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Shifts in B2B Buyer Behavior Support New Priorities for Demand Gen Content

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Demand Gen Report has published the results of this year’s “B2B Buyer’s Survey,” and the trends identified merit close attention for those marketers involved in B2B demand generation and content development.

Beware the Siren Call of Pre-Qualified Leads

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There is a growing trend in the content syndication space, and among Cost Per Lead (CPL) programs in general, for media vendors to offer B2B clients the option of pre-qualified leads.

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ABM is a Strategy, Not a Campaign.

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ABM has different metrics (“leads” as such don’t really enter into the conversation), requires a different creative approach that is specific to companies, personas, even individuals, and demands highly personalized, relevant content.

The Demise of the White Paper is Greatly Exaggerated

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B2B marketers have long understood that identifying prospects by role, company type and selling stage, and then targeting content and campaigns to those same segments, is a sure recipe for success. If you can say anything about marketers, it’s that we love obituaries.

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The Content Marketing Pyramid

The Ultimate Framework To Develop & Execute Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do ABM Marketers Underestimate the Value of Messaging?

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Earlier this year, he launched The B2B Content Agency to provide clients with buyer research, message strategy and insight-lead sales narratives. Steve Patti is a former B2B CMO, agency CEO, and CxO advisor with 30 years of international experience helping brands grow revenues.

7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

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Blogging – Few companies want blog posts to be overtly promotional, but there are still ways to leverage blog content to drive show traffic. Even in this digital age, trade shows are still a core part of many B2B marketers’ 2017 demand generation plans.

Infographic: Top 10 Types of Demand Generation Content

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Choosing the right content offer for a demand generation campaign isn’t simply about aligning that content with a particular buying persona. Or start with one core piece of content – say, a white paper – and then repurpose it in multiple forms.

Email 101: Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know

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To be successful in driving engagement from business buyers, it’s not enough that marketing content simply be relevant to the individual reader.

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Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

billion on content creation Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2

Which Comes First: Lead Nurturing or Inside Sales?

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However, reading your content it sounds like we should be putting leads in a nurture program before qualifying them. For a long time, “ lead nurturing ” was thought of as something you did with the leads that sales didn’t want.

Which Content, Tactics & Technologies Are Driving Demand Generation ROI?

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A recent survey by content automation company TechValidate and B2B agency Spear Marketing Group provides useful insight into the content, tactics, and technologies proving most valuable for today’s B2B marketers.

Forrester thinks Content Marketing Isn’t Working – They’re Half Right

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Over at Forrester Research, Vice President Laura Ramos recently talked to Advertising Age (“ Marketers Still Struggling to Get Results from Content Marketing “) about what she perceives as a general lack of return from the investment so many companies are making in content marketing.

Why Are People Not Engaging With Our Content?

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According to a recent report, “ The Content Marketing Paradox ,” content marketing output increased by 35 percent in 2015, while engagement dropped 17 percent. However, I think there are two other, more significant reasons why so much content marketing gets ignored: 1.

A Follow-Up Strategy for Content Syndication Leads

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It’s important to recognize that content syndication leads are not like most sales leads. If you hand off content syndication leads to your sales force without setting these expectations, your program may be doomed to fail. references the specific content asset.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth

3 Problems You Need to Solve Before You Buy New Marketing Technology

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Poor Content. Content is hard work. But good content is the lifeblood of effective demand generation. By “good content” I mean information of value that speaks to your audience’s pain, problems, and challenges and not content that simply sings the praises of your product.

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10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog

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And no, #1 is not “write better content” (because you already knew that.). The best way to convert organic blog visitors to subscribers is to write great content. That way, readers who enjoy your blog posts have a vehicle to request additional, related content.

Please Don’t Let Your Sales Reps Nurture Leads

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Prospects who then engage with that nurturing content can then be further profiled, or scored, and the rep can be alerted based on pre-defined triggers. (At Bear with me as I relate a quick story about lead nurturing: A few months back I became a sales lead.

