Accountability: Ensuring Positive Business Outcomes


Evaluating program performance results and benchmarks against industry verticals. The entire customer experience needs to be considered to create a positive business outcome. In the era of Modern Marketing, most marketers are equipped with the technology needed to act on customer insights and deliver tailored, multi-touch experiences.

Why a Positive Culture is Business-Essential


If we can find a way to foster a positive culture of personal growth and upward mobility – believe me; you can, too. Fostering a positive company culture is not just a nice thing to do. What steps do you need to take to create and maintain a positive culture?


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Is Content Marketing Right for My Industry?

Marketing Insider Group

Every year, I have tons of prospects who ask me, “Is content marketing right for my industry?”. Their industries range from local firms, established brands, small businesses, and highly technical companies who make stuff many of us would have trouble understanding.

Has Content Marketing Saturation Hit Your Industry?

Marketing Insider Group

But is your industry saturated? In this post, we’ll be looking at how to tell if content marketing saturation has hit your industry. And if so, how can you still leverage it for positive results. Almost every industry is facing content marketing saturation.

Brand positioning guide: how to consolidate your company’s strength in the market?


Brand positioning is the central element of the success, sustainability and permanence of a business in any field. So, do you want to know the ABCs of brand positioning? Below, you’ll see: What is brand positioning, and what are its benefits?

54% of Senior-Level Marketers Have Not Seen Analytics Yield Positive Results

KoMarketing Associates

Industry News Performance Measurement data and analytics Search Engine MarketingNot all marketers have seen their investment in data and analytics pay off, but new research suggests that they aren’t ready to give up on it just yet.

Brand Positioning Strategy for the Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Way back in 1969, a very perceptive marketer named Jack Trout introduced the concept of brand positioning to the world. A few years later, he and Al Ries wrote the seminal book, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind , and the rest is history. Now, almost half a century later, the concept of positioning is just as relevant to businesses — and probably more so. That’s where brand positioning comes in. Brand Positioning Defined. Why Brand Positioning Is Important.

Industrial Blog Sites Revisited

Industrial Marketing Today

The idea of combining a website with the benefits of a blog is very appealing to many industrial marketers. In my conversations over the past few months, I have noticed a growing acceptance of blog sites among manufacturers, industrial distributors and engineering services companies. Industrial companies have realized the importance of inbound marketing and its impact on lead generation.

Sites 204

The Marketer's Guide to Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning


This is where segmentation, targeting, and positioning come into play. STP allows you to take a large, anonymous audience and define how your different products (or different components of the same product) relate to specific consumer segments within that larger audience — thus understanding how to position your product(s) and messaging to grab the attention of each segment. Let’s unpack each part of the segmentation-targeting-positioning model. Positioning.

Here’s How CMOs Can Position SaaS for Maximum Profitability and Customer Retention


Different sectors of the market have unique challenges associated with pricing—the competitive landscape and the maturity of the industry being two major factors. billion industry. One of the most challenging aspects of providing a Software as a Service (SaaS) is positioning the product so that it adds maximum value for the client (lower upfront cost), while protecting your company’s huge upfront investment (get dollars in the door quickly).

85% of Marketers Agree that Data Analytics and Insight Generation are Growing in Importance to their Position

KoMarketing Associates

The role of the marketer is constantly evolving, and new research suggests that data and analytics are becoming more critical to professionals in the position at their respective companies. Industry News Performance Measurement data and analytics digital marketing marketing measurement

4 Steps in Building and Maintaining a Positive Client Relationship

Marketing Insider Group

A positive relationship with clients is one of the most important parts of a successful business, and according to one survey as reported by, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better experience. That translates to business-to-business relationships too, in any industry, with companies having the potential to make billions more simply through […]. The post 4 Steps in Building and Maintaining a Positive Client Relationship appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

Content Marketing for Industrial Companies – Authenticity is Mission Critical

Industrial Marketing Today

Stretching the truth, exaggerating the positives and putting a positive spin on the negatives have been staples of marketing for a long time. Today’s industrial buyers are far better informed and using deceptive marketing practices won’t get [.] The post Content Marketing for Industrial Companies – Authenticity is Mission Critical by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].

