Chart: Benchmarking Ourselves


” With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look at two standard email metrics over the course of the inaugural 2011 year of our Chart of the Week campaign, benchmarking against ourselves (over time) and the wider Eloqua population. and 3.3%, respectively, according to the Eloqua Benchmark Index values available in Eloqua Insight). Chart: Benchmarking Ourselves is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies


I’ve been wading around in the raw data which underpins the League Table and in doing so have unearthed some benchmarks which agency leaders will find especially useful. There’s another useful benchmark here. The post Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. Uncategorized Agency financial benchmarks B2B Marketing League Table

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Benchmarking Financial Services


Our benchmark series continues with an analysis of Financial Services. Benchmark data establish a bar. Our next Benchmark Blogpost will cover the entertainment industry. We’ll also be publishing a full White Paper, benchmarking email performance metrics across all key industries for 2018. The post Benchmarking Financial Services appeared first on eDataSource. Benchmarking Trends & Analysis Benchmarking Finance Deliverability Benchmarking Series

Benchmarking B2B Emails


The seventh in our performance benchmark series covers B2B marketing email. Notably , as compared to other industry categories we’ve recently benchmarked, B2B read rates tend to be somewhat higher, possibly because audience engagement may be professionally compelled to some degree. Benchmark data help set a standard for evaluating your own performance. The post Benchmarking B2B Emails appeared first on eDataSource.

2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

As buyer expectations continue to heighten, marketing and sales teams are feeling pressured to deliver authentic messaging to buyers at every point of their customer journey. This report aims to highlight the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies, and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-market strategies in 2020 and beyond.

Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey: 6 Surprising Findings


That’s one clear finding of the recent Chief Marketer and Oracle Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey. There’s a lot more to learn from the Chief Marketer and Oracle Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey. Did you go into marketing because you thought it would be creative, but it ended up being all about the data? Do you ever feel that as a marketer, you’re more valued for your analytical ability and technical chops than your creative skills?

Benchmarking Series: Entertainment Industry


The fifth in our performance benchmark series covers the Entertainment industry. Benchmark data help you set a standard. Our next Benchmark Blogpost will cover Computers & Electronics. We’ll soon be publishing our full Benchmarking White Paper, analyzing email performance metrics across seventeen key industry categories for 2018. The post Benchmarking Series: Entertainment Industry appeared first on eDataSource.

Benchmark Your Email Stats


The post Benchmark Your Email Stats appeared first on Vision6. Compare how your campaigns are doing with the average unique open rate, click rate and other email stats in the 2020 Email Marketing Metrics Report. The email stats are in from our latest Email Marketing Metrics Report and WOW!

[Data] B2B Marketing ROI Benchmarks for LinkedIn Paid Media


We're working on a set of benchmarks for all B2B marketing channels and want to share some early results. How We Created The Benchmarks. But the value here is the ability to set baselines, set revenue-based performance benchmarks in marketing, and understand expected return on investments. B2B Marketing b2b marketing benchmarksAt Bizible we love looking at data to help us improve the profitability of our marketing.

Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study


The first benchmark study on advocate marketing, “Measuring Success With Advocacy: Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study” has just been released by Waypoint Group and Influitive. The post Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study appeared first on Influitive. Wondering how other companies are performing when it comes to advocate marketing?

Your Recipe for Inbound Success

Speaker: Jen Spencer, VP Sales and Marketing, SmartBug Media

How to develop benchmarks for your inbound culture. Recent studies have shown what a lot of B2B marketers already know - it’s hard to build a successful inbound marketing program.

Deliverability Benchmarking Series: Travel


Our benchmark series continues with our analysis of the Travel industry. Benchmark data establish a bar. Our next Benchmark Blogpost will cover Financial Services. We’ll also be publishing a full White Paper, benchmarking email performance metrics across all key industries for 2018. The post Deliverability Benchmarking Series: Travel appeared first on eDataSource. Benchmarking Deliverability Benchmarking Series

Benchmarks and Outliers, Endings and Beginnings [The Weekly Wrap]

Content Marketing Institute

This week, we look at benchmarks and outliers from Animalz research. Continue reading → The post Benchmarks and Outliers, Endings and Beginnings [The Weekly Wrap] appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

Do Email Benchmarks Vary By Region? [CHART]


by Egan Cheung | Tweet this As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to refresh some standard email effectiveness benchmarks. To try something new, I looked at the benchmarks for our 3 biggest regional customer groups: Europe (predominantly UK and Germany), North America (predominantly US) and Asia Pacific (predominantly Australia & Singapore). This week, we are providing benchmarks for some primary email health metrics broken down by region.

