Best Practices for Using Twitter Automation Tools to Improve Customer Experience


Since it's simply not feasible for most companies to be present on Twitter 24/7, automation tools can be used to maintain a good customer experience. Let's take a look at some best practices to ensure these tools aren't being overused, or getting you into hot water.

The 10 Don’ts of Twitter for B2B Marketing

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Twitter has transformed the way that B2B marketers communicate with their target audiences by providing another place to engage, address questions, and emphasize what they stand for. In fact, Twitter is now the top social platform for B2B brand mentions , with 73% of them happening on the site. Despite this, many B2B marketers struggle to progress on Twitter and demonstrate any significant results on the platform. Why is it so important to avoid Twitter bad practices?

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What Jeremy Paxman Doesn’t Know About Twitter Best Practices

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On June 18, English broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Paxman stated on Newsnight that Twitter is for people who “nothing going on between their ears, or nothing going on in their lives” as he left the show after 25 years on air. Power is in the numbers, and there is a slew of statistics behind the effectiveness of Twitter marketing. Here are some quick facts: Companies that have 1,000 or more Twitter followers receive 800 more website visits per month, according to HubSpot.

How B2B brands approach Twitter


Analysing the number of Twitter followers reported in this study reveals five types of corporate account based on success: Most (43 per cent) are Dabblers (<250 followers). Analysing the Twitter activity of the top two hundred B2B Super Brands reveals some useful quality related benchmarks for us mere mortals. Gain a Klout score above 44 and you’re out-performing half of these Twitter accounts. Just over one half of these B2B Super Brands have multiple Twitter accounts.

15 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter to Drive Business Results

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The wonderful world of Twitter has unlocked business opportunities for almost every type of user – from emerging artists, celebrities, big brands, news sources, and (most importantly for you) B2B marketers. Twitter offers B2B marketers the chance to attract prospects, interact and engage with clients, increase brand awareness, better understand their audience and much more. Twitter offers B2B marketers another avenue to participate in conversations with prospects.

Best Practices for Employee Advocates


This marketing practice is called employee advocacy. 75% of B2B buyers are influenced in their purchase decisions by what they see on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Table of Contents. What Is Employee Advocacy. What’s in It for You. Starting with Employee Advocacy.

Take Your Questions To The ‘Targeting’ Twitter Chat

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Rob works with a number of key accounts, from Small-Medium to Larger-sized, global enterprise companies, coaching eMarketing best practices, across different industries. We’re talking about targeting best practices – Join the Twitter chat! I will be running a Twitter chat on Friday 28 th February at 4pm GMT (11am EST). Add our Twitter chat to your diary or calendar!

Target 187

12 Examples of B2B Companies Managing Impactful Twitter Profiles

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Nowadays, Twitter, its tweets, and hashtags seem to be everywhere around us. An impressive amount of individuals as well as groups and brands are leveraging Twitter to deliver messages (in 140 characters or less!) As a matter of fact, an estimated 310 million active users per month have propelled Twitter to number two on the list of most popular social networks, behind Facebook. Twitter Profile : @Intel. Twitter Profile : @Cisco. Twitter Profile: @Forrester.

Do Celebrities “Get” Twitter?

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Then he started talking about Twitter. Crystal had just joined Twitter and joked about trying to come up with material to tweet. It seems like every week another star takes to Twitter with a mixture of bafflement and wonderment. All of this begs the question: Do celebrities really get Twitter? Ricky Gervais jumped off Twitter only after about a month because he failed to see the point. Twitter is more of a one-way street than many of like to think.

Video Marketing Best Practices

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In either case, here are best practices, resources, and lead generation tips to ensure your company benefits from video marketing. Vidyard suggests the following thumbnail best practices to inspire clicks: Declutter. When you post a video, make it easy for viewers to share via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, email, and embed codes on their own blogs.

B2B Employee Advocacy Best Practices


And your own corporate accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may not be able to do all the heavy lifting alone. And when dealing with branded content, make sure it aligns with the company’s agreed-upon voice and best practices, so advocates feel comfortable pushing it to their individual networks.” — Dan Hanna, Marketing Manager at Civis Analytics. Another best practice is segmenting advocacy content by topics. Table of Contents. What is Employee Advocacy.

SocialOomph offers essential Twitter tools


Twitter Keyword and Hashtag Auto-Follow. I have done it on auto-pilot before, but that just ended up being madness, resulting in being lured into following SPAM Twitter profiles because they’re getting better and better at dropping high-value keywords and hashtags into their tweets. Finally, I can report the worst ones as SPAM to Twitter, which blocks, bans, and reports them. Twitter is funny. Top 10 Best Practices for Social Media (

15 Ecommerce UX Best Practices to Explode Your Sales


That’s why, in this article, we’ll go over 15 eCommerce user experience best practices you can start using today to turn more traffic into sales. To create a better experience for your visitors, and increase your bottom line in the process, let’s take a look at 15 eCommerce UX best practices. 15 eCommerce User Experience Best Practices. These best practices won’t only help your UX, but will also help you with SEO.

