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Google Marketing Platform launches new API with enhanced capabilities


Google Marketing Platform combines the advertising services of DoubleClick with Google’s own advertising and analytics tools in one place. With this update, organization details are now part of the accounts list in the Admin API, creating a direct connection between the existing Admin API and the new Google Marketing Platform Admin API.

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What Is the Difference Between Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform?


Overview of Google Marketing Platform Google Marketing Platform is a marketing tool that uses two of Google’s key marketing products – the Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick. Combines Google Analytics 360 Suite and the previous DoubleClick advertisement capabilities of Google.


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6 mobile marketing trends you need to know about


According to DoubleClick research , when a page takes more than three seconds to load, the bounce rate escalates to 53 percent. One of many digital marketing tips that can help you find success is ensuring you optimize your website for mobile. This means much more than just cleaning it up, it also means paying close attention to load time.

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Programmatic Advertising Glossary & Brief History


This led to creating the programmatic ecosystem’s first element: an ad server – DoubleClick to be specific (which would eventually be purchased by Google for $3.1 Right before the turn of the millennium, competition arose for DoubleClick as they couldn’t keep up with the demand. billion in 2007).

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When Did Programmatic Advertising Start: A History Lesson


With this big 90s boom, servers needed to be created just for ads – DoubleClick, who is still around today, was the first in the field as a supplier. Display Ads & DoubleClick. Google knew what they were doing as the years progressed, and eventually bought DoubleClick in 2007 for $3.1

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Google Ads Vs Google Marketing Platform: which is best for your display ads?


A history lesson: Google AdWords and DoubleClick. Next on the agenda is DoubleClick, which Google bought for $3.1 Plus, with the launch of Analytics, the constant developments of DoubleClick, it has kept striving for supremacy. Likewise, the tools within DoubleClick aren’t going anywhere. billion in 2008.

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The real problem with Google might be Facebook

Convince & Convert

Google has had a lion’s share of the kingdom to itself since buying DoubleClick. More Jay Today Videos From This Week: Jay Today TV ad network atlas display ad networks doubleclick facebook google jay today online advertising' Think about how much more Facebook knows about you than does Google.