Data Privacy Terminology 101


The world of data privacy is vast and complex. In this glossary, we’ll help you build your data privacy IQ by explaining some of the most common terms and applications. Let’s get started… Data Privacy. Data Governance. Data Insights Data Privacy

Data Transparency Builds Buyer Trust


Is your data management practice transparent to buyers? Do your practices abide by laws like General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Acts (CCPA)? Some firms are transparent and open about their data management practices, while others may be less so.


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Data Management Transparency Builds Buyer Trust


Is your data management practice transparent to buyers? Do your practices abide by laws like General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Acts (CCPA)? . GDPR and CCPA Enforce New Level of Transparency. Buyer data privacy is a top-tier concern now.

Beyond the Google Privacy Policy to Free Market Privacy


Last year I took a look at Google’s new privacy policy and wasn’t that happy with the way it was presented. But it got me to thinking, which those who know me rightly find dangerous, about what the future of privacy policies really are. In many ways, privacy comes down to a simple question. Do we need to depend on the free market or on governments? Can companies use privacy as a differentiator? But privacy is too complicated.

ZoomInfo Achieves GDPR Practices Validation to Ensure Privacy and Protection in EU


Several months ago, we sought out some of the world’s top privacy experts and told them: Pick our policies apart and tell us what we can do better. Being a privacy-first company means we are transparent about how we collect our professional contact data and uphold consumers’ rights to privacy.

The 2020 Data Governance Guide for Beginners

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Data governance helps organizations define policies and processes to manage data. In this article, we’ll look at the eight data governance guiding principles and how you can implement data governance in 2020. What Is Data Governance? Transparency.

A Look at the Colorado Privacy Act: Predictions on the Future of User Data Protection


This past July, Colorado passed the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) , making it the fourth state to enact comprehensive privacy legislation in the US, after California, Nevada, and Virginia. Accountability/Governance. What Do All These Privacy Laws Have in Common?

Personalisation or Privacy: Striking the Right Balance

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Privacy online is one of their main concerns; however, at the same time, they want to have a personalised experience from the brands that they interact with. As such, the majority of online users today are taking steps to ensure their safety and privacy online.

Why Top Brands Win with Transparency


Although often overlooked, companies with top-notch marketing emphasize privacy and transparency. In this blog, I’ll cover the steps for building consumer trust and get insights on how to optimize marketing in the Age of Privacy. Transparency as a Strategy. “ Companies have an obligation to their users to be transparent in how they operate and use personal data. It leads to building a brand image that emphasizes transparency and trust.

5 Key Elements of Customer Data Privacy

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Data privacy has been a huge concern among online consumers, especially after data breaches by big companies like Facebook, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. Data-privacy has been a huge concern among online consumers, especially after data breaches by big companies like Facebook, Dropbox, and LinkedIn.

Data Privacy Day 2020: How to Safeguard Customer Data to Build Trust & Loyalty

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January 28 is celebrated as Data Privacy Day to raise awareness about the importance of data privacy and security. “Consumer privacy is a key pillar in the digital advertising ecosystem and all consumers have a right to choose how their data is utilized. Data Governance

Privacy Compliance: How Your Company Can Comply with Regulations and Why It Matters

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Have we set ourselves up to be ready for the privacy-first world? When it comes to data and privacy compliance , most people think that it only matters to the big brands like Google, Apple, and Facebook. Customers are becoming more and more conscientious with the privacy of their data.

Advancing Data Privacy: A Collaborative Approach to Better Regulations 

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can learn from current policies such as GDPR, CCPA and why all interested parties must have a seat at the table in order to establish a national standard for consumer privacy. Meanwhile, states like Vermont, Nevada, and Maine are actively implementing their own consumer privacy laws.

Why CMOs should embrace data privacy protection


In most enterprises, privacy is a growing concern, and in the wake of massive data breaches, rapidly evolving privacy regulations, and increasingly expensive fines, we typically see departments such as legal, compliance, security and IT working together to develop a data privacy protection strategy. In fact, I’ve met some CMOs who actively resist data privacy protection measures as an impediment to their data-driven campaigns. Doing this requires transparency.

