You Need a Privacy Policy in 2017: Here's How to Start


At this point, you might be asking yourself: Do I really need a privacy policy for my website? But with so many new data privacy regulations and lawsuits cropping up, skipping out on a privacy policy is just asking for trouble. Privacy Shield.

Instagram Responds to Privacy Policy Backlash, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Instagram Updates Privacy Policy, Begins Sharing Data With Facebook, From Marketing Land. This week, Instagram updated its privacy policy, officially allowing Facebook to share information with Instagram, and vice versa. Happy holidays, from HubSpot!

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Ready, Set, Launch: 7 Things to Include in Your HubSpot Website Launch Day Checklist

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You’ve spent several months mapping out the structure, designing the layout, putting everything into code in HubSpot, and you’re now ready to present your organization to the internet. That’s why it’s important to create a HubSpot website launch day checklist. HubSpot Web Development

Hello Europe! HubSpot's Heading to Dublin, Ireland


HubSpot's Coming to Europe, And We're Hiring. This new HubSpot office, which will be opening in January 2013, is on pace to provide 150 new jobs within 3 years. HubSpot has been transforming the way companies do marketing for six years from our office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Intro to GDPR and Why It Matters to Marketers

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If you think Mark Zuckerberg is the only one facing privacy policy challenges lately, think again. GDPR is a set of data privacy and security laws aimed at protecting the personal data of EU citizens. Update your privacy policy. Take time to write a privacy policy that reflects your company’s transparency. If you’re using HubSpot as part of your inbound marketing campaign, you should understand how they are working on GDPR and how it’ll impact you.

What SaaS Companies Need to Know About the CCPA

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The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) was enacted in June 2018 with the fundamental goal to protect consumers’ personal data by regulating and enforcing business compliance regarding collection and use of that information. Privacy Policy. Check out HubSpot’s tips.

GDPR and the FinTech Industry: What Marketers Need to Know

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GDPR , a set of data privacy and security laws whose goal is to protect the personal data of all EU citizens, applies to every industry that collects user data – and FinTech is no exception. 2 - Update your privacy policy – Draft a policy that highlights your company’s transparency.

34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011

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The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet by HubSpot Blog. ** 5 STARS. 10 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers by HubSpot Blog. How Google+ Is Changing the Web, Even Though No One Wants It To by HubSpot Blog.

2019: Ad-Tech and Digital Marketing Trends To be Aware Of


According to HubSpot , adding video to a landing page or email boosts conversions by 80% and up to 300% respectively. GDPR Privacy. During 2019, we expect states to increasingly require companies to make changes to privacy policies and data handling processes.

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What Does GDPR Mean for US-based B2B Firms and Their Marketing?

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By now you probably know that the GDPR is legislation approved by the EU to create greater and more uniform data privacy protection for all EU citizens. Privacy Policies: Your privacy policies may need to be aligned with the new GDPR requirements and you will need to document your legal basis for processing personal data. Hubspot, Act-On, Marketo), advanced web analytics (e.g.

The 5 Critical Components of Fantastic Lead-Capture Forms


Still many of HubSpot's forms have lead-capture forms at the very bottom of the landing page. For example, HubSpot sells marketing software , and all of the forms on our landing pages include an optional field that asks visitors to describe their biggest marketing challenge. Your Privacy Policy. Link to your privacy policy next to the field that asks for the visitor's email address.

Facebook for Lead Generation: An Overview of Lead Ads


In this environment of online privacy problems, reassurance is essential when you’re asking for personal information. Facebook requires all companies using lead ads to have a privacy policy on their site, but you can include some of the key points here to help build trust.

41% of Marketers Admit to Not Understanding What GDPR Entails. Are You One of Them?

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While there is some ambiguity in the UK with the E-Privacy Directive that prescribes opt-out position for B2B customers rather than the more strict double opt-in consent position under the EU-wide GDPR, the bottom line is - you need to get as much data double-opted in as possible. you are using HubSpot, here is a useful guide. Update Privacy Policy. In a gist, privacy notices and policies must be transparent.

The Ultimate Guide to GDPR for Advertising


It’s the biggest regulatory change in data privacy in decades, and the deadline for compliance is fast approaching. Hubspot did a survey in November and found that only 15% of companies had done anything to become compliant. Businesses must conduct privacy impact assessments.

12 Trust Signals to Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Here is an example of co-branding from Vidyard and HubSpot: 7. Links to your privacy policy within your form also provide an additional level of trust. Your customers seek validation before they buy.

4 Ways to Address Privacy Concerns in Your Marketing


While this app is somewhere on the spectrum of awesome and creepy (we're leaning toward creepy), it brings up an important question to ponder: where do we draw the privacy line? There's an amalgam of privacy concerns users could run into or even violate when using a given social network.

How To Build Website Trust In 2018: Six Proven Methods

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53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. -Hubspot. According to Hubspot, “ More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. Include a Privacy Policy.

