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    [Twitter] What Is Demand Generation? [FAQs]
    To do this effectively, marketers need to do things like respond to customer questions on Twitter, promote blog posts through Facebook, host webinars, and run email marketing campaigns. Customers are the heart of our business. In their efforts to please customers, content strategists, growth hackers, product owners, analytics masterminds, and communication specialists share one goal: amplify brand-to-consumer relationships.
    [Twitter] How to Use Quizzes to Ramp Up Your Lead Database
    This quiz was shared on Facebook and Twitter and brought in 211 leads. Author: Josh Haynam How do you capture the attention of a demand generation marketer? Tell them you have a new way of generating quality leads! Many of you have seen those fun quizzes that pop up on your social media feed. They are visual, fun to take, and can be a great lead generation tool. So where do you start? It’s easier than you may think!
    [Twitter] The Modern Day Social Seller: Buyers are More Empowered, But So Are You!
    In addition to websites, they subscribe to their prospects'' and clients'' twitter feeds and social posts, scour the financial reports on Yahoo Finance and set up Google Alerts for real-time news. By Dan Sixsmith and Tom Pisello The research and the reality: B2B buyers are more empowered than ever, using the Internet and social media to research your company, products, services, customers, team, history and competitors - self propelling themselves toward a purchase decision.
    [Twitter] 37 Big Data Case Studies with Big Results
    Follow Rob on Twitter: @RobPetersen. By Rob Petersen, {grow} Community Member. Big Data is the collection of large amounts of data from places like web-browsing data trails, social network communications, sensor and surveillance data that is stored in computer clouds then searched for patterns, new revelations and insights. In less than a decade, Big Data is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Who’s using it? How are they apply data? What are they achieving?
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    [Twitter] 30 Low-Cost Ideas for Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
    You know that burgeoning RSS feed filled with industry blogs, or your Twitter list of thought leaders? Invite other bloggers to contribute to your blog by asking a question on Twitter or in a LinkedIn group. Use Twitter’s Vine App. If you ever want to really annoy a marketer, tell them that content is low cost marketing. While the thought isn’t entirely false, content certainly isn’t cheap.
    [Twitter] The Fatal Flaw of A/B Testing
    Kiki is also the author of Tech Doodles , and can be reached easily through Twitter. By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Last year I stumbled across one of those customer experiences that makes you want to tear your hair out—and preferably stuff it down the offending company’s throat. I had started writing more and decided that I would take some time off from the side work I do hourly to support my Fittr/startup lifestyle.
    [Twitter] Set Clear Goals For Your Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan
    Pew offers complete data detailing the demographics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Much has been written about how to use social media to get more exposure and reach more audiences. The majority of the advice tends to be focused on the tactics, though, the things you can do to reach more potential clients. Long before you consider the tactics you are going to use, you must set business goals when you are creating a strategic social media plan.
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    [Twitter] What the Death of Google Reader REALLY Means
    But I'll admit that even though Google Reader was a staple for me, lately even I'd found that my sources of the latest news and information were social networks like Facebook and Twitter -- not RSS feeds. Pack your bags, Google Reader. It was nice knowing you. For those of you who didn't catch wind of the news last week, Google has made the decision to retire its RSS feed reading platform after eight years, effective July 1.
    [Twitter] 35 Killer Blog Post Ideas for an Awesome Business Blog
    Ask people a question on Twitter or Facebook and blog the best replies. To build an awesome business blog, regular updates and original quality content are unquestionable. The task itself is quite challenging, and one of the first questions raised is where to get the ideas? How do you come with content so magnetic it will both draw traffic and spark interest of prospects and clients to be shared everywhere online?
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    [Twitter] Why Facebook’s Trending Topics Scandal Conceals a Bigger Problem
    Former employees revealed that Facebook blacklisted certain topics and sources (namely conservative ones), boosted topics that weren’t actually trending, and asked writers who drafted the blurbs to make some Orwellian language changes like renaming Twitter and Snapchat “social networks.” Mark Zuckerberg has made it known he doesn’t like Donald Trump. But on Wednesday, he’s going to have to bend down and kiss the Republican ring.
    [Twitter] Are You In Marketing Shape?
    We’d love to hear from you on Twitter at @Snap_App , or create an internal idea-sharing group with your coworkers. As we enter the last month of summer, we’ve been hearing about dieting trends, workouts, races, and more. All great things to help keep you in physical shape, but how’s your marketing health? What Does It Mean To Be In Marketing Shape? What does marketing fit really look like? For many marketers, it means a healthy stream of new leads and progressing leads down the funnel.
    [Twitter] Google Launches A More Social Search
    In addition to traditional website search results, searchers will start seeing results from their friends on Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc. A battle is happening in the Silicon Valley. Two software gaints, Google and Facebook, are competing to be the leader of search in the coming years. Facebook won't give Google access to its social graph data. In response, the search engine giant is working with just about every other social network in an effort to make Google search social.
