Tech Review: HipChat vs. Skype

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That’s why, to improve the communication throughout the growing employees and offices taking place at eMagine, we’re testing out a new communication method: HipChat – or what our CEO calls, “Skype on steroids”.

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Are you a social media marketing hunter?


Are they actually on Twitter — or maybe just monitoring Twitter? Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing Animal trapping Facebook Foraging Google Google Alerts Hunting linkedin Skype social media twitter

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14 Sanity Saving Apps For Business Travelers

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Twitter Mobile App. Skype Mobile App. Twitter. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If your job involves a lot of travel, you know how maddening it can be: the delayed flights, the missed connections, the inability to find a good cup of coffee in a foreign city.

List of Brand-Side Corporate Social Strategists: Twitter Edition


It’s an outstanding list, categorized by industry including Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics, Telecommunications, and a dozen other sectors, but all of the names were linked to the individuals’ LinkedIn profiles—no Twitter links! It’s also possible there may be errors in my list; please let me know in the comments or through my Twitter if you find any, and I will correct them.

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Twitter Strategy, Promoting Events with Visuals + Podcasting Tips!


The CEO’s Guide to Listening on Twitter. HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan shares his experience on how to use Twitter for getting readers’ and customers’ feedback and comments. And what are you ideas about how to create custom podcasts or listen on Twitter?

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2013: The Year of Internet Marketing Basics


Social media – Make sure you do everything you can to fully understand Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then use it appropriately to move your business forward. Internet Marketing Facebook Google Internet marketing linkedin social media twitterPhoto credit: Wikipedia.

Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


A couple Sundays ago I met up with Joseph Thornley , Lynette Young , and Shel Holtz on video Skype to record episode 15 of Shel’s industry-trusted and industry-respected PR podcast, For Immediate Release , AKA the FIR Podcast.

Do you have a handle on your online reputation?


Why not create LinkedIn, Twitter and When you share, are you sharing openly and publicly or do you have your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ locked down? Do you share all of your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+?

5 Ways to Get the Most From Google+ Communities


It’s now overtaken Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as the second-largest social media network. Social Media Marketing Facebook Google GoToMeeting linkedin pinterest social media twitter Photo credit: Wikipedia.

How Siri and Google Now could change the social media landscape

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Twitter’s spat with Instagram and Facebook’s continuing restrictions on data use are all about making sure that you use their website and applications — i.e., come to their house –so they can serve you the ads that make them money. Connect with Neicole on Twitter at @ neicolec.

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3 Tips for Future-proofing Your Digital Career

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I’ve met with clients from across the world in my hometown, listened to their problems on Skype, and tried my best to find the common “human” link. My social network is on Twitter. I make my money through digital illustration, Skype consulting and Amazon ebook sales.

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18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business


Stout shares a number of unique and helpful tips here for making your Google+ posts stand out, such as using and asterisk before and after your post title to make it bold; writing a meaty summary (“This isn’t Twitter, so don’t worry about it being less than 140 characters.

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How Smart People Do Social Selling


Skype call. Twitter direct messages. They know tricks like how to record a short personalized video (less than 30 seconds) on their phone and then send it to someone via Twitter. If you’re still on Twitter baby steps, sending a video message might seem out of reach.

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Twitter and Customer Service - Potential PR Nightmare

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Your company may have just started down the path of using Twitter as another communication channel. (If The question that you may be grappling with is this: How should Twitter be used for customer service? Respond to the twitterer directly. email, phone, Twitter etc.)

Agency Focus: How Content Marketing is Changing, & How to Measure It


Social Media Tools – participation in channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Meeting/Web Conferencing Software – GoToMeeting, Skype, Cisco’s WebEx, etc. whereas on Twitter, it’s at 12:00 p.m. Twitter ), medium (e.g.

Three huge ideas to build your networking momentum

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I may have shared his posts to Twitter, but I honestly can’t remember. Side note: I think Skype and Google Hangouts are unique ways to fulfill the face-to-face needs when location is working against you. I may have shared his posts to Twitter, but I honestly can''t remember.

3 essential steps to build a powerful personal online brand

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There are many ways to do this but here are three ideas to get you started: Twitter Lists — if you are trying to build a targeted audience for your content, there is no faster way that mining the vast resources of Twitter. You can find a full Twitter List tutorial here.

How to Sell When You’re on Vacation: Tips for Putting Your Out-of-Office Reply to Work


Example Signature: [Name] | [Twitter Handle]. Mobile/Skype] | [Office/Skype]. From those 45 clicks, three people reshared this content via Twitter. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.

58 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2017


Some of the web-based services that work with IFTTT include Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, and much, much more. Twitter. Twitter. Skype. Skype. Twitter.

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12 Tools & Resources to Help You Create Better Buyer Personas


To make sure you''re still having rich and productive virtual conversations, here are two tools you can use: 1) Skype. Skype has a list of useful tools you can use to record Skype calls, and Google Hangouts are automatically recorded. Connect your Twitter account to Followerwonk.