Position Zero: What It is and How to Get It

We call this position zero, and in this post we will explain what it is and how you can rank for it. . What is Position Zero? Position zero is a featured snippet that appears above the traditional search results. Why Aim for Position Zero? How to Get to Position Zero.

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Spark Positive Conversations

B2B PR Sense

Let's talk about some specific ways in which you can ignite positive word of mouth and use it to spark further customers. You want people to tell others, "No one knows the industry like this brand." You can build a positive reputation before customers even purchase your product. Such positive experiences will cement a customer's relationship with your brand. Don't use the same language as every other company in your industry. What is word of mouth marketing?

Get Positive Publicity And Media Coverage For Your Small Business!

Altitude Branding

Having said that, we should also remind you that there are generally two types of publicity, i.e., positive and negative. Both are good for a company to improve its industrial exposure and generate more leads. However, in this article, we are going to talk about positive publicity.

The surprising (positive) benefits ABM brings to your customers


Over time, sellers are left without visibility into new needs, competitive threats or even positive outcomes the client is seeing. Over time, sellers are left without visibility into new needs, competitive threats or even positive outcomes the client is seeing.

Problem-centric Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing Today

Industrial and manufacturing marketers are trained to sell solutions. However, if you are a manufacturer or an industrial services company, ask yourself this question, why would anyone buy your products or services if they don’t know they have a problem? It seems to me that industrial marketers need to first focus on raising awareness of the problem before they can sell their solution. That’s what I’m calling problem-centric industrial marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy for Travel and Tourism Industry


Tourism is one of the largest industries across the world. In 2019, the American travel and tourism industry alone contributed around 580.7 Source: statista According to Mobility Market Outlook, the tourism industry could generate a revenue of 447.4

A Positive Guide to Determining Negative Keywords in AdWords


Fourth , you likely have industry specific keywords you need to negative if not relevant to your ads. Think about your own industry. Be Positive! The post A Positive Guide to Determining Negative Keywords in AdWords appeared first on NuSpark Marketing. We run several AdWords campaigns for clients and we understand the key task of optimizing keywords in order to insure quality clicks are all they are paying for.

How ABM Positions Your B2B Business for Success in 2021


COVID-19 certainly impacted every business and every industry. In the past year, ABM has become one of the hottest topics in all of B2B Digital Marketing. Wordtracker gives us a peek into how much more popular the term has become, with nearly 50,000 individual searches for “abm” in March 2021.

Key Leadership Evolution at Demand Science Group Positions Company for Next Level of Market Growth


An industry veteran, Chang is also the co-founder of DSG, which has launched a number of businesses over the years, including PureB2B. “I Demand Science Group creates, nurtures, and launches marketing technology companies that drive sales growth for businesses across a variety of industries.

Marketers See Positive Results from Segmenting Email Marketing Campaigns

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers turn to email to reach their target audiences, new data suggests that email segmenting can yield more positive results. Email Marketing Industry News digital marketing email marketing marketing measurementMailChimp recently published statistics on how email marketing campaigns perform when marketers use list segmentation tools. These resources allow marketers to target campaigns toward specific audiences based on what they know about their preferences.

Industrial Content Marketing with Purpose

Industrial Marketing Today

Manufacturers and industrial companies cannot be content with just publishing content, their content marketing needs to drive the sales process. However, creating content that will convert traffic into leads in one fell swoop is a challenge since industrial sales typically have long sales cycles and a multitude of stakeholders are involved in the purchase decision. See Problem-centric Industrial Marketing ). See Industrial Marketing Content that Helps Buyers ).

Higher Quality Content Helps B2B Marketers Find Positive ROI

KoMarketing Associates

New research shows that B2B marketers are realizing more success with content marketing, and a number of different factors are contributing to their positive ROI. B2B Marketing News Industry News B2B Marketing content marketing digital marketing

6 Ways to Position Your Agency as a Thought Leader


Here are 6 strategies you can use to position your agency as a thought leader: 1. You can also branch out by brainstorming new ways of thinking about and discussing industry topics on your blog. To position your agency as a thought leader, there must be an individual personality behind the content you create. Position their opinions and advice as coming from personal experiences at their role in the agency.

