No I Do Not Want To See Your Demo


Then, they ask if I have time for a 30-minute demo. In response to this segment of the speech, one of the attendees (who is in sales) emailed me and asked, “ What would your suggestion be on how we fill top of the funnel (tofu) if we do not suggest a demo?

No, I Do Not Want To See Your Demo

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The post No, I Do Not Want To See Your Demo appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. A few weeks ago I had the privilege and opportunity to deliver the closing keynote for the B2B Summit in London.

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Does a Demo Ever Make Sense as a Demand Generation Offer?

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Anecdotally, I’ve been noticing a minor trend in technology marketing circles of late – namely, that a high percentage of demand generation campaigns seem to be presenting a product demo as the primary offer. Worse yet, I fear the condition (let’s call it “demo-itis”) may be contagious.

Being Prepared in a Marketing Automation Demo

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This is the first post in the series What Questions to Ask in a Marketing Automation Demo. . You’ve spent some time researching different marketing automation tools and now you’re finally ready to move on to the demo stage. Questions play a huge role in demos. Request a Demo!

Kaon Demos Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at VRARA Boston Event


Kaon President and CEO Gavin Finn and CTO and Founder Joshua Smith provided demos of the industry-leading Kaon AR® and Kaon VR® for the enterprise. To see what attendees experienced during the Kaon VR® demo, check out this video from Dell EMC at Cisco Live. Click here to schedule a demo!

3 Crucial Tips for Promoting Live Product Demos

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Let’s face it; a live product demo is a tough sell. As an unvarnished display of your product’s capabilities, a product demo is only ever going to appeal to prospects at the latter stages of the selling cycle. Sell the demo, not the product. Treat the demo like an event.

5 Exceptionally Important Tips for Sales Engineers Creating Pre-Recorded Demo Videos


In fact, if they are talking to you, it might be because you have tucked away some crucial information – such as pricing or a product demo – behind your walled sales garden. It’s time to set free the demo, and let it live within the liberating winds of the cloud.

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Being Prepared in a Marketing Automation Demo: Finding a Partner

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This is the second post in the series Being Prepared in a Marketing Automation Demo. . One of the most important questions you can ask in a marketing automation demo is, “What processes does your company have in place to make our relationship feel more like what it should be: a partnership?”

It’s Show Time! 6 Sales Demo Tips from Stage Performers

Modern B2B Marketing

” Sales demos are like shows, with salespeople as the main cast. Dramatic pauses build suspense into your demo and interrupt the flow of conversation, making what you’re saying difficult to tune-out. You can use this same principle in your demos to great effect.

How To Create A Winning Demo Video For Your B2B Website


It’s also a great symbol for what your website’s demo video should be. A great demo video is the front door of your website. At Bizible, we recently created a demo video and learned a lot in the process. When Do You Need To Update Your Demo Video?

How to Deliver the Perfect Sales Demo


I’ve listened in on a lot of sales demos. What I uncovered was an entire methodology that hasn’t necessarily been written about -- that of a proactive, interactive demo. Here are some pro tips I came away with for delivering demos that will wow your prospects.

5 Insider Tips to Get a Demo That’s Actually Useful

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Some of my colleagues have written excellent guides on how to get started but I’d like to focus this post on the product demo, which is a critical part of any evaluation of technology. For the demo, think of your situation today.

Autonomous robots and game-playing A.I. — Incredible demos at Disrupt London, Dec 5-6


As well as speakers and panels, we’ll be featuring some demos by some amazing tech companies. Incredible demos at Disrupt London, Dec 5-6 appeared first on Opentopic. TechCrunch Disrupt in London is on December 5-6. Grab tickets here. The first will be by Boston Dynamics. Yes, folks, delegates to Disrupt London will get to see one of those amazing BD robots up close and personal, almost literally in the flesh (if. The post Autonomous robots and game-playing A.I.

The Marketing Genius of Curious George: How Demos Impact Your Business

Bulldog Solutions

Not able to satisfy my Curious George-like curiosity any other way, I did some research to find out what companies are reporting from their use of free samples, product demos and the like. Here are some key takeaways: Demos can help set accurate expectations about your product or service. . While it’s nice to see a mass of responses to a demo or free trial offer, the hope is that those responders turn into real revenue. I know way too much about Curious George.

The Zen of an Awesome Demo Video

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Creating a great demo, or explanation, video. ” An explanation or demo doesn’t need to go viral or get passed around — most of the views it will receive will come from your company’s own website or marketing.

7 ways to annoy webinar video watchers


I’ve sat in on many webinars and on-demand demo s. This applies to software demos. I’ve seen many demos that have tried to show me how easy it is to use the interface without showing me interesting data or other examples to use it on.

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Tactical video for technology sales and marketing


Demo: Most software demos are recorded screen captures. A demo longer than, say, five minutes should be broken into chapters. Tech companies don’t need a “video strategy.” They need tactical videos that support their sales and marketing content strategy.

Real examples of how account-based marketing & selling is driving higher revenues on LinkedIn


From there they provided case studies, webinars, and other content that is all related to the prospect’s specific IT project–and move them forward to having a sales conversation and demo.

Show ‘em What You’ve Got – Send These Demo Emails Today

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could give everyone a demo of your product or service? “Product use” emails or “product demo” emails are some of the most effective ways to teach people about the products and services you offer.

