Wed.Sep 20, 2023

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Bridging the Gap: The Crucial Role of Sales Insights in Enhancing B2B Marketing Messaging

Heinz Marketing

By Win Salyards , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, effective communication is critical to winning over potential clients and nurturing existing relationships. While marketing teams are often tasked with crafting compelling messages to reach their target audience, there’s a valuable resource they sometimes overlook – their sales counterparts.

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Why Journalistic Content Is Important for B2B

The Mx Group

Engaging B2B content requires taking a journalistic approach. Here are five tips for creating B2B content that will move your buyers through the marketing funnel.


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5 Types of AI All Marketers Should Know About

Marketing Insider Group

AI has caused a seismic shift in the marketing world over the past several years—and we’re talking about way more than ChatGPT. Today, AI is nearly as intertwined with marketing as traditional technology tools, like CRM systems and email marketing platforms. To stay ahead, it’s critical for marketers to know the different types of AI impacting the marketing world and how to use them in practice.

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Why women must have a voice at the AI table


Katya Moskalenko, product marketing manager at London-based Measure Protocol, is sounding the alarm that artificial intelligence might have a negative impact on the existing gender gap in the tech industry. Although it creates a world of exciting possibilities, it also creates — almost inherently — risks of bias and exclusion. Avoiding those traps, she told us, will require “a whole chain of decisions and strategies such as ensuring diverse datasets, ensuring diverse teams, ensuring ethica

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The AI-Enabled CMO: Practical Tips for Today's B2B Marketers

Speaker: Paul Slack, Vende Digital CEO

On October 11th, understand how to navigate the AI landscape confidently, turning insights into groundbreaking strategies that set you apart. Why attend? You'll learn: Practical applications/Use cases How to find and assess the right AI technology Prioritizing quick wins Mastering prompt engineering Solving marketing challenges efficiently Strategies to launch pilot programs Case studies of B2Bs building smarter businesses with AI Exclusive bonus content: Actionable frameworks to get started qui

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Top 50 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow #CMWorld 2023

Top Rank Marketing

Content Marketing World 2023 takes place September 26 – 28 both in-person in Washington, D.C. and online, and as the biggest content marketing conference in the world, CMWorld annually brings together a fantastic group of top-notch professionals sharing their curiosity for future trends, marketing insight, and aspirations for elevating the industry.

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The Power of Audience Analysis

Leading Results Rambings

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses face an unprecedented challenge – capturing the attention of their target audience amidst a constant flood of advertisements and promotional messages. To succeed in this hyper-competitive landscape, understanding your target audience is not just an advantage; it's the key to unlocking success. At Luna Creative Marketing, we recognize the power of audience analysis and the immense value it brings to our clients' marketing efforts.

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AI for all: How anyone can create AI solutions


Martech is flooded with solutions. You name a problem, and there’s likely a software promising to solve it. But what happens when you find a unique challenge that doesn’t have a ready-made answer? You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley prodigy to harness the power of AI. From mom-and-pop shops to global conglomerates, anyone with the will to innovate can leverage AI to solve problems and revamp antiquated systems.

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How To Work AI Into Content Marketing (in a Way That Works for You)

Content Marketing Institute

Does the company you work for have an AI policy? Whether it does or not, you need one specific to AI’s use in content marketing. An AI operations plan will help you make (and share) sound decisions about its use, governance, and risk mitigation. Here’s what to consider.

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Salesforce says an internal action caused service outage


There was a huge outage of Salesforce services today following an internal permission change. As a result, customers were not able to access services for several hours. “This is about our public cloud access service,” Shanmugam Chinnasamy, SVP of Salesforce Sales Cloud Engineering, said during a video call with customers. “From Salesforce we call into AWS and we introduced a change in that permission that caused this error.

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Let's Get Physical: How to Blend Direct Mail Marketing with Your Digital Strategy

Speaker: Akeel Jabber, B2B SaaS Investor and Growth Marketer at Horizen Capital

⭐ Are you ready to boost campaign success? Consider the untapped potential of integrating direct mail marketing seamlessly with digital marketing strategies. Combining the physical, tangible impact of direct mail with the dynamic reach of digital marketing can be a game-changer, significantly increasing your ROI when done right. Direct mail grabs attention, making it great for reaching your target audience 📩 Digital marketing keeps the momentum going, driving action 📲 So.