My Favorite Productivity Apps – Multimedia & Web

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You can even create collages like the one I use for my Twitter page background. I record phone calls using Skype and MX Skype Recorder. Tweetdeck for Twitter is one.


How to turn blog readers into brand advocates

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It was recognized by the Wall Street journal as twitter app of the the year. When somebody you’ve never heard of shares your content or mentions your name on twitter for the first time, make it to point to check out who they are. You can follow him on twitter @skooloflife.

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6 B2B Online Marketing Predictions for 2017

KoMarketing Associates

Quite a few of the latest innovations come in social media , but there are also tons of great things you can do with photo, text, and video outside of platforms like Twitter and Facebook that can get you a lot of traction for your products and services.

Key to digital marketing success? Be less digital.

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Behind the Twitter avatars and Facebook updates, the text messages and the Skype conferences, people are the same.

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10 Reasons Why Inside Sales Will Displace Field Sales Teams by 2015


Right now, Skype, web conferencing, and video are quickly catching on over face-to-face visits and traditional meetings. Twitter: @josianefeigon. Josiane Feigon is President of TeleSmart Communications and author of the business bestseller, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online. To read an excerpt from her latest book, Smart Sales Manager , click here. To listen to a webinar on this topic, click here.

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5 Awesome Techniques to Build Strong Twitter Connections


This is a guest blog post written by Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer , a Twitter publishing application. He writes Twitter Tips every week on his blog. He explained that our connections on Twitter and the like are nothing more than acquaintances. Know People Beyond Twitter.

How to Turn a Small Blog Audience into Small Army

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The result is an obsession with raising our Klout scores, increasing the number of followers we have on Twitter and inflating every metric we can in hopes that we’ll become the next … insert famous blogger of your choice. . Phone or Skype Your Readers.

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Social Media in China

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If you go to China and make new friends there, you will be frustrated when you want to add them as Facebook friends or follow their Twitter account. Like Google, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China due to the censorship issue.

What is your strategy for social media intimacy?

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Twitter Intimacy Rating 1 : Twitter truly is the cocktail party of social media. Twitter in many ways is where relationships start and are sustained, but it’s not where they are deepened. Follow him on Twitter at @skooloflife.

5 Brilliant Marketing Campaigns for Boring Products


Only 24 people applied, and they set up a fake Skype interview for the position -- then compiled the interviews into the video below. Immediately following the 2014 Super Bowl, Esurance aired a commercial promoting a Twitter where the winner would get $1.5

4 Lessons learned from super niche marketing

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Many indie writers I spoke to on Skype waste time on social media because they think that’s what they have to do. It’s just satisfying to tell yourself to promote your books on Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Pinterest etc., By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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has four Facebook pages, four Twitter feeds and two LinkedIn accounts. It listens to more than 5000 social mentions a day on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels. Follow Rob on Twitter: @RobPetersen Illustration courtesy BigStock.

How to make a living on Vine

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He wanted to ask me some questions about the future of the Internet, so I invited him to have a Skype chat. Totally, Vine had an impact like nothing else in the world, not like YouTube, not like Twitter, Instagram, or anything. I work in Twitter and Vine for Telcel.

Is social media making you a lazy communicator?

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One of my friends who is not a very well known blogger made it a point to use his frequent flier miles to visit every blogger he had talked to on Skype in person. You can follow him on twitter @skooloflife. By Srinivas Rao, Contributing {grow} Columnist.

6 B2B Online Marketing Predictions for 2017

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Quite a few of the latest innovations come in social media , but there are also tons of great things you can do with photo, text, and video outside of platforms like Twitter and Facebook that can get you a lot of traction for your products and services. Chat and text messaging from places like Google Allo, Facebook Messenger, or even Skype are going to continue to grow in popularity.

Handling isolation in your worklife

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Periodic breakfasts and lunches with clients and partners; Skype or Google+ Hangout sessions with far-flung people in my network – these are all ways that help keep me energized. Interact with Steve on Twitter and get your regular dose of clarity at

Discover Global Markets E-Commerce: Trends in Mobile & Social Media Adoption Across The Globe

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Twitter (316M). Skype (300M). This past week, members of our team participated in U.S. Commercial Service’s Discover Global Markets Program: E-Commerce Strategies for Exporters in Dallas, Texas.

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Online Games Teach Kids Valuable Work Skills

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They use Twitter and Facebook, promote on various forums, and are working on marketing plans for their server. With various combinations of IRC (chat), Skype, and in-person meetings, kids will work together to design and build houses, interactive art, tools, weapons, etc.

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How We Know Users Are in Charge of Technology

B2B Marketing Traction

Now we have Twitter and Facebook , Google and YouTube , Skype and Yahoo , PhotoShop and iTunes. It’s clear to me that users are in charge when it comes to technology. It wasn’t always that way. When programmers ruled, we had acronyms. Confusing, unintelligble acronyms.

Why We’re Thinking About Messaging Apps All Wrong


There's also a level on which people may have grown comfortable with a small pantheon of "social media" leaders -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Skype and Blackberry Messenger are commonly thought of as the "grandparents of messaging apps," which today number in the hundreds.