Six Best Practices for Marketing with White Papers


documents are called white papers when they are really just extended marketing brochures), properly produced and promoted white papers remain an effective and vital marketing tool—particularly for b2b technology companies. Industry news sources and blogs.

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How B2B Marketers Create and Promote White Papers That Convert

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However, choosing the right form of content can be a challenge as a result. According to the “B2B Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” report, 71 percent of today’s B2B marketers leverage ebooks/white papers for content marketing purposes. When selecting a white paper topic, make sure it aligns with your overall marketing strategy. Next, you should consider the title of the white paper.

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How To Create A White Paper That Converts

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White papers are often perceived as the more serious older sibling of the eBook. As such, it’s not uncommon for white papers to be—well, boring. White papers are among most requested resource formats of B2B buyers. Table of Contents.

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White Papers are Not Dead. They’re on Life Support.

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The original purpose of white papers as a B2B marketing tactic was to produce objective information, packaged as quasi-academic research, that might validate a company’s or product’s value proposition. White papers jumped the shark when they became paid content.

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How to Create a White Paper: Get Found Online and Grow Readership

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If you want to grow your reader base, that is, if you want to get found and get known online, small businesses and entrepreneurs will offer prospects and clients online information for free, such as a white paper , a report or a compelling article.

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How to write blog posts from a white paper

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If you’re a corporate marketer like me, no doubt you’ve been put in the situation I faced this week: you have a white paper that an external content person created for the company and now you need to make that content social. Let’s face it, there are some B2B executives who wouldn’t read a white paper even if you threatened them with lima beans (what, you like lima beans? The white paper has one big idea. White papers are serious.

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WriteSpark: Best Blog Posts about White Papers


This month's list focuses on my best posts and recommended resources for white papers. If you are a white paper writer or you manage white paper writing projects, you'll want to read these posts: Is your topic worthy of a white paper? Guidance for choosing which topics are really worth the expense and effort of a white paper. Set the purchasing agenda with white papers. Crafting White Paper 2.0

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Is Your White Paper a Sales Pitch in Disguise?

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I asked Laura Carlson to share with you here some important perspectives on content marketing. It doesn’t matter what you call your information (white paper/eBook, microsite/landing page), what matters is using information wisely to get found, get known and get clients. Is Your White Paper a Sales Pitch in Disguise? When was the last time you read a white paper that added real value to your research process? Blog this on Blogger.

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Permission Marketing Drives White Paper Relevance


Your prospects have access to vast amounts of content, and they want it on their terms. Not only is there too much going on in our lives, but also we have greater access to the content that will educate and entertain us. Enter the white paper. White papers have become a powerful marketing tool because of two important qualities. First, white papers give readers the information they seek. They offer quality, relevant educational content.

8 Questions to Help You Decide if Your Content is Good Enough

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The best demand generation campaigns start with content that your prospects want. Even the best data, and sparkling creative, can’t save you or your campaign if your content and offer isn’t up to scratch. Tip: make sure that the title of the content communicates that unique value.).

Is The White Paper Dead for B2B Marketing?

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In a recent conversation I was having with the Bloom Group they believe “the practice of publishing white papers must come to a close because of the utter proliferation of white papers, and the poor content contained within so many of them.” Kill the white paper!”

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B2B Marketers Can Benefit from Creating White Papers

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While content marketing can be extremely beneficial and valuable for all marketers, the form it takes (or should take) can differ greatly depending on the target audience. White papers offer several attractive benefits for B2B companies.

Guidelines for White Papers and Case Studies

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Carolyn Goodman, president and creative director of Goodman Marketing Partners, Inc, defines content marketing as “creation and distribution of original content that has perceived value in order to positively position your brand in the minds of your prospects and customers.”.

Repurposing Content – Making Blog Posts into White Papers

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In the world of B2B, content is king. But marketers often struggle keeping up with the sheer volume of content necessary to create thought leadership, attract visitors and gain authority on their targeted areas of expertise. When we speak of content, we often are referring to web content, blog posts, whitepapers, videos, webinars and social [.]. Blogs, Blogging Content Development

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Convert articles and blog posts to video


Here’s an easy way to round out your content marketing strategy with videos that that increase engagement at lots of different spots on the customer journey map. Convert articles and blog posts to video. Beef up your video content.

3 Blog Posts on Crafting Amazing B2B Content


Some of our best recent posts on content creation, we hope you find them helpful! Surveys show 3 widely popular kinds of content: white papers, infographics, and eBooks. How can you get the most out of these time tested content-types? Ebook White Paper Development Homepage Content Creation Lead Generation White Papers Blog Repurposing Content Blog Post Infographic Development Resources Infographics Ebook Development Content Marketing

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


So now that you are on board with the benefits of online B2B marketing videos, what does video content marketing really mean? And the good news is that you are already creating this content…just not with video. There’s a lot of content within your organization to get started.

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B2B Marketers Are Turning Away Prospects

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One of the primary ways B2B marketers capture leads online is asking prospects to register for content. Doing it effectively requires creating content prospects want in a format that is easy to engage with while capturing the information you need. Does Your Content Create A Barrier?

4 Smarter Ways to Edit Your B2B Content


Editing is an often overlooked but vital part of content marketing. Content White Papers Blog Blog Post Editing Homepage ResourcesThese tips will make your editing process faster and smoother.

