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Twitter Releases Card Analytics: Here's How to Use 'Em


Yesterday, Twitter unveiled a brand new analytics dashboard for Twitter Cards -- you know, those rich media attachments you see at the bottom of tweets like these: Blogging Myth #7: "You can''t write a blog post in an hour." — HubSpot (@HubSpot) January 24, 2014.

Social Media Features in Marketing Automation Systems: Who Does What?

Customer Experience Matrix

Social media is arguably overhyped as a marketing trend: it gets well under 10% of marketing budgets (different surveys have figures from 3% to 8%) and results are questionable (it was rated the least effective content marketing tactic in a recent MarketingProfs study ).

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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Chart for Your Data


This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. Yet, it is easy to understand, and it clearly highlights interesting trends. To create a comparison chart, use these types of graphs: Column. 4) Are you interested in analyzing trends in your data set?

The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post: A Study of Our Marketing Blog


So when I recently joined HubSpot, I decided to use my love of data to help us understand what our "winning formula" is for content that is heavily shared on social media, earns lots of links, and brings in tons of organic traffic. hubspot," "click here," etc.).

4 Trends Impacting Ecommerce Marketing in 2011


In the couponing world of social commerce, shopping cart software, and digital couponing services, the big winners will be those who can offer scale for merchants and deep analytics tracking for deals sold. Connect with HubSpot

How to Nail Down the Perfect Website Navigation


Look for trends in how your participants group the pages on your site, and ask them how they would name each category. A shot from a card-sorting exercise here at HubSpot Headquarters. Below you can see an example of the conversion assists report for HubSpot.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Shareable Infographics Using PowerPoint or Keynote


Just head over to Google Analytics (or dig into your HubSpot software) and pull up your most popular pages (from the last 6-12 months) by going to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. If you’ve never used Google Trends, then you’re in for a treat.

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Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab

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Zarrella works for HubSpot , mining data on hundreds of millions of tweets, blog posts, and email newsletters to help marketers find trends. On Facebook, Zarrella says, the effect is even more pronounced: Facebook participation on weekdays is infinitesimal in comparison. (He

How to Analyze the Strength of Your Marketing Offers


The initial data you need to look at the top half of your funnel is super easy to find if you have marketing software like HubSpot. When looking at conversion rates, try to uncover trends based on subject matter/topic or content type.

The Only Metrics You Need to Optimize Website Performance


It makes sense, then, to start by looking at insights from your web analytics platform, such as Google’s free Google Analytics, or a paid platform like HubSpot. Look for a good upward trend over time, or in conjunction with specific marketing campaigns.

A Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Updates of 2013


Marketers, take note: With more data from Facebook comes the ability to dig deep into the trends and behaviors of Facebook users. So listen up, marketers: This is yet another affirmation that the trend of visual marketing isn’t going anywhere. Can you believe 2013 is almost over?

50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)


Jennifer Laycock reports some fascinating statistics and insights from a HubSpot study, revealing factoids such as: the average Twitter user has about 300 followers and follows 170. The Ultimate List: 100+ Twitter Statistics by HubSpot. ** 5 Stars.

A Simple Guide to Creating Lovable Marketing Offers #LoveMarketing


Comparison/Validation: The prospect examines the options and begins narrowing down the list of vendors. But we also like to use analytics to make that decision! This blog post is an excerpt from " The Step-by-Step Guide to Lovable Marketing Campaigns."

The Ultimate Guide to Optimized Social Media Updates


Leverage Facebook Insights: Compared to other social networks, Facebook definitely wins the award for most robust analytics tool. At HubSpot, for example, we've primarily used Google+ to share our holiday ecards and conduct photo caption contests. Connect with HubSpot

How to Choose the Right Online Channels for Your Marketing


The sample size was small, but some fascinating trends came to light: 51 percent of companies interviewed were using five or more channels. HubSpot even has a free tool to help you build URLs with UTM tagged links. Connect with HubSpot

Choosing an Email Marketing Software « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

With so many options out there, having some kind of analytical basis to back your final choice can help get approval for the new system. The Vendor Selection Matrix I created an Excel file to consolidate all info from the vendors we selected so that we could do an analytical evaluation. Excel Template for vendor comparison: you can download and use my template as a starting point.

The 25 Most Important Mobile Media Apps


Bloomberg Mobile : Use this app when you’re on the go and want to access financial news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders and laggers, price charts, market-trends analysis, customized lists of stocks, and more. Connect with HubSpot