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29 Best Email Automation Tools to Transform Your Business


Are you looking for the best email automation tools to transform your business? We understand how much time you spend on your email campaigns every day. Plus, we know you don’t want to perform the same tasks for each individual subscriber. We’re here to tell you that there’s another way to handle those repetitive marketing processes: email automation.

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Unleash the untapped power of email address intelligence


Email is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. We use it to create and log into online accounts, subscribe to new content, communicate across digital platforms and verify our identity. It’s the key to our digital footprint. But did you know that the intelligence surrounding the simple email address has the potential to fuel more effective data science, improve marketing, increase sales, elevate the customer experience and reinvent analytics initiatives?

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How to measure what marketing activities are actually driving revenue


I can nearly guarantee your early or growth-stage B2B startup doesn’t have the right marketing analytics in place to determine what’s actually working across go-to-market. Startups either don’t know how to set up the right basic tracking and data collectioncor they over-engineer something way too complex for their stage. Both scenarios result in not having the right marketing data to operate efficiently.

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Introducing Creatopy’s Zapier Integration


3 minutes read In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficiency and automation are key to staying competitive. That’s why Creatopy is introducing its Zapier integration–a powerful tool that allows creative teams to automate ad production at maximum capacity. In this article, we’ll walk you through the details of the Zapier integration and explore how you can benefit from it to make your work easier, whether you’re a designer or a marketer.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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Decoding CSAT: What it is and how to calculate your score

Sprout Social

Customer satisfaction has become an indispensable factor in sustainable business growth. Customers now wield more power than ever before and have endless product options. Competition has become increasingly stiff, and only brands focusing on building customer relationships and a loyal following are poised for long-term success. Our survey data shows that 58% of people buy from brands they trust, and 36% choose brands that genuinely understand their needs.

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Channel99 announces verification pixel technology for B2B


Channel99, the B2B performance and marketing attribution service launched by Chris Golec, founder and former CEO of Demandbase, has announced a pixel-technology driven platform to give visibility into the B2B customer journey. In November 2022, Channel99 debuted with a free mobile app and the promise of a full platform to follow. Today’s announcement fulfils the promise. “The platform is really a much more robust solution,” Golec told us. “It connects with your CRM.

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Strategies and Trends for Effective Digital Advertising

Stevens & Tate

Every business, regardless of its niche or size, relies on marketing to build brand awareness, reach a target audience, foster customer relationships, and increase sales. But marketing is broad and relies on several networks, platforms, and systems. Digital advertising, for instance, is a form of marketing that is constantly evolving and proving to be quite effective when combined with other forms of digital marketing.

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Advertising on Snapchat: What Marketers Need to Know


Pop quiz: In which digital space can you find the exact location of a friend, attend a virtual concert, send pics and texts that only last as long as you want them to, peruse digital content generated and shared just for specific audiences, and peek into the lives of celebrities? Snapchat, of course! While the platform is sometimes dismissed a non-essential advertising channel, brands looking to reach younger audiences —as well as those seeking to be at the forefront of augmented reality (AR)- a

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Enablement Woes: Put an End to Content-Related Frustrations

Content frustrations are all too real and it’s time to tackle them head on. Let’s start with marketing. How many times do you use limited resources to create content sellers ignore, while outdated, off-brand materials and messaging continue to be shared? And sellers - how many selling hours do you spend hunting for just the right content, and if you find it, tailoring to specific buyer’s needs becomes your next challenge.

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Killed by the buzz: Why we’re losing words to the buzz effect (and what to do about it)

Velocity Partners

Here’s a question for you: What do buzzwords and That One Guy You Hate have in common? You guessed it. They both sneak into every conversation and meeting as if they own the place — but lack the substance to back up their swagger. And, yeah, they both tend to elicit eyerolls and exhaustion. But, unlike That One Guy, buzzwords are innocent bystanders.

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The Persuasive Power of the Infographic

Navigate the Channel

The proof that infographics work to boost and enhance content marketing is everywhere. Books. Blogs. Articles. Companies across industries use infographics frequently in countless educational, promotional and training materials. And software companies that help untrained-in-design humans create images and infographics are ubiquitous. As far back as 2014, the Harvard Business Review was touting how an effective infographic is “an instant revelation” and knowledge in a nutshell.