    [Twitter] 7 Tips to Building a Strong Brand Reputation for Technology Firms
    Share your content on LinkedIn, Twitter, or another platform. On Twitter or Facebook? It’s easier than you might think to lose sight of a brand that looks good on paper – especially for technology firms. Quality of work, demonstrable expertise, and relationships with clients are all paramount, of course. But even when these reputational stars are all aligned, your online strategy is exerting a profound impact on your brand reputation.
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    [Twitter] The Value of SEO and Quality Content
    For example, search to see if there are new hashtags pertinent to your content that could be used to reach an entirely new twitter audience. As you create your content, it should always be with an eye toward reaping the benefit of organic SEO. After all, if your content doesn’t show up in searches, it won’t matter how useful it is. For B2B companies competing for a relatively small pool of potential customers, this is truer than ever.
    [Twitter] Mustache Marketing 101: How to Fundraise for Movember
    With images being posted and shared on Facebook and Twitter, millions of people continue to be exposed to the movement, thus spreading awareness more and more each day. Simply snap a picture everyday during the month and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, the 70s and 80s -- an era when men sported the mustaches of all mustaches. They weren’t raising awareness for anything -- they were just going with a fashion trend.
    [Twitter] 5 Myths of Social Media Marketing
    In fact, a recent study by Eccolo Media reported that B2B technology buyers found vendors through the same channels as B2C companies, with LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook proving the most important and Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr, and SlideShare of slightly less interest. Have you tied your social media efforts to a positive ROI? Or, have you heard claims that social media marketing just isn’t worth the effort for B2B companies?
    [Twitter] How to Add Text to an Animated GIF Using Photoshop [Quick Tip]
    Then, in June 2014, Twitter followed suit and announced that they also were supporting animated GIFs. What''s the deal with animated GIFs these days? In January 2014, Pinterest announced that they were now supporting animated GIFs. Otherwise known as "Graphics Interchange Format," you''ll find these looping, animated clips featured all over social media, blogs, websites, and more. Heck, you might even remember them from your former MySpace days.
    [Twitter] The 10 Best Walkable Destinations from Dreamforce #DF11
    Twitter. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this With top keynote speakers, sessions across the board in cloud trends, live music and more swag handed out than anyplace at the Oscars, Dreamforce can be an all encompassing experience. People have been known to spend the whole event without seeing the sun. Most of us will want to break free from the Moscone Center, even for just an hour during a break, and see some nearby spots.
    [Twitter] Over 70 Percent of Native Ads Get a Failing Grade
    ” In other words, social media advertising such as in-feed ads on Facebook and Twitter count as native advertising. News publishers are flunking their disclosure tests, and they may be killing native advertising in the process.
    [Twitter] The killer user experience: Apple Music
    Her mantra is “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” so be sure to give her a shout on Twitter. A little over a year ago I treated myself to a BMW X3 on my birthday. It came with a yearlong subscription to Sirius Radio, which I loved. But when May rolled around and they wanted 25+ dollars a month to renew, my soon-to-be husband said NO WAY. “Highway robbery” he called it.
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    [Twitter] Need More Website Visitors? Get Back to Basics
    Have you ever seen someone asking for advice on Twitter or Facebook? Whether you’re new to the block or a veteran marketer, you conceptually know that the first step in any successful inbound strategy is to attract strangers to visit your site. But actually putting it into practice can be hard. You''re worried about lots of other things like getting bottom-line results or keeping up with the latest marketing trends, so it''s easy to forget about that initial step.
    [Twitter] 5 Marketing Takeaways From Dreamforce 2014
    For more highlights from Dreamforce, follow the event discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #DF14. Downtown San Francisco was overtaken by the annual Dreamforce conference this week, as more than 140,000 attendees swarmed the event. The high-energy gathering of innovative thinkers formed a virtual cloud of inspiration over Moscone Center, which was filled with product demonstrations and exhibits.
    [Twitter] Why video is “liquid” content in a solid social media world
    Related Stories Why research firms are screwing up content marketing Wearable content: The X-factor that makes a social media plan soar The hurdles to truly “social” video experiences 10 reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend Pimping your posts and the myth of the 80-20 rule. By Michael Keara, {grow} Community Member. Video is exploding on the web today.
    [Twitter] Let’s Celebrate the 2017 Markie Awards Finalists!
    Cheap Caribbean – Cheap Caribbean gained 15,691 Facebook followers and 8,454 Twitter followers during the social media campaign. TD Ameritrade - TD Ameritrade’s campaign resulted in 31% of total Tool completions referred from social media - 34% from Facebook; 66% from Twitter; 47% from sponsored post activity.
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    [Twitter] 17 Inspiring Instagram Video Examples From Oreo, Spotify, BuzzFeed & More
    Those were the days that people compared Instagram video to its Twitter-owned counterpart, Vine. Share your ideas on Twitter by 4/15. Remember when Instagram first started allowing users to post videos back in 2013? The first Instagram videos had to be recorded on your phone and could only be up to 15 seconds long. Instagram's come a long way since then, and it's blown Vine out of the water.
