12 Killer Ideas for How to Market Your Online Course


And now, you’d like to join the ranks of these legends by creating an online course of your own. Figuring out how to market an online course so people actually show up. In this post, we’ll look at: Why create an online course? 12 techniques for marketing your course.

We released our premium courses for free during Covid-19. Check out the results!


As a highlight on the second bullet point, we decided to make available, free of charge, some of Rock University’s paid courses to help people at this time when many are isolating themselves at home. Of course, we also imagined it would bring visibility to the brand.

Course 207

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How to Start an Online Course pt.1 – Research and Tools

Method and Metric

Online courses are a hot commodity right now. Online courses are a terrific way to generate passive income. How does one go about producing an online course? Screen capturing is a great way to teach the more technical aspects of your course.

Stay The Course With Demand Generation  

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Now this is by no means an absolute, as each persons’ company and product differ, but it certainly gives you a running start. The post Stay The Course With Demand Generation appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

6 Best Online Sales Training Courses

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With sales tools and automation software changing every day, it is not enough to simply be a sales rep and a people person. The post 6 Best Online Sales Training Courses appeared first on Blog Visitor Queue.

Your Crash Course to Offering a Crash Course

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An excellent way to convert visitors , as well as maintain relationships and grow your subscriber base, is to provide a crash course. Encourage the visitor to sign up for a crash course by piquing their interest. Why Offer a Crash Course? Designing a Crash Course for Prospects.

Four Great Ways to Use Personalization in Digital Marketing


Today, personalization is more important than ever, as consumers and business decision makers alike are overloaded with content. While a lot of information gets ignored, personalized content tends to hit home. Personalization in Email Marketing. without any personalization.

A Marketer's Crash Course to Hyperlocal Marketing


Hyperlocal marketing targets audiences who have similar researching methods to mine — those who use "near me" in search queries in hopes of picking out a business to try out in person based on the business's location. A couple of weeks ago, I was planning a trip to New York.

The Crash Course in Mobile Content Every Marketer Needs Now


You’re personalizing the content you show mobile users. Adding personalization (more than simply dropping in first names) can be a challenge. Let’s shift from personalizing content to “contextualizing” it.

Course 237

Five social media courses make one social media strategy meal


When I was young and naïve pasta was called spaghetti, and it was the main course of dinner at home. Then I took my mom to Genoa on holiday and quickly discovered that pasta isn’t a main course, it’s simply the first course.

Online Marketing Courses: Always Be Learning

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Their course curriculum features great lessons, taught by instructors who seem to genuinely care about their students. Unfortunately my choice of courses this time around wasn’t as beneficial. Which delayed my completion of projects, and course advancement.

Local Email Marketing: A Crash Course


To further personalize emails and heighten the customer experience, you can separate email lists into smaller subgroups defined by certain characteristics, such as age or hobbies. You've read the stats: email marketing is an undeniably powerful marketing strategy.

Top Digital Marketing Courses and Training for Working Professionals


Digital marketing courses can help keep you or your team on top of the latest strategies and technology. So we’ve curated a 2020 roundup of some of the best programs out there for all price levels, from renowned academic programs to free online courses. Individual courses.

How to Convey Your Brand Personality Through Social Media

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But, conveying your brand’s personality to your audience on social media isn’t always easy. Of course, when it comes to branding, your logo, color palette, fonts, and tagline are important, but the voice of your brand is what will truly influence your audience and readers.

7 Strategies to Gamify Your Online Courses


Gamification can easily be applied to your online course and has actually proven to increase engagement and drive referrals — that’s why so many companies are leveraging its power. Taking an online course can be a lot like drinking from a fire hose.

B2B Lead Generation Ideas: A Full-course Content Planning Dinner


Namely, how to make our products and services more accessible, more human, and more valuable through better content planning and personalization at every step of our digital lead generation campaigns. Content has to entice them on a deeper, more personal level. Courses .

The Crash Course in Mobile Content Every Marketer Needs Now


You’re personalizing the content you show mobile users. Adding personalization (more than simply dropping in first names) can be a challenge. Let’s shift from personalizing content to “contextualizing” it. You know how real estate people like to say, “location, location, location”? It’s time digital marketers started saying “mobile, mobile, mobile.”. Here’s why: There’s more traffic on the Internet from mobile devices than from desktops. And that’s been true since 2014.

Course 159

Crash Course in Content Gaps – And How to Fill Them


If you haven’t defined your buyer personas, we have an ebook/workbook, “ 4 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Plan Right Person, Right Message, Right Time ” that will help. It fulfills that original goal of “right person, right message, right time”. Ever heard of “random acts of content”? It describes how some content marketers (or all of us, at one time for another) publish content willy-nilly. Random acts of content happen a lot.

Course 159

Delivering Results through Content Personalization [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

Content personalization continues to be a challenge for marketers, as revealed in the “2016 Trends in Personalization” study from Evergage. Although 85 percent of marketers said they were using personalization tactics, 55 percent gave themselves a grade of “C” or lower.

