Why Relevant Content Is Not Enough


With Content Marketing World just weeks away, my mind has been on the number of organizations that have increased their marketing spend on the creation of new content. of organizations have indicated that they are spending more on content development than they did in 2014.

Content Relevance- Keeps It Far From Boring


Why do some company’s struggle developing effective content and others seem to hit it out of the park every time? It could be a few reasons, but most of all, it has to do with relevance of the content. But how can marketers ensure their content is consumed? Relevance.

Delivery relevancy


Creating value and remaining relevant is critical. Organizations, especially with bigger names, failed to understand the importance of relevancy went out of business, lost market share, or were acquired by another name. Relevancy for brands means revenues.

Create relevant content based on personality profiles

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We know relevance resonates. Content that addresses each audience interest, persona and situation performs better than generic content. So why not create content based on personality profiles? Content Marketing

Rebooting your Strategic Content and Communications: A Formula for an Evolved Enterprise

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Content is a B2B brand’s currency to demonstrate relevance and, with emerging channels and interfaces like chat and voice, it’s bringing brands closer to their customers. The engine underneath is training, governance and a modern content and communications organization.

Five levers of relevance for digital authors


In my last article, Stop doing short-term campaigns , I said that cognitive effort was the “lever of relevance.” So if you want to geek out on it, read the book Audience, Relevance, and Search. ” What is relevance? In rough terms: Relevance = interest/effort.

How to Make Your Emails More Relevant and Effective

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The post How to Make Your Emails More Relevant and Effective appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingAs an email marketer, it’s your job to recognize and pay attention to the needs of your subscribers.

Why Contextual Relevance Is Everything, Marketers

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The word Steve was referring to was relevance. In marketing and advertising terms, it means providing your customer, and prospect for that matter, with content that is relevant to them."

Create relevant content based on personality profiles


We know relevance resonates. Content that addresses each audience interest, persona and situation performs better than generic content. So why not create content based on personality profiles? Content Marketing Content Operations

Is the Classic Webinar Still Relevant?


So goes the standard webinar, a content format that has become a key pillar of content marketing in the last decade. A fresher webinar format is but one way content marketing will evolve this year. The post Is the Classic Webinar Still Relevant? We all know the drill.

The Sales Enablement Handbook

Content based 2. Sales enablement which is content based involves the provision of useful assets. Here‘s what amazing 10x quality sales content can do for your revenue: - Enables reps to succeed and boosts confidence! they use; be it content, training or technology based.

Is Content Marketing Still Relevant In Today’s Marketing World?

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Over the past 24 months, content marketing has swept over the digital marketing world. Brands have been encouraged to think and act like media companies, pushing out content at a prodigious pace. Content marketing has become the new marketing paradigm, pushing aside former marketing favorites such as search engine optimization (SEO). Content marketing offered a fundamental choice of “pull” vs. “push.”

How Relevant Content and Closed-Loop Analytics Can Up Your Content Game


Are you ready to create content that makes you stand out from the competition? Learn how closed-loop analytics and relevant content can up your game. Content Marketing Reports & Analytics

Accelerate Conversions with Clean Data and Relevant Content

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Among some of the most frustrating challenges marketers face, easy access to relevant content, a clean integrated contact database, and responsive cross device email options create hurdles on a daily basis.

The Relevance Maturity Matrix Helps B2B Marketers Close the Gap

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A good customer experience must be relevant. As I stated in my book, Digital Relevance, “…a process for continuous improvement will enable your marketing team to tweak and refine strategy progressively to keep your brand relevant in the face of change.”.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

But following closely behind is the desire to improve content marketing efforts. Because content. The biggest challenges that B2B marketers are facing this year are related to content: creating. Content-related challenges. content marketing efforts.

Is programmatic advertising relevant in B2B?


Yet, most B2B marketers still don’t see it as relevant. That’s got to be attractive, so why isn’t it also seen as relevant? demographics like gender are of less relevance in B2B markets). The post Is programmatic advertising relevant in B2B?

Why Benchmarks Matter – Relevant Data


The comparisons between enterprise organizations and smaller organizations may not be relevant, it all depends on the data. They attempt to measure the performance of their marketing, optimize technology platforms, deliver relevant content to their buyers and struggle to address the marketing skills gap like most organizations. Less than 50 percent put lead scoring value on their content based on where it falls in the purchase process.

The Power of a Messaging Matrix to Boost Relevance, Engagement & Conversions


Why Create a Messaging Matrix – Your Tool to Relevance, Engagement, and Conversions. Maybe you even have a strong content marketing plan and content calendar. In fact, you can use target audience metrics to build more personalized content !

