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The Herb Schmertz Era: When Public Relations Had Some Balls

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brings to mind what many consider to be a golden age for Public Relations; the period from the mid-60s to mid-80s, when the PR profession had the mandate, the skills and the balls to stand up to criticism leveled against the organizations and people whom they represented.

Why Public Relations Does Not Sit at the Senior Management Table

Marketing Craftmanship

If the Edward Bernays era is considered the profession’s starting point, then public relations has had nearly a century to earn its seat at senior management’s table.

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Should PRSA Sanction Public Relations Practitioners?

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As a result, effective public relations involves pushing a company’s or client’s agenda (or products and services) without being a pest, and ideally, by being helpful to reporters who are in a position to reciprocate with media coverage.

Page’s Seven Principles of Public Relations Management

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Although Edward Bernays is often characterized (largely through self-promotion) as the “father of public relations,” most serious PR practitioners consider Arthur W. Page to be the first and most influential apostle of modern-day public relations and corporate communications.

Death by Content: How Press Release Abuse Killed Public Relations

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And its sole purpose was to provide the press with information likely to be of interest to the public; containing what journalists still call “news value.”. For public companies, dissemination of financial results and material events will be handled by their legal department.

Five Life Lessons from Doc Martin

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In advance of Season 6’s final 8 episodes, diehard Doc Martin fans can follow the latest series-related news and gossip on its official website / blog Entertainment Craftsmanship: What’s Missing from American Television.

PR Lesson from the Lolo Jones / New York Times Controversy

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The public appears to agree with Lolo regarding Longman’s attack. After being summarily fired by the CEO for arranging the public debacle, I called the reporter to ask why she had written such a damaging piece. Did Jere Kill Lolo’s Mojo?

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Client Newsletters: Empty Suit of the B2B Marketing Mix

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When your firm touts that a senior partner has just published a book and was a guest on CNBC, your target audiences may wonder why that partner isn’t focused on client matters rather than self-promotion, or whether the cost of his book’s publicity tour will result in higher hourly rates.

Brochureware Is Not a Dirty Word

Marketing Craftmanship

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Investment-Related Publicity: How Clueless is Your Fund?

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According to BNY Mellon’s most recent survey of Investor Relations (IR) practices worldwide, fewer than half of the nearly 700 respondents are using media relations to support their IR goals. Social Media Tool or PR Nightmare?

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Websites dedicated to employee dissatisfaction were social media pioneers; empowering workers to publicly call their manager a “5-Alarm Nut Job” without retribution, to gripe about low pay or a lousy lunchroom, and to warn others to look elsewhere for a job.

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Fighting Online Brand Sabotage 101

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Complaint websites such as Yelp , Glassdoor and Ripoff Report – that empower actual and imaginary customers or employees to anonymously post their accurate or bogus comments online – have created new brand-related challenges and opportunities for their corporate targets.

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5 Secrets to Ray Dalio’s Hedge Fund Success

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Hedge Fund Craftsmanship. By most measures, Ray Dalio has achieved great success during his 62 years on earth. Unlike Donald Trump, Dalio didn’t inherit wealth. As a middle-class kid, he delivered newspapers, shoveled snow and was a caddy during the summer. The company Dalio established in his apartment in 1975, Bridgewater Associates, is now the world’s largest and most successful hedge fund manager, with more than $120 billion in assets under management.

PETA’s SeaWorld Lawsuit: Do Publicity Stunts Make Sense?

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” As I prepared to use this high profile law suit as a news hook for a blog post on publicity stunts (although PETA would likely deny the filing is a stunt), I ran across an excellent 2008 post by James L. Horton, entitled “Publicity Stunts.

No-Cost, Cornball Marketing Can Drive B2B Top-of-Mind Awareness

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LtoR: Heather Fuller, Andrew Crisp, Percy, Gary Thompson, Mickie Kennedy. Missing: Nimmi, the acrobatic dog.

5 Ways You Can Merchandise the “Masthead Value” of Publicity

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Not to be confused with “The Wall Street Transcript” Many companies will invest considerable effort seeking positive publicity in influential media sources, and then fail to benefit from the masthead value of that exposure. Masthead value can be relative.

The Harvard Cheating Scandal: Do Administrators Need “Public Relations 101??

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Harvard likely became aware of the possibility of negative media coverage either after a call from a reporter, or in reaction to a threat from a student (or their lawyer) to make this a public issue.

4 PR Lessons from the SharesPost / Wall Street Journal Fistfight

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If you’re not a habitual rubbernecker of battles between companies and the press, here’s a condensed version of a recent incident that can provide some lessons for all those subject to public scrutiny…which includes just about every individual, institution and company, public or private. Public controversy has erupted over the piece, prompting insider publications including Columbia Journalism Review to weigh in on Berman’s column.

Sales Tips from PR Legend Lee Levitt

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Lee Levitt embodied craftsmanship in public relations, and left a lifetime of wisdom for those who follow in his footsteps. Lee Levitt, sans fedora and shoulder bag.

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PR Lesson from a Twitter Flap

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The governor issued an apology, and the school district publicly stated its support of free speech and said Emma was not required to apologize. Emma Sullivan. emmakate988. Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person # heblowsalot.

Should I Rekindle My Blog Love Affair…Or End It?