    [Twitter] 45 Free or Super Cheap Tools for Creating Amazing Visual Content
    also offers a number of free templates, several of which support visualization of your Facebook, Twitter, or Google ?nalytics. A content marketing strategy without visual elements is like chocolate chip cookies without any chocolate. It’s still good, but it lacks the mass appeal. Researchers believe that around 65% of the population are visual learners, who are able to best process information that’s relayed in images, infographics and video.
    [Twitter] 11 Impressive B2C Campaigns That B2B Marketers Can Learn From
    On the fast food chain's Twitter account, you'll find a robust collection of hand-drawn doodles and goofy GIFs. Time for another brainstorm session. After scratching out a list of possibilities, you turn to your computer for inspiration. Consider your go-to sources: Do you immediately navigate to your competitor's blog? Are your bookmarks filled with favorite content from companies in your industry? Constructive thinking doesn't happen inside of a vacuum.
    [Twitter] 9 Steps to Building a Unique Value Proposition in Management Consulting
    On Twitter or LinkedIn? When professional services buyers look to hire a management consulting firm, they want to make sure they find the firm best suited to improve their performance and solve complex problems that are hindering growth. How do you prove you're the management consulting firm to do this? With a strong value proposition.
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    [Twitter] An Open Letter to the Anonymous Unfulfilled Social Media Strategist
    Sure, the job can be fun (who doesn''t like to surf Facebook, Twitter, and BuzzFeed all day), but when you take a hard look at your role, it can feel demoralizing to know someone''s money is being wasted over a post like "Like if you prefer chocolate ice cream, and share if you prefer vanilla!". Yesterday, an anonymous social media manager wrote a piece for Digiday on their growing frustration with their role and the larger social media industry as a whole. We felt we needed to respond.
    [Twitter] How to Create Top-Notch Visual Content in PowerPoint [Tutorial]
    4) Twitter & LinkedIn Break Up, Disabling Automatic Posting of Tweets. When Twitter and LinkedIn ended their social relationship, we found a free image of a broken heart, and simply added each social platform's logo onto each side of the heart. Want to hear a secret? Almost every image associated with my recent blog posts has been made in PowerPoint. Yep, whether starting from scratch or purchasing a photo to build off of, PowerPoint is my secret design weapon.
    [Twitter] 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Content Editorial Process
    Canva includes templates for every type of visual graphic imaginable (Facebook and Twitter cover images, for example), and images can be easily tweaked for uniqueness within seconds. Author: Daniel Tolliday If you ever find yourself banging your head on the keyboard wondering why there are so few hours in the day to produce content; don’t worry, you’re not the only one.
    [Twitter] Summer Is Here—Bring on the Interns!
    Is she interested in running field events, or managing the company’s Twitter feed? Author: Stacey Thornberry They’re eager to learn, they’re discovering their career path, and they’re ready to help YOU. Yes, they’re interns! Whether just out of their freshman year or exploring the “real-world” post-university, your interns are looking to you for guidance as they navigate the marketing landscape.
    [Twitter] How Content Made Peloton the Fastest-Growing Company in New York
    On Twitter, the company promotes its seasonal scenic rides, encouraging users to “cycle through New England fall colors” and “climb the Canadian mountains.” At the beginning of 2016, Peloton Cycle asked its employees to share their New Year’s resolutions on YouTube. Besides getting more sleep and drinking more water, there was a common theme: They wanted to be more ambitious. Turns out Peloton executives had the same idea.
    [Twitter] What Is List Segmentation? [FAQs]
    These actions can be things like clicks on a specific CTA, tweets at your company''s Twitter handle, or views on a specific page on your website -- they can all help you get even more specific with your segmentation. Now, I can send a hyper-targeted email featuring an offer about, say, how to get 1000+ followers on Twitter to engage these leads and nurture them toward a purchase. We all like to focus on the sexy stuff.
    [Twitter] How to Use Google+ to Build Your A/E/C Firm’s Online Brand Presence
    Introduce Your Firm to a Broad Audience Many firms don’t consider Google+ a priority in their social media marketing strategy because they assume the user base can’t compete with other sites like Twitter or LinkedIn. Managing all of your social media accounts can be exhausting. Between promoting your content, engaging on LinkedIn and other networks, and maintaining company profiles…it can be a lot to juggle.
    [Twitter] Want to be a Better Social Media Marketer? Listen to These 10 Podcasts
    Key Takeaways: Prioritize social networks that deliver the greatest ROI: According to the report, those networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (in that order). Instagram is projected to overtake Twitter in terms of popularity and ROI. Keath speculates that it's because Instagram is less saturated than Twitter, which leads to greater engagement.
    [Twitter] Do You Follow Up After A Sale? How to Increase Sales Productivity
    Sending tweets on Twitter, a newsletter, text messages on smartphones or automated phone messages are all ways to remind customers that your company offers products or services that they need. One of the easiest ways to increase B2B sales productivity is to continue to sell to current customers. This is done by actively creating and nurturing a relationship with them. It takes far less time, energy and money to sell to a current customer than to sell to new customers.
