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How Can We Blend All of Our Customer Data into Actionable Profiles?


The key to establishing impactful data-driven workflows – with our without predictive scores – is creating actionable profiles of your ideal customers, and infusing that insight into your day-to-day work. Google Analytics, however, is tracking both known and unknown visitors in the background.

Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

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We know that measurement is the the top goal inside of companies , and while I’ve published this data before, it’s important to recast it to show the important of measurement in an emerging technology set. Why are social analytics so important?

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SEO and Customer Base Marketing: Deepen Relationships for More Repeat Sales

Modern B2B Marketing

The tools of SEO, and the insights SEO strategies generate, are also highly effective in delighting and retaining customers in the post-sale enablement, adoption, and retention phases of customer marketing. Adopting SEO as Part of a Customer Marketing Strategy.

A Lattizen Year in Review – Top Content


We also created and published over 90 blogs and 10 ebooks. It refers to the data that is collected when your customers and prospects are consuming related content on trade publications, sharing on social media, posting on forums or blogs and beyond. Predictive Lead Scoring FAQs.

5 Places B2B Marketers Can Find Blogging Inspiration

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One of the struggles B2B marketers come to me with is the fact that they just don’t know how to come up with content for their blog, website, or other online platform (like social media). Customer Service Communication. Customer service communication is a great place to start.

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22 Exceptional Business Blogging Guides, Tips & Tactics


A well-written and consistently updates business blog is a vital core element of a successful content marketing program. As noted below, blogs are among the most effective tools for increasing website traffic, generating leads, and acquiring customers.

5 Power Players You Need On Your Lead Management Team

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If you could diagram the complexity of modern marketing and sales operations the intersecting lines of software, social, content, design, email and data would turn into a morass of cross hatching. Make sure your content is both high-value and visible.

100+ Quick Ways to Find Blog Post Inspiration

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So why, then, does every content marketer, at one point or another, head straight into the proverbial wall ? You don’t have to be a “writer” by profession to publish a blog post or tweet out an article. Curate content based on interviews with clients or other subject matter experts.

35 Marketing Tips to Make Your Work Day More Productive


You juggle content creation, design, distribution, promotion, analytics – just to name a few of the balls you have in the air at any given time. More than likely, they’ll be flattered enough to share your content with their own audiences. . . For Optimizing Content. .

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35 Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Daily Marketing Life Better


You juggle content creation, design, distribution, promotion, analytics – just to name a few of the balls you have in the air at any given time. If you’re stumped on what topics to write about for your company blog, refer to your FAQs. Use BuzzSumo to find engaging content ideas.

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20 Online Marketing Tools That Boost Campaign Results

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How we use it : This tool gives our SEO team an opportunity to see how a page will appear in SERPs before hitting “publish.” Button Optimizer allows users to design and customize CTA buttons in minutes. Content Marketing Tools. FAQ Fox.

A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Showcase Pages


If they''re very different, you may feel like you''re constantly in danger of not giving one enough attention, or confusing your personas with untargeted content. Add the problem of keeping all your content grouped together on one social media page, and you''re really lost.

10 Things That Can Destroy an Email Marketing Program

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Analytics. Actionable Analysis Analyzing Customer Data Conversion & ROI ROI Marketing Verifying Business Value. Media Planning Media Buying Publishing Display Advertising Video Mobile. Factor in some user-generated content or questions - this is what will keep the consumer engaged. Rx: Mix up your messaging; the best thing might be to include useful informational content in every marketing campaign. You expect your consumers to test your content.

Content SEO

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The content used to educate buyers of B2B products and services can be a very valuable asset when it comes to content optimization and acquiring leads via organic search. reconcile the difference and fix) How many and what type of images are being published ON the corporate domain name?

How One Company’s Investment in Blogging & SEO Increased Traffic By Over 2,500% in One Year


Looking to bring in more leads and customers to their website, the folks at Marco teamed up with HubSpot Partner Leighton Interactive to explore the possibilities of inbound marketing. For non-HubSpot users, Google Analytics is a good option for measuring blog traffic over time.).

The Top 8 Priorities for Any One-Man Marketing Team


For example, you wouldn’t want to set a goal of converting more leads to customers if you didn’t have any visitors converting to leads in the first place -- you can’t pull people through the funnel until you’ve gotten them there in the first place.

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

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Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without IT. Content Marketing. Do you provide examples of previous customers using or complimenting your product/service? Are you seeking feedback from your customer to help develop a hypothesis for your next test? Custom URLs.

The Three Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with B2B Websites

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Because the website is so important, B2B marketers and business owners really need to ensure that their sites are up to snuff before beginning a social media campaign or developing a content strategy because the website needs to support these activities in order for them to be successful.

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The Time-Crunched Marketer's Guide to Creating Lead-Gen Offers


The problem is, creating content takes time, which might be why so few marketers are utilizing landing pages to their fullest extent. The time for excuses is over, because there are ways to create valuable marketing offer content quickly; it just takes a little out-of-the box thinking.

How is B2B Marketing Different From B2C Marketing?

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A study by Deloitte published by the Wall Street Journa l shows that B2C companies spend more on social media than B2C, but B2B spends more money on marketing training and analytics, possibly due to the fact that B2B industries are often more intricate and require more professional training and product support. However, we have seen significant brand awareness and audience reach through digital strategies like content marketing and social media.

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Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

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There are at least a few points of entry to integrate your corporate website: 1) Extending your corporate websites to social networks, 2) Allowing for customers voices through reviews and ratings, 3) Aggregating the discussion back on your own website.

Toward a New Knowledge Society

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SEO isn’t for the birds. Really.


Customers. Your content has to focus on the needs of your customers. Whereas search engines traditionally have looked at various signals about your content to rank pages—inbound links, keyword placement, keyword frequency, etc.—these Focus on customer needs.


Doug Johnson Website --Skills for the Knowledge Worker

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Special note from Linworth Publishing : If you say you “saw it on my website, you will receive a $5 discount on any of my books. Technology communications tools • Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

The Easiest Ways to Build Trust With Your Sales Leads


One of the most effective onsite content tactics that helps in this context is to include a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. Make your contact information easy to find, in case the prospect has questions they can’t answer for themselves after browsing your website and reading your FAQ page. You’ve proven yourself to be more trustworthy than the competition in some shape or form – be it because you have a better price, better customer service or better features.


PKM and the Organization - Pollard

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It will be published later this year as a chapter in a compendium book on emerging trends in KM. Many training departments saw it as the content side of training, and wondered why it didnt report to them. And the creative people who often had the Knowledge Director thrust upon them conceived of KM as a means for increasing organizational innovation, customer satisfaction and employee retention. Automatic peer-to-peer publishing and subscription. bulk publish?