How to Improve your Website Conversion Rate through Better UX Design


The one factor that arguably impacts conversion rates more than anything else is user experience (UX). What is UX Design? 88% of online shoppers say they won’t return to a site after having a bad experience. The user experience starts as soon as a visitor lands on your website.

Website Design Trends for 2021


Beautiful website design, regardless of the industry or current trends, will always adhere to certain golden rules of design relating to ease of use, inclusion of all information relevant to the user journey, and high-quality (original, if possible) imagery.

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Why Buyer Interaction Design Matters During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Tony Zambito

In essence, they must embrace Buyer Interaction Design?. What is Buyer Interaction Design?? Buyer Interaction Design? BxD) is the design of interactions between buyers and an organization’s marketing and sales communications. The purpose of Buyer Interaction Design ?

4 Best Practices for Association Web Design

Marketing Insider Group

You’ll also need effective web design that provides an excellent user experience. We know that designing a great website is easier said than done, especially because you might not be a coding expert or webmaster. One critical component of good web design is accessibility.

60% Find Designing Effective Customer Experience Very Important for Competitive Advantage

KoMarketing Associates

Many marketers already know the importance of designing an effective customer experience to edge out the competition. Marketing to Enhance the Customer Experience. Customer Experience Industry News content marketing customer experience digital marketing

Design thinking


In our days, design becomes the cornerstone of digital transformation projects. design takes its leading role not only in addressing client-facing problems but also in humanizing and simplifying complicated structures and technology infrastructures. Design thinking minimizes the uncertainty and risk of innovation by engaging customers or users through a series of prototypes to test and refine concepts. Roger Martin , author of the Design of Business.

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The Design of Buyer Experience

Tony Zambito

  Such a shift is creating new buyer experience economics for buyers and sellers alike.  B2B   B2B buyers today desire the totality of end-to-end experience in addition to products and services that help them to meet goals and solve challenges. These monumental shifts occurring are calling for organizations to think differently and to design buyer experiences that create long-term buyer retention and buyer loyalty.  

4 Tips For Effective Landing Page Design


But with no real design to it, it’s unlikely to actually result in many conversions. The actual design of your landing page — that is, the content, text, layout, etc — contributes to how effective it is at fulfilling its purpose: converting visitors into eventual customers.

The Music of Great Design


From analog computing to voice-driven experiences, Shuman has seen it all and strives to constantly learn more about what’s next and how we can best use cutting-edge technology to create more connected user experiences. Leveraging her classical graphic design background with tactful coding and digital acumen, Shuman positions herself and her work at the hinge of change. “A good user experience is something that is delightful.

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4 Ways You Can Connect with Consumers With App-like Experiences

Marketing Insider Group

By taking some of the most consequential parts of the app and deploying them across your brand’s digital presence, you can fine-tune the customer experience without demanding an app download along the way. Focus in on Better Mobile Design.

6 steps to a powerful email design system your team will love


Email marketers—and especially the designers that build campaigns—are constantly looking for ways to improve the production process. One tool we’ve found increasingly helpful—and seen others adopt to great success—is an email design system. What is an email design system?

A Love Letter From Copy To Design

Square 2 Marketing

Why Thinking Like A Designer Is The Key To Better Copywriting. I still remember the first time I saw something I had written – in this case, a homepage for one of our clients – fully designed. Design made me fall in love with marketing. Creative And Design Team

Customer Experience Email Marketing Tips


Business leaders everywhere recognize that consumer experience is such an essential metric. Customer experience affects not only initial interactions but also contributes vitally to the retention of customers. What Is Customer Experience?

Designer 101: The User Experience Design Umbrella

EMagine B2B Blog

This post is the beginning of a new Web Design series written by our Senior UX Designer, Fallon Boegmann. Who is your designer, really? The age-old idea of a traditional designer is vastly outdated; today there are numerous experts in the field, each focusing on different aspects of design: visual layout, user’s point of view, or with the product in mind. UX Design (User Experience). UX designs are created with the end-user in mind.

To Improve Customer Experience You Need a Map

Measure Up Marketing

indicated that their number one priority over the next five years is improving customer experience (CX). Every person can tell when they’ve had a good or bad experience, but what exactly is customer experience? This takes mapping the customer experience.

What is Responsive Design?


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes from Richard Hill , VP & Practice Lead, Marketing Automation at Eloqua agency partner Quarry Integrated Communications , and co-author of “The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Responsive Web Design”. 73% of B2B marketers are not even measuring mobile traffic by device, according to SiriusDecisions , let alone creating optimized web experiences for smartphone and tablet visitors. Short answer: Responsive Design.

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Graphic Design Trends for Social Media in 2021


When it comes to social networks, success requires more than quality content and a competent strategy – the “third whale” is thoughtful design. 2021 Graphic Design Trends in Social Networks. Designers come to the rescue with detailed 3D objects with high-res textures.

Empathy and the Customer Experience


I delivered a talk about empathy at Oracle’s recent Modern Customer Experience (ModernCX) conference. Good corporate education programs are the result of outcome-based design, of course, and if we are to properly design a program with the right outcomes in mind it needs to reflect the strategy and values of our company, and the abilities of its students (in our case, the CSMs). In other words, the customer’s experience needs to be represented in those inputs.

