Integrating RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, a Primer for Managing your Social Media Time Efficiently


First, my toolset: RSS Reader from Google. Accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Search and install the following extensions: Gooce+ that lets you view your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds from Google+. RSS Share for Google Plus and Google Reader. Facebook and Twitter. From your Google Reader, at the bottom of your feeds, click Manage Subscriptions , then click Send To , then check Facebook, Twitter.

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Integrating RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, a Primer for Managing your Social Media Time Efficiently


First, my toolset: RSS Reader from Google. Accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Search and install the following extensions: Gooce+ that lets you view your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds from Google+. RSS Share for Google Plus and Google Reader. Facebook and Twitter. From your Google Reader, at the bottom of your feeds, click Manage Subscriptions , then click Send To , then check Facebook, Twitter.

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How B2B brands approach Twitter


Analysing the number of Twitter followers reported in this study reveals five types of corporate account based on success: Most (43 per cent) are Dabblers (<250 followers). Analysing the Twitter activity of the top two hundred B2B Super Brands reveals some useful quality related benchmarks for us mere mortals. Gain a Klout score above 44 and you’re out-performing half of these Twitter accounts. Just over one half of these B2B Super Brands have multiple Twitter accounts.

6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds. RSS is easily one of the best things to happen to web publishing in the past 10 years. Information overload is a real problem for many web users, and one way to cope with it is to filter your RSS feeds so you only see what you want to see. Feed Rinse is a best of class RSS filtering application. Feed Sifter is an almost painfully simple RSS filter that filters in by keyword. not via an RSS reader). twitter.

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Video Marketing Best Practices

SmartBug Media

In either case, here are best practices, resources, and lead generation tips to ensure your company benefits from video marketing. Vidyard suggests the following thumbnail best practices to inspire clicks: Declutter. When you post a video, make it easy for viewers to share via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, email, and embed codes on their own blogs. You have to subscribe to the blog via RSS, but it’s worth it.

Thinking of Starting a Twitter Chat? Read this First.

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Anyone who’s spent significant time on Twitter has probably jumped on a Twitter chat, or at least seen one in action. You see a hashtag and, suddenly, your Twitter feed is popping up with questions and answers around a particular topic. If you’re charged with developing a brand’s social media strategy, creating Twitter chats can be tempting. A good Twitter chat needs to be relevant. 13 Twitter Chats You Should Check Out.

Sales Best Practices include Marketing-Sales Alignment


I was reading with interest recently the results of a study from sales organization Miller Heiman called Sales Strategies for Thriving in a Post-Recession Economy, a 2011 Best Practices Study. Returning focus to best practices, companies are working towards: Formalizing a unique value proposition. Leverage best practices of top performers to improve everyone else.

9 Twitter Tips for B2B Marketing Success


The same holds true when developing strategies for Twitter. To ensure the most effective return on Twitter, consider the following 9 tips for B2B marketing success: 1. Encourage employees – Don’t look simply at one official presence on Twitter.

Twitter Analytics: Five Practical, Lesser Known Free Tools for B2B Professionals

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Other Popular Posts: Digital DeTox Tools Twitter Blurs the Line B2B Twitter Case Study Email The Scoopdog Team. For Twitter to evolve to a useful B2B platform, metrics must keep pace. So…you’ve succeeded a B2B Twitter initiative- whether as a client with a first internal campaign, or an agency pro finally coaxing clients to engage, or the marketing consultats whose careful coaching has tipped the balance.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

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In just a few short years, Twitter has transformed from an odd little sort of public IM service where people posted what they just ate for lunch or what their cat was doing at the moment into one of the big four social networks and a significant channel for news, PR & marketing, politics and more. Twitter’s 200 million users collectively tap out a billion tweets per week. Nearly 3/4 of active Twitter users are bloggers. Twitter Tips, Tactics and Techniques.

50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)

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While a dwindling number of business executives still dismiss Twitter as a waste of time, recent research suggests it is one of the most valuable social networks for business. 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. How popular is Twitter?

Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

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Twitter came of age in 2010, growing at a scorching pace —from 75 million users at the beginning of the year to more than 190 million by the end of December. Which companies are really succeeding on Twitter, and how are they doing it? How to Get More Followers on Twitter.