    [Twitter] Content Marketing’s Role at Trade Shows
    This can be done on the normal channels — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter — but you should also get creative and visit discussion boards on Reddit or other industry websites to generate buzz about the trade show and your involvement. The trade show marketing mania. No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re planning to go to a trade show, get ready for what is often an overwhelming sensory experience.
    [Twitter] Differentiation Strategy Not Working? Here’s How To Make It Better
    On Twitter or LinkedIn? Developing a winning differentiation strategy is a huge struggle for many professional services firms. It just got a little easier with the release of Hinge’s new Differentiation Guide For Professional Services Firms. This is the latest in our Executive Guide Series. Each guide is focused around a specific topic within the professional services branding and marketing field.
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    [Twitter] How Google+ Makes Social Email Marketing Even More Important
    A lot of marketers are already including social media sharing links in their newsletters and emails, and it’s amazing to see how offers spread thanks to the potential of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. As Google+ tops 10 million users and we hold our breath until it opens up to businesses, let’s look at the new social network's other implications for existing internet marketing.
    [Twitter] 4 Ways to Differentiate Your Marketing Content
    Follow Simon on Twitter @mrjonesinsf. Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Simon Jones, a vice president at Blanc & Otus, a communications agency headquartered in San Francisco, where he leads the development and execution of integrated communication programs for some of the world’s largest technology brands.
    [Twitter] 10 Simple Steps to Get Started with Content Marketing
    Follow influential leaders, companies and media outlets in your industry on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Follow Tim on Twitter. Content marketing has the power to bolster your firm’s profile and help position you as an expert in your field. Having a strategy is crucial in content marketing, but this strategy doesn’t have to be exhaustive to get started. With that said, I’ve come up with a list of 10 simple steps that will help you get started with your content marketing program.
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    [Twitter] The Anatomy of an Inbound Ecommerce Website
    Twitter asks random questions throughout the day to boost engagement and make followers feel included. This post originally appeared on the Ecommerce section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to the Ecommerce section. The parts of a well-designed ecommerce site are many and varied. All have some of the good elements, but not every site out there has all of them -- except perhaps ModCloth.
    [Twitter] How to Develop an Authoritative Voice in Any Content Niche
    No, I don’t mean that you need to stalk healthcare leaders on Twitter or obsess over your Fitbit. . Once upon a time I found myself sitting in a college dorm room writing poetry (about cats, mostly) and analytical essays on Shakespeare and Chaucer and Dickens and Austen. La de da! Fast forward in time (no, I’m not going to tell you how old I am!) and here I am still writing, but on different subject matter entirely: manufacturing, digital marketing, technology, healthcare, etc.
    [Twitter] The Customer is King. How Do You Prosper in their Kingdom?
    But now everyone one can instantly tap into opinions and reviews from the hundreds of millions of users on Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. Author: Robin Bordoli What can the creator of the first department store, an epic fantasy television series and a former hedge fund manager teach us about modern marketing ? Read on to find out.
    [Twitter] The Ultimate Guide to ‘Google My Business’
    While many businesses flock to Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is the up-and-comer in the social world. Have you googled your business lately? What comes up? Wouldn’t it be nice to see a display that instantly gives customers your location, address, hours of operation, phone number, link to your website and customer reviews? It’s not a pipe dream. Every small business can make a killer digital display, like the one below, that shows up on Google. By using Google My Business.
    [Twitter] Men and Women, Sharing and (Not) Sharing Alike
    In general, TV-fueled (and now Twitter-fueled/YouTube-fueled) news consumption attracts—and is attracted to—the least common denominator. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus … so says John Gray’s best-selling relationship book. While some would contest this popular notion , the age-old question of how different their content-sharing tendencies are has been settled. And I don’t even think it’s been a question that women share more than men on social media.
    [Twitter] Fathom SEO Pulse #41: Brand New Hacked Site Algorithm, 2015’s Local Ranking Factors & More
    It already has support from major players such as Twitter, Pinterest,, Adobe Analytics, LinkedIn and more. Welcome to Fathom’s weekly SEO pulse, where our goal is to help you stay on top of any new strategies and changes in this integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Here’s the latest SEO news: “Google to Show iOS App Content In Index By End Of October”.
    [Twitter] Has social media stalled? Literally.
    While the term “social media” might have been coined with the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, these sites are mere copies of the original collaborative social networking — the bathroom stall. She is seeking employment opportunities ; ) Follow her on Twitter @leschaef. My daughter Lauren has made several popular blog appearances before here on {grow} including one of the top posts of 2010: “ Snooping on Facebook: Not just for stalkers any more.&#.
    [Twitter] Where Content Marketing Meets Customer Experience, Part 1: Regulated Industries
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, there are so many of them. I have my Twitter on the upper left page, and then to the right is just a screenshot of my LinkedIn; Facebook bottom left, and at the bottom right, YouTube. And that was certainly resonating for folks out on Twitter as well.
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    [Twitter] 45 Business Traveling Hacks That'll Save You Time, Stress & Money
    2) Let Twitter and Facebook know you'll be in town to get recommendations from locals. In theory, traveling for a conference seems glamorous. Your company is paying for you to go someplace new and exciting where you'll stay in swanky hotels, meet lots of fabulous people, and learn tons of new things. But sometimes, reality isn't so sweet.
