How to Improve Your Email Clickthrough Rate [Video]


And t hat''s why we’re all obsessed with clickthrough rates: If you can increase that metric, you increase the likelihood that your visitors will become leads, and that your leads will become customers. Just like personalizing subject lines can increase your open rates, personalizing the email itself could increase your clickthrough rates. Clicks let you know that you''re progressing in your relationships with leads, prospects, and customers.

Improving PPC Performance: 10 competitive monitoring tips every search marketer should know


Paid Search Search Marketing Webinars Biznology Webinar click Clickthrough rate CTR keywords Lori Weiman online ads paid search ads paid search marketing pay-per-click ppc search search marketing Search Monitor seo tips tips Web search engine Webinar Yesterday, Lori Weiman of The Search Monitor presented our latest webinar with 10 tips to improve your pay per click (PPC) results.

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Multichannel Marketing: How zombies invaded a B2B campaign

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet At MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014, we added a new feature, the Media Center, where MarketingSherpa Reporter Allison Banko was able get behind-the-scenes interviews with presenters, attendees and event vendors. You can also view 14 other valuable sessions from the Email Summit 2014 stage for more transferable insights from marketers just like you. Get free access to 15 sessions from Email Summit 2014.

Your Timetable For Winning at Content Marketing From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


An article that’s in tune with flavour-of-the-month marketing, or even disputing it in a principled way, might be worth every clickthrough and conversion on your target this week. Your CEO is far more likely to put his name to your article if you can estimate its clickthrough rate among his key constituencies. Great content marketing is as much about structure as content - so here’s your personal plan for doing it right.

9 New Insights From the 2014 Science of Email Report


Published this week, the 2014 Science of Email Report details data from a survey of 1,000+ English-speaking email users, 150,000+ email campaigns sent by marketers, more than 6.4 But when it comes to email response in the form of clickthrough rates, this metric actually declines with the number or size of images in an email. The marketing industry is changing -- not just from traditional to inbound, but also from gut-feeling to data-driven decision-making.

Knock-your-socks-off marketing measurement: here’s how!


After all, we’ve got website visits, customer actions, clickthroughs, signups, unsubscribes, and so much more to track. Measurement is the key to a successful marketing strategy, but many marketers, small business owners, and marketing agencies fall flat when it comes to understanding how to use those numbers to determine real ROI. Fortunately, this is less of an issue than it was a few years ago.

Lead Qualification: Webinar marketing strategy boosts conversion 500%

B2B Lead Generation

The results of this transformation in webinar marketing led to a 75% increase in open rate and 120% clickthrough rate increase in emails promoting the webinars. MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2014 – San Francisco, November 3-6. Tweet Providing relevant and valuable content in webinars is key to a successful strategy. But for Adobe, while the content was there, the strategy was not.

30 Smart Ways to Spend Your Extra 2014 Marketing Budget


2014 is winding down, and you may have extra money left in your marketing budget. An analysis of all of your social media messages of 2014 will reveal which received the most clicks, likes, favorites and shares. worked best for your business in 2014. Write new ads and test them against proven performers to see if you can get higher clickthrough or more conversions. Take a team photo and write a message thanking your best customers for their business in 2014.

Content Marketing in 2014: Are You Prepared?


If you''re going to aim for scale in 2014, you need to show that what you''re doing now is working, and will continue to work and warrant equal or more investment. I think a lot of companies are going to put focus on scaling their content efforts in 2014. The conversation in 2014 won''t be around the value of content; it will be how do we get more out of it. For me, one of the most important questions in 2014 is: How do we distribute content to the right people? (

17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2015 [Free Ebook]


In our new guide, 17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2015 , we reiterate some of the best practices that should continue to guide your strategy through 2015, while also highlighting how SEO has changed over the course of 2014. And it''ll improve search visibility and clickthrough rates …”. SEO is an evolving science. While some of the core principles will presumably stick around forever (e.g. creating high-quality content), the nuanced aspects of it are subject to continuous change.

Latest Tactics and Changes for Effective Local Search

KEO Marketing

Legitimate marketers, meanwhile, will be wise to focus on tactics and metrics that are tougher to manipulate, such as clickthrough rates and website author indicators. For more insights as to the major factors that affect local search results, check out the 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey from Moz.

Google Removes Authorship Photos and Google+ Circle Counts From Search Results


In his announcement, Muller says that this change was made because it offers a less cluttered experience for users, especially on mobile, and that tests indicate the clickthrough rates are similar: But, from the research that''s already been published by Google, that may not be the case. About a year ago, Justin Briggs , Senior Marketing Manager at Getty Images, put together an awesome post on the data around Google Authorship and its effect on clickthrough rates.

