. Some customers willingly share reviews because they are just that excited about your products. Are they on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook, or other social platforms?
    [Product, Twitter] Buyer Persona Basics
    “A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella , who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas based on what you learn in those meetings. Every audience can be divided into groups by attributes such as industry and title, characteristics such as “Twitter user”, commonalities such as obstacles, and so on.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015
    [Product, Twitter] Why Confident Marketers Launch Holiday Campaigns
    We talk about our plans over the water cooler at work; we follow #holiday hashtags on Twitter; and we post holiday updates to Instagram and SnapChat. HCSS took that competitiveness and pride and turned it into the perfect recipe for a March Madness-style bracket that would showcase their customer’s successes and drive additional awareness to HCSS products. What did you do four weekends ago? :: crickets :: Ok, let’s try a different approach – what did you do for Memorial Day Weekend?
    [Product, Twitter] Networking Dos and Don’ts from an Event Pro
    Here are some guidelines: Follow businesses you liked on their social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) business pages. Try to “hard sell” someone on your product during the first meeting. Having just returned from another networking event, this time, San Francisco Small Business Week , we noticed that networking tends to be a lot like dating – Everything relies on your first impression!
    [Product, Twitter] Beware Of Shiny Objects: Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media
    And social media companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter garner a lot of media attention. You’ll find that this strengthens relationships and enables you to upsell other products and services, and reduce customer churn. To acquire customers, does your marketing focus more on social media than email? Consider this: Email is 40 times more effective than social media. Social media tends to suck all the oxygen out of the room.
    [Product, Twitter] 3 Ways to Plan Home Run Marketing Campaigns Around Holidays
    Twitter was full of B2C brands commemorating the holiday, with some riffing on Presidential quotes: While Animal Planet offered “Meet the Presidential Pets:”. Creating a light-hearted, snack-sized asset for your holiday or seasonal campaign can lead into a longer white paper that educates your audience on something they care about relevant to your product or service. Here’s a question no marketer wants to hear: How are you going to meet your numbers next quarter?
    [Product, Twitter] 4 Unique Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn Answers
    LinkedIn Answers in particular allows you to find people publicly stating that they have a specific problem or need that your product or service would solve. At the end of each of your answers, include a signature, including your name, your blog URL, and even something like your Twitter URL. LinkedIn is a great social network for small and large businesses to reach out to relevant prospective customers.
    [Product, Twitter] Apply Yourself: 28 Marketing Awards Worth Going For
    The AVA Digital Awards are comprised of six major categories -- general digital marketing, web-based production, digital video creation, video production, audio production/radio, and pro bono -- each of which contain their own individual awards, like “podcasts” under audio production/radio, and “social campaign” under general digital marketing. “Something that is conferred or bestowed especially on the basis of merit or need.”.
    [Product, Twitter] Using Pinterest to Build Your B2B Brand
    Describe your products on your Pinterest profile page, and include Pins that link directly to landing pages where visitors fill out forms. Pinterest works much the same way as Twitter and Facebook: the more content you post, the more often your content will get in front of your audience. As much as pinning photos about your business and products will help customers understand how to use your products, it might draw new prospects’ interest.
    [Product, Twitter] 100+ Quick Ways to Find Blog Post Inspiration
    Keep tabs on trending topics on Twitter. Highlight client testimonials so that readers can see how others like them have benefitted from your company’s products or services. There are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language (not sure what qualifies as.8 of a word, but let’s go with it). That’s 1,025,109.8 different ways to start a sentence and 1,025,109.8 different ways to continue a sentence and 1,025,109.8 different ways to end a sentence.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017
    [Product, Twitter] 11 Soundless Videos We Love (And Why)
    Think about it: Twitter has a 140-character limit, which makes you think very strategically about how to tell a story. Bright colors help this video pop out to viewers against the lighter-colored Facebook News Feed, YouTube homepage, and Twitter feed without sound to rely on. If your organization has a product or expert who can inform on a common query, that could be a great subject for a soundless video. What was your most embarrassing office etiquette moment?
    [Product, Twitter] THE HACKIES: How to hack your CRM for ABM, switching from leads to contacts and accounts
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Trying to run account-based marketing campaigns while continuing to plan, target, and report with leads quickly becomes counter-productive. If you liked it, you can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This article is a guest post by Lauren Frye of Bizible.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2012
    [Product, Twitter] 11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority
    If you're not comfortable with live presentations, consider hosting a Twitter Chat instead. And don't make back alley deals with other brands to promote products and services that aren't helpful. When someone talks about achieving online authority, what do they mean? And why are so many marketers and business owners fighting to be the online authority in their industry?
    [Product, Twitter] The Battle for Marketing Talent in Professional Services
    The popularity of platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter also make them effective places to advertise, but you’ll need talent with expertise in the particulars of social media advertising. A marketer who has spent their career in consumer products will, at best, have a steep learning curve. On Twitter and LinkedIn? The world of marketing is changing, and it’s happening faster than ever before.
    [Product, Twitter] 8 Rules For Running Online Display Ads
    by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In olden days, when you wanted to drum up interest for your product or business, you could take an ad out in the paper, write a jingle for the radio or buy commercials on TV. Or are you aiming to sell your product to a niche of Chief Information Officers? Twitter.
    [Product, Twitter] The One Effective Use of Facebook for B2B Marketing
    And as one more bit of anecdotal evidence, I have my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook badges all displayed in the left column of this blog. I pick up a lot of new Twitter followers here, and a fair number of LinkedIn connection requests, but rarely a Facebook invitation. It’s more about making current sales cycles more productive than about generating new potential business. You’ve seen the eye-popping statistics: Facebook now has more than 350 million active users.
    [Product, Twitter] 4 Conversation Starters For Selling The CFO On Marketing Automation
    That means we can increase productivity per headcount.”. Twitter. by Michael Martin | Tweet this Marketers laugh at this old joke: “We know half of our marketing budgets are wasted, we just don’t know which half.”. CFOs aren’t laughing. Should come as no surprise that the Chief Financial Officer – in fact, the entire finance department – are all about the numbers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2013
    [Product, Twitter] 9 Guaranteed Ways to Make Industry Events Worth Your While
    As you're networking and people are talking about their companies, you have a perfect opportunity to align your company's products or services with their pain points. it means if you happen to talk to someone for whom your products or service are a good fit, you mention it and offer to take a conversation offline. This could be applicable for businesses with both short and long sales cycles, B2B or B2C, with product or service offerings.
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