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Why Your B2B Marketing Should Feature Case Studies


Marketing business to business (B2B) products and services differs from business to consumer (B2C) practices in at least a half-dozen ways. One obvious way to showcase that is through case studies of your clients and their successes. One obvious way to showcase that is through case studies of your clients and their successes.

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Your A-Z Guide on E-Commerce Marketing [Strategies+Case Studies]


Your A-Z Guide on E-Commerce Marketing [Strategies+Case Studies]. Marketing is an important aspect for any business looking to achieve consistent and continuing success. Keeping up with all these new strategies, like e-commerce marketing, can be daunting sometimes. What is e-commerce marketing though?


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Fospha as TikTok’s New Measurement Partner


Understanding media performance in digital marketing is like navigating a maze that constantly changes. The emergence of platforms like TikTok has revolutionized how brands connect with their audience, adding layers of complexity and opportunity. However, with regulatory changes such as GDPR and iOS 14.5

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Seven Content Types to Focus on in Your 2023 Marketing Strategy


A well-rounded content marketing strategy will rely on several different types of content to achieve its goals. Understanding how each different content format works, which audience segments it appeals to, and how it fits into your overall sales and marketing funnel is key to success. Coschedule features some great case studies.

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Case Study – Hemptouch

Goodish Agency

After we had tracked everything we wanted to, we were able to see where the funnel is leaking the most. Improving CR is a slow process, but every month we are adding 0.3% Read more about the Digital Marketing Strategies that could work for your company! Improving blog pages. percentage.

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How to build a hyper-precise audience-first ad campaign


For years, marketers have chased delivering “the right message to the right audience at the right time and on the right channel.” Hyper-precision targeting is a powerful, high-impact, low-waste approach to audience-first marketing that drives engagement, conversion rates and lifetime value. What is hyper-precision targeting?

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How Content Marketing Directly Improves Sales

Marketing Insider Group

Content marketing directly improves sales in many ways, and typically costs much less and has higher returns than ads. If your company isn’t harnessing the potential of content marketing , then you could be losing valuable opportunities to attract, interest, and convert buyers. We Live in a Digital Marketplace.