Demand Gen And The Whale: 5 Takeaways From Marketing World 2011

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Recently, presented at a wonderful event in New Orleans – Frost & Sullivan’s Marketing World 2011. The format of the event encouraged genuine dialogue about the challenges facing demand generation professionals today. Lots of discussion, case studies, and debate on the role of social in demand generation. by Jennifer Horton | Tweet this. It was a well-attended session and the group shared several ideas, providing a great opportunity to learn from my peers.

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B2B Marketing Insider Top Posts Of 2011

Marketing Insider Group

Whatever the reason for humanity’s obsession, here’s my simple objective: to share with you the B2B Marketing posts that generated the most traffic, conversation and sharing in 2011. I’m not sure why we are obsessed with lists at the end of each year.

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2011 B2B Marketing Outlook, According to Google

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In the survey, more than 600 B2B marketing executives answered questions about their budgets, marketing mix, and key challenges for 2011. 1 in 3 marketers think measuring ROI will be their top marketing challenge in 2011.

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The Top-10 B2B Marketing Trends for 2011

Everything Technology Marketing

It is January and time again for the obligatory 2011 predictions. Many marketing experts have strong opinions on what they think will happen in 2011. I asked you to rank the marketing areas you think will become more important in 2011. Happy New Year!

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B2B BloggingTrends in 2011

Ambal's Amusings

Given the rising importance of B2B blogging, Tony Karrer and Tom Pick have brought together the best thought leaders in B2B blogging to answer some key questions in B2B BloggingTrends in 2011. What do you see as key trends in B2B Blogging for 2011?

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Aha! Marketing Leaders Reveal Their Most Powerful Marketing Insights from 2011

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Tweet At the B2B Summit 2011 in San Francisco, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content at MECLABS, asked me and a few other attendees to reveal our most important “aha” moments in 2011. 2:40 – Karen Hayward, CMO and EVP of CenterBeam , believes it’s time for marketers to be accountable for results and has been working diligently with her team throughout 2011 to demonstrate that. 2011 was about … owning our accountability.”.

How To Measure B2B Demand Generation

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One caveat before you read on: This answer is specific to measuring B2B Demand Generation. My Answer: The best way to measure the success of Demand Generation efforts is Revenue! Demand GenerationHow to measure B2B Marketing. This question was asked recently on

From a Challenging Marketing Past to the Most Promising Marketing Future: Top Takeaways from the 2011 B2B Roundtable Webinars

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Paul explains how here: The Future of Marketing: The Evolution from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management. Find out much more here: Finish 2011 Strong: Six Funnel Focal Points to Maximize Time, Resources and Revenues Part 1 and Part 2.

The Science of Creating Demand, Upon Demand, When Demand is Needed


You see there is a science in creating demand and I’m not talking about where to place “Click Here” versus the word “Register,” I am talking about more strategic issues. Let me tell you a story about a Marketing-Lead-Generation-Wizard* and How He Created Demand.

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DemandCon: Why Storytelling Drives Demand Generation [Video]

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For Ernst, demand generation starts with great storytelling. Demand Generation B2B b2b marketing Content Marketing crm DemandCon Forrester Research Jeff Ernst lead management Lead Nurturing Salesforce stories storytelling TEDby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

Thank You to Our 27 Guest Marketing and Sales Bloggers in 2011!


Demand creation. The most frequently mentioned words—b2b, marketing, sales, lead, generation, demand and automation—are a nice way to summarize the areas addressed in their thought leadership contributions. Here are our guest marketing and sales bloggers along with their ViewPoint posts in 2011: Ardath Albee , CEO, Marketing Interactions eMarketing Expert Ardath Albee on the Limitations of a Lead Gen Mindset.

Green Leads Acquires Target 250 – Forms Fastest-Growing B2B Demand Gen Company in North America and Europe

Smashmouth Marketing

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (Marketwire – May 4, 2011) – Today, at the SiriusDecisions Summit, Green Leads announced the acquisition of Target 250 to form the fastest-growing pay-for-performance demand generation company in the industry.

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Buyerology Trend: Think Demand Fulfillment vs. Demand Generation

Tony Zambito

  This article looks at how buyers are seeking fulfillment in their efforts to achieve goals and what this means to the future of demand generation.  Buyer Trend: On A Quest to Be Demand Fulfilled.

B2B Marketing Automation Growth Slowed In First Half of 2011

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Here’s the actual data: As of: Client Count Year-Earlier Client Count Change in Client Count Growth Rate June 2011 17,215 11,098 6,117 55% December 2011 14,177 7,212 6,965 97% These figures come from eight vendors including all the industry heavyweights: Infusionsoft , OfficeAutoPilot , HubSpot , Pardot , Marketo , Eloqua , Manticore Technology , and Genius. You know that red-hot B2B marketing automation industry? Don’t look now, but growth is already slowing.

