Why You Should Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Campaign

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In SEO, there are two types of keywords: “head” keywords and “long-tail” keywords. Over 70% of search queries are made up of long-tail keywords while the other 30% consist of head keywords, as shown in the below graph: If you are ignoring long-tail keywords then you are ignoring 70% of the search traffic. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? Some examples of long-tail keywords are: White Adidas shoes with green stripes.

9 SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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In order to maintain the flow of traffic to your website, you'll need to think outside the answer box and diversify, which includes implementing omnichannel marketing as well as long-tail keywords. Dive Deeper: How to Write Content for People and Optimize It for Google.


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26 SEO Content Writing Hacks


Content writing is a broad term that encompasses many different types of writing. Some writers focus on creating content for blogs, while others are experts at crafting social media posts or articles that will be published online. Add Humor to Your Writing.

The Ultimate Content Writing Guide


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, who your customer is, or what type of marketing strategy you’re running, you need content. In fact, it’s impossible to build a competitive brand that effectively engages customers without content. Why Content Writing?

New growth strategies for publishers


Publishers must look within themselves to build compelling propositions that will naturally attract more quality advertisers, writes Nick Welch. Is publishing digital’s most exciting medium right now? Yet in taking this approach, publishers have increasingly ceded control of their most valuable assets – their audiences. Proof, if it were needed, of the value of publishers’ content and why they deserve a fairer share of the spoils.

Headline writing: 10 ways to get more eyes on your content

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Looking to master the art of headline writing? Listen: from blog titles to social posts and beyond, knowing how to write a compelling headline is an invaluable skill. Write That Down – Take the Best Meeting Minutes with This Template. And with that said, happy writing!

What is Content Optimization? 5 Tips on Writing for SEO


Google reports that 71 percent of B2B buyers begin their customer journey with an unbranded search. If your business is not creating content that appears on the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you could miss out on reaching nearly three-quarters of your potential customers. While conquering topic authority in the SERPs is a great brand awareness play, how are you going to turn those visitors into loyal readers or customers? how long users stay on a page.

How to Conduct Smart Competitor Research for Better Customer Acquisition

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Couldn’t lose any customers because they had a sale and we didn’t!”. The value propositions, customer pain points, and product features they’re highlighting to try to drive traffic.

Should You Reoptimize Your Blog Content? 55 Marketers Respond

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Fresh content is published at the speed of light, optimized to compete for relevant keywords. But the work on your posts is far from finished after you first hit “publish.”. And do they believe that long-tail keywords are the best tactic for websites with low domain authority? Are long-tail keywords the way to go for companies with low domain authority? Yes, prioritize long-tail keywords. Write an insightful article about this topic.

You’re doing SEO wrong: it’s all about authority


Domain authority is not a new concept, it’s been a staple of good SEO for a long time. The primary way that a site gains authority is by publishing insightful, accurate, or definitive information in a compelling way, so that other people will want to link to it. I’ve run SEO for the largest private publisher on the web. With modern SEO tools, your small keyword footprint limits your ability to track related long-tail keywords and their pages.

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Google Makes It Official: Content Marketing Is Now the #1 Ranking Factor

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Learn how to publish top-quality content consistently, organize and design your website so your audience has the experience to write home about, and earn backlinks that give your content even more clout. Start publishing world-class content consistently.

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The Scope of SEO and Digital Marketing Expertise


SEO is a vital early-market strategy for new ventures and startups, as it produces cost-effective, long-lasting results. Worldwide, there are more than 500 million blogs (though not all are actively maintained), and 850 million new posts published each month. Guest post by Mathew Jade.

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Six Lead Generation Trends to Watch in 2021


This crisis response led them to identify several short- and long-term trends. However, one of the most important discoveries, part of the “next normal,” is the increased preference for and predisposition of customers towards online self-service. Guest post by Dhruv Mehta.

The Importance of Content Marketing


Besides winning and keeping customers, however, there are other reasons why content marketing should be a critical component of your long-term marketing strategy and mobile marketing approach: Drives SEO Strategy. After all, it’s in the content that you can place keywords and phrases that are designed to develop and grow your organic visibility through long tail searches and through secondary search components like product or service pages.

Create an Ultimate Guide to Showcase Your Thought Leadership

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Follow good optimization practices, such as using long-tail keywords and incorporating images, videos, and infographics. It took me days to write them! ( You want a thorough piece of content that will climb the search results and bring in new readers and customers.

Finding Killer Content Marketing Ideas

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It was difficult writing that sentence because of how hard I was LOL’ing to myself as I did. Have forms ready for them that ask questions about their industry, their customers and buyer persona, the way they conduct business, and anything else that will paint a clear picture of who they are. Long-tail keywords are also great idea-generators - when stuck trying to think up something new, stopping to consider what they mean can get your brain pumping with great, new ideas.

35 Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Success

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Google Trends : I’m on this site almost every day just looking at the trends of various keywords, especially for our customers. Keyword Tool gives you 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions based on the term you search for.

How Content Marketing Helps Increase Organic Traffic

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Here’s how to bring in more organic traffic: Write to Your Buyer Personas. Although writing to your buyer personas doesn’t magically increase your organic search traffic, it does boost the chances that your content will be shared on other websites and social media.

Your 2021 Guide to Internet Marketing


Also, don’t be afraid to use long-tail keywords. Keeping with the lipstick example, a long-tail keyword phrase might be something along the lines of “cruelty-free organic vegan lipstick.” It also encourages other media outlets to write about your company.