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3 Ways to Expand Your Content Marketing Strategy Beyond Blog Posts

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For many B2B companies, just simply having a blog at all has been a huge accomplishment. However, now that content marketing has become one of the most popular strategies in digital marketing for 2014 (and hopefully beyond), it may be time to step your content marketing game.

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Tactical video for technology sales and marketing


They need tactical videos that support their sales and marketing content strategy. The table below is adapted from an excellent article, What’s a Successful ABM Strategy Without Killer Content? , by content marketing consultant Rebecca Smith of Heinz Marketing.

5 Ways to Give Old B2B Content New Life


How can you keep your old content fresh so you can attract new leads? Today, everyone has B2B content to use; in fact, there is so much content out there that you might feel overwhelmed with the many options you have to use.

5 Campaign Ideas for When You Have No Content

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For today’s B2B marketer, content is the fuel that feeds the demand generation engine. Here are 5 ideas for campaigns to run when you simply have no more content to give: 1. A survey is the ideal “no content” campaign because it creates its own offer.

How to Build Your Content Portfolio with Fresh eBooks


Want to see how you can produce fresh eBooks with existing content? Learn what works in eBooks and what types of content you should repurpose to build relevant content into your portfolio. Get ideas and inspiration here. eBooks are worth investing in for 2016.

What Happens When You Need B2B Content but Have No Budget?


Have you been tasked to create fresh content to generate leads but have no budget? Get some ideas on how you can think outside the box and get new content. While high-quality content is worth every penny, you may not be working with a budget that can develop what you would like.

Are LinkedIn Groups experiencing a crisis?


It makes you wonder if LinkedIn groups will experience the same fate as Google+ Communities , deserted after members go elsewhere for relevant discussions and cutting-edge content? Unmoderated groups morphed into spammy blog feeds with real discussions being buried.

Maximize Your Online Visibility: The Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Framework


Of course that means it’s imperative to produce relevant, compelling, optimized content for your company’s website and blog, but online visibility goes beyond that. Execution: this includes multiple avenues of content creation, distribution and follow-up.

15 Elements Most Successful Blogs Have in Common


What’s on your blog? But are there blog elements you’re missing? There are a few basic components almost all successful blogs share. These are the widgets, share buttons, and other mechanics of the blog. In other words, your blog is a soft-sell environment.

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How to Translate Your Technical Expertise to Digestible B2B Content


Here are five tips to help translate technical language so your content can be understood by all interested parties. Content ROI Technical Lead Generation White Papers IT Blog TCO Blog Post Audiences Homepage ResourcesHow do you translate your technical solution into a thought leadership piece, easily understood by B2B decision makers without IT expertise? Learn here.

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10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog

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Here are 10 proven ways to generate more leads from your blog. And no, #1 is not “write better content” (because you already knew that.). It’s highly likely that most of your blog traffic will come, not from visitors wandering over from the main corporate site, but through search.

Do Your Words Mean What You Think They Mean?


Clear copy for B2B content should be just as important as using appealing imagery. The rules of good writing apply even for primarily visual content. Avoid these mistakes to ensure your content hits the right notes.

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How to Generate More Opt-ins With Your Email Marketing Campaign

Modern Marketing

by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Candyce Edelen , CEO of PropelGrowth , a B2B financial services marketing firm in Princeton, NJ. or “What types of content are you interested in receiving?”

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The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success


There have been numerous models proposed for social media and content marketing (including the Four C’s of Social Media Marketing model previously published here), but when all of the complexity is stripped away, social media marketing success comes down to two core elements: content and amplification. Content is like singing a song. Content can be produced in a wide variety of formats: • White papers. Blog posts.

A Day in the Life of a Creative Manager


How do you make your content stand out? A creative manager’s job is to get the right content to the right people at the right time. Content White Papers Blog Creative Manager Case Studies Blog Post Infographics Homepage ResourcesHire a creative manager.

Value-Focused Content Marketing a Requirement

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Marketers need to focus more on the value proposition and less on the sales pitch, this according to a new DemandGen Report on B2B Content Preferences. Short Attention Span Theater - 48% of buyers would like content to be more concise, taking less time to consume.

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Content Marketing Plan Methodology

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Content marketing is the new “buzz” of today, and for good reason – it works. Identify objectives – Most people go into content marketing without establishing a benchmark, which down the road makes it difficult to track their shortcomings. Identify content by stage.

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Is Your Topic Worthy of a White Paper?


Because white papers have such high levels of proven marketing value, it's tempting to consider every potential topic about a product to be worthy of a white paper. even best presented in a white paper format. A blog post for even shorter topics. .

NEWS DIGEST: 4 Demand Gen Essentials As We Enter Q4


And half are still making demand gen decisions based on the last content items buyers accessed before converting. Webinar Thoughts: Leveraging Content to Drive Sales. Learn what Slashdot Media editor and tech sector veteran Michael Krieger considers to be critical for content success.

Building a Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success, Step 4: Content Marketing

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Content Marketing. To make lead scoring work, you’ll need an active content publishing program. You should push content out for people to interact with in order to generate those scores. Top things to create include: Social media: Tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, other.

Great Tips for White Paper Writers


Connect the Docs is a terrific blog on content marketing, with a special focus on effective strategies and techniques for white papers. Know thy audience: business and technical white papers (should you write separate white papers for each?).