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What you need to know about mobile game advertising


Last year Apple and Google decided to make identifier for advertisers (IDFA) an opt-in choice for users and that changed everything for marketers. IDFA, which had been enabled by default, made it relatively easy to measure and target mobile gaming ads. There is still some hope for gaming advertisers though. reached a record $10.73

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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in the Philippines?  


What if the world didn’t see the witty banter between Wendy’s and its patrons on Twitter or the recent Facebook face-off between local burg ER joints ? Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, and the Philippines is no exception. But is the impact of Facebook ads really worth the cost?


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Why Mobile Advertising Is Critical for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

Mobile device connectivity continues to take more and more of our time, focus, and energy. According to Search Engine Land , digital media usage has grown 49% and mobile app usage has grown 90% between June 2013 and June 2015. One of the biggest challenges B2B advertisers have is simply getting there ads served to the right user.

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6 Best Practices For Using Facebook Video Ads

Stevens & Tate

As you may already know, Facebook Ads can be a very effective advertising platform, especially when you consider its overall cost-effectiveness (it’s a pay-per-click advertising platform, after all) and the ability to target audiences based on a variety of criteria (from demographics to location to interests and more).

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Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram: A guide for marketers

Sprout Social

Tools like Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram can help. Creator Studio is a dashboard content creators and brands use to manage their content, audience engagement and data analysis of their Facebook and Instagram accounts. What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram Creator Studio? What is Creator Studio?`

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The complete guide to Facebook video size and specs in 2024


11 minutes read Last update: 18.03.2024 When used correctly, Facebook video ads pay off big time and can win their place in the marketing mix of any brand, big or small. Brands all over the world have noticed their effectiveness and are advertising more and more using Facebook videos to attract new audiences and generate more leads.

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Mobile App Advertising: Staying Affloat in a Sea of Apps

KoMarketing Associates

Being able to reach and interact with your audience anywhere and at any time via mobile apps can be a huge tactical advantage for any company (Apple alone reported more than 10 billion dollars in mobile app sales for 2013). The issue, however, is that there are currently one million other mobile applications vying for user attention.