Safer Internet Day Special: Is Data Dignity the Way Forward for Privacy?

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In an era where consumers are becoming increasingly anxious about their privacy, how can marketers be respectful toward their data and build trust? Why Is Privacy Now a Cause for Concern? By businesses, governments, organizations. What Is the Way Forward for Privacy?

Marketing in Data-Sensitive Industries. Personalization vs. Privacy

With a wealth of data at their fingertips, marketers operating within the digital ecosystem, whether it’s the banking, government institutions, or healthcare industry struggle to keep a balance between data privacy and security, transparency, and marketing personalization. .

Social Media in Government: Benefits, Challenges, and How it’s Used


Social media in government is a game changer. After all, not many things have changed the way the public interacts with governments more than social media. On social, people can engage in direct dialogue with politicians, civic officials, and even entire government agencies.

Privacy vs. Personalization: A Divide Amongst Generations

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In this article, Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer, Gongos, share insights from Gongos' recent survey that explores consumer sentiment on privacy, trust, technology, and personalization.

UK Government Releases Framework for Development of Ethical AI


UK Government Releases Framework for Development of Ethical AI. A recent report issued by the House of Lords lays the groundwork for a regulatory regime governing artificial intelligence in the UK. Placing a Premium on Transparency. At Albert™, the world’s first fully-autonomous AI marketing platform, explainability — or, as we call it, transparency — has been at the heart of what we do since day one. by Noa Segall. Head of Search & Display Data Research.

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA): Are You Ready for CCPA 2.0?


In May 2020, the privacy advocacy group Californians for Consumer Privacy announced they had collected 900,000 signatures to add the California Privacy Rights Act (also known as CPRA, CCPA 2.0, A New Privacy Enforcement Agency. Prioritize Transparency in Your Company.

How an Absence of Privacy Shield Certification Could Put your Brand at Risk


And with good cause; with thousands of martech options at our fingertips, it’s naïve in today’s market to overlook adoption of user privacy controls. As a Privacy Shield certified buyer engagement platform , we’re positioned to help marketers better understand the importance of seeking vendors that comply with global privacy protection regulations. But first, let’s get you up to speed on Privacy Shield. Technology brand safety data privacy GDPR Privacy Shield

What is the International Association of Privacy Professionals? Why Should Marketers Care?


I have been writing a lot about the important of good data, Email Deliverability and Privacy Compliance and how you cannot have a comprehensive Demand Generation Strategy without including these components. A: The IAPP is an international professional organization with more than 15,000 members, coming from government, academia and civil society, in 80 countries around the world. government (CIPP/G) and IT (CIPP/IT). Second, marketers should embrace privacy by design.

In the Privacy-First Era, Marketers Must Organize Around Privacy to Solidify Consumer Trust

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Marketers who can advocate for lasting scalable approaches to privacy while alerting consumers to their company’s compliance standards should enjoy a competitive advantage relative to their peers. Darren Abernethy, Senior Counsel, TrustArc shares some truths he's gleaned from decades of working with a privacy-conscious customer base. Welcomely for many organizations, new privacy regulations also have reinvigorated consumer confidence in brand privacy.

In the Age of 5G, Is Privacy Just A Myth?

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While marketers are enthusiastic about presenting rich content and innovative advertising opportunities, concerns are rising over consumer data privacy. Will marketers be able to balance the 5G and privacy paradox, or will privacy become a myth in the era of 5G internet? But there are rising concerns over data privacy as the 5G network expands. Why Data Privacy is a Concern on 5G Networks? Location data privacy is an alarming concern with 5G internet.

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5 MarTech takeaways: teams, product management, decentralization, marketing leadership, IT governance


Radical transparency — give everyone equal access to information to make decisions. Principles of IT Governance for Martech. However, even you choose to lead marketing technology operations from within the marketing department, you can benefit from the ideas of good IT governance that Docker shared: Get all the data in one place for a single source of truth (centralization). Strive for full awareness & transparency of martech with business stakeholders.