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Can This Blog Affair Be Saved? Here’s a sad letter from the Marketing Craftsmanship mailbag: Dear Marketing Guy, I’ve fallen out of love with my Blog and I need your advice. My sad story: It was love at first sight. A company Blog had everything I was looking for in social media. It would drive SEO.

4 ½ Reasons To Avoid Using Celebrity Endorsements

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Companies rationalize this brand risk by assuming that the public will assign them some sympathy for having been duped by the murdering, philandering or drug abusing ways of their fallen celebrity. With those big guns, can we be sure that Tony’s not using HGH?

Why New Jersey Loves Bad PR

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Uncategorized #NewJersey #NJ #PR public relationsFly Fishing on the Raritan in Califon, NJ.

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Will Internet Transparency Devalue Craftsmanship?

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Uncategorized #craftsmanship #marketing marketing craftsmanship public relations web contentAs online access to information and insight into a broad range of professional and technical skills becomes more widely available, will “knowledge worker” craftsmanship become an anachronism? For decades, medical schools have told students that patients want the Three As: Accessibility, Affability and Ability… in that order.


Is Your Web Content a Marketing Liability?

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If the brand police were to issue citations for website content-related abuse, some of the most common violations might include: Vagrancy – If your most recent press release, example of news pickup, or last blog posting is more than two months old…website visitors will wonder “Are these guys still is business?” Uncategorized #marketing marketing craftsmanship public relations web content website management

Using Negative Publicity as Negotiating Leverage

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The disclosure last May that Facebook had hired public relations firm Burson-Marstellar to initiate a smear campaign against Google’s “Social Circle” raised the hackles of many PR practitioners who labeled the tactic as unethical. Shakedown of BMW of North America.

3.5 Reasons to Skip Industry Awards

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reasons why your __ (law, graphic design, accounting, management consulting, public relations, engineering, financial planning, advertising, technology, healthcare, beauty, payroll, etc.)

Is Your B2B Firm REALLY Marketing…Or Simply Making Tactical Soup?

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Press releases and related media exposure is a good example of marketing activity that is often overrated in terms of effort vs. tangible outcome. Webinars and public forums entail lead qualification and follow-up with prospects. Is Your B2B Marketing a Tactical Hodge Podge?

Should Companies Manage Their Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

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Everything Counts in Brand Management. LinkedIn has become an important business channel, not only for individuals to showcase their professional credentials, but also for companies seeking to promote their value proposition and to establish or manage brand awareness.

BMW’s Storm Cooper: A Mini-Coup Rather than a PR Blunder?

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However, if top-of-mind awareness is a beneficial marketing objective for a car company, then the exponentially greater, world-wide storm-related coverage for BMW’s Mini Cooper marque certainly won’t hurt showroom traffic or the company’s balance sheet. Stormy Weather for BMW?

Avoid the Carnival Barker Approach to Publicity

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Publicity Must Be More Than Noise. Companies of all sizes believe that more publicity is always better, as a means to raise brand awareness and drive business results. But there are several reasons why this noisy carnival barker publicity is a losing game.

Ronald McDonald Makeover: Liposuction Not Required

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This was a historic triple-stupid play deserving of special recognition from the Public Relations Society of America. Uncategorized #McDonald's #obesity #PRSA #RonaldMcDonald public relationsToo Big To Fail?

A Public Relations Case for Digital Marketing


As the head of global public relations, I thought it was crystal clear: the public relations function was best suited, because our strengths were in creating two-way conversations and managing risk. This was shortly after I met Dick Martin, former executive vice president of public relations, employee communications, and brand management for AT&T. Here are three public relations skills that digital marketers need to master.

B2B Public Relations: 7 tactics to pull more leads into the funnel

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Tweet If your organization’s marketing and public relations teams aren’t working hand in glove, you’re missing a key lead generation opportunity. They agree that, more than ever before, prospects are engaging with B2B organizations through public relations efforts.

The Public Relations Metamorphosis: Social Media is Here to Stay


Public relations strategies and tactics have certainly come a long way in the last several years. ” It’s not just about using traditional publicity tactics to create awareness and promote a product or service. PR public relations social media Social Media

How to Build Public Relations Media List [Video]

Vertical Response

In this installment of Tips in 2, our video series of helpful, two-minute small business marketing tips, Connie Sung Moyle, Public Relations Manager at VerticalResponse , shows you how build an effective media list quickly and easily.

Where Does Public Relations Fit in the Marketing Technology Landscape?


Public relations and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Yet, we don’t hear much about public relations and marketing technology. The Need for Public Relations Technology.

The role of public relations in lead generation for B2B firms


But among these channels, an important strategy is public relations. Public Relations: How to do it right. There are many ways B2B companies harness public relations for the lead generation strategies. test) public relations, don’t do it randomly.

How to Modernize a Public Relations Strategy That's Stuck in the Dark Ages


public relations can be a critical ingredient in your marketing mix. Both of those opportunities were secured because of an investment in creating content, and establishing solid relationships with others within our industry -- not as a result of traditional media relations.

Dominate Your Next Event With a Great Public Relations Strategy

Modern B2B Marketing

by Dayna Rothman Great public relations can help your company break through the noise that can sometimes dominate a busy event. If you need some help laying out your plan, be sure to download our new Public Relations Strategy Worksheet for Events. (no