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IBM Social Computing Guidelines

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IBM Social Computing Guidelines. Blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds and social media. In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. These guidelines aimed to provide helpful, practical advice—and also to protect both IBM bloggers and IBM itself, as the company sought to embrace the blogosphere. So we turned to IBMers again to re-examine our guidelines and determine what needed to be modified.

Am I connecting with my customers enough? 10 tips for customer outreach


Have a go-to style guideline for all employees so they can be certain they’re representing your company or organization in the way you’d like to be seen. Perfect your listening skills at trade shows and networking events. We don’t all love networking events and trade shows.

Making Rain: Our Young Professionals Best Practice Guidelines to Becoming a Marketing Superstar


Unfortunately, there aren’t any “one size fits all” guidelines. Get involved in your community. Network at larger specialty / niche trade events for additional referral sources and prospects. In our recent blog post, Learn to Market Now!

Google+ Now Lets Users Create and Join 'Communities'


Earlier this week, Google+ rolled out its latest new feature thingy -- Google+ Communities. I'll explain what they are and how to set them up in detail in this blog post, but the long and the short of it is they're little online communities on Google+. What Are Google+ Communities?

10 Commandments for Effective Online Social Networking


Here is a ten-step game plan for effective social network engagement. These are ten practical guidelines that will make you a better member of the social networking communities in which you participate. Your value as a participant is judged in keeping with the value you provide the community as a whole. – 10 Commandments for Effective Online Social Networking by Paul Chaney.

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

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From shared databases to communities of practice: A taxonomy of collaboratories. From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories. The types are: Distributed Research Centers, Shared Instruments, Community Data Systems, Open Community Contribution Systems, Virtual Communities of Practice, Virtual Learning Communities, and Community Infrastructure Projects. Community Data Systems. Virtual Community of Practice.

40 Ways to Get Banned From the Top 5 Social Networks


omgsohungry), but the ones that help alleviate things like spamming, bad content, and a poor community experience. And it breaks our hearts to see marketers giving an honest go of social media get banned from the networks. Sometimes the Twitter community self-polices.

Five Reasons Your Facebook Giveaways Should Not Run on Business Pages

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For a complete discussion of the guidelines’ changes and updates, click here.) Certainly, these new guidelines are a boon to market researchers … Continue Reading Five Reasons Your Facebook Giveaways Should Not Run on Business Pages by Kyle-Beth Hilfer - Maximize Social Business - Maximize Social Business - Your Social Media for Business Resource. Last month, it became cheaper and simpler to market on Facebook.

Small Business Help from The Visa Business Network


Visa recently created a network and website, The Visa Business Network , to help small business owners get the answers they need so they can get back to work. Answers can also be “graded&# by the community. Have you tried The Visa Business Network?

The Use of Third Party Content: Who’s Down With OPC (Other People’s Content)?

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Modern Marketers aren’t using content curation services (only 12%), rather most are sharing via social networks (56%), their own blogs (41%), web sites (41%), and email (38%). Decide who on your team will own this to ensure that guidelines are adhered to.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011


Community manager Jen Lopez explains how SEOmoz increased its total Twitter followers by 250% to over 27,000 people. Hint: it helps to have a community manager. ” 20 Guidelines for Twitter Success by Global Copywriting.

Corporate social media guidelines emerge

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Between open community and terms of employment? In a recent article, I forecast that companies would have to provide strict guidelines and hierarchical lines of communication in this new era, just as it had in the old. The New York Times internal guidelines caution: ".

8 Ways to Increase Social Media Interaction


Distribute Your Content - It’s awesome when your readers submit your work to social networks, but that requires that you actually have readers. Until you’ve grown your audience, distribute your content out through your various social networks and share it anywhere it makes sense.

Creating a Social Media Persona to Maintain Brand Consistency


Besides having brand guidelines, creating a social media persona can make it easier for those involved to understand how the company brand should sound and act online. A brand persona is the set of guidelines for how your brand should sound and act.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Facebook for Business


Here are some critical DOs and DON’Ts that will provide a basic guideline for running a wicked good page. If you’re looking to engage with your Facebook community and generate good will among potential customers, make them smile a bit. Marketing Social Media Social Network

Are You Ready for Social + Mobile + Big Data + Cloud?


It is not hard to imagine that the leadership of an organization might be concerned about creating an employee community or a customer forum if they do not understand that these communities usually self regulate. Photo credits:

Clearstep Business Community : Clearspace: Clearstep

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Online Communities Build, manage and measure your community successfully. Clearstep is a gathering place for Online Community and Internal Collaboration practitioners to interact, share best practices, and gain access to a much wider range of perspectives on common community and collaboration issues. As Director of Social Enterprise Evangelism, Gia is on the front lines of social networking and collaboration. Re: Key Tools for social network productivity.

Increasing Customer Engagement …Do You Matter to Your Prospects and Customers?


Switching cost: The incumbent gets a huge advantage, especially in high cost/high risk/network effect instances. Update your social platforms with stories that are of interest to your community of users and potential customers.