4 Tactics for Better Cold Sales Emails—Because No, Prospects Don’t Want a Demo


The post 4 Tactics for Better Cold Sales Emails—Because No, Prospects Don’t Want a Demo appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. “Hi marketer, this is someone you’ve never spoken to, calling to interrupt your busy day by spewing a generic sales pitch about a product you’ve never heard of. Did I catch you at a good time?” ” Who in their right mind would actually answer, “Yes, let’s chat!” to such an unwelcome intrusion ?

The Six Best Screen Capture Tools


Screen captures are an effective format for software demos or screen callouts as well as demonstration any on-screen work sequence. Screen capture apps can be a simple yet valuable addition to any content marketer’s toolbox.

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Do you need different kinds of video for sales enablement?


Some of these explanations will be right for video, such as answers to frequently asked questions, customer use-cases, and product feature demos.

The 10 Best Sales One-Liners of all Time

Sales Intelligence View

If you can’t thoroughly demo your product, you’ll die on the vine. Great sales managers are great coaches.

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7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

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Invite, don’t Promote – if you’re presenting scheduled demos at the show, or if one of your executives has a speaking slot, invite people to the event as you would a Webinar, i.e. with date, time, location at the show, “what you’ll learn”.

If It’s Truly Easy-To-Use, Let Sales Do the Demo

Modern B2B Marketing

Salespeople are often used to having others do the demos, but a qualified sales lead will quickly recognise that if a “techie&# has to do a demo, those “easy-to-use” marketing messages may not hold true. The “trial demo&# is a critical step.

Spice up your emails - Link to your video demos

Anything Goes Marketing

What about flash demos that you may have created? Most people believe that a flash demo is great if you get someone to your site but you really need something like a whitepaper or a webinar to get them interested. A recent MarketinsgSherpa webinar has demonstrated that when trying to book meetings, including a link to a video demo about your products payed off big time. Therefore, don't just stick the video under a section called "demo" on your website.

The Content Marketing Debate: More (Better) Is Definitely More

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I have always believed that content marketing means companies leaving behind their tired old promotional ads, brochures, and requests for a demo. That’s why marketers are acting like real publishers focused on helping their audience become educated, informed, even entertained.

Infographic: Influencer Marketing Survey

Onalytica B2B

Get a free demo today by clicking the button below! REQUEST A FREE DEMO. This October 2015 survey highlights findings from Onalytica’s focus groups and consultations with 100 Marketing Directors, Heads of Social Media, Communication & PR Professionals.

The Great Big List of 23 Types of B2B Marketing Campaigns, by Funnel Stage


Prospects in the middle of the funnel are interested in your product, but may not be ready to commit to a demo with a sales representative. Many B2B companies opt to retarget visitors with either brand messages or a demo request. Demo ad campaign. Direct mail demo campaign*.

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Infographic: 10 Commandments of Email Copywriting

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No matter what you’re selling – a white paper, a Webinar, a demo, a free trial, or 25% off your latest software – there are certain rules that disciples (ahem) of good B2B email marketing should always follow. Email copywriting is more than simply an exercise in brevity.

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25 B2B Engagement Tactics For All Marketing Funnel Stages


Brand it nicely, so they know it’s from you -- and ask them to take a specific action (email, phone call, demo, etc.) Opportunity-stage, pre-demo email workflows. Post-opportunity marketing outreach can be a powerful tool to keep leads and accounts engaged through the demo process.

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3 Reasons Why Your Webinars Suck


If you market your webinar as a product demo, fine; the people who sign up will know what to expect. In all other situations, webinars should not be a demo of your product. Learn more at, or check our online demo at”.

Commonly Asked Questions about SmartForms’ Lead Enrichment Technology


We recently had a webinar and SmartForms demo on “Database-Driven Tips for Building a Powerful Demand Gen Engine.” On the webinar, we discussed key database-driven tips to increase the effectiveness of your demand gen engine. We also shared how automatically appending high-quality data to inbound leads with SmartForms improves the ROI of your marketing campaigns. […]. Data Quality Management SmartForms

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Marketing Automation


For instance, it may be better to offer to answer people’s questions and address their problems rather than to just keep urging them to “schedule a demo.”. Click here to talk to a specialist” might get you more business than pushing demos.

Demo Quantifies Opportunity. Psycho Makes the Sale.

Proteus B2B Marketing Blog

When assessing a market opportunity, most marketers start with profiling their potential customers based on objectively determined variables called “demographics”. A simplistic winnowing would include who they are, where they are, what they do, and their scope. Again as we know, a second profiling approach is through “psychographics”, which goes beyond demographics to examine [.].

Report: Trade Shows Generate Highest Quantity & Quality of Leads

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This is reinforced by another headline from the report: “Live Demo Offers Produce the Highest Quality Leads.” Again, this conclusion is based on more respondents naming demo offers as generating quality leads compared to other channels.

How To Plan, Execute & Measure a Direct Mail Campaign


The key here, and how we set this campaign apart from a brand awareness campaign, was that in order to receive the actual amount listed on the gift card, the contact had to complete a demo with our team before Jan. Delivered to Demo Scheduled Rate: 9.9%.

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12 Perfect Video Types for the B2B Customer Lifecycle [Infographic]


Some videos, like those created specifically for social campaigns will be early-stage content that require higher-production assets; whereas others, like product demos that are targeting leads closer to purchase can get by with lower production value.

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10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-up Campaign

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a white paper download, a demo request) can help uncover hot leads that might otherwise be missed, or at the very least can help sales prioritize which leads merit being called first.

Simplify Your Gated Content Strategy


Many marketers rely on the idea of a “funnel” to describe their customer journeys and interactions, whether that be downloading gated content or scheduling a demo.