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Does Direct Marketing Have A Role In Inbound Marketing?

Stevens & Tate

With the proven success of inbound marketing, you might be wondering if there’s a point to some of the traditional marketing strategies you may have once leveraged–for example, direct marketing. However, you would be mistaken to dismiss traditional forms of B2B marketing such as direct marketing.

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The 5 Levers of Direct Marketing

Direct Response Coach

Direct marketing is a results-oriented business. This ongoing adjustment and testing is what makes direct marketing so powerful. The post The 5 Levers of Direct Marketing appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. You don’t have to wonder whether your campaign is working.


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Marketing 101: What Is Direct Marketing?

US Data Corporation

Direct marketing is making direct contact with a specific audience to promote your products or services. It can be executed through various channels, including direct mail , email marketing , and telemarketing. A key factor in direct marketing is the “call to action,” also known as CTA. Telemarketing.

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Direct Marketing Formats: A strategic look at 9 mailer options

Direct Response Coach

Direct marketing is a complex business with many elements to consider. The rule says 40% of your direct marketing program will depend on your mailing [.]. The post Direct Marketing Formats: A strategic look at 9 mailer options appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing.

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Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

They rely on data to power products, business insights, and marketing strategy. From search engines to navigation systems, data is used to fuel products, manage risk, inform business strategy, create competitive analysis reports, provide direct marketing services, and much more.

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4 Elements that drive B2B direct marketing results


If you’re an experienced B2B direct marketer, this is probably not for you. In B2B, direct marketing copy leads the process, and finding a good direct marketing copywriter is almost as hard as going undefeated in the NFL. So with that in mind, this blog is focused on the basics. Like this post?

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Goal-Directed Marketing: How Marketers Can Help Buyers Achieve Their Goals

Tony Zambito

Marketers can employ a simple litmus test on the authenticity of buyer personas – if they are not based on qualitative research eliciting goals and goal-directed behaviors, as well as, created within a goal-directed framework, then they should be considered buyer profiles, not buyer personas.).