Create a Buzz Around Your Brand Using Social Media

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People’s marketing manager Alistair Norman will share key insights on the benefits of social media for brands, at the conference ‘Harnessing the Power of the Internet’. Social media has exploded in the past five years, and most businesses have now figured out that it has a potentially massive marketing potential. Alistair is well-placed to share key insight on how organisations can leverage the power of social media marketing.

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Twitter Buzz from Content Marketing World Health Summit


The post Twitter Buzz from Content Marketing World Health Summit appeared first on Fathom. Buzz/Viral Marketing Content Creation & Strategy Healthcare Industry content content marketing Content Marketing World healthcare healthcare industry healthcare online marketing

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20 Tools We are Thankful for as B2B Online Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, myself and the rest of the KoMarketing team recently took some time during a team training session to share some online tools that we are thankful for as B2B marketers. ” So, here I am, offering anybody who’s interested an inside look at 20 online tools that we are thankful for here at KoMarketing.

Online Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Business Online

Online Marketing Guide – Table of Contents. Introduction to Online Marketing & SEO. Content Marketing for Online Marketing. + Social Media Marketing. Local SEO for Enhanced Online Marketing. Chapter 3: Content Marketing.

Create a Buzz Around Your Brand Using Social Media

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People’s marketing manager Alistair Norman will share key insights on the benefits of social media for brands, at the conference ‘Harnessing the Power of the Internet’. Social media has exploded in the past five years, and most businesses have now figured out that it has a potentially massive marketing potential. Alistair is well-placed to share key insight on how organisations can leverage the power of social media marketing.

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3 Online Marketing Tasks: Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients

Writing on the Web

Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients" alt=" 3 Online Marketing Tasks: Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients" />. How do you check your online marketing to see where it’s working, where it needs improvement? Look at your marketing tasks as having 3 purposes: Get found: How visible are you online? Do you need to be seen online? Improve your online systems (sales copy, shoppping cart, videos, SEO, social media, surveys)? Post on Google Buzz.

B2B Book Buzz: Content Rules

MLT Creative

Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and more) that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business Content Rules is an impressive, fun-to-read, relentlessly upbeat manual about how to develop a content marketing strategy and construct interesting information for your intended readers utilizing a range of digital media. Chapman, chief content officers for Marketing Profs, emphasize that “content is king” online.

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20 Key Resources That Will Keep Your B2B Business on Top of the Marketing Buzz

B2B PR Sense

B2B marketing is constantly evolving. What are some of the best B2B blogs and other resources that will keep you "in the know" where marketing is concerned? Nowadays, there are countless resources available to marketers with a click of a mouse. We've organized the following resources into categories, such as marketing books or marketing blogs, and then alphabetized them for easier reading. 20 of the Best Marketing Resources for a B2B Business Pro.

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B2B Buzz: Interview with Hoovers’ VP of Marketing, James Rogers


by Katie Byrnes Marketo had the chance to interview Hoovers’ VP of Marketing, James Rogers, live at Dreamforce 2010. He discussed the importance of data cleansing, data append and the strengthening of data in order for sales and marketing teams to be more effective through the use of reliable data throughout the funnel. Hoovers’ blog is B2B Buzz , a community of business information experts.

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Stop Flushing Your Online Marketing Dollars Down the Toilet

B2B Marketing Traction

So why are their online marketing dollars not turning into sales revenue? There are two main reasons your spend on online marketing can be like flushing money down a toilet. In all of this you also need to get your prospects, colleagues and customers buzzing about and “liking” you and your content. Put together a great marketing plan to add relevant and strategic content to your online presence in 2011. Tweet.

Tried and True Techniques for Fusing Offline and Online Marketing


The quest to become completely reliant on inbound marketing is easier said than done. The truth is, not everything can always be perfected online alone -- but you should still make an effort to fuse your online and offline marketing to get the most out of all your marketing campaigns. These marketers responded to the surveys based on the needs they saw among their own clients. How Do You Integrate Your Offline and Online Marketing?

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Word-of-mouth marketing gets BtoB people buzzing

B2B Lead Generation

Recent Posts Learn the New Rules for Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects BtoB 2010 Lead Generation Guide just published Thoughts on how the human touch impacts marketing performance 5 Steps To Creating A Lead Gen Machine & The Predictable Revenue That CEOs Love 100 Tips for Trade Show Lead Generation LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Group Turns One Lead Generation 2.0 Richard Karpinski wrote the piece which, from what I can tell, is one the the first articles on WOM for B2B marketers.

B2B Demand Generation Best Practices: 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Results

KoMarketing Associates

2020 was a tough year for B2B marketers – and everyone else. A few B2B marketing strategies did particularly well in 2020, and demand generation was one of them. For the marketers who were able to pivot quickly, many B2B demand generation best practices helped to ease the pain of 2020.

