The Entrepreneur Interview Series #15: Adam Hempenstall, Better Proposals


Proposal writing is the bane of every consultant, sales rep, freelancer, and account manager who has to produce them. Cutting corners saves time but may reduce the quality and thoroughness of the proposal, and so reduce the odds of winning the business.

How to Craft the Perfect Speaking Proposal for Litmus Live


Learn more about what we’re looking for or submit your proposal to speak in London, Boston, or San Francisco today. How to craft the perfect speaking proposal. Here’s some of our best advice for submitting a stage-worthy proposal: Do: Have a goal.

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Top 13 Tools to Automate Proposals


Tools that automate proposals save organizations countless hours and dollars. Without a tool to automate proposals your organization can miss out on deals. We have identified 13 tools and vendors to help automate proposals. TOP 13 TOOLS TO AUTOMATE PROPOSALS. Proposable.

11 expectations to have from a great SEO proposal


One way is to ask for a proposal. Fortunately, there are ingredients that distinguish great SEO proposals. What makes a great SEO proposal? Keyword Research is a foundation to an SEO proposal. Did this help you understand what makes a great SEO proposal?

Value-Based Pricing for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Increased competition and commoditization of services put downward price pressure on services even as talent shortages drive up costs. This post will focus on one of the most promising of those approaches, value-based pricing. Value-Based Pricing Defined. Value Pricing Examples.

Price 101

10 Best Professional Services Proposal Tips

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Tired of competing on price alone? Forget What You Think You Know About Professional Services Proposals. Having said that, there is no reason why your professional services proposal should look and read just like every other firm's. Skip the proposal.

5 Professional Business Proposal Examples to Inspire Your Own


However, one of the most important pieces of content any organization can create and leverage really only gets used during the final stage of the buyer’s journey -- the business proposal. 5 Professional Business Proposal Examples to Inspire Your Own.

Why You Should Never Email a Proposal


Your team has spent hours researching, writing, and refining a proposal your prospect was eager to receive. Was it the content of the proposal? You can't automate the sales process, but you can make sure that you create fewer proposals that are ignored. How to Present a Proposal.

Resizable Columns, Variable Gross-to-Net Discount, and Fancier Proposals


Bionic today upgraded its award-winning Media Investment Management Software with myriad improvements including resizable columns , variable gross-to-net discount , and fancier proposals from RFPs. Here’s a short video showing you how to do it: Fancier Proposals from RFPs.

Seven Tips for Hiring An SEO Freelancer


Coming up with a description for your project will help the freelancer build a proposal for discussion. Most freelance websites that connect employers with specialists allow you to put together a description of the project and let freelancers submit proposals you can choose from.

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How to Write a Request for Proposal, with Template and Sample


Whether you’re working for a small agency or a major marketing firm, you’re probably eventually going to need to fill out a Request for Proposal, or RFP. Time and Place of Submission of Proposals. Elements of Proposal. Time and Place of Submission of Proposals. Elements of Proposal. If you don’t outline clearly and specifically what you expect bidders to include in their proposal, you can’t necessarily fault them if they don’t include it.

How to Win More Proposals by Interviewing Your Prospects


I’ve been writing proposals for over a decade, and it’s probably fair to say that I loathed the entire process for the longest time. Actually, 90% of my proposals were accepted because of something much simpler: prospect interviews. Proposals Start Way Before You Propose.

From Proposal Requests to Getting Approvals: 6 Email Templates to Make Agency Communication Easier


1) When a Prospect Requests a Proposal. We don’t create proposals at this point in the process as we’re a results-driven agency, meaning we need to better understand your business, challenges, and needs to be able to determine if and how we can help.

Tips for pulling off a successful business event


71% submit an RFP: RFP stands for a Request for Proposal. It usually outlines everything about your event including available dates, pricing, and is a starting point for negotiations.

How to Talk About Pricing Without Scaring People Off


Pricing. After all the excitement of attracting a potential new customer, pricing seems like such a killjoy. But pricing is just as important a concept to communicate as the features of your product or the benefits of your service. Should You Put Pricing on Your Website?

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5 Key Psychological Biases That You Can Leverage to Drive Sales


Highlighting one pricing tier as the most popular. Ecommerce sites often use the bandwagon effect by showing shoppers what other people have bought: We’ve seen the bandwagon effect work wonders for account executives using SalesRight to highlight one pricing tier over another.

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In the Face of a Falling Stock Price, Twitter Announces Two Studies of Its Network Health


Twitter announced today the selection of two proposals to study the health of its network. The selection comes after a public request for proposals in March to study the network's "health metrics," which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said was part of the company's commitment to "increas[ing] the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation.". Here's a look at the proposals, as well as the public perception of them.

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Unriddled: The Price of Cleaning up Social Media, a Gaggle of Collaboration Tools, and More Tech News You Need


The week prior to Facebook's above revelations, the company held its Q2 2018 earnings call, which was followed by arguably disastrous results -- including, at one point, a nearly 20% drop in its stock price. The results were less-than-stellar for this social media player, as well -- at one point, the earnings call was followed by a 27% drop in its stock price. Twitter Selects Two Proposals to Study Its Network Health.

