Thu.Mar 16, 2023

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A Content Marketer’s Guide to Designing Efficient Workflows


Designing a content workflow may not be the most exciting part of content marketing—but it’s critical to success. Content workflows inform who needs to complete what task at any given moment, all while ensuring the content is accurate, in alignment with your strategy, and optimized for distribution. Simply put, they’re the secret to any high-performing content program.

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Which Hogwarts House Are You? Content Marketer’s Edition

Marketing Insider Group

Every marketer today is hearing about the importance of brand personality — or the way a brand is personified in human terms. In both the B2B and B2C worlds, brand personality is more important than ever as buyers seek a real connection to the companies they purchase from. Here’s why: 84% of buyers want to be treated like actual people, not numbers 82% say they want brand values to align with their own 73% say they’re more likely to buy when they love the brand To build the type of emotional con


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The Role of a Web Design Agency in Boosting Your Online Presence

ATAK Interactive

We examine the field of web design and the work of web designers in this blog. It takes a variety of talents, including graphic design, coding, and user experience design, to create and maintain websites. The blog covers the duties of web designers, including gathering requirements from clients, coming up with layouts, building functionality, testing and debugging, and maintaining websites.

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eCommerce Personalization Trends To Watch Out In 2023

Huptech Web

Table Of Contents Introduction What is eCommerce Personalization? Why is Personalization the Future of eCommerce? What are the Benefits of eCommerce Personalization? eCommerce Personalization Trends and Tactics Final Thoughts Introduction Consumers are increasingly turning towards online shopping to fulfill their retail needs as the world has become increasingly technologically advanced.

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Best Practices to Boost Marketing Efficiency while Decreasing Cost Per Sale

Speaker: Kristin Hess - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Drift; Will Lyon - Head of Vertical Marketing, 6sense

The past three years have forced nearly every industry to rethink their prospect and customer engagement strategy. But while we’ve all been thrust into digital transformation, we haven’t all made the transition efficiently. Now that we know digital selling is the new norm, how can we ensure our website is doing as much of the leg work as possible for us - even in the midst of economic challenges?

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How to Consolidate Your Productivity & Task Management Tools


Whenever there's an economic downturn, marketing departments are often forced to make cuts in various areas. These days, with so much budget tied up in software tools, budget cuts often force marketing and comms teams to evaluate and consolidate the wide variety of tools they use. If you've ever had to go through this, you probably know how hard this process can be.

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How sales enablement saves you time


Every job is busy – that’s just reality. But, if you’re a sales rep, you may be thinking that not all jobs are created equal. As a content strategist, I’d argue that marketers are busy, but for the purpose of this post we’ll focus on sellers – and how sales enablement tools can help them save time. Let’s get started by looking at how sellers spend their time.

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Content Curation Tips That Will Help You Organize Your Content Calendar

One of the most powerful tools in the hands of content creators is the ability to collaborate with other creators. What results is a fruitful partnership, where a chunk of the audience from one creator can easily hop on over to your content and vice versa. It’s very rare to find successful content creators who live in a vacuum and don’t interact with others.

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How Do People Search Engines Work?


For those who are unfamiliar, people search engine is a website that is designed to assist you if you need to find people online. It searches through a massive database of available information for details about specific individuals or organizations. There’s no doubt that people search engines are an incredibly useful tool for anyone who is trying to connect with people or find out more about them.

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Accelerate Recap 2023: Building Sustainable Growth | Varicent


It’s been a week since we wrapped our Accelerate event. I don’t know about you – but I'm still buzzing from all the excitement. It was great to see everyone in person again and I truly value the time we had to connect with each of you. We also really appreciated the opportunity to share our upcoming product innovations and get direct feedback, in real time, on our future enhancements.

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Aggregage Intent Signal Service

Aggregage Intent Signal Service allows you to reach more active buyers sooner! Get leads for specific in-market buyers. View companies and titles signaling intent. Influence active buyers earlier in their journey. Shorten sales cycles and close more deals. Download the Aggregage Intent Signal Service overview to learn more.