Tips on Using Twitter to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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Are you already tired of Twitter? Well think again because the popularity of Twitter is growing at an alarming rate. I’ve already written a post on tips for using Twitter and email marketing but I wanted to take this to another level. This is not a post on the basics of Twitter. If you want some basic tips on Twitter, check out Twitter 101 or Hubspot’s How To guide. Taking Your Marketing to the Next Level With Twitter Link to Your Twitter Testimonials.

Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More.

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Google News, aggregating content via RSS feeds and social bookmarking sites have been around for a while. Yes, too many people think curation is nothing but copy & paste or adding a RSS feed to their site.

20 More of the Best Twitter Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2012

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As the fourth-largest social network, and the fastest growing in 2012 , Twitter has emerged as a serious platform for business professionals to share breaking news, promote thought-leadership content, and engage with customers, prospects, peers and industry influencers. As noted here in a preliminary summary of the best Twitter articles and posts of 2012 last fall, “Twitterers collectively post a billion tweets every three days. Most effectively use Twitter advertising?

28 (of the) Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2012 (So Far)

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Twitter isn’t just for the birds anymore. According to recent social media research , Twitter now has more than 165 million users, and is attracting nearly a million new users each day. Twitterers collectively post a billion tweets every three days. How can you stand out among all the chirping, build your Twitter presence, grow your following, and get your content promoted? Twitter Tips for Newbies. How to Grow Your Twitter Following.

Tools for Business Teams Doing Twitter

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Other Popular Posts: Five Analytic Tools Twitter Blurs the Line B2B Twitter Case Study Email The Scoopdog Team. Read time = ~2 minutes) Twitter is (has become) the newest, shiny outbound toy. One of the most important requirements to grow a meaningful B2B Twitter follower list, is cadence… having a consistent/regular content flow. Here’s a look at five tools aimed at solving this practical business issue, as well as two “brute strength” approaches.

Multiple Twitter Accounts: A Layering Strategy for B2B

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Other Popular Posts: Five Analytic Tools Twitter Blurs the Line B2B Twitter Case Study Email The Scoopdog Team. Read time = 2-3 minutes) So… Twitter is now part of your B2B marketing initiatives. The next challenge to having your cake and eating it too, will likely be “multiple account management” as the Twitter passion spreads. Let’s examine the possibilities: Layering as a Twitter Account Strategy.

Twitter Blurs the Line: Sorting Out Branding, Adv/PR and Marketing Opportunities

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If you like the read, please subscribe to my RSS feed. The good news, unlike most previous evolutions of outbound channel alternatives, Twitter doesn’t come with budget requirements. World Tagged: Advertising, B2B, marcom, marketing, PR, social media, Twitter.

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Facebook Fan Page Best Practices with Mari Smith [@InboundNow #18]


Check out the full transcript of the episode here: Facebook Marketing Best Practices and Tips with Mari Smith. You can follow Mari on Twitter @MariSmith and connect with her on her blog , also don't forget to enter for a chance to win a copy of her book, Facebook Marketing: an Hour a Day.

7 Ways To Get More Clicks on Twitter


Here are some top analytic findings that can help you hit your Twitter conversion goals: 1. out of the same Twitter user all at once? and do not link your RSS feed to auto-populate your account. Tweets that use familiar Twitter lingo tend to have higher click rates. Practically no one limits their use of the Internet, social media, or Twitter to weekdays.

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How Do You Like Your B2B Twitter Content? Artificially-Processed or Custom-Crafted?

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Until recently, I was possibly the least automated B2B marketing professional on Twitter. To be the best B2B Twitterers, we should all ask ourselves these questions: Have I let my Twitter account become obnoxious by blasting out one-way messages? How does your Twitter account look to the rest of the world? Bots – More than 90% pumped out from an RSS feed. The B2B Twitterer Of The Year Awards recognize professionals each year who set great examples.

The Marketing Guru Covers: When to Post to Social Media

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When to Post on Twitter. Twitter is typically used like an RSS feed , which means that people turn to it during commutes and downtimes. Best Practices Social Media facebook instagram linkedin social Social Posting TwitterIf you want to be a social media mastermind, the first thing you have to master is when to post to social media. Otherwise, you won’t get the engagement that you need to succeed.