A Really Useful B2B Marketing Benchmark Report from Optify

The Point

You see a lot of so-called “benchmark reports” in B2B marketing circles, and most of them are, well: complete rubbish. The metrics reported by B2B benchmark reports can also be grossly misleading. Also, my personal observation is that reported benchmarks for basic email metrics like open rates, click rates, and conversion rates are usually far higher than the norm.

Email Marketing Benchmarks By Industry [CHART]


As always, these benchmarks are a great way to determine what is being achieved in your own vertical; but, don’t forget that some of the greatest innovative leaps are to be had by looking at trends in other industries and being the first to apply those best practices in your own marketing! Email Marketing Benchmarks By Industry [CHART] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices

KoMarketing Associates

So here’s a simple way to benchmark your own B2B ecommerce marketing. Now for the benchmarking part: Does your organization have any of these best practices in place? When most people think of ecommerce, they tend to think of retail or “B2C” ecommerce. Marketing for B2B ecommerce gets almost no attention. This shows up clearly in search query data, like in the chart from Google Trends below.

Marketing Performance Benchmarks for Software/SaaS Companies


In the past two months, we’ve published two channel benchmark reports to better understand how marketers are generating business and creating value. The benchmark reports cover AdWords and LinkedIn Ads , and break down their impact on the customer funnel. Note: the “All Channels” data combines data from both the AdWords and LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Reports). The benchmark data here shows why these two channels are great fits for B2B companies.

Email Marketing Benchmarks: How Do You Compare to Your Industry?

Benchmark Email

… The post Email Marketing Benchmarks: How Do You Compare to Your Industry? Email marketing success is best analyzed in context with your competitors.

Big Data Usage Benchmarks and Performance By Industry [Chart]


Looking for more benchmark research? Big Data Usage Benchmarks and Performance By Industry [Chart] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. Marketing Measurement analytics big data big data benchmarks big data usage business decisions engagement industry benchmarks marketing analysis marketing and big data The CMO Survey by Marilyn Cox | Tweet this Big Data, Big Deal? Big Data is, well, a big buzzword right now.

B2B SEO Benchmarking Report – highlights


We recently partnered with B2B Marketing Magazine to create the first report in their Benchmarking series. B2B marcomms Benchmarking report search marketing SEOThe topic was search marketing in B2B. One of the most striking findings from the research is how digital has altered the marketing landscape. The two most commonly used techniques in the modern B2B marketer’s armoury are now email (82% use) and search marketing (67%).

How to Find the Best Social Marketing Benchmarks for Your Brand


Marketing teams are all familiar with one inquiry: What are the benchmarks for our industry? The post How to Find the Best Social Marketing Benchmarks for Your Brand appeared first on Adaptly. Blog analytics benchmark benchmarking benchmarks data Facebook facebook benchmarks goals Instagram marketing marketing benchmarks marketing goals measurement media Pinterest priorities Snapchat social social benchmarks social marketing social media social media benchmarks Twitter

Why Benchmarks Matter – Relevant Data


So, to address this and start the benchmarking for organizations that fall into the enterprise category, ANNUITAS launched the first B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study in 2014 and found that enterprise marketers are not unlike other B2B marketers. Today we made available the 2015 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study to enable a true benchmark with relevant data on the performance, goals and challenges of enterprise marketers.

Benchmark your digital marketing activity


The research results – based on feedback from over 80 senior B2B marketers collectively controlling budgets of more than £33m – provide a valuable benchmark. Using the research findings, Omobono has created an interactive benchmarking tool which allows you to compare your digital activities with those of your peers. B2B market research B2B marketing statistics Benchmarking report Digital marketing

3 Basics For Benchmarking


As with most things, the data itself is only valuable if you provide context, or better yet, a benchmark against other data points to obtain an understanding of performance and trends. A few basics need to be established before building a survey or attempting a benchmark. However, here are three basic rules of benchmarking to get you started: 1.State your purpose/goals-. The post 3 Basics For Benchmarking appeared first on ANNUITAS. Blog benchmark data survey

Are All Benchmarks The Same?


However, when it comes to our jobs, our own marketing effectiveness, performance and industry benchmarking…we want to learn more about our peers and comparisons are welcome. We also strive to better ourselves, our teams and our organization and that is why benchmarks and surveys are so important. The only problem with benchmarks and their data is that they must be relevant. Blog benchmark.

