28 Effective Tips for Shortening Your Sales Cycle


On the other hand, a faster sales cycle keeps your buyer’s attention on your offering. Understanding the sales cycle in separate stages helps predict buyer behavior and selling outcomes. Today we’re sharing tips and tricks to shorten the sales cycle, broken down by stage.

Demo Videos: How to Utilize Them in Your Technical Sales Cycle


I know from experience that scaling Solutions Consultants (SCs) and sales teams as a whole can be a challenge, as I have witnessed how it can take up to 24 months to fully mint a new Solutions Consultant. I, and many others, believe this will be the future of B2B sales.


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What Is the Sales Cycle?


What is the sales cycle? The sales cycle includes all the activities that a company performs when selling products or services to prospects. Instead, you need a formal sales cycle process that provides guidance to sales teams. Closing the sale.

8 Best Practices for Software Sales Demos


So why doesn’t anyone want a demo? “It’s says Director of Sales Michael Veschio. A lot of companies struggle to get prospects to show up to sales demos. It’s time to ditch the product demo. Software Sales Demo Tips & Best Practices. B2B Sales

The Enterprise Sales Cycle: How Massive Deals Come Together


SMB sales cycles come with their own challenges, stages, and appropriate strategies, and the same goes for larger enterprises'. Typical Enterprise Sales Cycle. The typical enterprise cycle is characterized by some key elements — here are some of the most definitive ones.

5 Ways an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Shortens Your Sales Cycle


A collaborative blog post with contributions from Michael Hanson, VP of Marketing at CloudTask – CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for growing companies looking for B2B Sales, Sales Chat and Customer Support solutions. Artificial Intelligence Best Practices Blog Sales

B2B Sales Cycle: 4 steps to avoid the wasteful ‘no decision’

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet CSO Insights , which interviews thousands of chief sales officers to benchmark B2B sales best practices, has tracked an alarming trend. Jim Dickie, CSO Insight’s managing partner, says this should make any sales leader cringe. “It’s No deal = broken sales cycle. He says the escalating number of “no decisions” is a sure sign that sales cycles are broken. CSO Insight’s latest sales performance optimization study reveals that an average of 4.1

5 Ways an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Shortens Your Sales Cycle


A collaborative blog post with contributions from Michael Hanson, VP of Marketing at CloudTask – CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for growing companies looking for B2B Sales, Sales Chat and Customer Support solutions. The length of a sales cycle, though it varies greatly by industry and whether your business is B2C or B2B, is a great indicator of the efficiency of your Sales team. When it comes to Sales, there’s nothing worse than a dead end.

Using Content to Move Prospects Forward in the Sales Cycle

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Using Content to Move Prospects Forward in the Sales Cycle by Achinta Mitra on May 5, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , B2B Marketing Collateral , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Strategies , Sales Strategies We often think of online content as the text on a web or blog page. Your sales team must report to marketing and put these leads back into the hopper for nurturing.

4 Ways Video Helps Maintain Control and Accelerate the Sales Cycle


We’ve been talking a lot about using video during the inbound/outbound sales process. But it’s time to dive a little deeper into how you can strategically use video to tighten up your sales cycle and maintain control of the buying process – at the same time, providing a seamless experience for your customers and prospects. Remember Paul the MQL who requested a demo and went cold as ice? Blog Sales

Where You Should Be Using Video in Your Sales Cycle for Highest Impact


Today’s sellers are facing longer, more complex sales cycles than ever before and buyers that are harder than ever to reach. Not to mention that the idea of buyers and sellers undertaking a single, harmonized journey is a distant memory: buyers frequently come armed with their own research and preconceptions, and it’s up to salespeople to keep up as they jump around to different points in the sales cycle. Life is tough for modern salespeople.

Pipeline Velocity: Why It Matters, How To Measure It and How It Helps


Similarly, key components factor into one phenomenon that can show the health of your overall sales process. Within sales, moving plenty of high-value opportunities successfully through the pipeline is the goal of every sales VP. Pipeline velocity takes this idea and applies it to sales: Here the “position” is your sales position, comprised of: The number of qualified opportunities in your pipeline. The overall win rate percentage for your sales team.

Does a Demo Ever Make Sense as a Demand Generation Offer?

The Point

Anecdotally, I’ve been noticing a minor trend in technology marketing circles of late – namely, that a high percentage of demand generation campaigns seem to be presenting a product demo as the primary offer. Worse yet, I fear the condition (let’s call it “demo-itis”) may be contagious. It’s easy to understand the appeal that demo offers provide. One, they don’t require the resources and development cycles of a new white paper or Webinar or infographic.