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Crack Down on Photos With URLs and Click-Bait Headlines


In April 2014 , they cracked down on like-baiting, frequently circulated content, and spammy links. To help clear out those uninteresting articles with click-bait headlines the News Feed, Facebook will devalue content that gets high clickthrough rates, but low on-site reading time or low discussion about it on Facebook. The folks at Facebook have been working hard these past few months to defend the News Feed against spammy posts by brand pages.

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The Truth About Lead Generation: Busting 5 Common Conversion Myths


For example, A/B testing different blog CTA variations has been shown to increase clickthrough rates by 200%. In 2014, an MIT Sloan MBA student completed a research study on the ROI of using the HubSpot Marketing Platform. The following is an excerpt from our new guide, Inbound Marketing MythBusters. To download the full guide, click here.

Why People Are Ignoring Your Emails [New Ebook]


But recent data from the 2014 Email Open Rates Report shows something slightly surprising. There’s been a number of studies that show sending emails from an actual person increases both the open and clickthrough rates. As you can see in the graph above, the control generated a 0.73% clickthrough rate (CTR), and the treatment generated a 0.96% CTR. This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.

How to Create Gravity-Defying Social Marketing with Marketing Automation in 8 Simple Steps


Get a strong indication of buying intent by combining knowledge of these interactions with your record of other engagement activities — such as email clickthroughs, downloads, and visits to your website. Author: Maggie Jones If you’re marketing on social, you already know it’s a vital part of building (and keeping) relationships. But if you add marketing automation to the mix, you can launch your marketing results out of this world.

It's Time: How to Prep Your Email Marketing for the Holiday Season


Email continues to be one of the most important communication channels in 2014, but competition for your readers'' attention is getting tighter every year, especially during the holiday season. Check out the results of my own company''s research in the table below -- we found that coupons offering $10 off or 20% off to cause a higher clickthrough rate than other promotional mailings. Unique clickthrough rates.

How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare]


Data from Dan Zarrella shows that links placed earlier in a tweet receive much higher clickthrough rates than links placed at the end of a tweet. Editor''s Note: This post has been updated to reflect the latest social media features and updates as of November 2014. Here''s how many marketers handle their social media strategy: Craft update. Select Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Auto-publish update to all three networks. But there''s a huge flaw with this strategy.

The Essential Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking


1) Clickthrough Rate. Clickthrough rate (CTR) is likely the first answer you''ll get when you ask an email marketer what metrics they track. Clickthrough rate is a very important metric for all email marketers to be tracking, as it gives you direct insight into how many people on your list are engaging with your content and interested in learning more about your brand or your offer. There''s a lot to say when it comes to how to do email marketing well.

450+ Free Stock Photos to Use in Your Marketing [Free Downloads]


While we don''t recommend cluttering your email campaigns with photos, images can certainly help entice readers to click, improving email clickthrough rates. Let me tell you a quick, cautionary tale about using images online and copyright. Last year, I received an email from one of our blog managers communicating that a popular stock photography vendor was claiming one of the images in an ebook I created had been wrongfully used. Embarrassed, I quickly investigated.

How to Design Content Remarketing Campaigns That Actually Work


The High Clickthrough Rate Game for Content Remarketing. Take a look at our research: We found that the clickthrough rate of remarketing ads is much higher to begin with, and it stays higher even as ad fatigue begins to set in. Here’s the same data in a normalized view to show decay of clickthrough rate over time: What we see here is that, while remarketing ads certainly did fatigue over time, remarketing ads fatigued at less than half the rate of generic display ads.

8 Companies Totally Rocking Their LinkedIn Company Pages


We see great clickthrough rates on story links that we publish on LinkedIn. The percentage of clickthroughs is markedly higher than it is on Facebook, and to a degree, Twitter.". Over the past two years, LinkedIn has quickly evolved from a cocktail party for recruiters and job seekers to something much more substantial: an epicenter for content -- particularly branded content.

Lead Nurturing Etiquette Tips Every Email Marketer Should Know


And, a ccording to the 2014 Science of Email Report , having that first name personalization increases your clickthrough rate from about 5.8% With more than 50% of respondents to the 2014 Science of Email Report saying they use a separate ''spam'' email address to divert commercial emails , you want to make sure that your emails aren’t ending up in that same black hole.

The Definition of Quality Score [In Under 100 Words]


Quality Scores are essentially a measure of relevance; more relevant ads, campaigns, and landing pages have higher clickthrough rates (CTRs), which raises your Quality Score. Quality Score is a metric Google uses to determine your page ranking and how much you pay per click in a particular Google AdWords campaign. Google ranks Quality Score on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best).

How Smart Marketers Are Sabotaging Their Calls-to-Action


If you''ve started to see a disappointing leveling off of your CTA clickthrough rates (not submission rates, mind you), it could be due to design overexposure. I know it might be a good use of time because when I compare the clickthrough rates on these two CTAs, the latter is almost double the former. If you''ve also had the same design for a bit, consider a refresh to help improve your CTA clickthrough rates. We''ve all heard the regular call-to-action best practices by now.

