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What Metrics are important to your SaaS website performance

accelerate agency

CPA (Cost per Acquisition). The only way to ensure your marketing budget makes sense is by knowing the cost per acquisition of campaigns. Working out the CPA for an individual campaign is trickier. Average Revenue Per Customer / User.

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Stats to Track Through the Customer Lifecycle


Cost per click (CPC). Cost per acquisition (CPA). It’s an opportunity to share upsell and cross-sell offers with existing customers and to remind them why they picked your brand in the first place. Determining your success in the Delight stage is all about tracking conversions on upsells, cross-sells and higher-end products.

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Everything You Should Know About Demand Generation

Unbound B2B

Growth requires growing sales and sales are fueled by demand as per Economics 101! As per the latest B2B trends, the quality of leads is now more important than quantity. Lowers Customer Acquisition Cost. Strategies such as outbound marketing cost too much. Thus, you can drastically lower the customer acquisition costs using demand generation. Retaining a customer is 6 to 7 times more cost-effective than acquiring a new one.

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How to Analyze The Performance of Your Display Ads [Free Guide]


Cost-per-acquisition (CPA): Your overall campaign spend divided by the total number of conversions. CPA is an important KPI to keep track of across the entire funnel, as a helpful proxy for how effective your teams are at closing, retaining, and cultivating customers. As a marketer, you want to focus on closing deals that grow your customer base, while also up-selling or cross selling existing customers. ROI = (LTV-CPA).

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PPC Isn’t Screwed — You Aren’t Doing It Right


No cross-app data sharing unless users accept it. They can accept the fact that once-lucrative pay-per-click advertising channels will no longer perform as well. This may lead them to diversify acquisition strategies and tap into options like setting up an Amazon presence.

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What is Behavioral Targeting? A Guide for CROs (in 2020)


For example, you have an ecommerce site that sells shoes. Key #5: Cross-Selling and Upselling. Ivan Kreimer, freelance content marketer, says it best: “Try to target everyone, and you will sell to no one.”. Key #5: Cross-Selling and Upselling.

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Why Brands Are Failing with Identity Resolution—and What You Can Do About It

Martech Advisor

50% Decrease cost per acquisition. 49% Increase in profitability per product/service. 42% Increase in revenue per customer.

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13 Bright Ideas for Running Smarter Retargeting Campaigns


lift in ROI, as well as a 33% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) than industry average. This means that compared to other channels, the cost to get a website visitor to complete a purchase on the site was lower with retargeting. Online flower retailer, 1-800-Flowers, saw great success capitalising on Mother’s Day using Twitter retargeting ads, seeing a significant drop in cost per acquisition (CPA).

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Perfect Customer Experiences Are Impossible – That Doesn’t Mean Marketers Shouldn’t Try


For instance, acquisition teams may be focused on the lowest possible cost per acquisition, whereas upsell and cross-sell teams want customers with strong expected lifetime value potential. Take credit card acquisition. Marketers are facing sky-high consumer expectations and heightened privacy concerns, compounded by fast-evolving technology. Today, customer-experience nirvana means advertising should be personalized to everyone. On every channel.

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Why Intent Data is a Must-Have to Boost Your Revenue in 2022?


Intent data helps to tackle these 3 problems all at once – from the acquisition of first-time customers to retention of existing customers, and further to obtain cross-sell and upsell opportunities. How to Make Your Buyer Intent Data Actionable?

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The New Ecommerce Growth Playbook: Scale Your Shopify Store to 9 Figures & Beyond


Sure, you can spend more on acquisition and grow revenue but at what cost? Most of it focuses on acquisition and driving revenue. The business world has long championed growth at any cost. Many companies who pursue a revenue growth strategy at any cost aren’t profitable.

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Marketing’s Battle: How Big Data and Marketing Technology Helps Win The Game

Crimson Marketing

Whether it’s acquiring new clients, retaining existing ones, or cross-selling additional products, Paychex leaves nothing to chance. Marketing was no longer about picking the most efficient, cost-effective medium to reach a target audience. Marketing is no longer about picking most cost-effective medium to reach a target audience Click To Tweet. By 2011 Paychex’s cost per acquisition (CPA) was rising.

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A Guide to Retargeting (Remarketing) for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

Cost per lead, cost per acquisition, or cost per sale can easily be defined with PPC. Third, with retargeting also comes the opportunity for cross selling. According to research from American Business Media , B2B marketers are set to make increasing investments in digital advertising, specifically through search engine and mobile advertising, in the coming year, as detailed in a recent article from eMarketer.

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Tech Talk with BlueConic: How the world’s leading CDP centralizes and optimizes data


’s Marketing Manager, Sam Ngo talks about how the CDP is used to gather valuable insights about your customers across different marketing platforms to help you save cost, optimize efficiency, and craft personalized customer experiences. provides unified, actionable data for marketing.

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A Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) For Marketers (Examples Included)

Pam Didner

Utilize firmographics such as: Annual revenue Industry Company size Location Consider whether these accounts present opportunities for new revenue or upsell or cross-sell. Cost of Past Marketing Campaigns How much did your last event, paid ad campaign or television commercial cost?

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42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Single Grain

Businesses adopting AI in 2020 will be able to cut staffing costs and accelerate growth, getting an edge over their competitors. This automation is much more efficient and fast, which means higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. Cost-effectiveness.

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How to Optimize Your Shopify Marketing Across the Board? (With Real Examples From Growth and CRO Experts)


Even if you sell a relatively uncomplicated product, high-quality value-first education creates memorability and cements brand awareness. Getting discovered via high search engine rankings makes sense, especially given how PPC costs fluctuate and results plateau over time.