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7 Digital Trends Defining B2B Social Media Marketing in 2024


The digital space is evolving, and B2B social media marketing is witnessing a paradigm shift in 2024. With the onset of the new year, marketers are urged to assess the current state of their strategies. As businesses embrace the dynamic nature of online platforms, staying ahead of the curve with the right social media experts, tech tools, and solutions becomes vital.

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How to Build a Successful B2B Go-To-Market Strategy

Launch Marketing

Developing a go-to-market strategy is critical to the success of your organization. Your go-to-market strategy brings together the key elements that drive your business. It provides a strategic action plan that clarifies how to reach your target customers and better compete in your industry. Organizations must learn how to build a B2B go-to-market strategy to successfully launch new products.


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Notification Emails: Examples and Best Practices


Email notifications are like personal assistants: smart, nifty, and incredibly efficient at keeping the audience in the loop. But crafting the perfect email notification is not a cakewalk. One has to strike that delicate balance between informative and not intrusive.

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An Ultimate Guide to Social Media Automation for Your Business


We may want to stay away from artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for particular tasks, especially when it comes to the creative domain. However, there are several avenues where social media automation can be a game changer. From crafting engaging content, suggesting hashtags, analyzing posts, and several other tasks, it can help you reduce time spent on repetitive tasks.

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The Top 3 Tips for Writing Successful White Papers

In the B2B marketing toolkit, white papers can be a powerful option for reaching decision-makers and experts, presenting them with interesting information that improves their perception of your organization's competence and thought leadership. That said, a poorly executed whitepaper will not only be unable to influence your desired audience but will also come with significant costs that other assets won't incur.

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Why integrations will be critical to AI in 2024


Almost every business today has access to similar AI tools, but outcomes are going to differ significantly based on how they apply the technology. Results depend not just on the AI you’re using, but how you integrate it into your existing tech stack, processes, and strategy. AI is incredibly good at gathering and analyzing huge volumes of customer data.

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How agile marketing teams can work with AI


I remember when the web was brand new, unknown and scary to many people. The company I worked for was extremely traditional and vowed never to have a website or allow employees to use email. Well, that was in 1996, and as you can imagine, a few years later, they could no longer fight it because the world had changed. It seems like AI is causing that next paradigm shift.

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How to Visualize Ahrefs Data with ChatGPT


We’ve already launched some AI-enhanced features like search intent, but we made it even better by adding the traffic share for each intent. Check out this write-up from Si Quan for some more things we might add.

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The State of Digital Transformation in B2B In 2024

Top Rank Marketing

For B2B companies, digital transformation is not a destination; it’s an ongoing journey. Marketers must continuously assess and adapt their marketing technology stack to remain competitive, meet evolving customer expectations, and seize new opportunities in the digital landscape. As digital transformation continues to reshape the fundamentals of B2B marketing, businesses need to prioritize creating and delivering valuable, human-centered content.

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Greg Kihlstrom: Spotlight on the expert


Our “Spotlight on the expert” series digs deeper into the stories of our expert contributors. This interview has been edited for clarity and length. Greg Kihlstrom is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur and valued contributor to MarTech. His curiosity about music promotion and connecting with other bands led him quickly to the early days of the web and digital experience.

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21 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts To Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

Upgrade your social media game with our in-depth playbook: "21 advanced ChatGPT prompts for social media managers". These powerful prompts are tailored to supercharge your content creation, strategy development, and results analysis. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless creativity as you effortlessly generate engaging posts, come up with original strategies, and optimize your social media performance - all in a fraction of the time.

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New in Litmus: Boost email engagement in minutes with Live Polls in Litmus Personalize


In this new era of email, first party data matters more than ever. Measuring email opens alone is not enough to gauge email performance. Email engagement is gold, but subscriber expectations are skyrocketing almost as fast as your email workload and complexity is growing. Last fall we launched two new powerful features, available in every Litmus plan , to help you embrace this new era of email with open arms: Litmus Email Guardian monitors and protects all of your most important emails Litmus Pe

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Developer vs. non-developer is the wrong divide; what matters with no-code is knowing what you’re doing


Dear marketing readers: hang in with me here. I have a point. Promise. I started programming as a kid, writing multiplayer games for dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs) — a precursor to the web and social media as we know it today. It was the late 80’s, early 90’s, and I mostly wrote in a language called C , with some occasional high-performance components written in 8086 Assembly language.

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Points of Sale: 5 Exhibit Design Trends at NRF

The Freeman Company

National Retail Federation's annual event, Retail's Big Show, can inspire brands to design more effective and enticing exhibits.

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Medallia Experience '24 Conference Introduces New AI-Supported CX


In the Experience ’24 conference’s opening keynote, Medallia leaders announced four new features enabled by generative AI. Continue reading.