How to Use B2B Content Marketing for Each Stage of the Sales Cycle

Hinge Marketing

By catering your content to each stage of the sales funnel, you can demonstrate a specific understanding of individual client needs. Let’s take a look at the sales funnel and break down how you can leverage your B2B content marketing for each stage. WHAT: While your prospects could easily land at the other stages of the sales funnel entirely on their own, reaching the bottom of the funnel usually requires some leading on your part.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 261: Q & A Scott Horn @scott_horn

Heinz Marketing

If you’re not already subscribed to Sales Pipeline Radio , or listening live every Thursday at 11:30 a.m The show is less than 30 minutes, fast-paced and full of actionable advice, best practices and more for B2B sales & marketing professionals.

Sales Engineers: How To Sleep Through The Demo And Still Win The Deal


All the best sales advice out there, from Entrepreneur to Sales Hacker and HubSpot , tells you to have a plan. In today’s sales ecosystem, teams copy each other extensively. As a sales consultant, help your reps and be bold—think differently—and try sleeping through a demo. Not every customer needs a full-fledged demo. While your customer watches your pre-recorded custom demo, you could be anywhere, like focusing on more important demos.

Are You Creating Demo Videos? Here?s Why You Should Be!


A carefully crafted demo video can speed up the sales cycle, save your sales engineering team hours, and help weed out unqualified leads–inevitably giving your sales pipeline better velocity and improved accuracy. Something our solutions consultants (SCs) have been doing a lot more of is recording product demo videos. While this definitely is a valid point, there are many reasons you should be recording demo videos.

From Chemo to Demo: How My Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis Helped Me Become a Better, Stronger Salesperson


What Cancer Taught Me About Excelling in My Sales Career: Give it to them straight. In the medical arena as in the sales world, it’s best to be a straight-shooter. It’s not always about giving the most comfortable, sales-y response. But the truth is, in sickness and in sales, no party gets value from the sugarcoating. The same goes for sales. Needless to say, this exercise in grit in the face of crisis had a huge implication on my sales career, even to this day.

5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Buying Cycle Conversion Conversion Optimization Customer Customer Experience Personalization Strategy. And it’s obvious why: buying cycles are longer, buyer mentalities are different, and products typically require more investigation before a purchase. While your website may not be performing B2C-like monetary transactions, a B2B site is still an important touch point in the sales and marketing funnel.

B2C 201

5 Exceptionally Important Tips for Sales Engineers Creating Pre-Recorded Demo Videos


They want to avoid the sales pitch, and… you kind of have to sympathize with them. The thought of talking to each one of these sales-hungry companies on the phone is a little daunting – so they’ll avoid it at all cost. In fact, if they are talking to you, it might be because you have tucked away some crucial information – such as pricing or a product demo – behind your walled sales garden. Check out these 5 steps to building a great product demo.

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The Benefits and Challenges of B2B SaaS Marketing

KoMarketing Associates

Plus, it can be easier to scale growth because the checkout process can be done 24/7 without the requirement of employees to prepare contracts or walk customers through the sales process. Here are some other areas where virtual products or SaaS marketing has perks: Online Demos. A personalized demo can be scheduled online automatically with a calendar scheduling app that chooses the salesperson based on availability or turn.

Finding Solutions with Marketing Automation

Lead Liaison

Have you got some marketing or sales problems? Problem: Our company just lost our best sales person. For example, discovery meetings, post-demos, new customers, anniversaries, these are all important events in a prospect’s lifecycle that you could systemize for your company. When sales and marketers use these resources, they spend less time doing it manually and communicate your company’s messaging more accurately and consistently.

5 Ways to Recognize B2B Lead Generation Failure ???and Move On


Yes, there are many reasons your marketing and sales activities can fail and they occasionally will. Not only do you have to comprehend it generically, but you also need to map it for every B2B buyer you are targeting and working on to achieve a sale. Recognize that it is going to be a long and complex sales cycle with more than one power buyer involved. TOO MANY WALLS: Marketing is tossing qualified leads over the wall to Sales.

How to Deliver the Perfect Sales Demo


I’ve listened in on a lot of sales demos. It started as a simple sales research project -- what conversation paths were our prospects taking? How could we optimize those paths, and from a marketing perspective, close the loop to deliver more qualified prospects to our sales team? More educated prospects, shorter sales cycle. What I uncovered was an entire methodology that hasn’t necessarily been written about -- that of a proactive, interactive demo.

The pitfalls of spreadsheet-based strategic meeting management


The entire sales process entails numerous functions managed on multiple platforms – like recording event registrations, capturing data from badge scans, tracking meeting check-ins, accessing and entering data to and from the CRM, etc.

Is it Time to Change the Universal Definition of a Lead?


So do we need to revisit the universal definition of a lead in the world of sales and marketing? As marketers realize the importance of distinguishing between buyer personas, there is more than one sales funnel you need to fill, filter your leads through and manage in order to drive conversions. until and unless the component of predictive analytics is built in, allowing your company to understand buyer behaviour and address stages of the buying cycle with this ‘intelligence’.

