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7 More Ways to Curate Content Like a Pro [New Examples]

Content Marketing Institute

Content curation is more than an aggregation of existing content, references, or links. Learn how to curate content the right way from these examples and tips. It’s a powerful tool for adding value to your audience while lightening the load for your content team. Continue reading →

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The Marketer's Guide to Content Aggregators in 2020


One thing that makes that easy is content aggregation. For me, I use a specific content aggregation site dedicated to travel blogs to find the best information. For marketers, content aggregator sites can be a useful strategy to reach new audiences. Usually with content curation , there's also commentary or context.


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The (digital) morning news routine: how mobile news aggregators have evolved beyond the homepage

When an organization sees a spike from a news aggregator app like Flipboard, Smartnews, Toutiao, or Apple News, it comes from readers who, very intentionally, set out to read news. Traditional newspapers are, in a way, the original news aggregators. This gave rise to news aggregators the likes of MSN, Yahoo!,

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Curating Content for Thought Leadership: How to Build Authority and Influence in your Industry

Thought Leadership, combined with content curation, is used to deliver unique opinions and viewpoints by subject matter experts to inform, educate, entertain, and impart wisdom to others. If you are planning to incorporate thought leadership with content curation, then you’re not late. What is Thought Leadership?

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How the Right Content Curation Strategy Can Help Your Startup Grow

On the marketing front, many find that a content curation strategy is helpful in scaling up without requiring a ton of additional resources. The Benefits of Content Curation for Startups. Content curation is valuable for any business in any industry, but it’s an especially powerful weapon when wielded by startups. Industry hub.

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How to Make B2B Content Curation a Win-Win [Podcast]


What role should content aggregation play in your B2B blogging strategy? How can B2B marketers capitalize on aggregation as part of their overall content marketing strategy? What value does content syndication provide to B2B bloggers? And what exactly is web presence optimization ?

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Content curation for social selling; how to get even better results

Content curation is a great asset available for marketers to maximize the impact of social selling programs. recent integration with social selling solutions such as GaggleAMP, unleash the power of content curation + social selling. But why is curation such a nice tool to leverage employee advocacy? So is content curation.

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