No US companies among the 30 most transparent


My recent blog on “ Why Transparency is Essential For Building Corporate Brand Trust ” generated lots of interest, but also begged a key question – what are the most transparent multinationals in the world, and where do US companies stand in these rankings? Low transparency often breeds corruption, which is not only immoral, but also raises the cost of business. Another stark difference is privacy.

What Is CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and What Does It Mean To Marketers?


In June 2018, California legislators passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (aka CaCPA or CCPA). But it does create an opportunity for companies to step up and distinguish themselves through strong data governance and data ethics programs. CCPA compliance will help companies bolster their commitments to honoring consumer choices as well demonstrating transparency and trust. The California Consumer Privacy Act is the most comprehensive privacy law in the country.

Data Privacy Issues for SaaS Companies in the Age of GDPR

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No longer can you simply send out a 14-page legal document with complicated terminology explaining your privacy policies and consider yourself covered. To be in compliance with GDPR, you will need to be open and transparent about how you will process the end user’s personal data.

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FTC Issues Final Privacy Framework Report to Protect Users’ Data


The Federal Trade Commission has issued its Final Privacy Framework Report that outlines guidelines for how companies can and cannot use consumer data on the Internet. The FTC is focusing on five action items in the privacy report. ” The primary theme of the FTC privacy framework is to prohibit companies from tying consumers to personally identifiable data. Mobile: Urges companies to work toward improved privacy protections and to development meaningful disclosures.

Google's New Privacy Policy: A Primer


Google rolled out its new privacy policy last month, unifying dozens of programs under the same terms of service. But many critics believe that the company is just trying to compile personal data to sell information to advertisers, and the company's new policy only pays lip service to transparency. Google is combining more than 60 different privacy policies so it can merge all the data it receives into profiles of its logged-in users.

How Digital Marketers Can Shake the Big Brother Mantle


Americans have long been wary of new technology and its potential to invade an individual’s privacy. But privacy breaches – both real and perceived – put businesses at great risk. They’ve all been criticized for violating an individual’s privacy. Americans have long been wary of new technology and its potential to invade an individual’s privacy. Ester Dyson, the investor and technologist, once said that online privacy is a marketing problem.

What’s 1st Party Private Data Exchange and Why Should Marketers Care

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Learn More: Advancing Data Privacy: A Collaborative Approach to Better Regulations. It helps an entrepreneur collect high-quality data and ensures that all the privacy rules are complied with. As FPD is owned and collected by a firm, it is hailed as the most transparent information.

The 7 Point CCPA Compliance Checklist for Marketers for 2020

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) comes into effect on Jan. How can marketers prepare for CCPA, build privacy and compliance into their data management strategy, and navigate through CCPA regulations while ensuring personalization? Data Privacy Will be Paramount in 2020.

A Marketer’s Guide to Data-Driven, Omnichannel Engagements for Increased Brand Loyalty

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As a result, consumers are becoming more conscious and vocal about data privacy, however this should not be a deterrent to using data as an unmatched source of business intelligence. Learn More: Why Data Transparency and Control are Vital to Paid Social Media Today. Data Governance

Building Trust Requires Innovation

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The author sees a new, distributed trust model built on transparent, peer-based reputation (think Uber and Airbnb )* that lets people confidently interact with strangers. What’s needed are methods that let people see things for themselves: a sort of radical transparency that doesn’t require relying on anyone else’s word, including (or perhaps especially) the word of “people just like me”. customer experience facebook marketing privacy relationships trust

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Tech Talk with InfoTrust’s Tag Inspector: Tag monitoring for unparalleled data quality


There is a need to build governance processes to streamline these tags, their data collection, and monitoring efforts. Tag governance is a system of tools and processes for establishing end-to-end ownership of all marketing tags within the enterprise.

How Data Security and Regulatory Compliance are Changing SEM


Yet at the same time, the European Union and other government bodies around the world have continued to introduce stringent regulatory compliance mandates governing how that data can be collected and managed — which, needless to say, has significantly affected the way that organizations treat, store and use their most valuable data. If you either control the data and/or process it, then GDPR will govern your regulatory compliance responsibilities.

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