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What You Can do TODAY to Build Sales Pipeline This Quarter

DiscoverOrg Sales

Even if you hit your sales goal, the new quarter is still a great time to take stock of wins and losses … AND start building your pipeline for a quota-crushing Q3. Just like exercise and eating your vegetables, building sales pipeline means doing the hard things now in order to reap a future reward. Here are 6 things you can do right now to grow your sales pipeline for success through the rest of the year. Our sales team follows up a few times, and they go dark.

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Stitching Intent Data into Your Sales Strategy

DiscoverOrg Sales

?. Hey everyone, Jake Shaffren here, Director of Sales at DiscoverOrg. When you’re talking about proactive engagement based on buyer intent, you’re NOT talking about product demos. So the messaging should be tweaking and tweaking and tweaking the buyer’s opinion: Driving me HERE, through the sales cycle. The product demo. Then there’s the actual demo. where they have a little demo station. Read it: 5 Steps to a Killer Demo.

6 Distinguishing Traits of the New Age B2B Buyer —And 6 B2B Lead Generation Tips to Engage


B2B Marketing Tip #1: Publish relevant content and make sure it is found by your prospective buyer in a variety of access and touch points throughout the buying cycle. . Averse to a Sales Pitch and Avoids the Salesperson. Analyzing buyer behaviour throughout the online flow of information in the buying cycle can be predictive of conversion as well as repeat purchase. Request a demo of the revolutionary, transformational lead generation program, MyLeads2Go.

What is the Most Valued Content for IT Decision Makers?

The ROI Guy

As a result of today’s more empowered buyer: SiriusDecisions reports that up to 67% of decision-makers already have a “clear picture” of the solution they want before Sales Reps are engaged. Content marketing plays a more pivotal role, facilitating buyer decisions – influencing decisions before reps are involved, and arming reps with the sales tools they need to “reframe” the solution picture in the providers’ favor.

Automated Personalization and the “Zero Moment of Truth”


This ZMOT phenomenon can be categorized in two ways: The ‘predictive MOT’ at the beginning of a sales cycle, and the ‘final buy MOT’ at the conclusion; we could be using analytics more strategically with all the other moments in the middle – and all that nurturing that must occur along the buyer’s journey. Consumers are looking for visuals today to help them decide, and for B2B marketers this means incorporating product demos and webinars into their strategy.

8 Surprising B2B Use Cases for Chatbots

The Point

Here are just some of the more creative ways we’re seeing clients use chatbots to increase sales engagement, shorten sales cycles, and drive revenue: 1. Trial & Demo Conversions. can increase conversions AND speed time to sale.

Case 274

Accelerate Your Lead Response Time And Turn Inbound Leads into Opportunities


Lead response time can make or break your sale. Embed scheduling into your contact and demo forms. Integrating your calendar with your contact and demo forms lets your leads move the process forward themselves. B2B Marketing B2B Sales Chat

Leads 200

The Risks of Over-Reliance on Late-Stage Content

The Point

Whatever demand gen channels you use to generate marketing leads, there’s value in always promoting a mix of content and other offers that span the entire buying cycle: early-stage, mid-stage, and late-stage.

InsightSquared and RingLead Partner to Deliver a Complete, Accurate View of Contacts Throughout the Buyer’s Journey


New integration provides automated enrichment and analytics of contacts identified during active sales cycles and customer relationships to reduce risk and improve forecast accuracy.

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Map Your Sales Funnel for a Smoother Sales Journey


Overflowing the sales funnel with leads doesn’t necessarily guarantee more paying customers in the end. Abundant lead conversion can happen when sales reps practice meaningful engagement with them throughout the sales funnel. Sales Funnel vs. Sales Pipeline.

Funnel 151

The 12 Essential Sales Metrics You Don’t Want to Miss


CROs, and sales leaders alike, often walk into their new role blind. They work tirelessly to assess the funnel quality, sales process adherence, and the overall go-to-market strategy. CRM systems were never designed for the sales rep. Average Sales Cycle.

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How to Use Email Automation to Nurture Prospects


As a B2B marketer or sales professional you have a number of things battling for your attention at any given moment. Compared to B2C marketing strategies, B2B marketers and sales professionals rely on educating their audiences to gain more leads and conversions.

4 Foolproof Ways to Beat Price Objections


As a B2B sales rep, you already know objections are an unavoidable part of your job. Yet, as we explained in a recent blog post , there are many tips and tricks sales reps can use to bypass common objections during the sales cycle. Research shows price objections are the number one objection sales rep face—but half of all price objections are phony ( source ). Schedule a product demo. Here are a few ways to give a top-notch product demo: Personalize it.

Enterprise Lead Generation: What, Why, And How?


Long Sales Cycles: Enterprise companies are big, and they want to make sure they are getting best-in-class solutions. Complex Sales Are…Complex: Enterprise companies usually come with many stakeholders and therefore many decision makers that may have conflicting pain points.