The state of ecommerce


Amazon, Alibaba, Pinduoduo forecasted to be the leading retailers in 2024. Omnichannel retailers are leading the UK market currently. As a result pureplay retailers like Alibaba, Amazon and are projected to dominate the retail sector by 2024.

The Future of B2B Marketing: Predictions from #FutureM15 Speakers

KoMarketing Associates

This year marked the 6 th annual FutureM conference, bringing marketing and technology professionals together to envision, discuss and plan for the future of marketing. If you didn’t already know, the “M” in FutureM stands for Marketing. So, it’s only right that I share some of the most interesting predictions from #FutureM15 speakers that B2B marketers should keep in mind for the future. Connon urges marketing professionals to, get this, actually read their emails.

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What’s Trending in Marketing for December 2019

Stevens & Tate

Staying current on what’s trending in marketing is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with the growth happening in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. billion in 2024.

Virtual Health: Marketing Essentials

EMagine B2B Blog

In today’s post, we’re providing you with the basics of virtual health including: What marketing and behavior modification strategies you can begin implementing as a virtual health vendor with both healthcare providers and patients to enact tangible change.

What Is Marketing Automation: Definition, Benefits & Uses

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Marketing automation is extremely important to improve the overall success ratio of your marketing campaigns because it manages every activity related to marketing. The marketing automation software market is set to grow from $3.3 Marketing automation drives a 14.5%

10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace (and 10 That Are Safe)


The other day at work, my colleague, HubSpot Marketing Director Ryan Bonnici, sent around a link on Slack -- to a website called “ Will Robots Take My Job ?”. We were thrilled to learn marketing managers had only a 1.4% 8) Market Research Analysts. 3) Marketing Managers.

Consumers Could Drive Data Sharing and Personalization with Blockchain Marketing

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It’s a hypothetical win-win that gives marketers the specific audience knowledge they need to drive effective campaigns, while placing control in the hand’s of the customer. The vision for marketing espoused by vendors such as Dapps Inc. Marketing Technology Marketing

Mobile Marketing: 20 Actionable Tips You Need to Know


That’s the day Apple’s first smartphone hit the market. As smartphone use has risen, marketers have had to adapt their strategy to keep up. Today we’ll be looking at: What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing statistics you need to know. What Is Mobile Marketing?

Transitioning from Marketing to Martech in 2020? Try Shoshin

Martech Advisor

Martech is a rapidly growing space, demanding attention from every marketer across the board. If you’re looking to adopt marketing technology in 2020, replacing legacy models, you need Shoshin or the “beginner’s mind.” What’s next for marketers?

Top 10 Social Media Reporting Tools


In the digital marketing world, making decisions based on data and analytics is crucial to growing your business. Social media marketing analytics is big business. billion (USD) by 2024. Social reporting in your social media marketing strategy.

Here’s How You Can Take Your Loyalty Program Global

Martech Advisor

In this article, Prabhu Kannan, SVP, Marketing Technology & Global Loyalty Delivery Leader, Epsilon talks about how brands are constantly reinventing themselves to remain current and cater to their customers’ rising demands, which is essential for the growth of the business.

The State of Localized Programmatic: Why Marketers Need to Adopt a Personalized Digital Strategy

Martech Advisor

In this byline, Ryan Horn, Senior Vice President of Marketing at will discuss the current state of localized programmatic, key drivers of growth, and why marketers need to consider moving towards a localized strategy. billion by 2024.

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Risks and Benefits of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Kits

EMagine B2B Blog

The DTC Genetic Testing Market is Growing. According to a press release from Global Market Insights, the DTC genetic testing market will grow to $2.5 billion by 2024. All Things emagine Biopharma Marketing Articles Vlog

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3 Powerful Ways to Build an Email List Without a Website


Choose an email marketing tool. Take marketing consultant Josh Earl. You may even be able to get the item donated to your cause since it's also a marketing opportunity for them. Email Marketing Landing pagesHow to build an email list without a website.

7 Business Intelligence Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that data is a pretty big deal in modern business and marketing. Book My Free Marketing Consultation. Dive Deeper: How to Use Predictive Analytics for Better Marketing Performance. Book My Free Marketing Consultation.

5G Is Coming: Here’s How You Can Prepare


billion people in the United States are expected to have a 5G subscription by 2024. For media planners and marketers, data can be obtained and analyzed in the moment campaigns are launched, with ease.

Adobe on how to select and future-proof your CMS


The global content management market accounted for just under $5 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach over $14 billion by 2024. The market is comprised of three flavors of CMS which include traditional, “headless” and hybrid CMS.

10 Meaningless, Overused, and Boring Phrases You Should Cut from Your Resume


Here's the good news: marketing and ad agencies are getting serious about hiring new talent. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising, promotions, and marketing manager employment is expected to rise 9% by 2024 -- which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Pay With Litecoin


A comparatively new pockets available on the market, Jaxx presents multi-platform help for seven totally different cryptocurrency property [link]. which provides it a market cap of around $18.86 Pay With Litecoin.

