The 5 Levers of Direct Marketing

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Direct marketing is a results-oriented business. This ongoing adjustment and testing is what makes direct marketing so powerful. The post The 5 Levers of Direct Marketing appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

Goal-Directed Marketing: How Marketers Can Help Buyers Achieve Their Goals

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As digital interactions and media become more intertwined into everyday life, marketers need to respond. Plenty has changed in terms of marketing media in the last fifteen years. Although it may seem like plenty of intelligence, it is still not moving the needle in the right direction.

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Direct Marketing: 6 steps to drive more through sales pipeline

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Tweet We’ve all heard about how the digital age has been brutal for print media , and I fully expected direct mail to be taking a hit as well. A report-writing software generates $12,000 in weekly revenues from a direct mail investment of $1,930.

Direct Marketing Formats: A strategic look at 9 mailer options

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Direct marketing is a complex business with many elements to consider. The rule says 40% of your direct marketing program will depend on your mailing [.]. The post Direct Marketing Formats: A strategic look at 9 mailer options appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

4 Elements that drive B2B direct marketing results


They range from marketing managers to sales managers, and even presidents of smaller firms. If you’re an experienced B2B direct marketer, this is probably not for you. Good luck, as it’s not easy to obtain results in this over communicated and cluttered market place.

B2B: Where Social Media Meets Direct Marketing


Business marketers have embraced social media with enthusiasm. One of the reasons social media is working so well in B2B, in my opinion, is that business marketers tend to wear their direct marketing hats when they strategize and plan how to apply social media to their marketing objectives.

Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing?

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At Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit last month in San Francisco, there was much talk about the shifting function of marketing towards a more strategic, data-driven role within the modern corporation. You see similar sentiments echoed throughout the marketing press.

Stop Asking Your Marketing Agency for Client References

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As one of the principals at a B2B marketing agency , I get asked for them frequently (though not always) by prospective new clients and, quite aside from the hassle of selecting (who have we not asked recently?), Use LinkedIn to identify clients/past employers directly.

Rethinking Buyer Personas In An Era Of Digital Transformation

Tony Zambito

In the past five years, we have seen exponential disruption each year in multiple markets. Digital technologies and resulting transformation turning markets literally inside out. Approaches rooted in old principles of product marketing and purchasing for buyer personas are outdated.

Is B2B Content Engagement Heading In The Wrong Direction?

Tony Zambito

When it comes to the state of B2B content marketing and engagement, this proverb is on the mark. According to a recent study by Track Maven , one among a few on this topic, shows both B2B and B2C marketers have increased their publishing of content in 2015 by as much as 35 to 40%.

The Telltale 8% Drop In Content Marketing Effectiveness

Tony Zambito

The annual Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Study 2016 is quite startling. These mirror my own findings in conducting qualitative buyer persona research interviews directly with buyers the past two years. by Aha-Soft.

How Understanding The Goals And Intent Of Buyers Can Transform Marketing

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But was it something that was going to really transform our marketing? I believe this perspective from a Senior Director, Marketing from a SaaS and Cloud-based provider I interviewed a few months ago edifies this point: “It was an interesting process. Transform Marketing.

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State Of Buyer Personas 2016 Survey

Tony Zambito

I am looking for marketing and sales leaders in business organizations who have thought about or implemented buyer persona development. Yet, I am concerned that the true goal-directed and qualitative research essentials of buyer personas are being missed by CMOs, CSOs, and their teams.

The Emerging Importance Of B2B Ethnography To Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Yet, not very helpful for addressing the three concerns mentioned earlier nor to true goal-directed behavioral research related to buyer personas. The use of ethnographic research can be especially valuable for companies engaged in complex B2B marketing and long sales cycles.

New Approaches To Understand Customers Needed In A Digital Transformation World

Tony Zambito

Relying on a status quo of traditional means such as focus groups, win/loss oriented interviews, surveys, and buyer interviews that are grounded in conventional yet outdated sales and product marketing concepts. One that leads to organic growth in existing and new markets.

Mapping Buying Experiences: Creating Growth Through Aligning With Buyer Goals

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Not having insights into these types of goals will mean any experience or journey mapping will lack direction and a compass. This can especially help marketing and sales to be in alignment on interactions with new buyers and repeat customers.

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Digital Marketing Is Still Direct Marketing


If you're a marketing executive, and you're not a member of the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) , what are you waiting for? If you could use that kind of advice, too, check out my slides from last night for " Digital Marketing Is Direct Marketing.".

Confusing Customer Segmentation, Buyer Profiling, and Buyer Personas Harms Marketing

Tony Zambito

If you are a CMO or a marketer and you find yourself having a sudden realization that perhaps you are not quite sure of the differences, you will be in a lot of good company. The value of customer segmentation is it can tell you where to point your marketing and messaging.

4 Myths Preventing True B2B Customer Understanding

Tony Zambito

According to various studies over the years (by credible institutions such as Harvard) regarding market and customer research, approximately 80% or better of B2B customer research is conducted to reinforce current assumptions about customers. Myths Hurting B2B Marketing And Sales.

5 Ways B2B CMOs Can improve Audience Development With Buyer Persona Research

Tony Zambito

The term, audience development , has become more ubiquitous in the world of marketing. A recognition of the growing importance of digital content marketing to overall marketing strategies today. by Gregor Črešnar.