Benchmark your site against overall attention trends

Analytics users now have the ability to benchmark their own sites against general attention trends in Currents. The post Benchmark your site against overall attention trends appeared first on Changelog attention benchmarking CurrentsThere’s a reason explainer posts get read and shared so much: we all want to know someone else’s secret to success.

Benchmarking On and Off the Court


Open in the form of benchmarking. The technology uses 5 years of benchmark data collected by IBM to better predict a player’s chance of winning based on how well they execute their game strategy. It's now possible to benchmark performers at the U.S. However, for him and the fans following the sport, it was great to see benchmarks in place such as “winning more than 69% of points on his first serve” to determine whether or not he had a chance to get into the second round.

Why Marketing Benchmarks Are Bogus

Digital B2B Marketing

Published Benchmarks Are Garbage. Remember, a benchmark just reflects how the companies or marketers in the study are doing. Here are a few of the problems with published benchmarks: Benchmarks are not exhaustive. A benchmark averages together these apples, oranges and bananas as if they were all the same. Benchmarks make easy to lie about your results. Comparing Recent Reported Benchmarks. Here are five recent email benchmarks, side by side.

The State of Content Production: Benchmarks and Action Items


This trend is validated by other content marketing benchmark reports, which indicates that there’s a viable learning curve for marketers navigating the production process. The full Content Marketing Benchmark report can be downloaded here. The State of Content Production: Benchmarks and Action Items is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

New 2015 Marketing Budget Benchmarks


Benchmark your budget priorities: Check out the full report , and this research snapshot infographic. Benchmarks Modern Marketing in Action Is understanding how to target your customer effectively keeping you awake at night? The Econsultancy Marketing Budgets Report 2015 , created in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, delves into marketers’ expected spend for the coming year.

Ad Sales Benchmarking Tool


Bionic today unveiled a new ad sales tool that enables ad salespeople to benchmark their advertising programs against their competitors’ advertising programs. Using this new ad sales benchmarking tool is easy. Your first step in benchmarking is to identify your competitors against whom you wish to benchmark your ad programs. Here’s a short video demonstration of the Ad Sales Benchmarking Tool in action. How to Get the Ad Sales Benchmarking Tool.

How Well is Your Content Performing? (Industry Benchmark)


You want to make sure that you are continually improving, reaching the right people , and hitting (maybe even surpassing) industry benchmarks. Industry benchmarking is a powerful way to help you distinguish which marketing practices you should adopt or stop using. Analyzing whether or not your company is on par with industry benchmarks is imperative. Many tools can help automate the benchmarking process. Benchmarks keep you on track.

B2B social media: Highlights from new benchmarking research


The latest B2B Marketing Benchmark Report – based on a survey of 274 client side B2B marketers conducted by us here at Circle Research – finally seems to provide a definitive answer. Those surveyed revealed their performance against various metrics and this provides some clear benchmarks. B2B marcomms B2B Marketing Magazine column Observations on B2B marketing B2B marketing statistics B2B research B2B social media Benchmarking report

Free Benchmarking–Does Your Marketing Measure Up?

Measure Up Marketing

They regularly audit and benchmark. We know this can be expensive—even a small benchmarking study for marketing typically takes at least $20,000. With marketing budgets still feeling the crunch, it makes sense to be a bit more creative when it comes to benchmarking. Give 15 minutes of your time to participate in the 13 th Annual MPM Survey and save the benchmarking dollars. What does the survey benchmark?

5 SEO Benchmarks to Track in 2020

SmartBug Media

In 2020, we’re focusing on tracking a key group of SEO benchmarks. This benchmark was created by MOZ and has been adopted by SEO platforms as an accurate, aggregate measure of a domain’s ability to perform on SERPs. This brings us to our final 2020 SEO benchmark to monitor. SEO can be the most abstract, yet difficult marketing science when it comes to measuring ROI.

Beta feature: Benchmark authors, sections, and tags

That’s why we’re introducing Benchmarks, a new way to compare performance. Benchmarks is a beta feature and may change as we respond to your feedback. You can navigate to Benchmarks from any author, section, or tag details page: This blog post will cover some of the main use cases to get you started. Benchmarks FAQ. When the Las Vegas Review-Journal began using author Benchmarks, they were immediately able to spot growth opportunities. Benchmarks FAQ.