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5 Sales Blunders to Avoid when Prospects Are Ready to Buy

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Listening is especially important when you’ve passed a proposal to your prospect. Asking to revise a proposal when it’s in your prospects hands demonstrate poor form and a lack of professionalism. Not addressing these last minute concerns about price or delivery date is a mistake.

Avoiding Last Minute Deal Breakers

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Put a price on something tangible before you ask for a lump of money. Rather than pestering your prospect and asking when they’ll sign a proposal, offer something useful so you stay top of mind and demonstrate continuous value to them.

How to Accelerate a Close

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A tweet or an email is a small price to pay for closing ahead of schedule. If your proposal gets stuck on the CFO’s desk, find out how to reach the CFO on Twitter or by phone or email, and contact the CFO directly.

Meeting Objections at the Close of a Sale

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Furthermore, at the end of a B2B sales cycle, proposals pass by legal departments and through development and finance teams. Know your competitors prices and the fear, uncertainty, and doubt they spread in the market about your products.

A Failure to Close

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If you ask the average sales rep why the deal didn’t close, they’ll likely tell you “Price”. In fact, an Aberdeen survey of sales leaders indicated that “Price” was cited as the main reason 73% of the time, far beyond any other supposed cause. However, when buyers were surveyed, they provide completely different reasons as to why they decided to not move forward with your proposal. Clearly, from a buyers’ perspective, it’s not about price at all.

78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far)


Mark Price summarizes a Fast Company case study on how restaurant chain Houlihan’s engaged their best customers through some exclusive social media programs to increase sales and profits, and what other social media marketers can learn from the chain’s experience. With the amount of helpful content about social media marketing growing faster than Facebook’s user base or Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances, it’s tough to keep up.

B2B Buyers: It’s all about the Benjamins

The ROI Guy

Over 2/3rds of B2B buyers indicate that immediate purchase price dominates their buying decisions 60% or more of the time. And these pricing discussions need to be proactive. Moving beyond just initial price, TCO was more important to savvy Sr.

7 Tips for Nailing Your Agency’s Next RFP


The moment has come: your dream client has submitted an RFP (request for proposal). Whether this is your first or thousandth RFP, there’s no denying that the proposal process is a little harrowing. Know how your proposal fits into your sales process.

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How to adapt the sales process to the Coronavirus crisis


If you are a salesperson, keep the discipline , call more than ever, improve your proposals, and do not wait for your leader to ask you to do better. See some examples of daily goals: make 40 calls to prospects; book 4 meetings; present 2 proposals.

Salespeople Must Accelerate Response or Fail


The sales representative said that he would set up the call with the SE and get the proposal to the prospect within the next five days. The proposal, he said, would cover the install time and requirements. Our competitor had already quoted a price, the SE was probably available, and we already knew the average install time. As for the proposal and quote, let’s you and I finish this by 4 p.m. We got the proposal to the prospect that afternoon, before the promised time.

The Ultimate Guide to RPFs


Have you been tasked with the job of creating a request for proposal, or an RFP? Here, companies solicit multiple price quotes from various vendors to compare services based on price alone. Why Issue a Request for Proposal? Proposal Software Tools to Help You Manage RFPs.

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Good Reads for B2B Sales - Are You Drowning in Sales Quota?


With the tap of a button a prospective buyer can quickly research competitor’s prices or on the flipside a salesperson can quickly search the LinkedIn account for a prospect and have immediate research in hand. They loved your proposal and acknowledged that your program was superior, so why?

5 Skills Your Marketing Consultant Must Have

B2B Marketing Traction

One that I observed in my early years as a marketing consultant was when a brand new marketing consultant proposed an expensive brochure to a small business. Plus, the small business was a CPA firm that was sensitive to pricing because of their profession!

5 Content Marketers on How They Snagged Long-Term Contracts


The key is turning yourself from a one-trick-pony to a one-stop-shop by designing pitches, packages and proposals that streamline everything from pitching to actually executing on content delivery. I learned how to write a killer proposal, and I had three contracts that week.

Streamline Your RFPs with New Automation


The RFP – Request For Proposal – is a tool that helps to bring clarity to this dizzying array of alternatives. After narrowing the scope to a small “consideration set,” media planners and media buyers use RFPs to gather focused proposals from ad salespeople.

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When You’re Focused on Upstream, What do You Measure?

Measure Up Marketing

He proposes that the purpose of Downstream Marketing is to motivate customers to adopt existing products and services. Some of these choices are strictly made on price – we do not perceive a difference in the value of one option over another, so anything will do.

A Primer on Sales Competitive Battle Cards

The Effective Marketer

Add different search criteria like <competitor name> proposal filetype:pdf to find documents in PDF with ‘proposal’ in them. – site: use the ‘site’ parameter to limit the search to a specific website, like in ‘pricing’.

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The Savvy Sales Pro’s 5-Point Guide to Overcoming Objections


You are working with a decision-maker who has some skin in the game, and they’re taking your proposal seriously. Your competitor’s product is half the price and has more -”. Bryerton suggests an approach like this: “Pricing seems to be a big concern for you.

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Tips for Nurturing Marketing Leads

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Discuss a Proposal. Anyone can create a proposal and email it to a prospect. However, successful sales and marketing folks take the time to explain a proposal either in person or via a virtual presentation.