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The Best 10 Conversational AI for Sales


The right words don’t always come easy. It can even take hours to put an email together. Thankfully, there’s AI for that. Conversational AI for sales teams can eliminate a lot of repetitive tasks such as follow-up emails and customer queries and even generate sales collateral. Operationally, conversational AI speeds up processes within tools like your CRM or CMS, makes reporting easier, decision-making more effective, and so much more.

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How to build true demand in today’s buyer’s market, with Manuel Rietzsch


The undeniable reality of demand marketing is that buying behaviors have changed, and the old tried-and-true playbook hasn’t aged gracefully. “It’s much more a buyer’s market now than it used to be,” says Manuel Rietzsch, VP of Revenue Marketing at AudioEye. “There was much less information out there, and buyers had to engage with vendors much sooner in the cycle to get that information.

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3 Sizzling Ways to Warm up Cold Calls

Even in today’s data-driven sales world, cold calling remains a fact of life for many go-to-market professionals. Fortunately, today’s sales leaders have a crucial advantage over their predecessors: market intelligence and outreach platforms that can warm up virtually any introduction.

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INBOUND 2023 Recap: Curating a Remote-First Culture

SmartBug Media

Guest author Rachel Dong is an associate marketing manager on the SEO team at HubSpot How did SmartBug, a full service digital agency and an elite HubSpot partner, go from a company of one employee to 200 strong—and do so while being completely remote? At HubSpot’s INBOUND 2023, SmartBug CEO Jen Spencer answered this question by sharing her unique perspective on building a remote-first, employee-friendly work environment.

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Importance of Storytelling in Branding and Content Marketing


Introduction Have you ever listened to a lecture, TED Talk, or presentation and noticed how the speaker uses real-life experiences and stories to convey the message? There’s a reason for this: people appreciate hearing stories because they may make tough subjects seem more reachable. When it comes to content marketing, you want to ensure that your audience connects with your product or service, and storytelling may help you achieve that goal.

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Why data attribution matters


Data attribution is critical for marketers looking to understand the full impact of their campaigns. With that being said, what is data attribution and how does it help marketers make informed decisions? What is data attribution? Data attribution, also commonly referred to as marketing attribution, is the association of data points with specific marketing activities.

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We’re Breaking Free: Why It’s Time for Demand Gen Marketers to Own Their Data


I am shocked. S-H-O-C-K-E-D. By what? That many people reading our 2023 B2B paid social benchmark report were surprised by the high cost per opportunity (CPO) of paid social advertising. If you haven’t read our benchmark report, here’s the average CPO across LinkedIn and Facebook: CPO on LinkedIn (Left) vs. Facebook (Right) Pre-April 2022 My initial thought was, Why’s this shocking?

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Is Your ESG Communication a Walking Red Flag?

One moment, you're proudly releasing your annual report, and before you know it, six months have passed and attention has shifted. Not communicating your impact consistently to key stakeholders is what we call an ESG communication red flag. Think of red flags as common mistakes that hinder stakeholder engagement. While these slips in communication are rarely intentional, they can have a significant impact on how your ESG efforts are perceived.

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The Benefits of Using an Email Editor for Your Campaigns

Benchmark Email

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to harness the full potential of your email campaigns without being restrained by technical complexities or design limitations? Enter the email editor. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages that an email editor brings to the table, revolutionizing the way marketing professionals craft and deliver their messages.… The post The Benefits of Using an Email Editor for Your Campaigns appeared first on Benchmark Email.

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Unpacking the Rise of ABM and Ungated Content for B2B Marketers


Paid social advertising has changed a lot since Facebook (now Meta) introduced ads at an event in 2007 featuring executives from Blockbuster, CBS, and The Coca-Cola Company. Most of the changes have been positive. Audience targeting has advanced by leaps and bounds. Mobile optimization allows marketers to reach people on the go, and interactive ad formats allow them to captivate people in today’s fast-moving world.

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How to Grow a YouTube Channel the Right Way

Single Grain

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, but one platform that consistently commands attention is YouTube. Yet, as this social site becomes increasingly saturated, one thing people still want to know how to grow a YouTube channel. In this post, we’re going to dissect the key elements required to grow a YouTube channel today. By the end, you should have a bit better awareness of what levers you can pull to satisfy YouTube’s algorithm.

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