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7 not-quite-predictions for marketing technology in 2016


Most people suck at accurately predicting the future. I’m one of them. I took my shot at the prediction hall-of-fame last year , predicting that Microsoft would spend more than $1 billion on acqusition(s) in the marketing technology space in 2015. I thought it was a reasonably solid bet. And when they tried to buy Salesforce for $55 billion in the spring, I was feeling pretty cocky for about a week — that would have been an A+ prediction — until that deal fell apart.

Analysis: The Force is Not Strong in Star Wars' Marketing Automation System


With its record breaking opening last week, it seems like the whole world has seen the new Star Wars movie. But don't worry, this post will not include any movie spoilers. And while it might seem like a lazy blog post that connects Star Wars to marketing automation , this is actually about a real example. Not from the Star Wars universe, but from the marketing department themselves. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I subscribed to the Star Wars email list.


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Dominate Your Market by Flipping Your Content Strategy

Sales Engine

Whether you are the owner of a business or the head of marketing, let’s face it—you want to dominate your marketplace. You want to be number one, and you won’t settle for a 20% growth rate putting you at a distant number 10. So how are you going to achieve the growth rates you’re really looking for? If you’re a smaller company living hand-to-mouth, it’s probably appropriate to choose a couple of tactics that work for you already and figure out how to optimize them for even better results.

B2B Marketing Project Management Is The New Black

KoMarketing Associates

I’m a “color” person. In clothing and design elements, I choose energizing hues in green, orange, and blue families. But I can’t argue with the stabilizing and grounding effect charcoal and black have. Those shades can make almost anything else “work.”. The mix of versatility and utility is why I associate the color black to project management, a skill set I think B2B marketers will increasingly need in the next few years. Necessary. Practical. Foundational. Project Management.

B2B 148

Your New Schematic for Next-Level Sales Coaching & Enablement

Speaker: Matthew Hawk, President of B2bTrainers

The term “sales enablement” applies to a dizzying array of best practices and technologies. In addition, there is tremendous competitive pressure not to fall behind. No matter where you are in your current sales enablement strategy, one thing is key: success ultimately rides on the habits of your sales managers & marketers. In this webinar, Matthew Hawk will lay out an in-depth schematic for your next-level sales coaching, demonstrate the key activities that comprise success, and walk you through several examples of sales coaching cadences that apply to all salesforce sizes.

Why Is Growth Hacking So Important For Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Growth hacking is: 1) a new tool that allows you to add Miracle Gro to your website 2) the moment you put on heels 3) the buzzword du jour or 4) something you say in a conversation to make it seem like you’re a “smart marketer.” If you answered 3 and/or 4, you’re right. This […]. The post Why Is Growth Hacking So Important For Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing Strategy

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Budgeting for Content—How Much Do You Need?

Sales Engine

Most companies realize that their best opportunity for growth is to commit to content marketing. But how much content do we actually need to generate the results we want? If you’re starting from ground zero, start with this simple calculation: Take the number of buyer personas you’ve identified as targets, multiply them by the number of buying stages you’ve identified, and multiply that by each unique issue or question to be addressed.

Budget 152

Essential Steps for Productive Creative Kickoffs


Along with creative briefs and actionable feedback , kickoffs are one of the most critical parts of the creative process. The goal of the kickoff is to make sure everyone is aligned about a project’s direction, timelines, and deliverables. In a perfect world, the kickoff is the meeting where work on the project really begins.

3 predictions for online marketing in 2016


Happy holidays, readers! If you’re here visiting from a global fortune 500 company you may already know some of these predictions because, until now, only enterprises could hitherto afford to innovate and integrate the sort of services and application development required to go from the standard WordPress + Google Analytics + Google AdWords + MailChimp + Facebook set up that most SMBs are rocking for their web presence and online marketing. 1) Adaptive Websites.

Last Minute Holiday Online Marketing Tips and Other Holiday Marketing News


Welcome to a special edition of The Friday Five. This week all five curated stories will have one thing in common: The holidays and marketing during the holidays. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, put on your best holiday apparel and enjoy. 5 Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips for Online Marketers. With the holidays upon us, the clock is ticking through another deal-packed season of online commerce.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Tactics For Revenue Focused Technology And IT Marketing


Marketing technology and IT services is difficult work. You need as much intel as you can for choosing the most enticing value proposition, and deciding the right time to engage prospects depending on their readiness to buy. So let's look at how technology and IT marketers should approach the challenge of expanding every stage of the funnel. Technology and IT Marketing Is Like Directing A Good Movie. The ending is really the most important part of the movie.

5 Steps To Master Content Marketing Measurement

Marketing Insider Group

Content marketing is not for the faint of heart, and the road to content marketing ROI gold is paved with plenty of pitfalls and potholes. As the worst content marketing examples can attest, there are a lot of different ways to screw up your content marketing. Being inauthentic, ignoring diverse consumer bases, or phoning it […]. The post 5 Steps To Master Content Marketing Measurement appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

Customer journey: a new field for innovation


Mapping was always something really fascinating to me. The ability to describe something, to project it right, to make the reader understand the perspective, and of course to have the right amount of information able to drive the person responsible for navigation and to set up the right route without overloading him with details was, and still is, something remarkable.

Field 104

Time to Kill Your Company’s Zombie Blog?

Marketing Craftmanship

When pressed to explain why their company has a blog, many CEOs will admit they were either pushed by marketing counsel to create one, or believed they needed a blog because their competitors have them. Few CEOs understand the purpose of a blog, and most members of that small group are not convinced that their blog delivers any tangible value.