Buyer Interaction Shapes Buyer Experience Design

Tony Zambito

  Many of today’s modern movements related to experience design, social media, and digital engagement have in their DNA at least a molecule of interactionist theory.    Paul Greenberg , a prolific speaker and leading thinker on Social CRM and author of CRM at the Speed of Light has written and spoken often on the notion that customers and buyers are not expecting just a product but are expecting experiences.  Image via Wikipedia.

What is responsive web design and how to use it


Luckily, technology has evolved enough to propose a great way to make sure content is displayed correctly no matter what you are using: responsive web design. See below what you will learn while reading this article: What is responsive web design? What is responsive web design?

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The internet of things, user experiences, and design


One of the most critical elements of the modern design process is research. Design teams work long hours to make sure that they not only have access to the right information, but also that they can understand what the incoming raw research findings are regarding that information. Then we build the prototype (based on UX and design principles), we launch it, and we monitor how it performs. IoT is about not changing the design process, but completely disrupting it.

Customer experience enemy #1: the org chart


It’s always possible to have a bad digital customer experience if you lack the skills or investment to create one. But it’s equally possible to create bad experiences even if you have good people and plenty of funding. A consultant friend recently asked me to put together a questionnaire for a discovery workshop on digital customer experience. I’ve had this experience despite working with talented experience designers, content people, and developers.

86% of Marketers Are Making Customer Experience a Top Priority

KoMarketing Associates

Although marketers have a wide array of objectives on their list, new research shows that many would like to make fine-tuning the customer experience a top priority in the coming months. Customer Experience for a Marketing Advantage.

Trending in Email Design: Photography


Each year, we see new design trends shaping digital marketing—from the use of color and imagery to typography trends, interactivity, and more. In our “Trending in Email Design” series, we look at the hottest digital design trends and dive into how they translate into email marketing.

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Practical Tips for Accessibility, Search & Human Experience Design via @sejournal, @kim_cre8pc

Search Engine Journal

Creating ethical and compassionate web experiences for all should be the goal of businesses. Learn more about digital human experience design here. The post Practical Tips for Accessibility, Search & Human Experience Design appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Email Design Trends: What We’re Expecting in 2021


With one very disruptive year almost behind us, it’s time to look to the future of email design and see which trends will be setting our inboxes alight in the coming year. Here are the email design trends we’re expecting in 2021 with examples (click to jump ahead): Tangible visual content.

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Trending in Email Design: 3D Imagery


In our “Trending in Email Design” series, we look at the hottest digital design trends and dive into how they translate into email marketing. Let’s take a look at how brands are bringing new perspectives to email design.

Concentrating on customer experience


‘Customer experience’ refers to putting the customer and their needs at the center of everything a company does. It means identifying all the touchpoints – individual interactions – throughout each customer journey and designing each of those touchpoints to deliver what the customer needs flawlessly. Arguably, the most important element of the customer experience and therefore, of marketing, is the content that a company offers to its customers.

5 Essentials of User Experience (UX) For eCommerce

Marketing Insider Group

Providing a great user experience in your eCommerce shop is the ultimate win-win. User experience matters. Let’s learn five essential strategies you can use to improve your eCommerce user experience. It’s not enough to build a single-device experience.

The 5 Stages of Customer Centric Design


Great user experience hinges on your ability to understand how consumers think. Involving your user base directly into your design processes is necessary to ensure your product’s user. The post The 5 Stages of Customer Centric Design appeared first on Influitive. It’s all well and good if your product feels intuitive to you, but if your customers don’t feel the same way, they won’t continue using your platform.

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Introducing Our Canva Integration: Design and Share Visual Content Instantly

Buffer Social

It’s the do-it-yourself design platform that has taken the world by storm, with more than 50 million people using it every month to create graphics and other visuals. Why not make it quicker to bring those designs into Buffer? Buffer News Design

Trending in Email Design: Dark Styles


Each year, we see new design trends shaping digital marketing—from the use of color and imagery to typography trends, interactivity, and more. In our “Trending in Email Design” series, we look at the hottest digital design trends—and dive into how they translate into email marketing.

11 Email Design Best Practices to Grab Your Reader’s Attention


Simply put, your email marketing strategy goes a long way toward growing your business—and part of the secret to a winning strategy includes effective email design. Why does Email Design Matter? The way your email is designed can positively impact email performance.

Seismic and Microsoft: Designed to deliver exceptional digital experiences


As sellers prepare to win new business in a digital-first world, they need solutions designed for modern buying experiences. With fewer face-to-face meetings, digital-first experiences are driving buyer/seller relationships.

Bop Design’s Favorite B2B Web Designs of the Moment

BOP Design

In this blog, Bop Design is presenting some of our favorite B2B website designs and providing reasons why we contend they hit client marketing objectives. All of these B2B web designs have one thing in common: each B2B company wanted to generate more leads through their website.

What Interaction Design is and what are the applications of this design area


Interaction Design is a part of IT that studies, plans, and applies interactivity points in both digital and physical systems. Also known as interaction design or IxD design , it aims to optimize the relationship between user and product. Where can we use Interaction Design?

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Does Design Have an Ageism Problem?


Design is no exception. The result is a design culture that values innovation over experience. Experience, in this case, is a code word for age. Does design have an ageism problem? What Are Designers Saying? From AIGA’s Design Census 2019.

Design 109