    [Twitter] What Next? Chop Wood and Carry Water
    Impress everyone with my keen insights into the state of new media today by secretly rewriting old blog posts by Paul Conley , substituting trendy terms for outdated ones, such as Twitter for AIM and Tumblr for MySpace. Yup, just like me. After taking a day off from blogging yesterday—which seemed wrong, so very wrong—I felt the need to make a statement of some kind about my blogging plans. I just wasn’t sure what they were.
    [Twitter] Email Marketing Trends and Stats
    He also loves meeting new people – connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Email marketing consistently ranks among the highest ranking channels producing revenue and a strong return on investment. We have scoured the internet and collected a list of email marketing trends and stats that we have incorporated into our latest ebook, Reply All: Flat-Out Fundamental Insights into Crafting Compelling Emails that Deliver.
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    [Twitter] The One Cognitive Bias That Could Be Derailing Your Productivity
    Completing simple tasks, such as answering emails or posting updates on your Twitter account, takes little time and allows you to check off items on your to-do list," wrote Francisco Gino , a Harvard Business School professor who's been studying completion bias and its affects on productivity at work with Bradley Staats of the UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. "Learn by doing."
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    [Twitter] 15 Fashion Brands You Should Follow on Instagram for Marketing Inspiration
    The L2 report also found that among fashion and beauty brands, Instagram had firmly become the social media platform of choice -- far outranking Facebook and Twitter. No other B2C industry has thrived on Instagram quite like the fashion industry. Between their carefully curated photos, expertly targeted ads, and decisive adoption of Instagram Stories, fashion and beauty brands have become masters of consumer engagement on the visual content platform.
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    [Twitter] The Most Magical Moments From the Arrested Development Launch Campaign
    If a fan could find all nine posters, snap a picture, then tag them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BluthHunt , a tenth poster would be released online. If you had to market a final season premiere of a TV cult classic that wouldn''t appear on television, how would you do it? With billboards, print ads, and primetime slots on TV? Probably not. You’d have to buckle down and get creative to reach such a niche, digital audience. Well, that’s exactly what Arrested Development did.
    [Twitter] 4 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Using Social
    Are they highly engaged on Twitter? Social media is not a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy , and it requires constant vigilance to maintain. Think I’m joking? We may write (and think and speak) in 140 characters or less, but ask any social media manager and they will tell you executing a good strategy goes beyond penning a few witty tweets. On any given day, at any given hour, we are hyper-focused on the social strategy in its entirety.
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    [Twitter] 5 Content Marketing Lessons from David Ogilvy
    Maybe it’s a targeted LinkedIn group or Twitter. David Ogilvy (1911­–1999) was a seminal figure in 20 th century advertising. British born and educated, he joined Mather & Crowther, a London ad firm run by his brother, before going on to be a researcher for Gallup, a solider, and a farmer. In 1948 he opened a New York firm, Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather (which eventually became Ogilvy & Mather).
    [Twitter] 10 of the Best Brands on Snapchat Right Now (And Why They're So Great)
    Once a Snapchat Story is up, they promote them on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. (I They were the first brand to use Tinder as part of a 2015 Valentine’s Day campaign, and their "Tweet to Eat" campaign let fans order pizza via Twitter by sending a pizza emoji. It used to be that Snapchat was seen as a platform geared mostly toward teens and pre-teens.
    [Twitter] 3 Gaming Trends About to Take Over the Media World
    Now, Twitter is spending millions of dollars per game to stream Thursday Night Football. Some people tend to think of gaming as a niche hobby. But I always felt otherwise. Video games have consistently out-earned Hollywood. Most people probably have at least one gaming app on their phone. And “gamification” is a term that’s been used so much in reference to UX design that it’s become blasé.
    [Twitter] The Cloud Must Go On – How to Catalyze a PR Win into Revenue with Marketing
    The chat functionality also captured ongoing Twitter conversations, so viewers saw others’ commentary while watching the live stream. by Maria Pergolino You’ve heard all press is good press—but how good? It depends how good you make it. Here’s an amazing example of how you can transform press into celebrity with effective, multi-channel marketing. And of course, this means revenue. Recently, Oracle hosted their annual user conference, Oracle OpenWorld.
    [Twitter] 21 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2014
    InboxQ is one heck of a smart search engine, which takes your industry keywords and connects them to questions that are being asked in real-time on Twitter. What if a marketer was only as good as their content marketing tools? I believe there’s actually much more truth to that statement than many of us realize. The brands that succeed at content marketing are those that take an agile stance.
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    [Twitter] Don't Make Them Wait: How to Reduce Page Weight on Your Website
    For example, Twitter includes Gotham in three different weights -- light, book, and medium. When it comes to your website pages, size matters. The smaller the file size of a page, the faster it will load for anyone who requests it. Makes sense, right? And people do notice how long a page takes to load. According to Akamai , a delay beyond two seconds can cause viewers to abandon a page -- and for every additional second after that, the abandonment rate increases by 5.8%.