The Revenue Leader's Guide to Prospecting

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Sales & Marketing departments that work together guarantee higher acquisition, better nurturing, and more effective sales. Join Christopher Ryan for this insightful webinar, presenting the wide funnel lead nurturing model. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your teams working together and your revenue performance optimized.

Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2015

KoMarketing Associates

One of the ways our team remains competitive and successful is through the constant review and distribution of industry-related information discovered online. We make it a point to regularly communicate new discoveries, innovation, and industry news meant to improve performance on behalf of clients and in our own individual growth.

CTR 168

Ann Handley Wants You To Go Bigger, Braver, Bolder

Marketing Insider Group

Much like a chain restaurant or an email list, as the quantity of blog posts goes up, the quality often goes down. It’s just too difficult for most teams to churn out a massive amount of content while maintaining that special something that brought their audience in in the first place. The entire industry is […]. The post Ann Handley Wants You To Go Bigger, Braver, Bolder appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

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2016 Marketing Predictions from 10 Top Influencers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The year 2016 is gearing up to be a game-changer in the realm of marketing and across several categories, and if one wants to survive in this ever-evolving landscape, it’s vital to take a close look at what’s coming.

Two Words That Can Make or Break Your Career

Marketing Craftmanship

In the business world, just about everything you do can influence your success. The way you dress. The language you use. Personal grooming habits. Your manners. Sense of humor. Writing ability. It’s a very long list. Your career path is loaded with opportunities as well as land mines, involving a host of factors that are often totally unrelated to your professional capabilities, and largely associated with your attitude and how you treat others.

Words 100

How to Redirect Your Indirect Channels by Enabling the Right People

Speaker: Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems

We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – in fact, 76% of global CEOs feel that their current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 3 years. Join Jay McBain from Forrester as he unpacks these future trends.

Brightfunnel Gives B2B Marketers Self-Service Revenue Attribution

Customer Experience Matrix

Marketing without revenue attribution is like playing golf without keeping score: it might be fun but you can’t tell whether you’re doing a good job. But while keeping score in golf is simple, figuring out the impact of marketing programs is quite tough. In fact, B2B marketers face several challenges on the road to perfect attribution. The simplest is just connecting marketing leads to closed sales, which is an issue because the data in sales systems is often incomplete.

Everything You Want to Know About Account-Based Marketing


It’s not often that a piece of marketing content prompts me to talk about it aside from the occasional tweet or share…however, the new Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing from Jon Miller and Engagio is really impressive. If you have the least bit of interest in adopting or learning more about this growing B2B marketing trend, you should definitely go and get this 124 page eBook, available (free) for a limited time by clicking here.

Proclaiming Things “Dead” And 9 Other Things We Learned About B2B Marketing In 2015


Let’s jump right into it! Here are ten things we learned about B2B marketing in 2015: Learning #1: Our paid media strategy has to constantly evolve to stay ahead. Especially when it comes to paid media, what worked a year ago or even six months ago doesn’t necessarily work today. In the past year, our competitors have changed, our target customer has changed, our content has changed -- and all that means that our media strategy needed to change as well.

WOM 125

5 Ways AEC Marketing Professionals Can Make an Impact on an Organization’s Bottom Line

Hinge Marketing

It’s a hyper-competitive marketplace. Firms are under an incredible amount of pressure to not only “get the job done” but also to be the go-to source for everything for their clients. Traditional thinking leads even more priority and support placed on an organization’s technical and operations professionals: the ones that traditionally get the acclaim for doing and delivering the work.

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

Study Confirms Importance Of Qualitative Research To Success With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Analysis by Yamini Ahluwalia. A recent survey conducted by Cintell*, entitled 2016 Benchmark Study On Understanding B2B Buyers , indicates that high performing organizations utilized qualitative research for their buyer personas. The study focused entirely on the use of buyer personas for understanding B2B buyers. Findings also found that 70% of companies who missed their revenue goals did not conduct qualitative research for their personas.

Health and Fitness: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Onalytica B2B

Health and fitness bloggers took social media by storm in 2015, writing about fitness plans, workout routines, alternative diets and of course the increasingly popular phenomenon of avocado on toast! It is easier than ever to share and create content through a multitude of online media platforms, so these bloggers have become celebrities in themselves, acting as ambassadors for big food brands. Some have even secured best-seller book deals and featured in consumer lifestyle magazines.

Exit Intent: Why It’s Important and How you Can Use it to Convert Website Visitors

Lead Liaison

Regardless of best efforts, the reality is that many visitors to your website will still leave your site without making a purchase. Even the biggest online sites experience this same problem. Boosting your conversion rate by one to two points could make a significant difference in terms of failing or succeeding. Needless to say, it’s vital to convert website visitors whenever you can. The reality is that website visitors are fickle.

Elements of a Successful Brand 2: The Tagline

Hinge Marketing

A brand is a complex organism. This is part two in a series of articles in which we examine a successful brand's component parts. Companies put an awful lot of pressure on their taglines. Many businesses endow them with colossal significance. And advertisers expect them to seal every deal like a kiss. Yet many company taglines fall flat and fail to engage us. This is a pity, because a tagline can speak to an audience with authority and elegance.

Brand 65

How to Drive Revenue Through Retention Marketing & Sales Enablement

Speaker: Ruth Stevens, President of eMarketing Strategy

In a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to focus on retaining and expanding current customers. So, how can sales and marketing support the retention effort? Join Ruth Stevens as she dives into this fast-paced session and reviews the 7 key strategies for current customer marketing, to enable sales and expand customer value.