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Long-Tail Keywords: A Comprehensive Guide


Long-tail keywords account for over 90% of search queries. The good news is that identifying, targeting and ranking for long-tail keywords is a straightforward and cost-effective process. Where Does the Idea of the “Long Tail” Come From? What Are Long-Tail Keywords? Updated: February 2022.

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ChatGPT, BARD & The Death of the Search Engine Long Tail

Here’s a glimpse in how AI is changing search and what you can do to stay relevant. They also make up the majority of the long tail, which is now more likely to be dominated by machines. Rightfully so. The importance of certain ranking factors will continue to shift.


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Long Tail Keywords in SEO: How to Grow Traffic From Niche Searches

Long tail keywords play a critical role in both paid and organic online search. For website content, like interior pages and blog posts, long tail keywords offer the opportunity to give users more specific content based on what they are searching for. What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

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What are Long-Tail Keywords? And How to Find Them


There’s a variety of benefits to focusing on long-tail keywords while developing a long-term strategy for head terms. In a study, Conductor found that once a long-tail searcher arrives at the website, they convert at a rate more than 2.5x What are long-tail keywords? Examples of long-tail keywords.

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How To Find Current Trending Topics for Content Creation: The 10 Best Tools

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However, searching for current content ideas can be time-consuming. Investigate our list of resources for discovering current trending topics that keep your content relevant. Test the features in popular marketing software and sites, such as Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, and, to discover fresh subjects for content.

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What Is The Difference Between Long-tail And Short-tail Keywords?

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They help search engines understand the content on your website and how it relates to specific search terms. Including relevant keywords in your website and content can improve your chances of ranking higher in. The post What Is The Difference Between Long-tail And Short-tail Keywords?

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Why You Should Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Campaign

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In SEO, there are two types of keywords: “head” keywords and “long-tail” keywords. Over 70% of search queries are made up of long-tail keywords while the other 30% consist of head keywords, as shown in the below graph: If you are ignoring long-tail keywords then you are ignoring 70% of the search traffic.