    [Twitter] 5 Key Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Manager
    Kim Scott, an author who's previously worked with companies like Twitter, Apple, Google, and Dropbox credits much of her development to having mentors who understood the critical intersection between these two things. When I was just starting out management didn't seem like a career choice; it seemed like an inevitable. Something that would just sort of happen once I got old enough -- like wrinkles, or gray hair, or distinctly unfashionable pants.
    [Twitter] Interesting Infographics: Email Marketing Stats to Blow Your Mind
    Though social media is a useful tool that is increasingly gaining importance when it comes to digital marketing, there is no guarantee that all of your customers will have a Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter account. Compared to Facebook or Twitter, email marketing is 40x more effective for acquiring new customers.
    [Twitter] 5 Ways to Turn 2014 Marketing Challenges Into 2015 Success
    They skim what’s going on every second on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. Author: Yoav Vilner All of this talk of New Years Resolutions, and what I’m going to do differently for 2015 has got me thinking about improvement. How can I work toward overcoming the biggest online marketing challenges? There is good news about your 2014 challenges; they can turn into your 2015 successes.
    [Twitter] How (and Why) to Use Social Media Meta Tags (Part 2 of 2)
    In Part 1 we looked at tags that work with Facebook and Twitter (OpenGraph and Twitter Cards); in this post, we’ll examine the tags for Pinterest and Google+. This post is the second in a series that looks at social media meta tags and the ways they can power up your social content. As a refresher: meta tags are strings of code that help to explain in specific terms the content a web page features.
    [Twitter] Social and Mobile Features Head the List of New Marketing Automation Capabilities
    create social media posts: deliver messages through social media, such as Twitter posts and Facebook updates. I’m getting ready for the next edition of the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST). This is based on nearly 200 questions to vendors, mostly about product features. The first step in the process is to update the list of questions. This is based on a review of recent vendor announcements plus my own feeling for what’s important.
    [Twitter] LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account
    Friendfeed Twitter Linkedin Facebook. LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account. If you are on LinkedIn but haven’t had a chance to explore all the features yet, this quick LinkedIn guide should come in handy. It shares tweaks and some lesser known features of LinkedIn that help you do more with your profile. You should be logged into LinkedIn for any of these tips to work. Export LinkedIn Contacts.
    [Twitter] 5 Must-Watch Google Webmaster Videos for the B2B Marketer
    For regular updates on this video content, make sure to follow the Twitter handle @GoolgeWmc , and / or subscribe to the Google Webmaster Tools page on YouTube. Every search marketer has a go-to industry source that they rely on for thought-provoking SEO content. Whether it’s Rand Fishkin from Moz, Wil Reynolds from SEER, or Danny Sullivan from MarketingLand, everyone has a favorite blogger.
    [Twitter] Video: Why SXSW Matters For B2B
    The Interactive portion of SXSW – the place where little ol’ Twitter was launched – is rich with opportunity for inventive B2B brands to network, make connections and learn from each other. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Don’t let the skinny jeans fool you. South By Southwest is a B2B playground. Maybe because it was founded on music, or maybe because of its hipster motif, for some reason many businesses don’t take the festival seriously. They do so at their peril.
  • ENGAGIO  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017
    [Twitter] Use These 8 Sources to Learn Everything About Your Target Accounts
    What people share on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn is timely, relevant, and personal. Magnum P.I., played by Tom Selleck in the 80s had an awesome life. He lives in a beachfront estate in Hawaii, works as a private investigator only when he wants to, has access to some seriously cool cars like the Ferrari 308 GTS, sports a Rolex daily, and of course is surrounded by countless beautiful women (not to mention the endless supply of Aloha shirts!).
    [Twitter] How To Integrate Direct Mail Into ABM (With Real-World Examples)
    For example, add a company logo or a prospect’s Twitter handle to a mailer. Account Based Marketing is the buzzword of 2016 but isn’t a new idea. Sales teams have been selling to prime accounts, taking a targeted, laser-focused approach for a long time. One of the keys to winning this sort of sale is building an honest, empathic customer experience. You’ve got to connect with prospects on all channels. One channel that doesn’t see a lot of traffic is direct mail.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2014
    [Twitter] What is the True Value of Social Engagement?
    Having an increase in Twitter followers or Facebook likes do not provide any real worth for a business. Measuring social impact on a retail client is one of the hardest things to do. There are a lot of different metrics that you are able to track but creating a direct correlation between those and actual revenue to the business is tough. Many companies today get caught up in the ways to increase engagement and not the value associated with that engagement.