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Boosting B2B Growth through Sales and Marketing Alignment

B2B Digital Marketer

Unleashing Corporate Caffeine to Supercharge Your Business Growth In a world where B2B competition is fiercer than ever, businesses need to find innovative ways to stay ahead. One crucial factor to achieving success is aligning your sales and marketing teams. Our latest podcast guest, Dacia Coffey, author of “Corporate Caffeine,” shared her insights on how B2B companies can benefit from aligning these two departments to supercharge their growth.

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Is ChatGPT The Answer To Your Content Creation Challenges?

Square 2 Marketing

Many of you who read our articles know that one of the secrets to lead generation and demand generation in 2023 is content creation. You need to create compelling, educational and entertaining thought leadership content. This content has to take many different forms, including videos, whitepapers, e-books, explainers, tip sheets, research, webinars, checklists, podcasts and more.

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What is a user persona and how to build one in four easy steps


You might have heard of the term ‘ user persona ’ before, but what does it actually mean? A user persona is the creation of a business-based fictional character designed to represent a group of individuals who use a product or a service in a similar way. The descriptions of these users typically include their behavioral patterns, skills, goals, as well as their background information with details about their work environment.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right MarTech Tool for Your Business


In today’s digital age, marketing technology (MarTech) plays an increasingly important role in helping businesses reach their target audience, increase revenue, and streamline operations. By understanding your business goals, doing your research, building a MarTech stack, and testing and evaluating your tools, you can ensure that you’re investing in the right MarTech tools that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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Maximizing Marketing Efforts: Benefits of Personalizing Online Experience

Speaker: Kate Marx, VP of State Street Global Advisors; Tara Quehl, Marketing Director at Demandbase; Lee Zucker, Global Head of GTM & Revenue Strategy at Drift

The world of financial services is shifting as clients demand online experiences that feel similar to those in B2C. What’s the key to meeting their expectations? Humanizing their experience on your website. By personalizing your client’s online experience, your firm can build more trust and value into every interaction. Your team can also go into conversations with more context around a client’s long-term objectives, resulting in a faster time to investment.

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What is ChatGPT? An AI Content Creation Tool from A Marketing Agency Perspective

Blue Flame Thinking

There’s been quite a bit of chatter around ChatGPT over the last several weeks. Like any company, we have a range of fascinations with it. We have those who jumped on right away and started testing it for their kids’ projects or just for fun. We have those who are waiting to see what happens with it and Google’s new rival tool, and we have those who will just wait it out until they must use it.

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Five Martech Trends for 2023


2023 is well and truly on, and it’s clear that the MarTech landscape is rapidly evolving. The rise of new technologies, changing consumer behaviours, and increasing competition drives marketers to be more innovative and creative than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top MarTech trends for 2023, and how marketers can stay ahead of the game.

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How User Experience (UX) Design Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts


Businesses nowadays are focusing more on creating engaging websites and products. It’s essential to understand the significance of UX design as digital marketing continues to evolve. UX design provides solutions that can be enjoyable and easy to use, leading to better business outcomes and customers’ overall experience. For companies looking to maximize their digital marketing ROI, getting the help of a creative services team to improve user experience is essential.

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Ask These 4 Questions To Stop Wasting Time on SEO Dead Ends (and Find Keyword Gold)

Content Marketing Institute

Targeting the right keywords for your business can make search engines one of the most valuable and highest ROI channels. But how do you identify and prioritize the right keywords? Start with these four questions.

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Contact vs. Company Intent Signal Data

Contact and company intent data both have their advantages. Contact-level intent leads can be acted on immediately to reach active buyers, while company-level leads improve outcomes for account-based marketing and other programs. This infographic unpacks the advantages of both contact and company data and gives details about how B2B marketers can benefit from both.