Using Twitter Can Benefit Your Business


As one of the most universally used social media platforms , Twitter has been changing online discourse since 2006. Known for having shorter character limits and high post volume by users, you may wonder if using Twitter can benefit your business. Luckily, the reality is that there are numerous benefits of Twitter for business owners — and likely more to come as the platform continues to evolve. Research on the Benefits of Twitter for Business.

Tweet like Guy Kawasaki for Twitter success


Here are some of the least flattering blog posts, including Dear Guy Kawasaki, You Tweet Too Much , Guy Kawasaki is too ‘popular’ to stop autotweets during Boston bombings , Andrew Goodman to Guy Kawasaki: You are Ruining Twitter! , Is Guy Kawasaki Singlehandedly Ruining Twitter? Here’s some very helpful and powerful advice from Guy Kawasaki, much of it in his own words, some of it my editorial commentary: Treat your profile like the Twitter News Network.

Thinking of Starting a Twitter Chat? Read this First.

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Anyone who’s spent significant time on Twitter has probably jumped on a Twitter chat, or at least seen one in action. You see a hashtag and, suddenly, your Twitter feed is popping up with questions and answers around a particular topic. If you’re charged with developing a brand’s social media strategy, creating Twitter chats can be tempting. A good Twitter chat needs to be relevant. 13 Twitter Chats You Should Check Out.

5 B2B Marketing Best Practices Proven to Drive Results

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However, there are certain best practices and tactics that have proven to work. 5 B2B Marketing Best Practices You Can’t Ignore. There are a variety of best practices and strategies that should be considered to successfully execute B2B marketing campaigns in 2020. This is why you must deploy best practices and strategies that have proven to drive real business impact. What other marketing best practices do you have for B2B companies?

Designing Product Landing Pages: Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond


If you’re looking to take your call-to-action (CTA) landing pages to the next level, here are several best practices you can implement to boost your conversion performance. To see what she is up to next, check out her Twitter feed. The post Designing Product Landing Pages: Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog | Webbiquity. Guest post by Natasha Lane. When designing product or download landing pages, there’s a lot to keep in mind.

The Twitter Best Practices Handbook

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With a limitation of 140 characters, Twitter instills users to be creative and succinct with social media. Following the most essential Twitter best practices can make you more visible to your customers. Going into Twitter blindly as a marketer can lead to time-wasting efforts that don’t bring real results like traffic and faster customer support. Use the buttons below to jump to each Twitter best practice: Or jump to the Twitter best practices infographic.

10 Digital Marketing Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond


But where do you start and how do you know which digital marketing best practices are going to result in success for your business? Digital Marketing Best Practices. All smart marketers know that using videos is one of the best digital marketing best practices. It’s obvious that including videos in your digital marketing practices is excellent for your business. Your goals are not impossible if you follow the practices above.

Content Curation in Practice


I opened and read email, a few blogs and checked out Twitter streams. My day started like most days. An article about recent research results on content marketing spend caught my eye. As I glanced at it (how seldom we really read things these days) data about the surge in video use and planned growth caught my eye. So, what did I do? I copied the URL and forwarded it to colleagues with a note, “this is interesting, you should read this.” ” We all do this, don’t we?

Top online marketers on Twitter


We all love lists so I thought I would collect the top online marketers on Twitter. Here you go: Top 248 Online Marketers on Twitter. To make the list more useful, I have make it publicly viewable and downloadable on Google Docs as well as it’s very own public Twitter list called Top Online Marketers. The post Top online marketers on Twitter appeared first on Biznology. I’ve included individuals, agencies, firms, brands, tools, and companies.

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

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Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter? To answer this question, I looked at a variety of factors including twitter followers, profiles that included “B2B marketing,” the focus of their tweets including the hashtag # B2BMarketing , as well as a variety of social scoring tools using the keyword. The list is not in any particular order and I’ve created a B2B Marketing Influencers Twitter list as well.

Marketing Has a Best Practices Problem

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We look for best practices. We believe best practices will help our work look something like this: The reality looks a lot more like this: Over and over, we find another best practice, try the latest trend, or follow the smartest guru, and we just keep hoping and praying that one of them, one time, will finally deliver as promised. Sometimes, we make decisions based on the best practice that carries the most weight in our minds. Why are SiteLinks a best practice?