    [Twitter] A 13-step crash course in digital marketing
    But it’s in best interest of marketers to leverage the strength of social channels for the storytelling abilities; like Twitter (real time), Facebook (a digital cafeteria), Blogs (long-form storytelling) and LinkedIn (collect and categorize business contact information) to make them as tell-able as possible says Stan Smith in Chapter 7, Social Media Marketing. Did you know that in this decade, digital is the only media channel to grow every year?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Twitter] We Just Announced 100+ INBOUND 2016 Sessions: Here Are the Top Picks For Every Kind of Marketer
    Check out the full list here and share what you’re most excited about with us on Twitter @INBOUND. Every fall, we gather thousands of marketers and salespeople in Boston for our annual INBOUND event -- it’s where the inbound movement gathers to connect, get inspired, and learn. Today, we added our first 100+ breakout speakers to the lineup , which already includes Alec Baldwin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the creators of Netflix’s “Making a Murderer.”.
    [Twitter] State Department's Senior Tech Advisor Discusses Marketing, Social, and Emerging Technologies [Q&A]
    Twitter, LinkedIn, and every social media platform out there are not drastically behind. Twitter is a great example. They kind of had an idea of how people would use Twitter, but they put it out there for people to play with. Imagine if someone told you to stop wearing pants right now. This person explained how pants were the trend of a past generation, and to be an effective human being in the modern world, you could only wear leggings.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015
    [Twitter] BuzzFeed, The New York Times & The Huffington Post: Which Popular Media Sites Succeed With Certain Audiences? [New Data]
    The second most popular social network for each vertical was Twitter, followed by LinkedIn, where business/finance outperformed technology. More than 75% of marketers believe their commitment to content marketing will continue to increase over the next year. This isn’t surprising when you consider the return: Companies that have adopted content marketing techniques see conversion rates six times higher than those who haven't.
    [Twitter] 5 Marketing Campaign Improvements to Help Uncover More Donor Revenue
    Share these stories where your donors spend their time, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Broadcast your message on the channels your donors frequent, like Facebook and Twitter, and focus on building a long-term connection with donors instead of soliciting a one-time gift. Modern marketing tools and tactics help nonprofits engage with donors, build trust, inspire support and, ultimately, turn one-time donors into charity advocates.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014
    [Twitter] 9 Silly Pinterest Mistakes Only Rookies Make
    Like on Twitter, every time you pin something, it goes into your followers'' feeds. With over 70 million active users on Pinterest , some are bound to be making mistakes. Some of the mistakes we make can be pretty bad, though not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Let''s say you try your hand at a double rainbow cake and end up with a tie-dye mess.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014
    [Twitter] The Perfect Pin, Best Brands on Facebook & More in Content This Week
    Currently, only one in five CEOs have their own personal Twitter account. We try to give all the big social sites their time in the limelight, but this week, Facebook and Pinterest have stayed top of mind for us. Maybe we''re just digging visual content lately. Who knows. Anyway, these sites can both play huge roles in your social media marketing strategy, so take a scroll to learn a little bit more about these hugely popular social networks.
    [Twitter] Six Arguments Against Content Shock
    Related Stories Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy Strategies to help your business overcome information overload A Content Shock Parable: The Consumer View 10 reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend Four key marketing lessons to propel us into 2014. Today, I am going to address some of the primary responses to my recent post on Content Shock.
    [Twitter] What You Should Expect From Your Marketing Department
    On Twitter or LinkedIn? Professional services firms have, at times, had rocky relationships with their marketing functions. This has too often led to unrealistic expectations, disappointment, and a marginalizing of the marketing function. This is truly a tragedy. An effective marketing team can have a profound impact on a modern professional services firm. When well staffed and well functioning, a marketing department can drive growth, profitability and a premium valuation.
    [Twitter] Integrating Social Media and Search
    He suggests you use the common tools of the trade like Twitter, Facebook and Google Alerts as well as more advanced sources like Google trends and Customer Service data. Follow Me: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Recent Tweets Have any B2B examples?
    [Twitter] My Social Media Hangover
    Follow me on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog. Last week I attended SAP’s annual conference SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando as a “ social reporter.&# For three full days, I live-blogged and live-tweeted my way through almost a dozen conference sessions, I created 9 blog posts, 83 hash-tagged tweets and more than a few Facebook comments and likes. When it was all over, I collapsed into a social media stupor.
    [Twitter] Critical Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for Professional Services
    On Twitter and LinkedIn? Email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for maintaining relationships with leads and encouraging clients to become repeat clients. However, the personal nature of the email inbox can sometimes require email marketers to walk a fine line between doing too much and doing too little. This list of do’s and don’ts will help you break free from the constant “should I?” ” or “shouldn’t I?”
    [Twitter] Bazaar Marketing: Where Professional Services Marketing Goes Wrong and How to Fix It
    SEE ALSO: Top Twitter Marketing Techniques to Connect with Your Audience I’m your new best friend – A smile and a friendly hello are attempts to engage you and gather information. Sometimes a new perspective comes from a direction that you least expect. That’s what happened to me on a recent trip to Istanbul. That new perspective was on why professional services marketing so often goes off-track and how to fix it. It all started at the Bazaar.
    [Twitter] 3 Tips From The New Music Seminar: How B2B Marketers and the Music Industry Are In Tune
    Follow the New Music Seminar event discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #NMS14. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The quintessential “What B2B can learn from B2C” blog post never gets old. Consumer focused brands can and do teach us a great deal about how to improve our engagements. But B2C, namely entertainment, also is looking to its B2B counterparts for more data-driven insight marketing.