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13 Email Marketing Hacks That Can Help Double Your Response Rates


INBOUND 2014 was not short on good content. Matt got this tidbit from The Science of Email 2014 , which also reports on how images and certain words affect clickthrough rate. But, despite the large venue, some speaking events were so popular that it was short on seats. Few things make a speaker feel better than seeing every single chair in their room full.

Google Kills Authorship, Photos and All


— dan barker (@danbarker) August 29, 2014. When they announced the removal of Authorship photos , Google said that there was little effect on clickthrough rates with Authorship photos removed. First it was Authorship photos. Now, it''s the whole shebang. Yep, that''s right -- Google Authorship is over.

What Is SEO? [FAQs]


The SEO that we know and love in 2014 is not the same SEO that we knew and loved (or hated) 10 years ago. In 2014, anyway.). In fact, if you rank well on subsequent pages, you may still have a high clickthrough rate, albeit less traffic. SEO seems pretty straightforward. You pick a few keywords, and voilà! Your page is optimized for SEO. Right? Wrong. Many people understand the basic principles of SEO, but a lot has changed in the last decade.

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Your Leads Are Annoyed With You: Here's Why [Data]


Source: 2014 Hubspot & Linkedin Survey ). Personalised emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. When your job is to generate and nurture new leads like it is for pretty much every marketer and salesperson, it can be all too easy to think of every new lead as just another number on a waterfall report or just another name on a call list. But never forget that behind every ebook download form and every demo request, there are real human beings.

TMI? How to Personalize Your Emails Without Being Creepy


In fact, according to the 2014 Science of Email Marketing Report , having that first name personalization increases your clickthrough rate from about 5.8% In a test we ran , we''ve found that including the company name in personalization increased clickthrough rates from about 7.5% Higher clickthrough rates aren''t the only benefit of email personalization.

9 Email Marketers Explain Why Nobody Opens Your Emails


You craft the content and sent out a weekly newsletter like always, but your open rates and clickthroughs are falling week by week. This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post. Can’t figure out what’s happening? We asked nine entrepreneurs why newsletters, which may have had high/steady numbers in the past, would have declining open rates. 9 Reasons Your Open Rates Are Plummeting. 1) Lack of Customization.

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9 Real-Life Conversion Rate Optimization Tests to Try Yourself


Here at HubSpot, we were curious if our readers we developing static CTA blindness -- so we decided to run a test to see if we could increase our CTA clickthrough and conversion rates without being a huge, annoying marketing jerk. A month later, we looked the following stats for the slide-in CTA and the static CTA at the end of the post: Clickthrough rate (CTR) - What percentage of visitors clicked each CTA? I don''t know about you, but I learn best by looking at examples.

How to Plan Email Marketing Campaigns Without Pulling Your Hair Out [Free Template]


Maybe you didn''t have enough time to properly segment your lists, so you knew your clickthrough rate was gonna totally suck. Ex: Lead generation, clickthroughs, event sign-ups. Clickthrough Rate - Automatically calclates the percent of recipients who clicked a link in your email out of total emails opened. If you’ve ever planned an email marketing campaign, you might have wanted to pull your hair out at least once or twice.

How to Create a Curated Blog Post [+5 Free Blog Post Templates]


At HubSpot, we include at least one photo or image in every post we publish so that A) the content is more visual, and B) when the blog post is shared via social media channels, it’s accompanied by a thumbnail image to entice a clickthrough. I''m going to let you in on a little secret: Not all of the content you create has to be 100% original. I know. Mind-blowing, right?

How to Write a Standout Resume and Land Your Next Marketing Job


Once you have a list of your results, choose the best four or five and turn these into bullet points like these: Drove 37% improvement in newsletter clickthrough rates by rewriting sales copy. If you find resume writing a painful chore, you’re not alone. Despite knowing how to sell products and services, a lot of marketers have a hard time selling themselves.

Inbound Is for Closers: Busting 5 Common Bottom-of-the-Funnel Myths


According to our 2014 inbound ROI study , 69% of HubSpot customers saw an increase in sales revenue after implementing our inbound software. For example, according to our Science of Email Marketing Report , including the first names of recipients in marketing emails increased clickthrough rates from 5.8% The following is an excerpt from our new guide, Inbound Marketing MythBusters. To download the full guide, click here.

A Beginner's Guide to Retargeting Campaigns


They''re not in your contacts database, and often, there are lower expected clickthrough rates than other types of campaigns. We''d all like to think that every single person that comes in contact with our business follows a very straight and orderly path to purchase. Someone visits our site for the first time, then fills out a form to download an ebook, then becomes interested in talking with a sales rep, all in one session on your website.