LinkedIn Best Practices for Distributing B2B Content


My practice has been to choose between industry and job function rather than selecting categories in both – unless your content is very specific. Utilize LinkedIn best practices, develop your own connections with your profile and share and target content with your company’s page. Remember that like SEO, social media best practices change over time so be sure to keep up with the latest trends to keep your LinkedIn marketing strategy up to date.

Website Hosting, Coding and Conversion Best Practices for Small Business


To increase overall website conversion rate, analyze your landing pages and the conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools and best practices being used on the site. You can learn more about code updates and SEO best practices by reading blogs, attending webinars and live conferences, and talking to experts. Connect with Riya on Twitter. The post Website Hosting, Coding and Conversion Best Practices for Small Business appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog | Webbiquity.

B2B Conversion Tracking Best Practices


Because Facebook Insights doesn’t communicate with Google Analytics or Twitter Analytics or LinkedIn Analytics, etc., One of the clearest advantages we, as marketers in 2016, have over the traditional marketers of decades before is the ability to track online behavior. Through digital ad tracking and website tracking, we have the opportunity to understand quite a bit about our prospects and customers before a word is even spoken.

5 Best Practices When Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

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Just like the other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, a company’s LinkedIn page is likely to show up in search results for their branded terms. LinkedIn currently has about 660 million users on their site, according to their about page. It remains the most popular “professional networking” site that students, employers, and professionals use to share information, build work relationships, and find jobs.

Top 50 Twitter Men In #Technology #Marketing

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Last year, I was honored to be included by Cheryl Burgess (@ ckburgess ) and Tom Pick (@ TomPick ) on their 2011 # Nifty50 awards , which identified 50 men and 50 women as positive examples of active engagement in social media, specifically on Twitter. Well, I am also honored, once again, to be recognized for “outstanding work promoting social business practices” and as one of many “thought leaders” in the tech world.

How to Practice Sales Enablement That Helps Reps Rock

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She’s a socially connected individual — she’s where her buyers are: on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook, Quora, Slideshare, Pinterest, and more. So how do you put these practices into play when you’re on the phone, in the moment of truth? You read your prospect’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to learn about his or her role and how those objectives relate to what you’re selling….

Who Owns Twitter (Marketing or Sales)?


For anyone who really loves social media, there’s simply no substitute for Twitter. Twitter is a very good place for advertising (as long as you understand the market), but I think the platform’s real value comes from its potential as a relationship-building medium. By the Numbers: Why Twitter is a Natural Fit for B2B Sales and Marketing. B2B marketers who rely on Twitter generate twice as many lead s as those who don’t. So, who really owns Twitter?

25 Lead Generation Best Practices For 2020

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25 Lead Generation Best Practices For 2020. We aren’t just talking about LinkedIn, FaceBook and twitter, but also channels like pinterest, instagram and snapchat. It’s a lead generation best practice that allows you to test two versions of the same campaign and compare performance.

Whitepaper Best Practices To Ignite the Spark


Without further ado, let’s get started with our Best Practices for B2B Whitepapers. Twitter! Write a quick quip and share the link with the Twitter universe. With our Best Practices for B2B Whitepapers, you can create successful whitepapers that reach larger audiences, are instrumental in the amount of leads generated, and ignite the passion in an otherwise boring and saturated whitepaper-world.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn


Silicon Valley product designer Chris Messina invented the now ubiquitous hashtag when he was searching for a way to organize the fast-moving Twitter stream. Other Twitter users saw the value of adding hashtags to follow and engage in topical conversations on the network. In 2009, Twitter made it possible to search via hashtags, which meant anyone could find accounts to follow or participate in conversations via hashtags. How to Use Hashtags on Twitter.

6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

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" Regardless of where you fall in the social media marketing chain, there are best practices and things to remember when it comes to social media publishing. You know those studies out there that proclaim to tell you what is the best day and time to post to Facebook or Twitter to achieve maximum engagement? There is a veritable plethora of social media platforms to use, including the big boys: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

SEO Best Practices for Internal Linking in B2B Websites

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Because content marketing is a typical area we implement SEO tactics, working alongside our client’s content marketing team is also common practice. Recently one of our client contacts asked for more guidance on the SEO best practices they should consider when linking internally between web pages. While this post is meant to address these types of internal links primarily and the impact on SEO, best practices below can be considered for most internal linking scenarios as well.

15 Ways B2B Marketers Can Be Using Twitter

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The ever-growing world of Twitter has unlocked opportunities for every type of user; everyone from emerging artists, celebrities, big brands, news sources, and B2B marketers can find a Twitter niche. Twitter offers users the chance to share, connect, converse, link, view, follow, search, engage, praise, and vent in 140 character tweets. Answer and Ask : Twitter is a network of asking and receiving. Promote : Twitter is a great (and free!)