    [Twitter] The Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Marketing: 6 Key Steps
    The Pew Research Center Demographics of Social Media Users does an excellent job of profiling the users of five major social media platforms -- Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There’s something kind of cool happening in the world of marketing. Actually, there’s always something cool going on here. But as you may have recently heard, people are paying a lot of attention to something called account-based marketing (ABM).
    [Twitter] Target's Credit Card Breach Leads to Customer Service Nightmare
    Using Twitter and other mediums to be transparent and reach out to customers can make all the difference in the way the event is perceived by the general public. One of my co-workers was worried about her own credit card since she''d shopped at Target, and here''s what she did: That''s right, she took to Twitter. Historically, Target''s reputation has largely evaded the scorn that is directed toward its peers in the discount retail space.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012
    [Twitter] The Best and Worst Brand Mascots of All Time
    9) Twitter's Blue Bird and Fail Whale. But people love that little, blue Twitter bird. They are whimsical, fun, and easy to riff off of for both users and Twitter's brand managers. Tony the Tiger. Count Chocula. The Keebler Elves. Brand mascots have been a part of our lives since we were little kids looking for the next sugar-packed treat to enjoy. But they extend beyond the hyper little kid target market. You know the Michelin Man?
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2015
    [Twitter] From 0 to 21.5 Million Visitors in 8 Years: 4 Lessons on Content Marketing
    Here’s how they use Facebook as a channel to reach people who have shown interest elsewhere: One more example, this time from Twitter, is WordStream, which offers a free toolkit to teach you copywriting. Editor’s note: No matter where you do business, marketers share the same challenges and can often solve them with the same solutions.
    [Twitter] What Can Marketers and Advertisers Take from the Pokémon Go! Craze?
    So far the app has been so popular that is has currently overtaken Twitter in terms of daily users and has seen people spending more time on its app than on Facebook. If you’ve been paying attention over the past month, you may have observed a few zombie like groups of millennial youths blindly crossing the street, cell phone in hand, virtually oblivious to their surroundings. If you’ve seen this, it is most likely that they are following the latest craze, err epidemic, that is Pokémon Go!
    [Twitter] Finding The Right Calls-To-Action For Your B2B Website
    You can also login using your Twitter account: TODAY ON SEARCH ENGINE LAND TOP STORIES Google’s 2010 Holiday Logo: From St. Home Members Only News Features Columns SEM SEO PPC Social Media How To Google & Search First Time Here? MEMBER LOGIN > | BECOME A MEMBER > Column: Strictly Business Finding The Right Calls-To-Action For Your B2B Website Nov 17, 2010 at 12:23pm ET by Shellie Foriska Marketers continue to search for ways to convert more website visitors into actual leads.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013
    [Twitter] 11 Clever Ways to Nurture Leads With Your Business Blog
    Because this is the case, it''s a great idea to use your blog to promote your social media accounts and encourage readers to follow you on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. -- giving you yet another opportunity to promote your content and reach out to leads. When it comes to the role of business blogging in inbound marketing, there''s no question that it fits quite nicely into the ''Attract'' stage of the methodology.
    [Twitter] 73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017
    Maximise your presence on Twitter and LinkedIn to harvest relationships. Information sources" can be defined broadly: email, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forbes online, industry-specific print publications.have an open mind. Our Facebook Instagram, Twitter stream and even our LinkedIn stream is being dominated by video. As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to look forward and see what B2B marketing trends will shape the road into 2017.
    [Twitter] How to Promote Your Content Using Paid, Earned & Owned Media
    to over $20 on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Insiders. Some people think content promotion isn’t complicated. It’s just making sure content is optimized for the search engines, sent to an appropriate email list, and then broadcast it socially, right? If only it were that simple.
    [Twitter] Announcing the Next Generation of HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Platform
    That’s why you get Twitter contests and Facebook click-gimmicks instead of authentic conversations. We’ve also infused each Twitter comment with insights about the person making it -- their customer lifecycle stage, relationship manager, and history of interactions with your site and emails -- so you have context when you go to respond. About a year ago, we asked marketers for the primary motivation behind their most recent website redesign. The top response was.
    [Twitter] Top 10 Advantages of Online Marketing for Professional Services
    On Twitter and LinkedIn? Online marketing is growing in popularity – and importance. As we explored in our recent book, Online Marketing for Professional Services , changes in the demographics of the professional services marketplace are leading to the adoption of new strategies for building reputations, networking, and generating leads. For a sign of the times, just look at the explosive growth of LinkedIn.
    [Twitter] Why PR Doesn't Drive Sales
    but success is typically measured by the number of hits and more recently, the number of shared media hits on Twitter and Facebook. A common goal among many companies that hire public relations agencies is: "We want to use PR campaigns to increase sales.". In reality, sales success and public relations campaigns do not have a direct correlation. The key factor in bridging the gap that most people miss is marketing efforts. Why PR Doesn't Drive Sales.
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