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Google Ads Leverages GA4’s Audience Builder Tool To Take The Guesswork Out Of Expanding Your Reach

Rock Content

Google is more than just the king of search engines when it comes to today’s digital marketing landscape. The search engine giant is also responsible for offering marketers some of the most effective, accessible tools out there today. Google is perpetually looking for ways to make a marketer’s job even easier and more intuitive, as well. Its latest move is the addition of a special Google Ads feature that lets users directly access Google Analytics 4’s streamlined audience builder from within th

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Brands, be mindful or be gone


30-second summary: Through unpredictable events and a sense that control has been lost, consumers have begun to switch brands at a higher rate than ever before People have become tired of false sustainability claims and outrage media and are seeking simple, calm and truthful experiences that make a difference or matter New technologies are offering exciting new ways to connect, with an emphasis on investing in brand and retention Ultimately, consumers want less innovation, and more reassurance:

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5 B2B Business Leaders Offer Insights on Leveraging ABM to Survive a Downturn


This blog dives into how to develop an action plan to help your organization leverage ABM to navigate an economic downturn. The post 5 B2B Business Leaders Offer Insights on Leveraging ABM to Survive a Downturn appeared first on Demandbase.

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How B2B Video Strategies are Evolving


Listen to the podcast: Or catch us on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or YouTube. Want to hear more from renowned B2B marketing leaders? Catch all episodes here. Episode Summary B2B video marketing has evolved significantly over the last few years, driven by changes in technology, consumer behavior, and industry trends. With the rise of social media and the need for quick video content, B2B companies are now more likely to use video as part of their strategy, thanks to the proven effectiveness of vid

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The ABM Benchmark Survey

ABM gets better with age — but unfortunately, marketers don't have the luxury of pouring it into an oak barrel for a couple decades to let it mature. In a recent survey with Demand Gen Report, we found 59% of experienced practitioners (those with ABM programs more than a year old) indicated their ABM programs are meeting or greatly exceeding their expectations, while only 45% of novices (those with ABM programs less than one year old) could say the same.

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Microsoft Shares 5 Starter Prompts For AI-Powered Bing via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

Explore AI-powered Bing's potential to transform your content creation efforts, with 5 prompts to boost creativity and streamline workflows. The post Microsoft Shares 5 Starter Prompts For AI-Powered Bing appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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Developing a Brand Strategy For Your Organization

RDW Group

There are so many factors that contribute to the success of an organization. One of the most crucial is your … The post Developing a Brand Strategy For Your Organization appeared first on RDW Group.

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We Took The New For A Spin. What Did We Learn? via @sejournal, @kristileilani

Search Engine Journal from HubSpot allows you to use natural language in a chat interface to research competitors, run reports, summarize CRM data, and write effective messaging. The post We Took The New For A Spin. What Did We Learn? appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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Experiment: Does Custom Instagram Alt Text Improve Reach?


Social SEO is a hot topic at the moment; Instagram alt text may be trending even harder than ChatGPT. And while there’s a ton of content explaining theoretical best practices, there aren’t a lot of blogs that show someone actually testing it out. Here at Hootsuite, we pride ourselves on practicing what the thought-leaders preach, showing instead of telling, and getting our dainty, digital hands in the theoretical mud.

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Learn Today, Sell Tomorrow: Increasing ROI & Conversions Through Search Metrics

On average, seven out of ten online shoppers utilize a website's search bar. Website owners not using their search bars to their full capabilities are missing out on prime opportunities to boost their conversion. Search metrics can drive buyer conversion by helping website owners learn from their online visitors, allowing eCommerce merchandisers and digital marketers to create, adapt, and execute an effective marketing strategy with help from the data collected by an onsite search bar.

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How is the Marketing Function Changing in the Digital Era

Mass Analytics

How is the Marketing Function Changing in the Digital Era Highlights from MASS Analytics and Massmedia Morocco at The African Digital Summit in Morocco The African Digital Summit marked the start of the partnership between MASS Analytics and Massmedia Morocco. The event, in its 5th edition, took place in Morocco on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2023. Dr.

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The Best Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing

Benchmark Email

Selecting an email marketing tool is a process. There’s a lot to consider, and it can get so overwhelming that some people just opt for the tool that is widely known. That’s one way to go about it. However, we don’t recommend that route. You run the risk of paying for bloated software you aren’t… The post The Best Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing appeared first on Benchmark Email.

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Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms: How to Choose the Right One

Sana Commerce

Table of contents Finding the right enterprise B2B e-commerce platform for your business can be a complex and challenging process. With the wide variety of e-commerce solutions available, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best fit for your business. In this guide, we will discuss the key considerations when selecting an enterprise B2B e-commerce solution , such as scalability, feature set, fit within your IT landscape, extensibility, and pricing structure.

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