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Unriddled: Facebook in Brussels, Launch of the GDPR, and More Tech News You Need


Also worth noting, this is the first edition of Unriddled under GDPR, a massive European data privacy regulation that went into effect last Friday (keep reading, it's a big deal). Facebook Plans Privacy Options 'Similar' to Europe. In light of a newly launched European data privacy law -- and the heat on Facebook for the misuse of its users' data by analytics firm Cambridge Analytica -- Facebook has revamped its privacy options for all users.

What in the Heck Is Going on With Privacy at Google


The web has lit up about Google's updated privacy policy, and (shockingly) not all the feedback is super positive. Privacy on the internet has been a hot topic these days, especially considering Facebook's ever-changing levels of users' control over their information.

The General Data Protection Regulation: One Year Later


If you're curious, take a look at how HubSpot navigates the GDPR. To mark the one year anniversary of the GDPR going into effect, HubSpot partnered with Professor Nicole Votolato Montgomery at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia to evaluate E.U. consumers’ perceptions of the current organizational data practices, online consumer-company interactions, and organized responses to privacy regulations.

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Twitter Introduces Lead Generation 'Cards' to Collect Leads From Tweets


Twitter has a whole list of CRMs that will work with Lead Generation Cards -- and if you''re using HubSpot as a CRM, we count, too. According to Twitter, "The privacy policy must also be posted on the same page where the information is collected."

10 Creative Lead Gen Examples Sourced from Marketing Legends


There’s a good reason why so many brands—including HubSpot , Moz , and, yes, even Unbounce —have invested time and effort to create free tools. As an example, Ross points towards this Free Privacy Policy Generator created by Shopify.

3 Unique Ways to Gain Trust on Landing Pages


Include Your Privacy Policy. Experiment with having a 1-2 sentence explanation of your privacy policy regarding the collection and use of their information. Connect with HubSpot

Only 34% of UK Consumers Know What the GDPR Is [New Data]


They're all notifying me that they're updating their privacy policies," he said. "It When I informed my friend that he was receiving the emails not because of Facebook privacy fallout, but rather because of the GDPR, his response was, "GDPR?".

4 Trends Impacting Ecommerce Marketing in 2011


Privacy and FCC concerns of digital couponing. What about consumer privacy? An audience member raised an interesting point regarding the privacy of these new payment methods during Q&A: with each of your purchases on a coupon site comes a ton of information about you.

5 ways to build a better reputation online with reviews

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According to HubSpot, 75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of results so businesses that appear on that coveted first page have a competitive edge. Sprout Social is committed to your privacy.

16 Marketing Pick-Up Lines to Snag Your Next Hot Date [+ Ecards]


And trust me, we take love pretty seriously here at HubSpot. 13) "Do you have a privacy policy? Looking for a hot date this Valentine's Day? Want to break the ice with that cute marketer at work?

16 Marketing Pick-Up Lines to Snag Your Next Hot Date


And trust me, we take love pretty seriously here at HubSpot. 8) "Do you have a privacy policy? Looking for a hot date this Valentine's Day? Want to break the ice with that cute marketer at work?

Even More Requirements for Facebook Advertisers


But then, the Cambridge Analytica story broke -- and since then, Facebook has swiftly instituted sweeping changes to its data, content, and privacy policies. For reference, these "fake" accounts already violate Facebook's policies. "It

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Awesome Marketing Emails


Let's take a look at one of HubSpot's recent email sends as an example. Link to Privacy Policy: As the web evolved into an even more social and public platform, concerns about privacy continue to get raised. Connect with HubSpot

5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages


Below is an example of an embedded tweet -- notice how you can interact with it by retweeting it, favoriting it, or clicking into the profile: I love cookie days at @HubSpot. 2) Privacy Policy.

The Laws Marketers Need to Know to Avoid Legal Backlash


And you might have also noticed that privacy has been quite a hot button issue recently, with the launch of Google's new one-size-fits-all privacy policy as well as the latest debacle with the up and coming (or maybe not?) Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.

10 Foolproof Ways to Earn Your Landing Page Visitors' Trust


For an example of someone using language to clearly explain their offers and align their CTAs and landing pages, let's take a look at one of HubSpot's customers, Andrew Harper's Luxury Travel Blog. 5) Include a link to your privacy policy.

Generating More “Educated Leads” on a Small Budget

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To find answers to that question, I went to HubSpot’s Lead Generation Marketing Hub and I found an incredible video featuring Holly Allison , vice president of marketing at Vico Software , a successful Boston-area startup that provides construction software to engineers and contractors.

Social Media and B2B Marketing Do Pair Well

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The second report on social media and b2b marketing is from HubSpot. Privacy Policy | Site designed by AMAInteractive a div.

The 5 Critical Components of Fantastic Lead-Capture Forms


For example, HubSpot sells marketing software , and all of the forms on our landing pages include an optional field that asks visitors to describe their biggest marketing challenge. Privacy Policy. Link to your privacy policy next to the field that asks for the visitor's email address. Connect with HubSpot This article is an excerpt from our new ebook, An Introductory Guide to Building Landing Pages.