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Marketing Automation And Trigger Words

Stevens & Tate

When it comes to content marketing, quality is obviously the most important element. For example, the use of marketing automation and trigger words can help to improve the impact of your content. Ways to Use Marketing Automation. Content marketing involves a lot of repetitive tasks that can be very time-consuming.

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7 Cool Examples of Trigger-Based Marketing Emails


Automated email marketing and trigger-based marketing emails go hand in hand. To maximize your content marketing benefits and increase return on investment (ROI), you can use trigger-based emails to get the visitors to return to your website. The triggers are dependent on customer interests and actions.


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Can Marketing Content Trigger a B2B Buying Process?

B2B Marketing Directions

Most B2B marketers recognize that their toughest competitor isn't usually a company offering an alternative product or service, but rather what their potential buyers are already using or doing. Over the past several years, marketing pundits have promoted a variety of tactics marketers can use to "break the grip of the status quo."

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9 Killer Social Media Call-To-Action Examples


Your marketing strategy should be planned in such a way that it propels maximum people to complete their sales journey and be converted into your customers. Outlined in this blog are the steps to create a CTA with a higher click rate and brand examples who are implementing it the right way. Let’s explore! CTAs that just click.

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Unlock the Power of FOMO: 17 Clever FOMO Marketing Examples


Do you want to learn about FOMO marketing and how you can use it to boost revenue? Marketers have been leveraging FOMO for a long time to alter consumer behavior and achieve their desired results. Yet there is little to no knowledge about FOMO marketing or how to use it to increase eCommerce sales. What is FOMO Marketing?

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How to Improve Your Free-to-Paid Conversion Rate (With Examples)


Does your SaaS business have a free trial marketing strategy? Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures warns that anything less than a 25% free-to-paid conversion rate means your marketing isn’t working. In this post, we’re going to share 19 best tips that you can use to improve your free trial marketing strategy.

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Nostalgia Marketing: Statistics, Benefits, and Examples


Human beings are known to be “rational” or “logical” beings, but that is not the case when it comes to marketing. For many years, brands and marketers have used marketing tactics to pull their target audiences by the heartstrings by creating sappy and sentimental pieces of advertisement and product re-introductions.