How to Capture Buyer Intent in B2B Marketing

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To attract ideal leads to your business, you must place your customer’s needs, wants, and interests at the center of your sales and marketing campaigns. Quick Takeaways: Customer experience is a leading priority for modern businesses. The Shift to Customer-Centric Marketing.

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DIY SEO – How to Do It Yourself


You may find it easier to rank for long-tail keywords rather than the highly competitive main keywords. Long-tail keywords are the queries people type into a search engine when they are looking for something specific – for instance “smart brown women’s shoes” rather than just “shoes”.

Search Engine Indexing vs. Search Engine Ranking: What’s the Difference?


That’s one of the reasons it can take so long to rank in Google. If you got a page to rank using black hat SEO tricks, don’t expect it to last long. The solution: Only publish high-quality, relevant content. Although, sometimes people publish invisible images and links.

The Best Way to Track Your Keyword Rankings in 2020

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Long-tail keyword searches have a click-through rate 3-5% higher than generic searches. Back then, ranking well on any of the various search engines — including AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Lycos and Yahoo — was solely about on-page activities like: Writing enough text.

How to Create an SEO Strategy for 2018 [Template Included]


However, when it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy for your business, just creating content for the keywords your customers are searching for is both arduous and, well, wrong. By optimizing a web page around topics first, you can rank well for long-tail keywords related to that topic. You are associating these topics with popular short-tail keywords, as you can tell, but you're not dedicating individual blog posts to these keywords.

Add self-referential links into your 2018 search engine optimization strategy


That’s easy and can be done quickly and simply through installing a related posts plugin or customizing your template a little bit. While it is much easier to do this while you’re writing your posts or putting together your pages, it’s sometimes not always easy to include these things in your first–and often only–draft. Ted “Hypertext” Nelson. The only content links you can control are your own.

How to Get Ranked and Read With the Topic Cluster Content Model

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Head over to Answer the Public and type your overarching topic to find a list of long-tail keywords that could fuel your list of ideas. Use @answerthepublic to find a list of long-tail keywords that could fuel #content ideas, says @EliseDopson. Write your cluster pages. The process for writing cluster pages is similar to writing a standard blog post , but with two exceptions. Write the pillar page. Don’t write your pillar page first.

5 SEO Lessons for the Modern Content Creator


Before hitting publish, ask a co-worker, friend, or editor to read the content. Prioritize evergreen content: While trends and news can create some major buzz initially, evergreen content continues to provide value far beyond the publish date. Get started with six handy tips: Write list posts: Research shows list posts generate more backlinks than other content formats ( source ). Use this opportunity to stand out with in-depth, long-form content.

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Create a Content Series for Industrial Marketing

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The question – what do we write about? Optimize for long-tail keywords + More linking opportunities = Better SEO. Dust off some of those long technical articles that are languishing somewhere on your website. Here are the basic steps for converting long technical articles into short blog posts that will become a content series. Create follow-up posts by interviewing internal subject matter experts and customers. Happy New Year!

How to Rank on Page 1 of Google for Thousands of Keywords

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There are three important aspects that go into a power page: Length : Power pages take long-form to the extreme. Audience : Power pages aren’t for your potential customers; they’re for the influencers in your industry. It’s more than 5,000 words long and ranks for hundreds of keywords on its own. Just make sure it’s authoritative, will appeal to influencers and also has value for your target customers. Why You Should Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Campaign.

How to Make Your Content Powerful in Eyes of Searchers (and Google)

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Most of the 4 million blog posts published each day get lost in the noise. Write for your niche audience persona – Each business has (or should have) a unique value proposition to offer a unique set of customers. Alex Honeysett for The Muse has some great questions to help you find your voice , including: How do you want your customers to feel when interacting with your content? Brainstorm topic ideas that appeal to both and write them down.

Why You Should SEO-Optimize Your Content, Even if Your Goal Isn't Organic Traffic


And then when those leads trust you and view you as an expert in your industry, they're more likely to convert into customers. You can include short-tail (e.g., "AI") AI") and long-tail (e.g.,

6 Ways to Optimize Content for Voice Search


Ultimately, voice search is changing the way marketers think about, and publish, content. But if you’re already publishing content, getting your brand ready for voice search doesn’t have to be complicated. They can use these micro-moments to capture the attention of more customers. We speak differently from how we write, so unsurprisingly, people use more natural language patterns when speaking to digital devices. Target long-tail keyword phrases.

Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search


This is the type of marketing that brick-and-mortar businesses use to reach potential customers on the web. If you're having trouble coming up with geo-targeted content, consider highlighting customer success stories and case studies. Write about complementary local services.


What You Need to Know About Content Marketing and Building Supplies

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A solid content strategy includes making sure you’re using the right search terms, doing keyword research, and focusing on long-tail keywords that make sense for your niche. Ready to learn how content marketing can help improve your website traffic and customer satisfaction?

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Platform dynamics driving martech app expansion and consolidation explained in one (relatively) simple model


Last month, I published the latest marketing technology landscape. I’ve drawn it as a long tail. Extensibility : from open platforms that power every business in the cloud to custom apps that other apps don’t typically build complementary businesses around.

42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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Here are the top reasons why organizations are adopting AI in their business: AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services. Regain potential customers.

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How to Arm Your B2B Blog for Maximum Marketing Firepower

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One of the best ways to understand what a blog is and how a company should approach blogging is in a popular four-word rule of thumb for the modern marketer: THINK LIKE A PUBLISHER. Successful business blogs deliver content that is written for their ideal customer , also known as a buyer persona. Instead, like a good magazine, great blogs deliver remarkable content that solve their prospective customers’ problems. Look sharp – How long should each post be?