The New Alliance Between Sales and Marketing – SiriusDecisions 2011 Recap


Sales productivity is every bit as much a part of marketing’s mandate as branding and demand generation. I spent last week at the Sirius Decision Summit. As usual, it was a tremendously rewarding and informative event. This year marked the largest crowd ever for the six-year annual event. Attendees received more than their money’s worth with a mix of great content, research and end-user case studies. The theme for this year’s event was “B-to-B Sales and Marketing – Forging a New Alliance”.

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The Future of Marketing: The Evolution from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management

B2B Lead Generation

Watch the webinar replay here: The Evolution from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management from B2B Lead Roundtable on Vimeo.

Moving from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management

B2B Lead Generation

We had no more announced the subject of our last B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Webinar – 2011 Lead Generation Trends and Challenges , presented by our own selling expert and Director of Best Practices, Dave Green – when Eloqua posted this blog about the “next frontier of competitive advantage.”.

Quality Leads Produce Better Pipeline: SiriusDecisions 2011 Summit

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Green Leads is pleased to announce that we will be a Gold Sponsor at the SiriusDecisions 2011 Summit--B2B Sales and Marketing: Forging a New Alliance. This event is considered the premiere B2B Sales and Marketing event of the year and if you are into Sales, Marketing, Demand Gen, and any discipline that surrounds it, this is the event to attend. ” Demand gen specialists have long debated the topic of Sales Ready Leads--Quality vs. Quantity.

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February 2011 Release – On-Demand Contacts, User-Generated Contacts, Fortune 500 / 1000 Search and more

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Here are your V60 February release highlights: • Enhanced On-Demand Contact Search • User-Generated Contact Profiles • Fortune 500 and 1000 [.]. Product Updates Prospecting Sales Data Sales Intelligence Social Selling February 2011 release on-demand business contacts partner search social profiles socialize your contacts user-generated contacts v60 releaseHow fast can software go from 0 to 60? February marks our 60th release of InsideView in just five years!

Demand Gen Freestyle Takeaways from

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Two weeks ago I hosted participated in's Demand Gen Freestyle (replay here) discussions. Craig Rosenberg hosted the Demand Gen centered discussion, with a panel of Adam Needles of Left Brain Marketing , Cody Young of Reach Force , and Tom Searce of Searce Market Development and myself. We talked a lot about what isn't working in b2b demand generation, and shared some stories about things that are working. Demand Gen Freestyle (replay here

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What to Expect at Eloqua Experience

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Eloqua Experience 2011 kicks off after much anticipation. More attendees are expected at Eloqua Experience 2011 than ever before. Demand Generation Eloqua Eloqua Experience Eloqua Experience 2011 lead management marketing automation

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Demand Generation and Lead Management Explained

The Effective Marketer

Last week Carlos Hidalgo , CEO of the Annuitas Group , shared on the Software Advice blog a nice video explaining two basic concepts that are often used interchangeably by vendors and even analysts in the Marketing Automation space but should in fact be treated as separate concepts: Demand Generation and Lead Management. Demand Generation vs. Lead Management. According to Carlos, Demand Generation has two goals: Filling the funnel.

“You Had Me At Revenue”: 5 Lessons From The SiriusDecisions Summit

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Surprisingly, 41% of attendees said that they “have no content strategy.” Discussions about social media revealed that there are a wide range of beliefs about the value of social media to demand gen and, to be sure, the best ways to incorporate social media into demand generation programs.

Book Review: Adam Needles' Balancing the Demand Equation

Customer Experience Matrix

Adam Needles’ new book Balancing the Demand Equation (available here from Amazon ) closes the gap. Needles is a well-known industry leader who is Chief Strategy Officer at demand generation agency Leftbrain DGA. His book starts with a review of changes in the B2B buying process and the new demands these place on B2B marketers. We’re talking about a massive overhaul of how we approach B2B demand generation and a significant re-orientation for B2B marketers.

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Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2011

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Summary: 2011 will see continued adjustment as B2B lead generators experiment with the opportunities provided by new media. This will eventually lead to a backlash against marketing automation, although that might not happen until after 2011. Marketers in 2011 will still be confused about how to make best use of the many opportunities presented by social media. 2011 predictions demand generation marketing automation industry trends

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Social media success demands talent above technology


Image via CrunchBase. In response to Inside a Social Media News Release , Jonathan Rick asked me , “Isn’t this essentially the same thing than what Pitch Engine offers?” ” Jason Kintzler then added , “Yes Jonathan, exactly! Did I mention you can do it all for free?!” ” Well, my response is the topic of this post today, “The article is only about the what and why of the Social Media News Release and not the how. Pitch Engine is a how!”