[Infographic] 10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog

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They may feature relevant content, of real value, published with good frequency. Sourcing, developing, and publishing great content is the hard work. If you’ve got the content nailed, turning your blog into a demand generation machine may require little more than a few simple changes.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales

7 Steps to a Successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

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content-driven – so that it drives engagement and dialogue, vs. a program that attempts to sell a solution or drive meetings exclusively, and finally. •

ABM & the Marketing Hype Cycle

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Marketers see a new hot topic to write about, and so produce content about ABM. An interesting question popped up in my LinkedIn feed this week: “Does anyone remember all those times we used ABM before it was called ABM?”.

Infographic: 8 Ways to Get B2B Demand Gen Back on Track

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The survey results are yet more evidence that while marketing technology, properly deployed, can be a boon to both productivity and effectiveness, it’s the basics: strategy, creative, messaging, and good content, that ultimately are the primary contributors to demand generation success.

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A Simple 2-Step Technique for Improving Lead Follow Up

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In an era when “demand generation” and “content marketing” are virtually synonymous, most B2B sales leads are the result of a prospect downloading or requesting content. Step 1: Fulfill marketing content via email.

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Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads

Generating demand and ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality, actionable leads is what makes B2B marketers successful

Origami Logic Scores Gold with “Brand Olympics” Campaign

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The microsite features different marketing campaigns each week, spotlights the brands driving the most engagement on social media, and provides articles, blog posts, and other content that showcases top performing campaigns.

10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-up Campaign

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Consider a triggered program of 2-3 emails in the days following the show (offering varying types of informational content) so that prospects don’t wait weeks until they next hear from you.

4 Key Takeaways from the 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit

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As we marketers assume responsibility (or at least accountability) for more of the sales cycle, it makes sense that the strategies, programs, content and channels we employ are brought to bear against more than just the top of the funnel.

How Do We Find People Who Are Ready to Buy Our Product?

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My response: Finding highly-qualified, late-stage prospects has less to do with demand generation channels or tactics, and much more to do with content. Does that mean you should only ever use late stage content?

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8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust

Report: Targeting & Predictive Analytics Driving Changes in B2B Email

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The main barrier to greater segmentation, however, is content. But in reality, when that next campaign needs to be in market next week, many companies find they don’t have the time or the resources to develop the additional content or versions that segmentation demands.

Observations from the 2017 Marketo Summit

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CEO Lucas made a compelling argument in the opening keynote that prospective customers want “quality, not volume” in the content and messaging they see from vendors. good content, and solid creative. and the wealth of content needed to support hyper-targeted campaigns.

Moving Past Responsive Design to a Mobile-First Email Strategy

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Offer mobile-friendly content (for example, ebooks formatted to read on a mobile device, vs. traditional white papers.). Consider a “save this offer” or “remind me” call to action so that the user can choose to download the content at a later time.

Quit Obsessing About the Customer Journey

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And the more that your message and content reflect a prospect’s stage in the selling cycle, the better. Marketing nerds love to talk about mid-stage programs and late-stage content, and the like, but how do we really know?

Is B2B Lead Generation Really This Difficult?

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Never mind that, over the long term and with the appropriate lead nurturing in place, other lead generation tactics (notably content marketing) are far more cost-effective.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes

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It’s a common fallacy, as with martech in general, that simply the act of implementing marketing automation breeds success, and that the technology alone renders all other factors – content, offer, creative, etc.

Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing?

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Content. Good content – and, more specifically, here I mean offer content – is the fuel that feeds modern B2B marketing. Good content ensures that the information you’re offering is topical and relevant.

5 Reasons to Gate Lead Nurturing Content

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A client asks: “I notice that you’re recommending we gate our offer content behind landing pages as part of the lead nurturing campaign. If you score clicks as “responses,” you risk over-inflating the value of leads who may only have passing interest in your content.

Content Selling: How Sales Can Better Leverage Marketing Content

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree , developers of an intriguing new solution, built for both and mobile (iOS), that enables sales teams to instantly find, surface, and present the ideal content in any selling situation.

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