Digital Relevance: Developing Marketing Content and Strategies that Drive Results


Ardath Albee’s new book Digital Relevance: Developing Market ing Content and Strategies that Drive Results was published by Palgrave Macmillan (January 6, 2015). Developing Marketing Content. Marketing Strategy Content Marketing

Staying Relevant in Sales as AI and Technology Continue to Take Over

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One way we can keep our relevance is by continuing to look for ways we can add context throughout the sales process. If we as sales professionals are not adding any context to the content then we bring no additional value to what marketing and technology are already doing.

Business Newsletters: Is Your Newsletter Still Relevant?

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I am frequently asked if business newsletters are still relevant, or if blogs, social media, and videos have replaced them. He said, ‘They want me to read it because they feel the content is often pertinent to what’s going on at the company.’

6 Ideas to Create More Relevant Lead Nurturing Emails

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But something I wanted to hear more about was relevance. A recent MarketingSherpa survey of email recipients found that 58% of those who stop reading, disengage or unsubscribe later cite “lack of relevance” as a key factor. What content do they need?

Creating Relevant B2B Marketing Content: Walk the Talk

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That is pretty much the mantra of B2B content marketing. Nothing happens until your site visitors and blog readers take some kind of an action after reading your content. What marketing content you serve at each phase of the buying cycle also matters.

Why Relevance Outsmarts Personalization in B2B Marketing


Marketers must focus on delivering relevance over an extended period of time to answer the questions that ultimately define the buyer’s journey. We must know why they are looking for a solution to a particular problem to ensure we’re delivering the appropriate content at the right time.

Boost Email Relevancy With Dynamic Content

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IMO, they are and will continue to be very useful provided your content is relevant. The solution – use dynamic content to boost relevancy of your emails and make them highly personalized in order to truly engage with your audience of engineering, technical and industrial professionals. What is dynamic content in emails? Simply stated, dynamic content is mail merge on steroids. Why do you need dynamic content? When should you use dynamic content?

Creating Relevant Content for Industrial Marketing is a Challenge

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Creating content that an industrial and technical audience will find relevant is not easy. This is only a content summary. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.]. Content Marketing Sales Strategies Engineering Inbound Marketing Industrial distributors Industrial Marketing Manuafcturing ManufacturersI am not referring to the age-old question, “What will we write about?”

How Relevant Marketing Content Helps B2B Branding

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Relevant marketing content – key to thought leadership Positioning your company as a thought leader is critical in complex technical sales that have long buying cycles with many decision makers involved. We are all used to seeing case studies and they are powerful marketing content.

How a Content Refresh Can Help You Stay Relevant

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Author: Elaine Ip If you’re a savvy digital marketer, you’ve probably been on the content marketing train for years. Bonus points for you, but is that pile of existing content starting to look a little stale? How is a content marketer supposed to keep up with that kind of change?

Things Have Changed: Social Media’s Relevance to Marketers Post-2018

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One of the main takeaways is that users’ trust in sponsored content and advertising claims on social media has eroded significantly. Since these posts are temporary (unless you pin one to your feed), brands now need to produce an exponentially greater volume of content.

Why Reddit Is Relevant To Marketers [CHART]

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As the self-proclaimed “Front page of the Internet”, Reddit has a massive community continuously aggregating and curating content across hundreds of topical areas (sub-reddits) with the power to drive substantial traffic.

Industrial Content Reengineering for Improving WIFM Relevance

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Tweet The challenge for many industrial marketers is making their content relevant to their prospects and customers. It is not possible to automatically trigger content when there are no regular behavioral patterns to measure and score. One solution that I’ve found to work well is to reengineer your existing content to focus on answering the “What’s in it for me (WIFM)?” Why is industrial content reengineering important?

Practical Tips to Develop a Relevant SMS Marketing Campaign in 2019


In this article, let’s see whether SMS would be a viable channel for your business, and how you can make your SMS marketing campaigns relevant in 2019. to save space,” advises Kristen Landry, head of the content department at BestWritersCanada.

SMS 69

Facebook’s Relevancy Score: What You Need to Know

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One particularly important statistic to note is the relevance score. In this blog, paid search specialists Hallam Internet discuss what a Facebook relevance score is, how it works, and how you can improve yours. What is a Facebook Relevancy Score?

Is Facebook Still Relevant for B2B?

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If your B2B does not have the content, subject matter, or audience for Facebook, then don’t force it. As a digital marketing firm we get questions daily about how different strategies can work for our clients.

Q&A with Ardath Albee: Driving Smart Marketing with Digital Relevance

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Delivering on the promise of relevance is a core goal for all marketers, but it appears that there are significant disconnects in organizations’’ abilities to strategically execute on this across all integrated activities. web and content teams)?

Why Relevance Outsmarts Personalization in B2B Marketing


Marketers must focus on delivering relevance over an extended period of time to answer the questions that ultimately define the buyer’s journey. We must know why they are looking for a solution to a particular problem to ensure we’re delivering the appropriate content at the right time.