They Grow Up So Fast: How 7 Brands Made It Big Practically Overnight


After the idea was first raised by an Uber user on Twitter, the company began offering free rides to Boston Public School students stranded by the strike. In March 2013, Google announced plans to shut down its beloved RSS reader, Google Reader. Feedly, an upstart RSS reader, jumped on the opportunity to win over the Google Reader expats. According to ShareThis , this year, Pinterest is closing in on email as the third-most popular way to share behind Facebook and Twitter.

A Guide to Creating a Thought Leadership Campaign

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Tools like Little Bird can help you identify thought leaders and influencers on Twitter that you may not already be aware of. Helpful tools for following and listening beyond the standard social networks include: Newsle , RSS feeds, Google alerts , Disqus and Intense Debate. Write provocative and well researched perspectives on the following topics: Best practices or insider tips for each of 10 priorities for your audience (10 articles).

Deconstructing Twitter: Analytics for Reach and Impressions

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Other Twitter Topics: Tools for Business Teams Multiple Account Layering Strategy More Analytics Email The Scoopdog Team. And what of Twitter’s “fuzzy math&# ? And don’t forget “Twitter Fuzzy Math&# ( nice blog post here ).

Upgrade your lame agency website into your social media brand HQ


At the end of the day, none of us own anything we do on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, Google +. Well, in a practical sense, your online home is your web site — maybe your blog; more philosophically, your home is your business and yourself. So, there’s a built-in aggregator that I can set up to suck in all the RSS feeds of all the blogs to which I contribute, including Twitter. Image via CrunchBase.

4 Ways to be a Better B2B Twitterer


There's a tremendous amount of interest in Twitter among b2b marketers. Second, B2B's biggest social media screw-ups by Mark Schaefer demonstrates what can happen when companies are clueless about social media, including thought not limited to Twitter.

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How to recover from the ravages of Google Penguin and Panda


While it’s so easy to buy Twitter followers — and sometimes practically useful for kickstarting a new Twitter account or for impressing people and clients who are impressed by raw numbers or high-ratio of followers to followed — if Fake Follower Check can sort out which followers are fake, which are inactive, and which are Good (for my @chrisabraham account on Twitter, it’s 1% fake, 5% inactive, and 95% good out of 44,381 followers), so can Google.

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Don’t Ignore Message Boards in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


Most message boards have adopted all of the modern conveniences offered by blogs, including RSS feeds, email reminders, email updates, social media share buttons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing Apple crossfit Facebook Internet forum iPad IPhone MySpace ruger mk iii twitterThe problem with most social media marketing agencies is that we’re fickle.

Making the Most of Your Webinars

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How to discover and curate content with

Automatically curate from trusted sites with RSS feeds and sitemaps. Bookmarklet, you can add an RSS feed or a sitemap to your topic. topic of choice, click Settings, then Automatic Content Import: Click a button to add an RSS feed, then enter the feed URL: If you’re unsure of the RSS feed URL, here are two things you can do: Type in the publication URL, including the [link] and add /feed to the end. Best Practices Content Curation

Marketing Automation Monday is Here!

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On Monday I attended a Marketing Automation Monday event, put together by the Marketing Automation Association , a newly formed group of marketing professionals that discusses all things related to marketing automation and best practices.

Social media writes your biography in real time


As Twitter and Facebook have come to the front row of the Web in the last few years, a few have hinted that, by posting frequent status updates, in practice people were writing their autobiographies in real time. Image via Wikipedia. by Aaron Kim.

A Blogging Style to Call Your Own

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It takes time and practice to find and develop your own blogging voice. webinars website design White Paper Marketing whitepapers YouTube Marketing Matters Marketing Matters is our monthly e-newsletter on best practices in industrial and B2B marketing.

Business Value of Social Networking

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Even though the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is growing exponentially, there is a raging debate about measuring its ROI. I use LinkedIn and Twitter quite a lot in my online networking and sure, I’ve grown my network in a short period of time.

Content Curation: What it Really Takes to Skyrocket Your Brand’s Credibility

Let’s look at two scenarios: First, you could curate your content by following RSS feeds of industry blogs and automate sharing on your social media channels. Also, let’s not forget that Twitter now punishes multiple duplicate updates , so you can’t just recycle your previous tweets either. Best Practices Content Curation Guest Writers content curation content strategy curationIt’s often a challenge to dive into content marketing head first. It costs you money and time.