The Problem with Most Taglines

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The post The Problem with Most Taglines appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. Collateral Copywriting Direct Mail Direct Marketing General Online Advertising Print Advertising TV Advertising Web Marketing

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Knowing your direct mail break even point

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It goes without saying that before you begin to use direct mail, you need to know your numbers – specifically, the direct mail break even point. The post Knowing your direct mail break even point appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

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Is a direct mail postcard enough?

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The direct mail postcard is hot right now. Ask anyone who is considering direct mail, and their first thought is almost always to use a postcard. The post Is a direct mail postcard enough? appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

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7 Elements Of Customer Understanding The C-Suite Must Master

Tony Zambito

Incorporating the use of qualitative customer research that makes use of such techniques as goal-directed behavioral research, ethnographic research , and contextual inquiry. They should be focused on unique scenarios and most importantly, goal-directed behaviors. by Yarden Gilboa.

How B2B CMOs Can Achieve Customer-Centric Marketing With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

A recent survey by B2B Marketing, in conjunction with the UK-based agency Tomorrow People, indicated only 38% of marketers considered their content to be “very customer-centric.” Making it difficult to move beyond market and role-based segmentation. by Matt Brooks.

Informed Customer Understanding Should Guide Marketing

Tony Zambito

At the start of every year, CMOs and their teams can be besieged by proclamations of the three, four, five, or six things that they must do to succeed in marketing. One thing that is clear is the dynamics of markets, customers, and sellers continue to unfold in new ways.

Buyer Decisions Are Not What You Think

Tony Zambito

When marketing and sales leaders often think about how buyers make decisions, they are viewed through a prism of buyers making rational and process-driven decisions. What marketing and sales leaders must guard against is taking a very literal approach to this type of understanding.

State Of Buyer Personas 2016: Strong Correlation Between Effectiveness And Goals

Tony Zambito

72% of the respondent stated they were using buyer personas for content marketing and messaging while 45% stated they were using for assessing market challenges and problems, as well as, address overall marketing strategy – an increase from 28% the previous year. New Directions.

Study Confirms Importance Of Qualitative Research To Success With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

These facts from the 137 respondents, from a variety of roles primarily in marketing, shows a strong correlation between the use of qualitative research and the effectiveness of buyer personas. This is telling in the sense that buyer personas are still being “siloed” in marketing.

Beyond Buyer Profiling To Buyer Personification

Tony Zambito

Segmentation has been a staple of business marketing and sales for several decades. The concept of breaking down a potential market or industry into smaller target segments is a standard technique taught in business schools and used by many organizations. by Evan Shuster.

Is branding more important than direct marketing?


Marketers often come from two distinct backgrounds. Brand marketers are the ones whose work you see on TV. Direct marketers are decidedly less sexy, traditionally focusing on catalogs or direct mail letters, constantly searching for the next idea that increases response.

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Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Webinar Thursday, April 4

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Every marketer has a budget to stick to. There are cutting-edge direct marketing tactics that even the smallest budgets can afford, which can help drive business forward. How to recharge your marketing to make a difference to your bottom line this year.

Direct Response Advertising on the Google Display Network

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As many of you know, I have a long history in direct mail. I began as a direct mail copywriter in 1980 and have been at it ever since. But I would be the first to tell you that direct mail is not the solution for every business or every situation. Direct mail is but [.]. The post Direct Response Advertising on the Google Display Network appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

Use Buyer Persona Research To Improve B2B Customer Experience

Tony Zambito

In other words, approximately 80% of marketing and sales investments are going towards 20% of the buying decision. Applying models, diagrams, processes, mapping, journeys, and the like to, as one Vice President of Marketing put it to me, “make customer experience happen” in their organization.

3 Tips for Getting Prospects to Say “Yes” to a Meeting

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In my last post, I wrote about the critical nature of personal value in demand generation and B2B marketing in general. Excerpted from “The High Tech Direct Marketing Handbook.”

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


Most businesses now use social media for marketing and those efforts are expected to continue to increase, yet many marketers and top executives alike find the business value difficult to quantify. Top executives: social media marketing is for thee, but not for me.

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The state of B2B marketing in Asia—moving toward digital


A standout in the B2B marketing field is David Ketchum , CEO of the demand generation agency Current Asia , and author of Big M, little m Marketing: New Strategies for a New Asia. David also serves as chairman of the Digital + Direct Marketing Association of Hong Kong.

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Pursuit Of Goals Drive Buyer’s Journey

Tony Zambito

In business-to-business and consumer industries, the influence of goal-directed behaviors can be significant determinants of how choices and buying decisions are made. As of late in the transforming world of marketing, the nomenclature of the buyer’s journey has come into vogue.

How to create a direct mail test matrix

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Testing is the path to success in direct mail. The post How to create a direct mail test matrix appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. Direct Mail Direct Marketing Email Marketing General Lead Generation

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Speaking Directly About B2B Direct Marketing With BtoB Magazine

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As much as I rely on blogs and social media for information about B2B marketing, I still look forward to each new issue of BtoB Magazine landing on my desk. Our ideas, musings, thoughts, reviews on b2b marketing topics Whatever your industry, I’m sure you. MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work Blog.

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