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The State of Video Streaming

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Ben Rubin, the CEO of both companies, told Fortune Magazine that “Live video is great as a feature on top of an existing social network, not as its own medium.” However, it recently pivoted to be a creation tool that can post to other social networks.

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Your Employees May Be Your Best Untapped Brand Advocates


Ensure brand resources are readily available to employees — such as information on corporate identity standards, brand guidelines, and the company’s mission. Encourage your more outgoing employees to volunteer in the community and attend events that boost exposure for your business.

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Social Network Analysis - KM4DevWiki

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Social Network Analysis. 1 Social Network Analysis. Social Network Analysis. Social network analysis is the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people, groups, organisations, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities." Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method for visualizing our people and connection power, leading us to identify how we can best interact to share knowledge. Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek.


Tasti D Lite: The Flavor of Social Branding

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However, any brand that chooses to remain aloof will be absent when a disappointed consumer broadcasts their bad experiences to their network. Branding Communication Content Marketing Employee Branding Marketing Social Media Community Social Media Marketing Strategy

What To Do When B2B Content Marketing Efforts Hit a Proverbial Wall

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There are so many new opportunities (applications, communities, articles) being released in the online marketing space that it is easy to get overwhelmed or simply off track. Contribute To The Community. Offline networking can offer inspiration as well.

LinkedIn Photo Advice : The Why, What and What Happened?

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LinkedIn , like any other social media channel, is a social networking platform. This means that people are networking with each other while revealing who they are and what they do. Why would you be on a social networking site and not display who you are?

Meet Us At WordCamp Miami!

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While each conference may vary depending on the local organizer and speakers attending, they do follow a few strict guidelines, such as: It’s about everything WordPress. Open to all, content galore, shared with community.

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference


They also advised that marketers set SMART goals, and presented a selection of best practices for advertising on popular social networks: Among other key takeaways from Grant and Katy: • Use the scientific method. Follow Google Webmaster guidelines well – this is now the only option.

5 Ways for B2B Companies to Engage on Facebook

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However, Facebook has more than 500 million reasons for B2B companies to create and foster an interactive, informative community for employees, partners, customers, retailers and distributors. Repurpose that information on Facebook, making sure it’s relevant and interesting to this particular community. can go a long way to making your Facebook page a community destination instead of a promotional content dump. Tags: Facebook Social Media 101 Social Networks

9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos [+Free Templates]


Whether you''re using Facebook to generate leads, close your next sale, or create a customer community, knowing how to make an effective Cover Photo is crucial. 1) Do abide by Facebook Guidelines. just read and follow the guidelines.

How Coca-Cola Turned Its Digital Publication Into a Global Phenomenon


In 2015, Coca-Cola made a global commitment to inspire communities to become more active with a series of local initiatives. Of course, not all content is about community sports. In Germany, editor-in-chief Leane Zaborowski deals with a network of established bloggers. “We

7 Personal Branding Lessons You Learn by Falling in Love

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By Dr. Amit Nagpal, {grow} Community Member. The first guideline I share with a new client is, “You don’t build a personal brand. Personal Branding starts with an honest attempt to find the needs of your community members and then looking for opportunities to collaborate.

How to set up a Social Media Command Center

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By Rick Wion, {grow} Community Member. Social community management. This is a big financial and strategic commitment and I hope these guidelines have helped you think through the possibilities for your organization. By Rick Wion, {grow} Community Member.

B2B Social Media FAQ: How Much Should We Budget?


There is obviously no single answer, but this post will lay out ideas and guidelines to help you assess what social spend is right for your business. Setting up a presence on all of the popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ — requires minimal fees, if any.

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Using UGC to Strengthen Brand Engagement


Build Community. Building a strong community has the potential to be highly profitable, but it’s not always easy to execute. Give your fans a reason to talk about your brand and share what they love about you with their network. Allow your influencers to experience your product, and then provide general messaging guidelines they can use to share with their networks.

8 Elements to Successfully Scaling Your Global Social Media Strategy

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In other words, if you want your social media strategy to scale across the company, you need support from the very top down to the people who manage your communities day-to-day. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this No social media strategy, if done thoughtfully, is easy.

The Legally Hazy World of Cannabis Marketing


This roadblock means social networks like Facebook and Instagram have emerged as primary channels for cannabis marketing. “[Social companies] have legal guidelines, but they’re unevenly applied,” he told me. In the November 2016 elections, marijuana lit up the ballot.

Help #Nifty50 Kids find a corporate sponsor. Unveiling New Logo – More you Pin the More Kids Win! Please Share!

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The #Nifty50 hashtag community quickly took off as a result, leading to increased visibility and an expanded followership for the many men and women who made our lists.

6 More Search Marketing Tactics for Manufacturing and Industrial Marketers

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A while back we detailed several tactics B2B manufacturers and distributors should consider when seeking to improve their visibility in search engines and social communities.