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Why Your B2B Marketing Should Feature Case Studies


One obvious way to showcase that is through case studies of your clients and their successes. Case studies can be anything from a before and after study to detailed statistics on how you helped another brand with a major problem. What Makes a Great B2B Case Study? Image credit: Lukas on Pexels.

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Why Invest in Case Studies: What They Are and Why They Matter


Have you ever wondered why businesses invest in case studies? Not sure if case studies are worth the investment? At OptinMonster, you’ll notice that we spend a lot of time conducting case studies and highlighting them on our blog. What Is a Case Study? Why Are Case Studies Important?


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Where Do Case Studies Fit into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Insider Group

Case studies help you build a story around your customers, products, and services. Case studies are one of the most powerful forms of content to have in your marketing repertoire. Case studies can help your business generate leads, educate consumers, boost your credibility, and display your success.

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Case Study: Full-Funnel Connected TV & Omnichannel Programmatic Ad Campaign

Porch Group Media

The post Case Study: Full-Funnel Connected TV & Omnichannel Programmatic Ad Campaign first appeared on V12. Stay up to date with the latest news and resources: Thank you! You’ll be the first to know when we post more great marketing content!

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Account Based Marketing: Case Studies and Best Practices

Lake One

Once we explore the benefits of account-based marketing, we’ll present you with four real-world case studies that have had a massive impact on many common sectors and industries. The Benefits of Account-Based Marketing Before diving into real-world case studies, let’s explore the benefits of account-based marketing.

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How to Create an Effective B2B Case Study

KoMarketing Associates

While blog posts, online guides, and white papers are great “top of the funnel” content assets, you must nurture the lead all the way through to the purchase. Enter: case studies. But, how do you create a B2B case study that supports your content marketing strategy ? Step 3: Format the Case Study.

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B2B Case Study Best Practices: Real Results & Happy Customers


History has given us many experiments and studies; often learning the hard way, colleges publish scientific papers regularly to prove or disprove hypotheses and theories – even Barack Obama wrote and published the most popular scientific paper of 2016. But wait… What is a Case Study? “ It’s alive!