Top Content Marketing Courses and Training for Working Professionals


As content marketing continues to grow in importance in today’s digital marketing landscape, more and more accredited institutions are offering in-depth courses and material that can make you a better content marketer. This renowned institution offers both free courses and a certificate track.

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Marketing Automation


Or you go all the way to personalizing them as best you can. But the returns on personalization are pretty darn good, too. So it’s reasonable to assume that if you could combine these two tactics ‒ automation and personalization ‒ you’d be downright dangerous.

15 Free Social Media Training Courses and Resources


Social media training courses are a great way for digital marketers to level up their skillset. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best social media marketing training courses available for free online. 15 of the best social media training courses and resources.

Course 101

Intelligent Personalization: Persona vs Personality Marketing


With B2B marketing shifting to email, web, and digital channels, it is imperative for marketers and sales professionals to personalize communications and rise up above the noise. B2B clients also wish to be engaged on a much more personal level. .

15 Personal Branding Experts You Need to Check Out

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Today you can't have a robust business without a solid personal brand. That's why I wanted to share with you a list of 15 personal branding experts whose content can help you to develop and polish your own brand. Modern audiences want to know the person behind the brand.

15 of the Best Social Media Marketing Courses to Take Today


One of my favorite things to do in my free time (besides binge reality shows Love Island and Vanderpump Rules ) is to take free marketing courses online. The best thing about online courses is that I usually don't pay a cent for them, and the ones I do pay for are worth it.

What’s Being Taught in Modern Marketing College Courses?


If marketing teams are made up of a bunch of non-marketing majors, but there’s no shortage of marketing program degrees, what’s being taught in modern marketing courses? . A Look at College Marketing Course Options. Penn State (a diverse course offering).

Expert Insight: The Challenge of Delivering a Personalized Customer Experience

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Personalization is a content marketing tactic that can help reel in customers and prospects, but how many marketers are actually utilizing this method? According to the “2018 Connectivity Report” from Widen, 28 percent of marketers claim that personalizing the customer experience is what their organization is most focused on this year. The concept of personalization is not new, but the way we serve it up will change.

The 60 Best Free Online Courses For Whatever You Want to Learn


In fact, according to Josh Kaufman, international bestselling author of The Personal MBA , it takes 20 hours to go from knowing nothing about a particular subject to being pretty good at it. Of course, if you want to become an expert -- well, that takes even longer. Marketing Courses.

Top 20 Content Marketing Online Courses and Certifications to Enroll in 2020

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Content marketing courses and certifications help marketers keep themselves updated in these areas to cater to the dynamic digital landscape and changing consumer behavior. Content Marketing Course - HubSpot. The course curriculum covers the basics of blogging and storytelling.

Top personalization trends: Email named #1 channel


Open source digital experience company Acquia surveyed thousands of customers, prospects, partners, and consumers at large about the personalization space and current trends there. Trend #1: Personalization is popular (and growing).

Your own personal Fappening


While the storm surrounding the leak of the intimate and personal photos of 101 starlets, actresses, singers, and athletes seems to be abating, the Gigabytes of collected photos and videos, ranging from PG-13 to X, will never be erased off the Internet.

The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools


Of course, there’s always been pressure to do more with less—the definition of productivity improvement—but the mantra seems to have taken on almost religious status as the anemic, drawn-out recovery from the 2008 financial crisis drags on. The personal productivity apps here can help.

#Personalized Mona Lisa #Marketing #Humor #Fail

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Dear Internet, I was disappointed but not wholly surprised that you didn’t find Wednesday's post with Personalized Mona Lisa as self-evidently hilarious as I did. But the notion of over-extending personalization is still important. So what are the problems with personalization?

What Will Your Personal AI Look Like?


All of which is fine and dandy, but it still begs the question: When can I bring home my own personal AI? Still, we’re a long way from these consumer devices turning into personal AIs. So what are the prospects for a true personal AI that you might be able to get your hands on one day?

A Crash Course in Microcopy: How to Craft the Perfect Words for Social Media Captions


Consider this a crash course in copywriting for all the little things you write on social media everyday. Of course, there can definitely be times when you opt for a more clever wording over a clear keyword. Copywriting is one of the most essential skills for a marketer to have.

McKinsey’s insights on personalization and martech: New report


A new insights report by McKinsey lays out the future of personalization , how important it is to marketing success, as well as ways businesses can prepare to compete and flourish in this smart new world. Of course, marketing technology will be fundamental to this.

Report 113

The Hyper-Personalization of Content Marketing

Modern Marketing

Personalized marketing is more relevant, more targeted, and better perceived. Check out the “ Five Key Trends in Gartner’s 2015 Digital Marketing Hype Cycle ” or the “ 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Personalization ” What is Personalized Marketing?