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The Resurgence of Direct Mail as a Growth Marketing Strategy

Speaker: Jeff Tarran, COO, Gunderson Direct & Margaret Pepe, Executive Director of Product Management, U.S. Postal Service

Learn the secrets to direct mail success for growth marketers! Industry veterans Jeff Tarran and Margaret Pepe are here to delve into how direct mail has completely evolved in recent years, and has rightfully earned a seat at the table alongside the email and digital marketing plans of SMBs, enterprise companies, and agencies as they look into strategy for 2024 and beyond.

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Market Polarity Shifts: How Changing Buying Models Impact GTM Strategies


In today’s business and commerce landscape, the dynamics of market polarity are experiencing a seismic shift. Economic bifurcation has given rise to two distinct cohorts – the discerning “Have Mores” and the cost-conscious “Have Lesses.” This transformation is reshaping how businesses operate and redefining the relationships between consumers and brands.

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Data-Driven Decisions for Monetization: How to Get More Out of Your Content


In this webinar, experts share tips on maximizing ad revenue through data-driven content strategy, keyword analysis, and effective ad optimization techniques.

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The Best Customer Experience Conferences of 2024 - FOMO Alert


Upskill, shake a tail feather and network at these top customer experience conferences in 2024. Continue reading.

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IAB Tech Lab slams Google Privacy Sandbox


As currently consituted, Google Privacy Sandbox faces multiple challenges, said IAB Tech Lab in a new report. The report is a “fit gap analysis” designed to provide the industry with an understanding of how Google’s proposed solution will support the most basic and common use cases. The Privacy Sandbox is intended to offer an alternative method of executing targeted digital advertising once third-party cookies are fully deprecated on the Chrome browser.

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What Regulations Will Impact Sustainability Comms in 2024?

Navigating the waters of sustainability reporting disclosures and regulations can be intimidating, to say the least. With various measures set in motion in 2023 to keep companies accountable, there is a lot in store for brands’ impact communication in the upcoming year. 3BL is kicking off this January with our Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Capricorn Edition by highlighting the impact of: The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Climate disclosure rules The European Commission

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AI Copyright Infringement: People vs. Machines


Should we penalize a chatbot for doing what all human beings do? Continue reading.

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Crickets? Rethink Your Livestream Strategy

Content Marketing Institute

Few may watch your livestreams, but that doesn’t mean only a few can benefit from that content. Discover how to expand its reach across your marketing strategy.

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Tech Myths and Facts: Vision Pro, Google Culture, Digital Ad Market Edition


Sorting real from rumor as Big Tech jumps to all-time highs, bets on experimental tech, and keeps cutting costs. Continue reading.

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Let’s talk ABM: 6 reasons to consider an ABM Center of Excellence


Have you heard of an ABM Center of Excellence ? Do you know what an ABM CoE is (that's how it's often referred to)? A repository of best practices? A means to disseminating insights and effective ABM strategies? An aid to streamlining campaigns – and the continuous refinement of your ways of working? An ABM Center of Excellence (CoE) is all of these things and more.

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The AI-Enabled CMO: Practical Tips for Today's B2B Marketers

Speaker: Paul Slack, Vende Digital CEO

On October 11th, understand how to navigate the AI landscape confidently, turning insights into groundbreaking strategies that set you apart. Why attend? You'll learn: Practical applications/Use cases How to find and assess the right AI technology Prioritizing quick wins Mastering prompt engineering Solving marketing challenges efficiently Strategies to launch pilot programs Case studies of B2Bs building smarter businesses with AI Exclusive bonus content: Actionable frameworks to get started qui

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GA4 for E-Commerce | A Guide for WooCommerce and Shopify

Goodish Agency

You will learn how to set up GA4 on Shopify and WooCommerce. We'll also cover how to use GTM for more advanced tracking. These tools can give you important.

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Content Trends 2024: The Epic of Extremes Intensifies

Content Science Review

Discover six content trends for 2024. Learn the impact of digital disruption, political extremism, generative AI, and more on content challenges and opportunities.

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What is Technical Seo? Improve it with our Technical SEO service.

Go Beyond SEO

In today’s digital landscape, having a solid online presence is crucial for the success of any business. And one key aspect of achieving that is search engine optimization (SEO). While many are familiar with the basics of SEO, we specifically need to recognize our technical SEO service. Technical SEO focuses on the technical elements of a website that can affect its visibility on search engines.

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How to Lock Your Digital Door: Data Privacy Best Practices in 2024

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Data takes center stage in building trust. However, stories about data loss can steal the spotlight – and be reputation killers. Safeguarding against such risks requires a proactive approach: with strong data privacy, governance, and precaution. The outcome? Sensitive customer data stays private, and customers stay satisfied. It’s important to note that data privacy is different from data security.

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What Questions Are Brands Asking About Their ESG Initiatives Ahead of 2024?

Temperatures are rising (and not just metaphorically) as key stakeholders anxiously anticipate the outcomes of COP28. While companies reconsider their 2024 environmental sustainability strategies, there is another aspect of ESG that deserves exploring, the social sector. In the latest edition of "Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Sagittarius Edition", 3BL hones in on this sign’s bold quality of asking questions others are burning to know the answers to.