“Sirius” About Marketing Operations

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Marketing Measurement b2b marketing benchmarking data database marketing Demand Generation Jonathan Block marketing automation marketing operations sales and marketing alignment siriusdecisions SiriusDecisions Summit 2011by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

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Earthquakes & Marketers on the Twittersphere [Chart]

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Demand Generation #EE11SF b2b marketing Content Marketing Eloqua Experience Eloqua Experience 2011 lead management Lead Nurturingby Egan Cheung | Tweet this What a week! Eloqua Experience wrapped up yesterday, and it was rocking!

5 Demand Generation Tips From DemandCon [Video]

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Not surprisingly, the topic at DemandCon this week is demand generation. But, as everyone in sales and marketing knows, there are dozens of subtopics that fall under demand generation’s umbrella from lead scoring to content creation. We asked folks at DemandCon to give us their number one demand generation tip, and the results were wide ranging. Jennifer Pockell-Wilson , Vice President of Marketing and Demand Operations, DemandBase. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

Oracle Integrates On Demand Marketing with On Demand CRM

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Summary: Oracle has integrated marketing automation with its on-demand CRM product. In February they released the first “Oraclized” version of the product, now Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing. This included a redesigned user interface that matches the look, feel, and terminology of Oracle’s on-demand CRM product, is available in the same 20 languages, and allows unified user IDs and log-ins. The new system uses the same data structures as the rest of Oracle CRM On Demand.

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My social media marketing posts from 2011


I have been writing for Biznology every Tuesday since January 18th, 2011, so there are quite a few posts that may well be useful for you now that you never had an opportunity to read before — before you knew about Biznology or me.

Twitter success demands both top influencers and everyone else


Image via CrunchBase. Too many colleagues, organizations, and companies are keeping their circles of influencers small, believing it is better to invest limited time and resources on the most influential, the most popular, and the most celebrated. Happens in DC all the time. I’m rocking the latest dinner party, parlaying attendees with my wit and banter, when someone snazzier and trendier enters. Immediately I’ve lost my audience’s attention.

Moving from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management

B2B Lead Generation

We had no more announced the subject of our last B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Webinar – 2011 Lead Generation Trends and Challenges , presented by our own selling expert and Director of Best Practices, Dave Green – when Eloqua posted this blog about the “next frontier of competitive advantage.”.

The 3 Big Themes of Demand Generation [Video]

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Demand generation might sound pretty wonky. Appropriately, the inaugural DemandCon event served many different demand generation dishes. The quest for predictable revenue growth demands nothing less than a dramatic shift in methodologies. What your big demand generation topic? Demand Generation Content Marketing DemandCon lead management Lead Nurturing marketing automation revenue Revenue Performance Management RPMby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

Software Advice Whiteboard Session with The Annuitas Group – Demand Generation Vs. Lead Management


Demand generation and lead management are two terms that companies should be fairly familiar with, but it turns out there is quite a bit of confusion around the two. Demand Generation Lead Management ProcessSoftware Advice recently hosted this two-part whiteboard session with Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas Group and Executive Director of the Marketing Automation Institute to explain the difference and how companies can make sure they develop successful programs for both.

Eloqua Goes Titanium

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Because it’s such an epic event, Eloqua is thrilled to have upped our involvement in 2011. Not only will our booth stand tall – literally – in 2011, but our roots will spread far and wide. We have lots of fun and engaging stuff planned for Dreamforce 2011. Digital Marketing cloud computing Demand Generation Dreamforce Dreamforce 2011 Eloqua Marc Benioff marketing Twitter

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Best Quora Guides and Insights of 2011


According to, traffic to the site did fall off sharply in February and March of 2011 after an initial surge, but has rebounded to new highs since then (though half a million unique visitors per month isn’t particularly impressive for a social media site).

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Prevent Demand Generation Failure with Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Recently, Adam Needles, Left Brain Marketing’s VP of Demand Generation Strategy, posted a thought provoking article entitled Why Do (Well-intentioned) B2B Demand Generation Efforts Fail? You don’t frame your demand generation plans in terms of the “reverse funnel math”.

BMW can imprint eyelids, we’ll drive demand.

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Demand Generation advertising Benny Rachamim BMW data Dave Lewis DemandGen Jill Rowley Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring sales and marketing alignmentby Amber Stevens | Tweet this. Have you seen this video? Take a look. It’s reminiscent of the days of subliminal advertising – using extremely bright flashes of light to burn an impression of their brand logo into on-lookers retinas!

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Forget About Hot Leads. It’s Cold Leads that Make the Difference.

The Point

For a more detailed discussion on the value of a lead nurturing approach, download a free copy of Spear’s white paper: “ Lead Recycling™: A More Cost Effective Approach to Demand Generation for High-Technology Companies ”.