How to Promote an Event Using Online Marketing [Infographic]


If you fail to create buzz around your event, you can't expect to fill many seats. Don't worry: There's plenty you can do online to help get people to notice, care about, and register for your next event. Email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and social media all have important roles to play in marketing your event online. Event Marketing DailyPreparing to run an event can sometimes feel like you're sprinting a marathon.

What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing?

Webbiquity SMM

From social media cartoons and contextual advertising gone wrong to dysfunctional agency-client relationships and the best (and worst) online ads, here are some of the most amusing, creative and remarkable blog posts and videos of 2009. How social media is like the seventh grade by Training Marketer. How automated social media responses make online introductions as awkward as junior high. Comic Relief – The Process by Web Marketing Therapy. Post on Google Buzz.

3 Tips for Understanding How People Search for You Online [Marketing Cast]


Do you ever pause to think about the search terms prospects are using to find you online? This should be your mindset when you are creating new offers, launching marketing campaigns, and generating buzz around your brand. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , we discuss how you can prepare for the way people are looking for you online. Download this free ebook to learn how to successfully optimize your website and content to get found online.

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

delicious b2bmarketing

Online Marketing Blog TopRank’s internet marketing blog on the intersection of digital PR, social and search engine marketing. Here are a few “what you should not do&# tips based on the 3-5 pitches per day we get at Online Marketing Blog: It should go without saying not to pitch irrelevant stories, but all those PR interns out there hacking away make it so. That’s great, but what does it have to do with search marketing?

Is Your B2B Marketing Valuing C2B?

KoMarketing Associates

Can C2B truly influence and improve B2B marketing? Below are some of the ways where C2B can help B2B marketing strategy, product development, and online presence. When your customer leaves you a review on Yelp, Google+, Angie’s List, or some other online review site, they are offering you a valuable piece of data, whether it’s positive or not. Online Buzz. Examples of great online buzz include: Press coverage of new products, launches, etc.

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The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools


At other times, the best ideas may come from research: discovering what are your customers, competitors, and industry influencers talking about online. Sample review: “It’s a one-stop for gathering all of your thoughts, all of those articles you want to save for later, and so, so much more…The Evernote webclipper plugin allows you to save online articles and info to a notebook of your choice. ” — Online Marketing Institute.

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9 B2B Marketing (and Life) Lessons from #Inbound15

KoMarketing Associates

What happens when more than 14,000 marketing and sales professionals come together under one roof? Pioneers of the inbound movement gathered from around the globe at Inbound15 to spread creative and prosperous methods for inbound marketing madness. By the end of the week, I found myself filled with information and ideas, and excited to share some of the most valuable B2B marketing takeaways from Inbound15 with you. and “ What can she teach us about B2B marketing? ”.

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Blogging vs. Journalism: Identifying the Fundamental Differences

KoMarketing Associates

As a content marketer, I often times have to switch my brain from news writing (journalism) to blogging, and vice versa. News articles tend to appeal to broad audiences for a short amount of time to generate buzz within a given industry. Additionally, as I mentioned in a previous post , timing can be especially beneficial for online marketers as a relevant, well-timed piece could be featured in Google News. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing

10 Things I’ve Learned About SEO in 2014

KoMarketing Associates

It’s not simply adding 100 pieces of content to the site and it can’t be a tiny compartment of your marketing department. SEO is about much more and it’s up to everyone in the industry (and online marketing in general), to educate themselves and others, on what truly makes up a successful SEO program. Content Marketing Must Have Marketing . This was a theme I saw throughout the year that I really loved – Content marketing must have marketing.

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How to Write a Content Marketing Blog Post

Writing on the Web

What additional steps should smart content marketers take to get results from blogging? Post on Google Buzz. Related posts: Content Marketing Results: 18 Ways to NOT Get Blog Traffic. Build a Product Funnel on Your Blog through Content Marketing.

5 Lessons Content Marketers Can Take Away from the 2014 World Cup

KoMarketing Associates

As my World Cup fever symptoms begins to take hold, I’ve started to draw some comparisons of this year’s event to my job as a content marketer. So, without further delay, here are the 5 lessons I believe content marketers can take from the 2014 World Cup: 1. When starting a content marketing program, it’s important to focus on “small wins” to help get the program off the ground. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing content marketing world cup

10 Questions to ask in a B2B Content Marketing Questionnaire

KoMarketing Associates

As a content marketer, fully understanding the ins-and-outs of these organizations and the industries they’re a part of is an essential step to take before the content strategy can take shape. Let’s take a look at ten of the most vital questions to ask when creating a B2B content marketing questionnaire and how each assists the content marketing process! Value to B2B content marketers : The goal of any organization is to drive leads that turn into sales.