How Product Positioning Works in a B2B Market


Whenever you hear the phrase “product positioning,” you most likely associated it with a B2C market. This is common since most B2C products are tangible and more clearly defined, making them easier to position in a market and compare against competitors.

Strategic B2B Positioning: What You Need To Know


Here’s the bottom line: In today’s market, to guarantee the utmost visibility in any industry, effective B2B positioning requires some sort of strategy. What Exactly Does “Positioning” Mean? Here is what is positioning is NOT: Positioning is NOT branding.

Do You Believe in Industrial Websites?

Industrial Marketing Today

by The Lovin’ Spoonful, I am wondering if manufacturers and industrial companies believe in their industrial websites. Today, it is imperative that you consider your industrial website to be as important as your star salesperson. That’s because the way your industrial customers interact with you during their buying cycle has changed significantly over the past few years. Your industrial website must be a true reflection of your company, its products and services.

The Psychological Appeal of Underdog Brand Positioning

Content Standard

Studies show underdog brand positioning affects consumer behavior, and leveraging an underdog narrative can be a powerful brand storytelling tool. Scientists have a few theories about why people love an underdog, aspects of which are easy to spot in the brand positioning of companies seeking to highlight their underdog status. According to the researchers, people with a strong “underdog disposition” are more likely to find underdog brand positioning appealing.

What's Next for the CDP Industry?

Customer Experience Matrix

It’s been quite fascinating to watch the Customer Data Platform industry develop over the past few years. So far, we’ve seen two main trends emerge: extension of CDP product scope beyond the core of building the customer database itself and expansion into new industries. New Industries Most early CDPs were deployed at retail and publishing companies. While industry history is interesting, the question everyone really cares about is, What happens next?

What is Brand Positioning and Why Does it Matter?

Hinge Marketing

At Hinge, we’ve helped a lot of professional services firms position – and even reposition – themselves in the marketplace. And being well positioned will make it much easier for you to develop new business. Brand positioning is nothing more than a way to help prospective customers make sense of your business. When you position your firm, you begin to stand for something — something distinct and useful. So how do you develop an effective market position?

Tabloid news and false positives: Examining the brand safety cycle


Moreover, protecting brands is still cause for concern across the wider industry, with 94% of advertisers worried about ad context. Yet it seems the industry is still struggling to find a way of ensuring brand safety that works for all. What is a false positive? This is clearly a positive story about the success of the Swedish retail giant, which would usually be considered desirable inventory for many brands.

Positioning is Key Factor for Social Media (and All Marketing) Success

B2B Marketing Traction

It’s strategic positioning. Strong and consistent positioning is the key to marketing success. Positioning is one of the basic marketing principles that leads to success. If you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can position your company’s value-add to create a competitive advantage. Without a strong position, your marketing will not stand out among the competition. How do you create a positioning statement?

Positioning Strategy: 5 Common-Sense Approaches that Never Work

Hinge Marketing

Today, I’d like to talk about five approaches to positioning strategy that are bound to fail. But there are other more fundamental reasons they make poor positioning platforms. First, let me briefly define what I mean by positioning strategy : Positioning strategy is a plan that distinguishes a firm from a sea of otherwise similar competitors in a way that makes the firm more attractive to potential buyers. Any Industry Branding

Campaign Best Practices to Position Your LinkedIn Ads for Success

Content Standard

Whether actively looking for a job or passively scrolling through industry-relevant news and information, we’re sharing and engaging with LinkedIn content way more than we did a decade ago. Industry or function (if the campaign is vertical-specific). The post Campaign Best Practices to Position Your LinkedIn Ads for Success appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.

How to Improve Your Industrial Distribution Network with a Strong Marketing Strategy

Industrial Marketer

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, the industrial distribution industry ended on a positive note in 2020. For a modern industry hardware supplier, the distribution. Featured Strategy content marketing distribution industrial distribution