GDPR Compliance and the Shifting B2B Dynamics


B2B marketing relies on researching data of potential clients. The regulation was legally enforced on March 25, 2018, & has made it obligatory for inbound marketers to make sure that the data gets collected & processed safely.

Looking Glass Factory: Is it AR for the Rest of Us?


This is one of many stories of how a late arrival in a new market chose a new approach and absolutely disrupted the obvious leader. Achieving that in 1984 was far more difficult than it would be for Looking Glass to achieve a similar victory in say 2024 in immersive technologies.

Top 10 PPC Trends for 2020


Marketers need to keep abreast of the evolving PPC trends in all the spheres of digital advertising – from paid searches to remarketing & from paid social to the strategies for multichannel attribution. The PPC trends 2020: Gearing Up for the New Dawn in Digital Marketing.

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Three Ways Customer Revenue Optimization Will Transform Selling in 2020

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In 2020, business leaders will continue to realize that they can improve their sales process and will need to invest in adequate technology to do so, wrties, Nigel Cullington, VP of Marketing, Upland Altify.

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How Customer Behavior Prediction Can Help to Generate More Leads


That’s why lead generation is one of the most challenging tasks for marketers. It enables you to use consumer data to understand the buying patterns of your target consumers and plan your future marketing tactics. by 2024. Image Source: Content Marketing Institute.

10 of the Best Ads from October: Spooky Retargeting, Amazon Reviews, and a Lost Panda


This month's ad round-up isn't all spooky and pumpkin-based (for the sake of your sanity), but it does feature some clever spins on traditional Halloween marketing, as well as some creative print ads and tear-jerkers. I'm obsessed with fall and I don't care who knows it.

Who is Generation Alpha, and What Do You Need to Know?


With Generation Z primed to transform the workforce and the youngest Millennials now reaching adulthood, marketers are turning their attention to the new consumer at home. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

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Advice to Aspiring Agency Professionals: 5 Personality Traits to Embrace


So you’ve embarked on a career with a marketing agency. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 19% rise in marketing analyst roles by 2024. Because every sector is now thinking deeply about marketing and data, analyst jobs can be found everywhere.

Brand Growth with Chatbots: How Companies can Make Use of it?

Altitude Branding

Emerging technologies have played a pivotal role in how businesses market their product or services. For instance, people who have relied heavily on traditional marketing after the evolution of digital marketing are being waived off.

9 SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is digital marketing technique that is constantly changing. In order to maintain the flow of traffic to your website, you'll need to think outside the answer box and diversify, which includes implementing omnichannel marketing as well as long-tail keywords.

The Automotive Aftermarket – Top Strategies to Acquire Shoppers Online and In-Store

V12 Data

Market Research Future) In research by Global Market Insights, the industry is expected to exceed $680 billion by 2024. Handyman consumers buy parts and accessories to upgrade their vehicles during repairs or maintenance comprise 10% of the market. However, the online auto sales market is expected to break $10 billion in 2018, a 16.3% Joe would be captured as a consumer who in in-market for auto aftermarket retail.

How Do You Market a City? 9 Famous Olympic Bid Videos From Around the World


Not only does it require communication and cooperation among city, regional, and national authorities, but it also calls for teams of creative minds to spin up some killer marketing campaigns. How do you market your city and your country to win the honor of hosting the Olympic Games?

How to Grow Your Facebook Group From 0 to 10K Members Without Spending a Dollar

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As digital marketers, we’re naturally busy people. By 2024, Zuckerberg wants to see the number of users in such Groups climb to one billion. More likely, the end goal for all your marketing efforts is to drive sales or generate leads. Let’s say you’re running a marketing agency.

What Is a Demand-side Platform (DSP)? Key Features, Architecture, and Examples

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According to research by Market Study Report LLC, the demand-side platform market will increase its annual revenue from $9.7 billion in 2024. Learn More: Programmatic AdTech for B2B Marketers.

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Top 12 Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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With 5G promising a push to programmatic on one hand and the implementation of GDPR posing new challenges, there’s a lot more that marketers need to watch out for in the space. The market penetration of smart watches has also grown multifold over the last few years.

FocusVision updates Decipher platform to automatically create surveys from Word docs


The ever-expanding CX management market covers a wide range of tools and offerings and is expected to be worth over $14 billion by 2024. FocusVision is a market research and CX platform that works with many large organizations, including 18 of the top 20 Fortune 100 companies.

27 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


You know you're a marketer when you're sitting in traffic on the highway, it's completely bumper to bumper, and all you can think about is " Why can't I drive traffic to my website like this? ". Inbound marketing focuses on attracting the right people to your company. Video marketing.

Blog #4: Deep Learning: The Rise of Cognitive Science Technology


Market Growth Dynamics. billion between 2015 and 2024. The use of cognitive technologies in enterprise software is only part of the overall trend toward increases use of AI in the larger enterprise market. Below are some examples of how different market leaders are using Cognitive Computing approaches, including our own company: Intel is using machine learning to improve sales effectiveness and boost revenue. . Understanding Cognitive Science Technology.

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