Why it’s Important For B2B Marketers to Get on The Google+ Bandwagon

KoMarketing Associates

Google+ recently celebrated its three year anniversary, and with it brought the appreciation of many marketers and social network users who thought Google+ would go the way of Google Buzz or Orkut, two of Google’s other former social offerings. Because of this, there are several reasons why B2B marketers should be using Google+ , both on a personal branding level and as an organization.

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5 Game Changers Content Marketers Can Steal from House of Cards

KoMarketing Associates

Now, I’m not suggesting that content marketers follow the Underwoods’ lead per se (because that would be nuts), but their brand of “ruthless pragmatism” does deserve to be held under the microscope. Here’s a look at 5 game-changing strategies content marketers can steal from House of Cards (note: I’ll refrain from any major spoilers in the following, but if you haven’t gotten on the HoC bandwagon yet, what really have you been doing with your life??):

How to Fight the Infobesity Monster with Quality, Shareable Content

KoMarketing Associates

Consider the following: 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing ( Content Marketing Institute ). 82% of marketers who blog see a positive ROI for their inbound marketing ( HubSpot ). 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago ( Content Marketing Institute ). 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each week ( eMarketer ). Variety = the Lifeblood of Content Marketing.

Epic Business Blog Content: 2 Questions Every Blog Owner Must Ask

Writing on the Web

In my ebook Content Marketing with Blogs , I suggest business blog posts should be written with the 4 E’s as a guide: What you publish on your business blog should: Entertain. I recently purchased Joe Pulizzi’s new book Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less. He founded the Content Marketing Institute. It applies to both offline and online.

Content Marketing and Halloween: 5 Eerie Similarities

KoMarketing Associates

During one of these waves of nostalgia, I made a connection between Halloween and my job as a content marketer…and then another…and another. In fact, some of my fondest Halloween memories have a direct correlation with content marketing best practices. How this relates to content marketing : Just as everyone in grade school dresses up on Halloween, it seems as if every company and marketer has a way of sharing their opinions via blogs, social media, and much more.

Business Results from Online Content Marketing?

Writing on the Web

Online Surveys & Market Research. Post on Google Buzz. Buzz up! 3 Key Content Pieces for Starting an Online Business. How to Start “a Little Online Business …&#. 4 Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Marketing. Tags: Content Marketing Attracting Clients blog marketing business blogging content marketing with blogs converting readers to clients Online Marketing Writing for the Web

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Social Media: Making Friends for Fun & Profit


Excerpted from my new booklet, Effective Online Marketing In A Nutshell , here are some tips that will help: LinkedIn. Find 3-5 groups in your target market and join them. Follow the discussions, and when one comes up where you can add value (not just spout about yourself and your business), then participate – help people solve issues and think more effectively about whatever the subject is. The jury is still out on Facebook’s effectiveness for the B2B market.

Twitter: the little bird that grew up strong

Writing on the Web

from The Wharton School and is co-founder of the social media marketing company Miller Mosaic Power Marketing that works with clients to effectively use social media marketing for their businesses. Post on Google Buzz. Buzz up! Related posts: Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing? 4 Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Marketing.

What Is the Cost of Video Production for the Web?

Hinge Marketing

Online video is gaining momentum every year, and it has entered marketing’s mainstream. . That’s the new first question that professional services firms are asking about online video. But with the explosion of online video the questions “Why?” Let’s look at what drives online video cost and how to develop an appropriate budget for your needs. What Drives the Cost of Online Video? Five Levels of Online Video Quality and Cost.

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Feed Your Blog Automatically to LinkedIn & Twitter

Writing on the Web

Follow these steps and automatically share your blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and your blog traffic and online lead generation will increase significantly. About AnnaLaura Brown: AnnaLaura Brown is an online marketer who enjoys making money online and teaching others to do the same. Post on Google Buzz. Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing? 4 Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Marketing.

Video: How to Create Great Sales Pages in WP

Writing on the Web

Post on Google Buzz. Video Content Marketing: Learn how to create video. Tags: Attracting Clients Content Marketing How to.Tips Online Marketing Pathway to Profits Promoting Your Ezine +/or Blog converting readers to clients landing pages sales pages video marketing web marketing Wordpress sales pages Here’s a quick video I’m using to promote Suzanne Bird-Harris’ fabulous WordPress Sales Page Template.I

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B2B Content Marketing: Do More Than Reinvent the Wheel

KoMarketing Associates

If you’re like me, you spend a good amount of time scrolling through content marketing blogs for advice and suggestions that will give your content a leg up. Don’t get stuck reinventing the wheel with your content marketing! Because, as a content marketer, I’m always looking for ways to make my content better. Now that I’ve been at this content marketing thing for a while, I’ve come to realize that there’s no one way to do content marketing.