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Are Social Reels Relevant for Brands?


Making Social Reels relevant depends on whether your brand is developing the right creative and making the best strategic decisions. With that in mind, here are five best practices—with some examples—for delivering engaging and relevant social Reels on Instagram and Facebook. That said, the ROI on Reels is not automatic.

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What Are the 4 Ps of Marketing, and How Are They Still Relevant?

Marketing Insider Group

For example, twice as many companies now compete on customer experience than price or product.) For example, did you know that Hydrox cookies launched before Nabisco Oreos? The post What Are the 4 Ps of Marketing, and How Are They Still Relevant? Still, Oreo became the dominant brand.

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8 Methods to Writing Creative Email Subject Lines [With 72 Examples]

Marketing Insider Group

Let’s dive into some of the best psychological hacks to get people to open your message, as well as 72 examples to get you inspired. You should also note that email open rates are also affected by the relevance of the deal you’re offering and the day/time you sent the email. Here are some real-life examples: 18X ROI From Just.01%

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Are the 4P's Still Relevant for Today's Marketers?

B2B Marketing Directions

Given how much marketing has changed over the past several decades, it's legitimate to ask whether a sixty-year-old marketing mix model is still relevant. For example: Product - The "product" element can be used for both products and services, and for complex "solutions" that consist of multiple products and services.

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7 examples of influencer marketing campaigns

Sprout Social

And we’ll cover 10 examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns to inspire your own strategy. Let’s explore some examples of different types of influencer marketing campaigns. These can vary as well, but affiliate marketing programs and sponsored posts are common examples of influencer-led advertising.

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Engaging 404s: Keep Users on Site With AI-Powered Relevant Content


There’s no reason why a 404, also known as a “Page Not Found” error, can’t provide relevant, contextual content based on what the user was originally seeking out. Instantly, a negative user experience turns into a positive one, with relevant pages that match the user’s click intent.

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Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: Eight Best Examples to Follow


If you’re considering using Instagram marketing for business promotion, check out these eight inspiring examples of B2B companies killing it on the platform in various creative ways. Instagram Marketing for B2B Companies: The Eight Best Examples to Follow. Take Grey Advertising Agency, for example.